FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
gstreamer1-plugins-opus-1.14.4.txz GStreamer Opus audio encoder/decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-pango-1.14.4.txz GStreamer pango textoverlay plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-png-1.14.4.txz GStreamer png plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-pulse-1.14.4_1.txz GStreamer pulseaudio plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-resindvd-1.14.4.txz GStreamer resindvd DVD playback plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-rsvg-1.14.4.txz GStreamer SVG plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-rtmp-1.14.4.txz GStreamer RTMP stream source and sink plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-shout2-1.14.4.txz GStreamer icecast output plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-sidplay-1.14.4.txz GStreamer Commodore SID audio decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-smoothstreaming-1.14.4.txz GStreamer parse and demuliplex a Smooth Streaming manifest into audio/video streams plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-sndfile-1.14.4.txz Gstreamer sndfile plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-sndio- Sndio audio sink and source for GStreamer
gstreamer1-plugins-soundtouch-1.14.4.txz GStreamer soundtouch plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-soup-1.14.4.txz GStreamer soup based http input plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-spandsp-1.14.4.txz GStreamer DSP library and software FAX machine plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-spc-1.14.4.txz Gstreamer OpenSPC plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-speex-1.14.4.txz GStreamer speex voice encode/decode plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-srtp-1.14.4.txz GStreamer srtp plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-taglib-1.14.4.txz GStreamer taglib plugin for adding APEv2 and ID3v2 headers
gstreamer1-plugins-theora-1.14.4.txz GStreamer theora plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-ttml-1.14.4.txz GStreamer ttml subtitle plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-twolame-1.14.4.txz GStreamer High-quality free MP2 encoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-ugly-1.14.4.txz GStreamer-plugins set of good-quality plug-ins that might have distribution problems
gstreamer1-plugins-v4l2-1.14.4.txz GStreamer Video 4 Linux 2 source plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-vorbis-1.14.4.txz GStreamer vorbis encoder/decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-vpx-1.14.4_2.txz GStreamer vp8 codec plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-vulkan-1.14.4_1.txz GStreamer Vulkan graphics plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-wavpack-1.14.4.txz GStreamer wavpack encode/decode plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-webp-1.14.4.txz GStreamer webp image decoder plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-webrtcdsp-1.14.4_1.txz GStreamer WebRTC Audio Processing plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-x-1.14.4.txz GStreamer X and Xvideo output plugins
gstreamer1-plugins-x264-1.14.4_3.txz GStreamer libx264 based H264 plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-x265-1.14.4_3.txz GStreamer libx265 based H265 plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-ximagesrc-1.14.4.txz GStreamer X source plugin
gstreamer1-plugins-zbar-1.14.4.txz GStreamer ZBar barcode detector plugin
gstreamer1-qt5-1.2.0_22.txz Qt bindings for GStreamer 1.x multimedia library
gstreamer1-rtsp-server-1.14.4.txz GStreamer library for building a RTSP server
gstreamer1-transcoder-1.14.1.txz GStreamer Transcoding API
gstreamer1-vaapi-1.14.4_2.txz GStreamer hardware video decoding via VA-API plug-in
gstreamer1-validate-1.14.4.txz Gstreamer element validation suite
gstreamermm- C++ wrapper library for the multimedia library GStreamer
gsynaptics-0.9.16_2.txz GNOME Synaptics Touchpad setting tool
gtamsanalyzer-0.42_10.txz Qualitative Research Software for the Free World for GNUstep
gtar-1.32.txz GNU version of the traditional tape archiver
gtg-0.3.1_1.txz GTD organizer for the GNOME desktop environment
gtgt-3.2.0_1.txz General (or GNU) template generation tools
gthumb-3.6.1_10.txz Image viewer and browser for the GNOME 3 environment
gti-1.6.1.txz Just a silly git launcher, basically. Inspired by sl
gtick-0.5.4_2.txz Metronome application
gtimelapse-0.1_16.txz Application for capturing images to generate timelapse videos
gtimer-2.0.0_3.txz Timer for your personal activities
gtk-E17-theme-3.22.1,1.txz Dark GTK theme for Enlightenment
gtk-aluminumalloy-cryogenic-theme-2004.01.04_5.txz Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (cryogenic flavor)
gtk-aluminumalloy-smog-theme-2004.01.04_5.txz Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (smog flavor)
gtk-aluminumalloy-toxic-theme-2004.01.04_5.txz Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (toxic flavor)
gtk-aluminumalloy-volcanic-theme-2004.01.04_8.txz Port of Mac OS X theme Aluminum Alloy (volcanic flavor)
gtk-aquaextremesunken-theme-1.0_8.txz Port of AquaExtreme Sunken theme
gtk-arc-themes-20190330_1.txz Arc-themes for GTK-2.0 and GTK-3.0 based desktop environments
gtk-aurora-engine-1.5.1_5.txz Aurora GTK+ 2.x engine and "Aurora" theme
gtk-blueprint-engine-0.9.20_3.txz Engine, and collection of icons, themes from OpenSolaris
gtk-cleanice-engine-2.4.1_7.txz Simplistic GTK+ 2.x theme engine
gtk-digital-cream-theme-1.0_8.txz Neat and clean theme for GNOME desktop
gtk-digital-harmony-theme-1.1_8.txz Another popular theme for GNOME desktop
gtk-doc-1.29.txz Code documentation system, originally for GTK+
gtk-engines2-2.20.2_3.txz Theme engine for the GTK+-2.0 toolkit
gtk-gnutella-1.1.15.txz GTK based Gnutella client
gtk-imonc- GTK2-based imond-client to control an on(e) disc fli4l router
gtk-lila-theme-0.5.5_6.txz GTK+ 2.0 Lila theme
gtk-lila-theme-extras-0.4.5_7.txz GTK+ 2.0 Lila additional themes
gtk-longhorninspirat-theme-1.0_9.txz Port of Windows XP theme Longhorn Inspirat
gtk-milk-theme-2.1_8.txz Port of Milk, Mac OS X theme
gtk-murrina-aqua-0.1_6.txz Murrina Aqua GTK+ 2.x cairo based theme
gtk-murrina-fancy-clearlooks-0.5_6.txz Murrine fancy clearlooks themes pack
gtk-murrina-lightblue-0.3_6.txz Murrina LightBlue GTK+ 2.x cairo based theme
gtk-murrine-engine-0.98.2_5.txz Murrine GTK+ 2.x cairo based engine
gtk-murrine-themes-0.3_6.txz Murrine theme pack
gtk-nodoka-engine-0.7.5_3.txz GTK nodoka engine and themes
gtk-oxygen-engine-1.4.6_3.txz Oxygen-Gtk engine and theme
gtk-recordmydesktop-0.3.8_5.txz GTK+ frontend to recordMyDesktop
gtk-sharp-beans-2.14.1_1.txz Extensions on top of GTK-sharp
gtk-sharp20-2.12.45_1.txz GTK+ and GNOME interfaces for the .NET runtime
gtk-sharp30-2.99.3_3.txz GTK+ and GNOME interfaces for the .NET runtime
gtk-theme-switch-2.0.0.r2_6.txz Command line tool for switching GTK+ 2.0 themes
gtk-update-icon-cache-2.24.32.txz Gtk-update-icon-cache utility from the Gtk+ toolkit
gtk-vnc-0.7.2_1.txz VNC viewer widget for GTK+
gtk-xfce-engine-3.2.0.txz Xfce GTK2 theme engine
gtk-youtube-viewer-3.5.1.txz GTK Search and play YouTube videos streaming in MPlayer
gtk2-2.24.32.txz Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (previous stable version)
gtk2-qtcurve-theme-1.9.0.r1.txz QtCurve GTK+ 2.x engine and theme
gtk2-reference-2.24.32.txz Programming reference for x11-toolkits/gtk20
gtk3-3.24.10_1.txz Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)
gtk3-oxygen-engine-1.4.1_3.txz Oxygen GTK+ 3 engine and theme
gtk3-unico-engine-1.0.2_2.txz Gtk+ 3.0 engine
gtkada- Ada graphical toolkit based on Gtk2+
gtkada3-3.14.2_3.txz Ada graphical toolkit based on Gtk3 components
gtkam-1.0_4.txz Download and view files from various digital cameras
gtkatlantic-0.4.4_1.txz Game like Monopoly(tm)
gtkballs-3.1.5_13.txz Lines-like simple logic game for X Window System
gtkchtheme-0.3.1_11.txz GTK2 theme changer
gtkdatabox- GTK+2 widget to display large amounts of numerical data
gtkevemon-1.10.2016.02.17_4.txz Skill monitoring standalone application for EVE Online
gtkextra-3.3.4.txz Useful widget set complementary to GTK+ 2.0
gtkglarea-2.0.1_10.txz OpenGL widget for the GTK+2 GUI toolkit
gtkglext-1.2.0_19.txz OpenGL extension to GTK+
gtkglextmm-1.2.0_15.txz C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt
gtkguitune-0.8_10.txz Guitar (and other instruments) tuner for GTK+2
gtkhtml3-3.32.1_5.txz Lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
gtkhtml4-4.10.0_2.txz Lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
gtkimageview-1.6.4_5.txz Simple image viewer widget
gtklp-1.3.3.txz GTK interface to cups
gtkmathview-0.8.0_10.txz GTK Widget to Render MathML Documents
gtkmm20-2.2.12_18.txz C++ wrapper for Gtk+, Pango, Atk, and Glib
gtkmm20-reference-2.2.12_7.txz Programming reference for x11-toolkits/gtkmm20
gtkmm24-2.24.5_1.txz C++ wrapper for Gtk+
gtkmm24-reference-2.24.5_1.txz Programming reference for x11-toolkits/gtkmm24
gtkmm30-3.22.2.txz C++ wrapper for Gtk+3
gtkmm30-reference-3.22.2_3.txz Programming reference for x11-toolkits/gtkmm30
gtkmmorse-0.9.27_6.txz Graphical Morse Code Trainer
gtknetcat-0.1_2.txz GTK GUI for netcat
gtkparasite-20090819_6.txz GTK+ UI debugging tool
gtkpasman-0.12.1_1.txz GTK+ passwords manager for system and network administrators
gtkperf-0.40_10.txz Measure your system's GTK+ performance
gtkpod-1.0.0_9.txz GUI for Apple iPod using GTK2
gtkradiant-1.5.0_16.txz Map editor for FPS games, by id Software and Loki Software
gtksourceview2-2.10.5_5.txz Widget that adds syntax highlighting to GtkTextView
gtksourceview2-reference-2.10.5.txz Programming reference for x11-toolkits/gtksourceview2
gtksourceview3-3.24.8_3.txz Text widget that adds syntax highlighting to the GtkTextView widget
gtksourceview3-reference-3.24.8_3.txz Programming reference for x11-toolkits/gtksourceview3
gtksourceview4-4.0.2_3.txz Text widget that adds syntax highlighting to the GtkTextView widget
gtksourceviewmm3-3.2.0_8.txz C++ binding of GtkSourceView3
gtkspell-2.0.16_6.txz GTK+ 2 spell checking component
gtkspell-reference-2.0.16_1.txz Programming reference for textproc/gtkspell
gtkspell3-3.0.10.txz GTK+ 3 spell checking component
gtkterm2-0.2.3_12.txz Simple GTK-2 terminal with tabs
gtkwave-3.3.101_1.txz Electronic Waveform Viewer
gtmixer-1.0.2_2.txz GTK2.0 Sound Mixer
gtorrentviewer-0.2b_19.txz GTK+2 viewer and editor for BitTorrent meta files
gtranslator-2.91.7_2.txz GNOME application for creating GNU gettext translation files
gts-0.7.6_5.txz GNU Triangulated Surface Library
gtypist-2.9.5_2.txz Interactive typing tutor
gu-aspell-0.03.0_1,2.txz Aspell Gujarati dictionary
gu-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz gu language pack for libreoffice
guacamole-client-1.0.0_2.txz HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop
guacamole-server-1.0.0_2.txz HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop
guake-3.4.0_1.txz Dropdown terminal made for the GNOME desktop
gubby-0.5.5.txz Program showing where new mail has been placed
gucharmap-11.0.1.txz Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer
guetzli-1.0.1_5.txz Perceptual JPEG encoder
gug-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz gug language pack for libreoffice
guichan-0.8.2_14.txz Small, efficient C++ GUI library designed for games
guidolib-164.61_2.txz Library for graphic rendering of music scores
guifi-snpservices- Graphics server for the meshnet
guile-1.8.8_4.txz GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension
guile-lib- Repository of useful code written in Guile Scheme
guile-www-1.1.1_3.txz Guile modules for WWW interaction
guile2-2.2.6_1.txz GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension
guilib-1.2.1_5.txz Simple GUI framework for use with SDL
guitarix-lv2-0.38.1_3.txz Virtual versatile amplification for Jack and set of LV2 plugins
gumbo-0.10.1.txz Pure-C HTML5 parser
gunfudeadlands-1.01_4.txz Far West themed 2D shooter featuring bullet time
gup-0.4.txz Allows remote sites to change their newsgroup subscriptions
gupnp-1.1.1_1.txz Framework for UPnP devices
gupnp-av-0.12.11.txz Helpers for audio/video applications using GUPnP
gupnp-dlna-0.10.3_1.txz Helpers for DLNA-related tasks using GUPnP
gupnp-igd-0.2.5_2.txz Library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping
gupnp-ui-0.1.1_7.txz Framework for UPnP devices
guspat-20000706_2.txz Izumo collection of Gravis Ultrasound MIDI patches
gutenfetch-1.5_1.txz Fetch listings and books from Project Gutenberg
gutenmark-20090510_9.txz Attractively formatting Project Gutenberg texts
gutenprint-5.3.3.txz Gutenprint Printer Drivers
gv-3.7.4_5.txz PostScript and PDF previewer
gv-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Manx Gaelic dictionary
gvfs-1.30.4_2.txz GNOME virtual file system
gvolwheel-1.0_2.txz Volume mixer
gvp-0.3.0.txz Go Versioning Manager
gwee-1.36.txz Tool to exploit command execution vulnerabilities in web scripts
gwenhywfar-4.20.0_2.txz Multi-platform helper library for networking and security applications
gwenhywfar-fox16-4.20.0.txz Gwenhywfar FOX-1.6 support library
gwenhywfar-gtk2-4.20.0.txz Gwenhywfar GTK2+ support library
gwenhywfar-gtk3-4.20.0.txz Gwenhywfar GTK3+ support library
gwenhywfar-qt5-4.20.0_2.txz Gwenhywfar Qt5 support library
gwenview-19.08.1_1.txz Image viewer and browser for KDE
gwhich-2.21_1.txz GNU Which - Everything you never wanted in a which
gwhois-20120626.txz Flexible whois client and proxy
gworkspace-0.9.4_3.txz GNUstep workspace manager
gworkspace-gwmetadata-0.9.4_3.txz GWMetadata for GNUstep workspace manager
gwyddion-2.51_3.txz Gtk2 based SPM data visualization and analysis tool
gxemul-0.6.2.txz Instruction-level machine emulator
gxine-0.5.910_2.txz Alternative GUI for the Xine media player
gxkb-0.8.1.txz X11 keyboard layout indicator and switcher
gxmessage-3.4.3_1.txz GTK3 substitute for xmessage
gxmms2-0.7.1_2.txz GTK2 based XMMS2 client, written in C
gxneur-0.17.0_3.txz GTK frontend for XNeur keyboard layout switcher
gxplugins-lv2-0.7_1.txz Set of LV2 plugins from the guitarix project
gzdoom-4.1.1_2.txz GL-enhanced source port for Doom-engine games
gzip-1.10.txz Compression utility designed to be a replacement for compress
gzrecover-0.8.txz GZIP recovery toolkit
gzstream-1.5_3.txz Provides zlib functionality in an iostream
h2o-2.2.6.txz Optimized HTTP/2 server including support for TLS 1.3 and HTTP/1.x
h2o-devel-2.3.0.b2.txz Optimized HTTP/2 server including support for TLS 1.3 and HTTP/1.x
h323plus-1.27.0.txz H323 Video Conferencing library
h5utils-1.13.1_5.txz Set of utilities for visualization and conversion of HDF5 format
h5z-zfp-1.0.1.txz Registered ZFP compression plugin for HDF5
ha-0.999b_1.txz File archiver based on HSC compression method
habari-0.8.txz Next-generation free software blogging platform
hachoir-core-1.3.3.txz Hachoir core parser
hachoir-metadata-1.3.3_1.txz Extract metadata from files
hachoir-parser-1.3.4.txz Parsers of most common file formats
hachoir-regex-1.0.5.txz Regular expression manipulation library
hachoir-subfile-0.5.3.txz Find subfiles in any binary stream
hachoir-urwid-1.1.txz Binary file explorer
hachoir-wx-0.3_8.txz Hachoir GUI
hack-font-3.003_1.txz Typeface designed for source code
hackbot-2.21.txz Host exploration tool and bannergrabber
hackrf-2017.02.1.txz Low cost open source hardware software radio platform
hal-0.5.14_34.txz Hardware Abstraction Layer for simplifying device access
hal-info-20091130.txz Additional FDI files to further classify HAL devices
halberd-0.2.4.txz HTTP load balancer detection tool
hamcrest-1.3.txz Library of matchers for building test expressions
hamlib-3.3_2.txz Shared libraries for Amateur Radio Equipment Control Applications
hamsterdb-2.1.11_11.txz Lightweight Embedded Database Engine
hanazono-fonts-ttf-20170904_1.txz CJK Mincho-typeface developed by Hanazono University
handbrake-1.2.2_1.txz Versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder
hangman-0.9.2_12.txz Challenge your spelling skills in the old western style
hans-1.0.txz Hans makes it possible to tunnel IPv4 through ICMP
haplohseq-0.1.2.txz Identify regions of allelic imbalance
haproxy-2.0.7.txz Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
haproxy-devel-2.0.d7_1.txz Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
haproxy17-1.7.11.txz Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
haproxy18-1.8.21.txz Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
haproxy19-1.9.11.txz Reliable, high performance TCP/HTTP load balancer
hapy-0.0.8_1.txz Runtime parser generator
hardening-check-2.6.txz Check binaries for security hardening features
hardlink-0.3.0.txz Replace file copies using hardlinks
hare-1.0.txz Small C client for sending ssh login notications to a hared server
hared-1.0.45.txz Small Go server for inserting notifications into MQTT
harfbuzz-2.6.4.txz OpenType text shaping engine
harfbuzz-hb-view-2.6.4.txz Harfbuzz hb-view utility
harfbuzz-icu-2.6.4.txz Harfbuzz ICU support
harminv-1.3.1_18.txz Solver of harmonic inversion
harp-0.6.0.txz Minimalist audio player
harvid-0.8.2_3.txz Extract still images from movies and serve them via HTTP
hashcash-1.22.txz Anti-spam / denial of service counter-measure tool
hashcat-5.1.0,1.txz Advanced CPU-based password recovery utility
hashdb- Block hash database tool and API
hashicorp-serf-0.8.3.txz Service discovery and configuration made easy
hashtypes-0.1.1_3.txz Hash data types for PostgreSQL
haskell-mode-emacs26-16.1_3.txz Emacs lisp mode for editing haskell programs
haskell-mode-emacs26_canna-16.1_3.txz Emacs lisp mode for editing haskell programs
haskell-mode-emacs26_nox-16.1_3.txz Emacs lisp mode for editing haskell programs