FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
gimp-refocus-plugin-0.9.0_10.txz GIMP plugin to "refocus" images through FIR Wiener filtering
gimp-resynthesizer-2.0.3_1.txz Gimp plug-in for texture synthesis
gindent-2.2.10_5.txz GNU indent
gio-sharp-2.22.3_1.txz GIO bindings not available in gtk-sharp
girara-0.3.2_1.txz GTK3 Interface Library for Zathura PDF Viewer
gist-5.0.0.txz Gist pastebin posting command
git-2.23.0.txz Distributed source code management tool
git-absorb-0.5.0_2.txz Git command for automating fixup/autosquash commits
git-bzr-ng-git20140423_1.txz Bi-directional git to bzr bridge
git-cinnabar-0.5.2_2.txz Git remote helper to interact with Mercurial repositories
git-codereview- Command-line tool for working with Gerrit
git-cola-3.5.txz Sleek and powerful Git GUI
git-crypt-0.6.0_1.txz Transparent file encryption in git
git-cvs-0.1.0_1.txz Tool to incrementally import changesets from CVS into Git
git-extras-5.0.0.txz Sub-commands for repo summary, repl, changelog population, and more
git-gui-2.23.0.txz Distributed source code management tool (GUI enabled)
git-lfs-2.8.0.txz Git extension for versioning large files
git-lite-2.23.0.txz Distributed source code management tool (lite package)
git-merge-changelog-20140202.txz Git "merge" driver for GNU style ChangeLog files
git-modes-emacs26-1.2.8_1,1.txz GNU Emacs modes for Git-related files
git-modes-emacs26_canna-1.2.8_1,1.txz GNU Emacs modes for Git-related files
git-modes-emacs26_nox-1.2.8_1,1.txz GNU Emacs modes for Git-related files
git-modes-emacs27-1.2.8_1,1.txz GNU Emacs modes for Git-related files
git-modes-emacs27_nox-1.2.8_1,1.txz GNU Emacs modes for Git-related files
git-prompt.zsh-2.1.0_2.txz Fast, customizable, pure-shell, asynchronous Git prompt for Zsh
git-remote-gcrypt-1.2.txz PGP-encrypt git remotes
git-remote-hg-1.0.0.txz Transparent bidirectional bridge between Git and Mercurial for Git
git-review-1.26.0_1.txz Allow to push code to review and interact with a Gerrit server
git-review-py27-1.26.0_1.txz Allow to push code to review and interact with a Gerrit server
git-secret-0.2.5.txz Bash tool to store your private data inside a git repository
git-subrepo-0.4.0.txz Git command for managing subrepositories
git-subversion-2.23.0.txz Distributed source code management tool with FreeBSD subversion bindings
git-town-7.2.1.txz Git extension for generic, high-level git workflow support
gitaly-1.67.0.txz Smart reverse proxy for GitLab
gitblit-1.8.0_1.txz Open-source servlet for Git repositories
gitea-1.9.5.txz Compact self-hosted Git service
gitflow-1.12.3.txz Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations
gitg-3.32.1.txz GTK-based git repository viewer
gitg0-0.0.8_2.txz GTK-based git repository viewer (gtk2 version)
github-backup-utils-2.8.3_1.txz GitHub Enterprise Backup Utilities
gitinspector-py27-0.4.4_3.txz Statistical analysis tool for git repositories
gitinspector-py36-0.4.4_3.txz Statistical analysis tool for git repositories
gitlab-ce-12.4.1.txz Web GUI for managing git repositories
gitlab-pages-1.11.0.txz Official GitLab Pages daemon
gitlab-runner-12.1.0.txz Official GitLab Runner written in Go
gitlab-shell-10.2.0.txz GitLab Shell handles git commands for GitLab
gitlab-workhorse-8.14.0.txz Smart reverse proxy for GitLab
gitlist-1.0.1.txz Web based Git repository browser written in PHP
gitolite-3.6.11,1.txz Access control layer on top of git
gitolite2-2.3.1_1.txz Access control layer on top of git
gitterdone-201710031257_2.txz Gitter Client based on Qt5
gittrac-2.0.1_1.txz Web-Based Bug And Patch-Set Tracking System For Git
givaro-4.1.0_1.txz C++ library for computer algebra
gjs-1.52.4_3.txz GNOME Javascript binding
gkermit-1.0.txz File transfer utility using the kermit protocol
gkleds2-0.8.2_9.txz GKrellM Leds for CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock
gkmap-0.2_2.txz Simplification of Boolean Functions using Karnaugh Map
gkrellflynn-0.8_8.txz Tiny system load meter for gkrellm
gkrellkam2-2.0.0_12.txz GKrellM plugin that display thumbnails of periodically updated images
gkrellm-gamma-2.03_14.txz XFree86 gamma correction plugin for GKrellM
gkrellm-gkfreq-2.2.txz Plugin to GKrellM that displays the current CPU frequencies
gkrellm-trayicons-1.03_8.txz GKrellM2 plugin to display definable icons as notifiers or launchers
gkrellm-xkb-1.05_11.txz X keyboard layout plugin for GKrellM
gkrellm2-2.3.11.txz GTK based system monitor
gkrellmbgchg2-0.1.11_2.txz Plugin for GKrellM, which changes the desktop's background image
gkrellmlaunch2-0.5_9.txz Application launcher plugin for GKrellM2
gkrellmoon2-0.6_10.txz Moon clock plugin for Gkrellm2
gkrellmvolume2-2.1.13_10.txz GKrellM volume plugin
gkrellmwireless-2.0.2_14.txz GKrellM wireless plugin
gkrellshoot2-0.4.4_10.txz Screen locking and screen capture plugin for GKrellM 2
gkrelltop-2.2.13_1.txz Plugin for gkrellm 2.x shows top three processes, requires procfs
gksu-2.0.2_7.txz Graphical frontend to su
gkx86info2-0.0.2_8.txz GKrellM2 plugin that simply prints the current clock speed
gl-117-1.3.2_11.txz OpenGL & SDL action flight simulator
gl-aspell-0.2_1,2.txz Aspell Galician dictionary
gl-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz gl language pack for libreoffice
gl2ps-1.4.0.txz C library providing vector output for OpenGL applications
glFlow-0.1.4,1.txz NetFlow tool for detecting DoS attacks
glabels-3.4.1.txz Program to create labels and business cards
glad-0.1.33.txz Multi-Language Vulkan/GL/GLES/EGL/GLX/WGL loader-generator
glade-3.22.1_1.txz User interface builder for GTK+ 3
glade2-2.12.2_8.txz User interface builder for GTK+
glade3-3.8.5_1.txz User interface builder for Gtk+ 2
glademm-2.6.0_3.txz C++ code generator backend for glade and glade2
gladtex-1.3_4.txz Program to replace LaTeX formulas in HTML files with images
glark-1.8.0.txz Search text files for complex regular expressions
glassfish-4.1.txz Reference implementation of the Java EE application server
glaxium-0.5_17.txz OpenGL based space-ship "shoot-em-up" game
glbsp-2.20_1.txz BSP node builder for OpenGL ports of the DOOM game engine
glchess-1.0.6_13.txz 3D OpenGL based chess game
glclock-6.0.b6.0_6.txz OpenGL spinning pocket watch demo and benchmark utility
gle-3.1.0_7.txz GL Tubing and Extrusion Library
glest-3.2.2_12.txz Free 3D real-time customizable strategy game
glest-data-3.2.1.txz Glest data files
glew-2.1.0.txz OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
glexcess-1.0_7.txz Impressive OpenGL Demo
glfw-3.3_1.txz Portable framework for OpenGL development
glfw2-2.7.9_2.txz Portable framework for OpenGL development
glib-2.56.3_6,1.txz Some useful routines of C programming (current stable version)
glib-networking-2.56.1_2.txz Network-related giomodules for glib
glib-reference-2.56.3_6,1.txz Programming reference for devel/glib20
glibmm-2.56.0_2,1.txz C++ interfaces for glib2
glibmm-reference-2.56.0_2,1.txz Programming reference for devel/glibmm
glightoff-1.0.0_4.txz Simple (but not so easy to solve!) puzzle game
gliv-1.9.7_6.txz Image viewer that uses Gdk-Pixbuf and OpenGL
gllvm-1.2.4.txz Whole Program LLVM: wllvm ported to Go
glm-,1.txz C++ mathematics library for software based on the OpenGL GLSL
glmark2-2014.03_1.txz Benchmark for OpenGL (ES) 2.0
glmaze-1.1.a_12.txz Multiplayer OpenGL Maze Game
glob2- Globulation 2, free and innovative strategy game
global-6.6.3.txz Source code tag system
glog-0.4.0_1.txz Library of C++ classes for flexible logging
glogg-1.1.4_8.txz GUI application to browse and search through long or complex log files
gloox-1.0.20_1.txz Jabber/XMPP client library
glosm-0.0.2_6.txz 3D OpenGL renderer for OpenStreetMap
glpi-9.4.2,1.txz Free IT and asset management software
glpi-plugins-fusioninventory-server-,1.txz Plugin of glpi to get information of networking devices
glpk-4.65.txz GNU Linear Programming Kit
glpng-1.46_1.txz Library to easily load PNG files as an OpenGL textures
glrparser-1.4_1.txz Parser which works with the GLR(0) algorithm
glsfcave-1.0_5.txz Control a ribbon to avoid hitting walls
glslang-7.11.3214_1.txz OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validator
gltron-0.70_17.txz 3D worm game for two players for X Window System
gltt-2.5.2_14.txz TrueType fonts rendering using OpenGL
glucose-4.1_3.txz Parallel SAT solver based on Minisat, with glue clauses
glui-2.36_5.txz GLUT-based C++ user interface library
glurp-0.12.3_4.txz Nice and clean GTK+-2.x based graphical client for musicpd
glusterfs-3.11.1_6.txz GlusterFS distributed file system
gmake-4.2.1_3.txz GNU version of 'make' utility
gmanedit-0.4.2_7.txz GNOME manpages editor
gmap-2015.09.21.txz Genomic Mapping and Alignment Program for mRNA and EST Sequences
gmastermind-0.6_7.txz Well-known mastermind game
gmerlin-1.2.0_16.txz Multimedia framework
gmetadom-0.2.6_5.txz Collection of DOM Implementations
gmic-qt-2.3.6_3,1.txz Versatile Qt front-end to GMIC
gmime2-2.2.27_2.txz Library (written in C) for parsing and creating messages using MIME
gmime24-2.4.33_3.txz Library (written in C) for parsing and creating messages using MIME
gmime24-sharp-2.4.33_5.txz Mono bindings for gmime
gmime26-2.6.23_1.txz Library (written in C) for parsing and creating messages using MIME
gmime26-sharp-2.6.23_1.txz Mono bindings for gmime
gmime30-3.2.0_1.txz Library (written in C) for parsing and creating messages using MIME
gmimms-0.0.9_8.txz Frontend to MiMMS (Multimedia Stream ripper)
gmines-0.2_7.txz Well-known minesweeper game for GNUstep
gmm++-5.3.txz Generic matrix template library
gmmlib-19.3.3.txz Intel Graphics Memory Management Library
gmp-6.1.2_1.txz Free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
gmp-api-58.txz Gecko Media Plugins API from mozilla-release
gmp-ecm-7.0.4.txz Elliptic Curve Method for Integer Factorization
gmpc-11.8.16_5,1.txz Full featured GTK2 client for musicpd
gmpc-alarm-11.8.16_4.txz Alarm plugin for gmpc
gmpc-albumview-11.8.16_4.txz Draws all album covers
gmpc-discogs-0.20.0_6.txz Album Image fetcher for gmpc
gmpc-extraplaylist-0.20.0_6.txz Favorites plugin for gmpc
gmpc-lastfm-0.20.0_6.txz Last.FM metadata fetcher plugin for gmpc
gmpc-libnotify-11.8.16_4.txz Libnotify for gmpc
gmpc-lyrics-11.8.16_5.txz Lyrics Provider plugin for gmpc
gmpc-lyricsplugin-0.20.0_6.txz Fetch lyrics gmpc plugin
gmpc-magnatune-11.8.16_6.txz Magnatune plugin lets you preview music from Magnatune
gmpc-mdcover-0.20.0_6.txz Collects metadata for gmpc
gmpc-mserver-0.20.0_14.txz Lets you stream music files to your mpd that are not in your database
gmpc-shout-0.20.0_6.txz Shoutcast stream for gmpc
gmrun-0.9.2_13.txz Customizable program to run programs, with tab-completion
gmsh-4.3.0_1.txz Automatic 3D finite element mesh generator
gmsynth-lv2-0.3.3.txz General MIDI LV2 Synth
gmt-4.5.18_1.txz Generic Mapping Tools - data processing and display software package
gmt5-5.4.5_1.txz Generic Mapping Tools - data processing and display software package
gmtk-1.0.9_1.txz Library for gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer
gmtp-1.3.10.txz Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) GUI client
gmusicbrowser-1.1.15.txz Jukebox for large collections of mp3/ogg/flac/mpc files
gn-1600_1.txz Gn meta build framework - standalone version
gnarr-3_1.txz Program for generating battle cries
gnarwl-3.6_6.txz Email autoresponder that gets data from LDAP
gnash-0.8.10_44.txz GNU Flash movie player
gnat_util-20180516.txz Library used to build GNAT tools such as ASIS
gnatcross-binutils-aarch64-2.27_1.txz Infrastructure for C/Ada FreeBSD cross-compiler (aarch64)
gnatcross-sysroot-aarch64-1.txz FreeBSD sysroots for C/Ada cross-compiler (i386)
gnatdroid-armv7-20180516.txz C/Ada cross-compiler, target: Android ARMv7
gnatdroid-binutils-2.27_1.txz Infrastructure for C/Ada Android cross-compiler (ARMv7)
gnatdroid-binutils-x86-2.27_1.txz Infrastructure for C/Ada Android cross-compiler (x86)
gnatdroid-sysroot-23.txz Android sysroots for C/Ada Android cross-compiler
gnatdroid-sysroot-x86-23.txz Android sysroots for C/Ada Android cross-compiler (x86)
gnatpython-20140224.txz Python package used in Ada testsuites
gnats4-4.1.0_13.txz GNATS, the GNU Problem Report Management System
gnatsd-1.4.1.txz Messaging system written in Go
gnatsweb-4.00_7.txz Gnatsweb, a GNATS web interface
gnaural-1.0.20110606_4.txz Binaural beat generator
gnet2-2.0.8_3.txz Simple network library built upon Glib-2
gnetcat-0.7.1_5.txz GPL'ed re-write of the well known networking tool netcat
gngb-20060309_9.txz GameBoy(tm) emulator
gnocky-0.0.7_3.txz Graphical (GTK+2) frontend for gnokii
gnocl- GTK+ and Gnome extension for Tcl
gnofract4d-3.14.1_5.txz Weird GNOME fractal generator
gnokii-0.6.31_12,1.txz Tools to talk to GSM cellular phones
gnome-2048-3.26.1.txz Move the tiles until you obtain the 2048 tile
gnome-autoar-0.2.3.txz Glib wrapper around libarchives
gnome-backgrounds-3.28.0.txz Collection of backgrounds for GNOME
gnome-builder-3.28.4_3.txz IDE for writing software for GNOME
gnome-calculator-3.28.2_2.txz GNOME 3 calculator tool
gnome-calendar-3.28.2_1.txz Simple and beatiful calendar application for GNOME
gnome-characters-3.28.2.txz find and insert unusual characters for GNOME 3
gnome-chess-3.28.1.txz Gnome chess
gnome-clipboard-daemon-1.0_12.txz Program that keeps the content of your X clipboard in memory
gnome-clocks-3.28.0.txz Clocks for GNOME 3
gnome-color-manager-3.28.0_4.txz Session framework for the GNOME desktop to manage color profiles
gnome-common-3.18.0.txz Common automake macros for GNOME 3
gnome-contacts-3.28.2.txz Contacts manager for gnome
gnome-control-center-3.28.2_6.txz Control center for GNOME 3 project
gnome-desktop-3.28.2.txz Additional UI API for GNOME 3
gnome-devel-docs-3.28.0.txz Documents targeted for GNOME developers
gnome-dictionary-3.26.1.txz GNOME 3 dictionary lookup application
gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10_5.txz GNOME doc utils
gnome-documents-3.28.2_2.txz Document manager application designed to work with GNOME 3
gnome-font-viewer-3.28.0_1.txz GNOME 3 font viewer utility
gnome-games-3.24.0.txz Gnome games meta port
gnome-getting-started-docs-3.28.2.txz GNOME 3 getting started guide
gnome-icon-theme-3.12.0_1.txz Collection of icons for the GNOME desktop
gnome-icon-theme-extras-3.12.0.txz Additional collection of icons for the GNOME desktop
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic-3.12.0.txz GNOME Symbolic Icons
gnome-icons-20060914_4.txz Meta-port for Gnome iconsets
gnome-icons-dropline-neu-0.6.txz Dropline Neu Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-dropline-nou-090208.txz Dropline Nou Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-elementary-4.3.1.txz Elementary icon set
gnome-icons-faenza-1.3.1.txz Faenza GNOME 2 icon themes
gnome-icons-gion-0.1.2.txz Gion Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-jini-0.8.txz Jini Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-lila-0.6.4_1.txz Lila Icons for Gnome
gnome-icons-luv- Flat but complex icon theme for freedesktop environments
gnome-initial-setup-3.18.0_7.txz First boot setup tool for GNOME 3
gnome-js-common-0.1.2_1.txz GNOME JavaScript common modules and tests
gnome-keyring-3.28.2_2.txz Program that keeps passwords and other secrets
gnome-keyring-sharp-1.0.2_5.txz Fully managed implementation of gnome-keyring
gnome-klotski-3.22.3.txz Gnome klotski
gnome-latex-3.28.1_2.txz Integrated LaTeX environment
gnome-mahjongg-3.22.0.txz Gnome mahjongg
gnome-maps-3.28.2.txz Map application for GNOME 3
gnome-menus-3.13.3_1.txz Implementation of the FreeDesktop Desktop Menu Spec
gnome-mime-data-2.18.0_5.txz MIME and Application database for GNOME
gnome-mines-3.28.0.txz Gnome minesweeper
gnome-mount-0.8_13.txz Front-end to mount, umount, and eject using HAL
gnome-mplayer-1.0.9_3.txz GNOME frontend for MPlayer
gnome-music- GNOME music playing application
gnome-nettool-3.8.1_1,1.txz GNOME utility that provides network information statistics
gnome-nibbles-3.24.0_1.txz Gnome nibbles
gnome-online-accounts-3.28.0_2.txz Interface provider to access the user's online accounts
gnome-online-miners-3.26.0.txz Crawls through your online content
gnome-osd-0.20.0_2.txz On-Screen-Display infrastructure using Pango text rendering
gnome-photos-3.28.1_3.txz Photo application for GNOME 3
gnome-pie-0.5.7_1.txz Circular application launcher
gnome-power-manager-3.26.0.txz Power management system for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-pty-helper-0.40.2.txz utmp/wtmp/lastlog helper program for the vte Terminal widget