py27-soap2py - Python simple and lightweight SOAP Library

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 12
Repository FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64
Package filename py27-soap2py-1.16.txz
Package name py27-soap2py
Package version 1.16
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type txz
Category net python www
License LGPL3+
Download size 68.98 KB
Installed size 394.07 KB
PySimpleSOAP (Python Simple SOAP) library for client and server webservices
interfaces, aimed to be as small and easy as possible, supporting most common
functionality. Initially it was inspired by PHP Soap Extension (mimicking it
functionality, simplicity and ease of use), with many advanced features added.
- Simple: less than 200LOC client/server concrete implementation for easy
maintainability and enhancments.
- Flexible: adapted to several SOAP dialects (Java Axis, .Net, JBoss), with the
posibility of fine-tuning XML request and responses
- Pythonic: no artifacts, no class generation, no special types, RPC calls
parameters and return values are simple python structures (dicts, list, etc.)
- Dynamic: no definition (WSDL) required, dynamic generation and parsing
supported (cached in a pickle file for performance, supporting fixing broken
- Easy: simple xml manipulation, including basic serialization and raw
object-like access to SOAP messages
- Extensible: supports several HTTP wrappers (httplib2, pycurl, urllib2) for
special transport needs over SSL and proxy (ISA)


Package Version Architecture Repository
py27-soap2py-1.16.txz 1.16 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
py27-soap2py-1.16.txz 1.16 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Latest
py27-soap2py-1.16.txz 1.16 i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
py27-soap2py - - -


Name Value
py27-setuptools = 40.8.0
python27 = 2.7.16


Type URL
Binary Package py27-soap2py-1.16.txz
Source Package net/py-soap2py

Install Howto

Install py27-soap2py txz package:

# pkg install py27-soap2py

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