FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
abc-g20180420_1.txz System for sequential synthesis and verification
abcde-2.9.3.txz Front-end shell script to encode CDs in flac/mp3/ogg/speex format
abcl-1.5.0.txz Implementation of ANSI Common Lisp in Java
abcm2ps-8.13.23.txz Converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript format
abcselect-1.5.txz Extract parts, movements, etc from abc music files
abduco-0.6.txz Session management in a clean and simple way
abe-1.1_9.txz Abe's Amazing Adventure
abi-compliance-checker-2.0.b1_3.txz Checks binary compatibility of two versions of a C/C++ shared library
abiword-3.0.1_14.txz Open-source, cross-platform WYSIWYG word processor
abiword-docs-3.0.1.txz AbiWord help files
abook-0.6.1_2.txz Addressbook program with mutt mail client support
abraca-0.8.2_3.txz GTK2 client for the XMMS2 music player
abs-0908_4.txz Free spreadsheet with graphical user interface
abseil-g20190703_1.txz Abseil Common Libraries (C++)
abuse_sdl-0.8_7.txz SDL port of the Abuse game engine
abyss-2.1.5_5.txz Assembly By Short Sequences: parallel, paired-end sequence assembler
acalc-0.22_1.txz Simple and pretty Qt5-based expression calculator
accerciser-3.22.0.txz Interactive Python accessibility explorer for GNOME
accountsservice-0.6.42.txz D-Bus interface for user account query and manipulation
accrete-1.0.txz Accrete is a physical simulation of solar system planet formation
ace-6.5.2_2.txz Adaptive Communication Environment for C++
ace-of-penguins-1.4.txz Set of Unix/X solitaire games
acerhdf-kmod-0.1.3.txz Acer Aspire One fan control
acfax-0.981011_3.txz Receive faxes using sound card and radio
achievo-1.1.0_1.txz Flexible web-based resource management tool
acidrip-0.14_11.txz GTK2::Perl wrapper for MPlayer and MEncoder for ripping DVDs
acidwarp-1.0.txz SVGAlib demo which displays trippy mathematical images in cycling colors
aclgen-2.02.txz Optimize Cisco routers IP access lists
aclock-0.4.0_8.txz Analog Clock for GNUstep
acm-5.0_3.txz Aerial combat simulator for X11
acme-tiny-4.1.0.txz Tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt ACME protocol client written in shell
acmed-0.6.0_2.txz ACME (RFC 8555) client daemon written in Rust
acmetool-0.0.67.txz CLI tool for automatically acquiring certificates from ACME servers
acpi_call-1.0.1_1.txz Kernel module for calling ACPI methods from userspace
acpica-tools-20190816_1.txz Tools from the ACPI Component Architecture (ACPICA) project
acsccid-1.1.6.txz PC/SC driver for CS CCID smart card readers
actiona- Cross-platform automation tool
activemq-5.15.10.txz Messaging and Integration Patterns provider
activitymail-1.26.txz Program for sending email messages for CVS repository commits
acts-1.4.1.txz Another Calendar-based Tarsnap Script
adabase-3.1_3.txz Thick database bindings for Ada
adabooch-20160321_2.txz Ada 95 Booch Components
adabrowse-4.0.3_4.txz HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit specifications
adacontrol-1.18r9_1.txz Tool for detecting use or non-use of specific Ada constructs
adacurses-20180127.txz Ada95 bindings for ncurses
adamem-1.0_4.txz ADAMEm is a portable Coleco ADAM and ColecoVision emulator
adapta-backgrounds- Wallpaper collection for adapta-project
adapta-gtk-theme- Adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines
adasockets-1.11.1.txz IPv4 socket library for Ada (TCP, UDP, and multicast)
adcli-0.8.2.txz Tool for performing actions on an Active Directory domain
adcomplain-3.52.txz Complain about inappropriate commercial use (f.e. SPAM) of usenet/e-mail
add-20180401.txz Full-screen editing calculator
add-css-links-1.0_1.txz Add one or more CSS <link> elements to an XHTML document
addresses-0.4.8_7.txz Versatile addressbook for GNUstep
addresses-goodies-0.4.8_8.txz Goodies for addressbook for GNUstep
adept-2.0.5_5.txz Combined array and automatic differentiation library in C++
admesh-0.98.3.txz Program for processing STL triangulated solid meshes
adminer-4.6.2.txz Full-featured database management tool written in PHP
admiral- Merge concurrent outputs for a status bar
adms-2.3.6_1.txz Model generator for SPICE simulators
adns-1.5.1.txz Easy to use asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities
adobe-cmaps-20051217_4.txz Adobe CMap collection
adodb-4.99.2.txz Database library for PHP
adodb5-5.20.9.txz Database library for PHP
adol-c-2.6.3_5.txz Automatic differentiation library
adonthell-0.3.8.txz Role playing game engine
adonthell-wastesedge-0.3.8.txz Role playing game for the Adonthell engine
adplay-1.8_1.txz AdLib player using adplug library
adsuck-2.3_8.txz DNS relay for ad blocking
adtool-1.3.3_1.txz Active Directory administration tool
advancecomp-1.23.txz Recompression utilities for .ZIP, .PNG, .MNG, and .GZ files
advancemame-1.4_3.txz SDL MAME port with advanced TV and monitor video support
advancemenu-2.8_3.txz Frontend for AdvanceMAME, MAME, MESS, RAINE
advancemess-1.4_3.txz SDL MESS port with advanced TV and monitor video support
adwaita-icon-theme-3.28.0.txz GNOME Symbolic Icons
adwaita-qt5-1.1.0.txz Adwaita theme for Qt applications
adzap-20110915_2.txz Filter out animated ad banners from web pages
aee-2.2.21_2.txz Easy editor with both curses and X11 interfaces
aegis-4.25_11.txz Transaction-based software configuration management system
aegisub-3.2.2_41.txz Cross-platform subtitle editor
aerc-0.2.1.txz Email client for your terminal
aescrypt-0.7_1.txz Command-line AES encryption/decryption suite
aespipe-2.4e.txz AES encrypting or decrypting pipe
aestats-5.39.txz Advanced HTML statistics generator for various games
aewan-1.0.01_1.txz Curses-based program for the creation and editing of ASCII art
aewm-1.2.7_5.txz ICCCM-compliant window manager based on 9wm
af-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Afrikaans dictionary
af-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz af language pack for libreoffice
affenspiel-1.0_2.txz Little puzzle game with monkey for X Window System
affiche-0.6.0_10.txz Affiche allows people to stick notes
afflib-3.7.16_1.txz Advanced Forensics Format library and utilities
afio-2.5.2.txz Archiver and backup program with builtin compression
afl++-2.54c_1.txz Fast instrumented fuzzer
afl-2.52_4.txz Fast instrumented fuzzer
afm-1.0_1.txz Adobe Font Metrics
afni-19.1.20_3.txz Advanced Functional Neuro Imaging
afpfs-ng-0.8.1_6.txz Apple Filing Protocol client library
afsp-8.2.txz Audio file conversion utilities and library
aft-5.098_1,1.txz Document preparation system using an Almost Free Text input format
aften-0.0.8.txz ATSC A/52 audio encoder
afterglow-1.6.2_1.txz Collection of graph-generating scripts
afternoonstalker-1.1.5_2.txz Clone of the 1981 Night Stalker video game
afterstep-2.2.12_5.txz Stable version of the AfterStep window manager
afterstep1-1.0_4.txz Window manager originally based on the Bowman NeXTstep clone
agame-1577_13.txz Simple Tetris-like game
agar-1.5.0.txz Cross-platform GUI toolkit
agedu-20190630.txz Unix utility for tracking down wasted disk space
aget-0.4.1.txz Multithreaded HTTP download accelerator
agg-2.5_11.txz High Quality Rendering Engine for C++
aggregate-1.6_1.txz Optimise a list of route prefixes to help make nice short filters
agrep-2.04_2.txz Approximate grep (fast approximate pattern-matching tool)
agrum-0.15.2_1.txz Graphical modeler for Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, etc
ags- Adventure Game Studio Engine
ah-tty-0.3.12_2.txz Ah-tty is an automatic helper for command prompts and shells
ahven-2.6_4.txz Ada unit test framework
aide-0.16.1.txz File and directory integrity checker
aifad-2.0.8.txz Machine learning system
aiksaurus-1.2.1_3.txz Set of libraries and applications which provide a thesaurus
aircrack-ng-1.5.2_1.txz 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program
aircraft-datcom-0.0.20120723_5.txz Modified USAF Aircraft Stability and Control Data Compendium
aird-1.0.txz Handles Apple IR receiver button events
airspy- AirSpy's usemode driver and associated tools
aish-1.13.txz Ish/uuencode/Base64 converter
aisleriot-3.22.5_1.txz Collection of patience games written in guile scheme
aklabeth-1.0.txz Remake of Richard Garriott's Ultima prequel
akmos-0.7.2_3.txz Cryptographic library with low footprint
akonadi-19.08.1_1.txz Storage server for KDE-Pim
akonadi-calendar-19.08.1.txz Akonadi Calendar Integration
akonadi-calendar-tools-19.08.1.txz CLI tools to manage akonadi calendars
akonadi-contacts-19.08.1.txz Libraries and daemons to implement Contact Management in Akonadi
akonadi-import-wizard-19.08.1.txz Import data from other mail clients to KMail
akonadi-mime-19.08.1.txz Libraries and daemons to implement basic email handling
akonadi-notes-19.08.1.txz KDE library for accessing mail storages in MBox format
akonadi-search-19.08.1.txz Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi
akonadiconsole-19.08.1.txz Akonadi management and debugging console
akpop3d-0.7.7.txz POP3 daemon aimed to be small and secure
akregator-19.08.1.txz A Feed Reader by KDE
alac-0.0.7,1.txz Apple Lossless Audio Codec
alacritty-0.3.3_3.txz GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
alarm-clock-applet-0.3.4.txz Fully-featured alarm clock
alchemist.el-emacs26-1.8.2_3.txz Elixir Tooling Integration Into Emacs
alchemist.el-emacs26_canna-1.8.2_3.txz Elixir Tooling Integration Into Emacs
alchemist.el-emacs26_nox-1.8.2_3.txz Elixir Tooling Integration Into Emacs
alchemist.el-emacs27-1.8.2_3.txz Elixir Tooling Integration Into Emacs
alchemist.el-emacs27_nox-1.8.2_3.txz Elixir Tooling Integration Into Emacs
ald-0.1.7_2.txz Debugger for assembly level programs
aldo-0.7.7_3.txz Morse code training program
alef-1.0_3.txz Free multi-lingual font designed for screens
alef-webfont-1.0_2.txz Free multi-lingual font designed for screens
alegreya-2.008_1.txz Serif typeface originally intended for literature
alegreya-sans-2.008_1,1.txz Humanist sans serif font with a calligraphic feeling
alembic-1.7.11_1.txz Open framework for storing and sharing graphic scene data
alephone-20150620_19.txz The open source version of Bungie's Marathon game
alephone-data-1.0_10.txz Released Marathon data files for the Aleph One port
alephone-scenarios-1.0_8.txz Free scenarios for the Aleph One engine
alertmanager-0.18.0.txz Alert routing for prometheus
alex4-1.1_1.txz Classic platformer with Alex the Allegator
alfont-2.0.9_1,1.txz Wrapper around the freetype2 library
algae-4.3.6_18.txz Programming language for numerical analysis
alglib-3.15.0.txz Numerical analysis and data processing library
algol68g-2.8.4_7.txz Algol 68 Genie compiler
alienarena-2013.766_9.txz Alien Arena (native version)
alienarena-data-2013.766.txz Alien Arena (data)
alienblaster-1.1.0_7.txz Alien Blaster
alienwah-1.13_1.txz Paul Nasca's AlienWah LADSPA plugin
alienwave-0.4.0.txz Shoot'em up game written using ncurses
align-1.7.5.txz Text column alignment filter
alignmargins-1.0_1.txz Utility script to generate custom margins in PPDs for CUPS
alkimia-7.0.2_4.txz KDE financial data handling library
allacrost-1.0.2_28.txz Single player 2D role-playing game
allegro- Cross-platform library for games and multimedia programming
allegro-devel-5.0.9_7.txz Cross-platform library for games and multimedia programming
alliance-5.1.1_1.txz Complete set of CAD tools and libraries for VLSI design
alltraxclock-2.0.2_12.txz Analog clock plugin for gkrellm2
alltray-0.70_6.txz Dock any application with no native tray icon
almostti-1.3.txz Texas Instruments Z80 series calculator emulator
alog-0.5.3.txz Stackable logging framework for Ada
alpine-2.21.99999_1.txz Mail and news client descended from Pine
alpng-1.3_4.txz Library for display PNG images in programs
alsa-lib-1.1.2_2.txz ALSA compatibility library
alsa-plugins-1.1.1_6.txz ALSA compatibility library plugins
alsa-sndio-0.2.txz ALSA PCM sndio plugin
alsa-utils-1.1.2.txz ALSA compatibility utils
alt-ergo-0.95.2_2.txz Automatic solver of mathematical formulas for program verification
alttab-1.4.0.txz Task switcher for minimalistic window managers
alure-1.2_8.txz Utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL
am-aspell-0.03.1_1,2.txz Aspell Amharic dictionary
am-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz am language pack for libreoffice
am-utils-6.2_4,1.txz Berkeley Automounter Suite of Utilities
amanda-client-3.3.9_4,1.txz Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (client)
amanda-perl-wrapper-1.01.txz Perl wrapper to use with Amanda (with* linked)
amanda-server-3.3.9_4,1.txz Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (server)
amarok-2.9.70_1.txz KDE music player
amass-3.1.6.txz In-depth DNS enumeration
amath-1.8.5.txz Simple command line calculator
amavis-logwatch-1.51.03_1.txz Amavisd-new log parser
amavis-stats-0.1.12_5.txz Simple AMaViS statistics generator based on rrdtool
amavisd-milter-1.6.0_5.txz Milter for amavisd-new
amavisd-new-2.12.0,1.txz Mail scanner interface between mailer and content checkers
amazon-ssm-agent-2.3.612.0_1.txz Amazon Simple Systems Manager Agent
amb-plugins-0.8.1_1.txz Ambisonics plugins, mainly to be used within Ardour
amberfish-1.6.4_1.txz General purpose text retrieval Software
ambit-tensor-0.3_3.txz C++ library for tensor product calculations
amd64-binutils-2.32_1,1.txz GNU binutils for amd64 cross-development
amd64-gcc-6.4.0_6.txz Cross GNU Compiler Collection for amd64
amd64-xtoolchain-gcc-0.4_1.txz Pre seeded toolchain to cross build FreeBSD base
amdmsrtweaker-1.1.txz Tool to reprogram the P-states on various AMD CPUs and APUs
amigadepacker-0.04.txz Tool for depacking some compressed Amiga formats
aminal-0.9.0.txz Golang terminal emulator from scratch
amiwm-0.21.pl2_1.txz Window manager that makes your desktop look like an Amiga(TM)
ammonite-1.7.1.txz Provides a system shell in the high-level Scala language
amoebax-0.2.1_8.txz Cute and addictive Puyo Puyo like game
ampasACES-container-1.0.2_1.txz ACES Container Reference Implementation
ampasCTL-1.5.2_3.txz Color Transformation Language interpreter
amphetadesk-0.93.1_7.txz RSS client that serves HTTP to your local web browser
ample-0.5.7.txz Allows you to listen to your own MP3's away from home
amqp-cpp-4.1.4_1.txz C++ library for asynchronous non-blocking communication with RabbitMQ
amrstat-20070216.txz Utility for LSI Logic's MegaRAID RAID controllers
amsynth-1.9.0_1.txz Analog modelling software synth
amtc-0.8.5.txz Threaded Intel AMT/vPro mass management tool
amtterm-1.6.txz Serial-over-lan client for Intel AMT
amule-2.3.2_6.txz All-platform eMule p2p client
amule-devel-11004_2.txz All-platform eMule p2p client
an-1.2_7.txz Fast anagram generator
anacron-2.3_6.txz Schedules periodic jobs on systems that are not permanently up
analitza-19.08.1.txz Library from KDE Education project
analog-6.0_11,1.txz Fast program for analysing WWW logfiles
anamnesis-1.0.4_2.txz Clipboard manager that stores all clipboard history
and-1.2.2_1.txz Auto Nice Daemon
android-file-transfer-3.9_1.txz Android MTP client with minimalistic UI
android-file-transfer-qt5-3.9.txz Android MTP client with minimalistic UI
android-tools-adb-29.0.4.txz Android debug bridge command line tool
android-tools-fastboot-29.0.4.txz Android Fastboot protocol CLI tool
android-tools-simpleperf-7.1.2.r17_9.txz Android simpleperf tool
anese-0.9.1.txz NES Emulator written for fun and learning
anet-0.4.1.txz Networking library for Ada
angband-4.1.3.txz Rogue-like game with color, X11 support
angelscript-2.33.0.txz AngelCode Scripting Library
animorph-0.3_8.txz Morphing engine for MakeHuman
anjuta-3.28.0_3.txz Integrated Development Environment for C and C++
anki-2.1.15.txz Flashcard trainer with spaced repetition
ann-1.1.2_1.txz Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching
anomy-sanitizer-1.76_6.txz Sanitize and clean incoming/outgoing mail
anonymous-pro-1.002_3.txz Fixed width sans designed especially for coders
anope-2.0.6.txz Set of IRC services for IRC networks
ansifilter-2.14_1.txz Customizable ANSI Code Converter
ansilove-4.0.3.txz ANSi / ASCII art to PNG converter
ansiprint-1.0.txz Prints through a terminal with ANSI escape sequences
ansiweather-1.14.0.txz Shell script for displaying the current weather in your terminal