FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
pathneck-1.3.txz Active network path probing tool
pathological-1.1.3_14.txz Enriched clone of the game "Logical"
pathrate-2.4.1.txz Measurement tool for capacity estimation of network paths
pauker-1.8.txz Java-based flashcard learning using the Leitner system
pavucontrol-4.0_2.txz GTK mixer for PulseAudio
pavucontrol-qt-0.14.0_2.txz PulseAudio mixer in Qt
pavuk-0.9.35_5.txz HTTP, FTP, and Gopher mirroring tool
pavumeter-0.9.3_12.txz GTK volume meter for PulseAudio
pax-utils-1.2.2.txz Various ELF related utils for ELF32, ELF64 binaries
payara-5.183.txz Java EE application server derived from GlassFish Server Open Source Edition
pbasic-2.1.txz Phil Cockroft's Basic Interpreter (previously Rabbit Basic)
pbbam-0.18.0_3.txz PacBio BAM C++ library, with SWIG bindings
pbc-0.5.14_1.txz Library of pairing-based cryptosystems
pbcopper-0.4.1_3.txz Core C++ library for Pacific Biosciences tools
pbi-manager-1456333648.txz PBI management utilities
pbimaker-1.3_1.txz Program to convert ports into PBI modules
pbnc-1.0_1.txz Simple userspace TCP port bouncer
pbnj-2.04_2.txz Suite of tools to monitor changes on a network
pbseqan-g20171011.txz Pacific Biosciences patched and stripped down SeqAn
pbzip2-1.1.13.txz Parallel BZIP2
pc-mixer-20171212_3.txz QT5 based audio mixer for FreeBSD
pc-networkmanager-201710031301_3.txz TrueOS Qt based network manager
pcal-4.11.0.txz PostScript calendar program
pcapfix-1.1.4.txz Tool to repair damaged or corrupted pcap and pcapng files
pcb-4.2.0,1.txz X11 interactive printed circuit board layout system
pcbsd-appweb-1441129621_1.txz PC-BSD Web Interface
pcbsd-libsh-1438351389.txz PC-BSD Shell Library
pcbsd-syscache-1439494375_1.txz PC-BSD SysCache Utility
pcbsd-utils-1440778617_1.txz PC-BSD Command-Line Utilities
pcc-1.1.0.txz Portable C Compiler
pcc-libs-1.1.0.txz Libraries for the Portable C Compiler
pccts-1.33.33.txz Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set
pcdm-201710031254_2.txz QT5 based display manager for FreeBSD
pcem-14.txz PC/PC-Compatible low-level emulator striving for accuracy
pcemu-1.01b_5.txz 8086 PC emulator, by David Hedley
pcf2bdf-1.06.txz Convert X font from PCF to BDF
pcgen-6.06.01.txz Java-based RPG character generator and maintenance program
pchecker-1.23.txz Tool that checks the ports tree for various errors
pciids-20190725.txz Database of all known IDs used in PCI devices
pciutils-3.6.2.txz PCI configuration utilities
pcl-1.6_1.txz Portable Coroutine Library
pcl-pointclouds-1.9.1_7.txz Point Cloud Library
pcmanfm-1.3.1.txz PCMan File Manager
pcmanfm-gtk3-1.3.1.txz PCMan File Manager
pcmanfm-qt-0.14.0_1.txz LXQt file manager
pcmsolver-1.2.3_2.txz API for the Polarizable Continuum Model
pcpustat-1.6.txz Per-CPU usage statistics
pcre++-0.9.5_5.txz Wrapper class around the pcre library
pcre-8.43_2.txz Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
pcre2-10.33.txz Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library, version 2
pcrs-0.0.3_3.txz Perl-compatible regular expression based substitutions
pcsc-ada-0.7.3_1.txz Ada binding to PC/SC middleware (Smart card interface)
pcsc-lite-1.8.24,2.txz Middleware library to access a smart card using SCard API (PC/SC)
pcsc-tools-1.5.4.txz Tools to test a PCSC driver, card, or reader
pcsxr- Playstation (PSX) emulator
pd-0.47.1.txz MIDI-capable real-time audio processor/synthesizer
pd-cyclone-0.2.b2.txz Pd library of clones of Max/MSP 4.5 objects
pdagent-integrations-1.5.txz PagerDuty integrations for monitoring monitoring tools
pdal-2.0.1.txz Library for translating and manipulating point cloud data
pdcurses-3.5.txz Curses library implementation for Win32, DOS, OS/2, and X11
pdf-renderer-0.9.1,1.txz 100% Java PDF renderer and viewer
pdf-tools-emacs26-0.90_9.txz Emacs support library for PDF files
pdf-tools-emacs26_canna-0.90_9.txz Emacs support library for PDF files
pdf-tools-emacs27-0.90_9.txz Emacs support library for PDF files
pdf2djvu-0.9.13.txz Creates DjVu files from PDF files
pdf2svg-0.2.3_11.txz Convert PDF to SVG
pdf4tcl-0.8.txz Pure Tcl library to generate PDF files
pdfbox-2.0.14.txz Java tool for working with PDF documents
pdfcrack-0.16.txz Cracking tool for password-protected PDF-files
pdfcube-0.0.5_31.txz OpenGL presentation viewer on a spinning cube
pdfedit-0.4.5_14.txz PDF document manipulating library
pdfgrep-2.1.1_10.txz Tool to search text in PDF files
pdfoutline-5.3.txz Add outlines to PDF files
pdfpc-4.3.4_4.txz Keynote-like multi-monitor presentation viewer
pdfsandwich-0.1.7_4.txz Command line tool generating "sandwich" OCR pdf files
pdfstitch-0.6.txz Crop and stitch pages from PDF to larger, single-page PDF
pdftk-2.02_8.txz Simple tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents
pdftohtml-0.40a_2.txz Command-line tool for converting pdf-files into html
pdixtract-1.5_1.txz Extracts or converts .pdi file sets to .iso
pdksh-5.2.14p2_6.txz The Public Domain Korn Shell
pdmenu-1.3.4_1.txz Simple console menu program
pdnmesh-0.2.2_17.txz Mesh generator and solver for Finite Element problems
pdnsd-1.2.9a.txz Caching (permanently, writes to disk on exit) DNS proxy-server
pdumpfs-1.3_5.txz Daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs
pear-merger-0.9.6.txz Memory-efficient and highly accurate paired-end read merger
peazip-gtk2-6.8.1_1.txz Free archiver and file compressor
peazip-qt5-6.8.1_1.txz Free archiver and file compressor
pebble-2.3.2_2.txz Lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool
peco-0.4.4.txz Simplistic interactive filtering tool
pecomato-0.0.15.txz Command-line picture metadata processor
peda-1.1.21.txz Python-based GDB extension for exploit development and debugging
peek- Simple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface
pefs-kmod-2018.11.26.txz PEFS kernel level stacked cryptographic filesystem
peg-e-1.2.7.txz Peg elimination game
peksystray-0.4.0_2.txz System tray dockapp similar to the GNOME notification area applet
pekwm-0.1.17_4,1.txz Light, Unobtrusive, and configurable windowmanager
pen-0.34.1.txz Load balancer for UDP and TCP based protocols
pencil2d-0.6.4_2.txz Easy and intuitive tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations
pengpong-0.3_13.txz Cross-platform pong game written in SDL
penguin-command-1.6.11_11.txz Clone of the classic game Missile Command
penguinsap-0.1.txz Command-line Atari(TM) .sap player
pengupop-2.2.6_3.txz Online multiplayer clone of Bust a Move
pentobi-15.0_2.txz Computer opponent for the board game Blokus
peps-2.0_7.txz Converts EPS images to anti-aliased bitmaps
perceptualdiff-2.1_2.txz Program that compares two images
percona-monitoring-plugins-1.1.8.txz Cacti templates for MySQL, Apache, Memcached, and more by Percona
percona-pam-for-mysql- PAM plugin for MySQL
percona-toolkit-3.0.13.txz Collection of essential command-line utilities for MySQL
percona55-client- Multithreaded SQL database (client)
percona55-server- Multithreaded SQL database (server)
percona56-client- Multithreaded SQL database (client)
percona56-server- Multithreaded SQL database (server)
percona57-client- Multithreaded SQL database (client)
percona57-pam-for-mysql- PAM plugin for MySQL
percona57-server- Multithreaded SQL database (server)
perdition-2.2_1.txz POP3 & IMAP4 proxy that can map users to multiple backend servers
performance-0.5.0_6.txz Help improve the performance of GNUstep applications
perftest- Collection of tests for RDMA micro-benchmark
perl2html-0.9.2_1.txz Perl sources to HTML converter
perl5-5.30.0.txz Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl5-devel- Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl5.26-5.26.3.txz Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl5.28-5.28.2.txz Practical Extraction and Report Language
perlconsole-0.4_2.txz Light program that lets you evaluate Perl code interactively
permute-1.0.txz Generate all permutations of lines from stdin
personality-1.0.txz System configuration management utility to alter system personality
peruse-1.2.186_1.txz Comic book viewer
perwindowlayoutd-0.6.txz Keeps per-window keyboard layout under X11
pesign-0.110_8.txz Signing utility for UEFI secure boot
pet-0.3.6.txz Simple command-line snippet manager, written in Go
petiga-g20180518_7.txz Framework for High Performance Isogeometric Analysis
pev-0.80_1.txz PE analysis toolkit
pfbtopfa-1.0_1.txz Convert PFB files to the PFA format
pfe-0.33.71_2.txz Implementation of ANSI Forth
pfetch-0.1.txz Pretty system information tool written in POSIX sh
pfinger-0.7.10_5.txz Highly configurable, secure, and portable finger daemon
pflogsumm-1.1.5,1.txz Postfix Log Entry Summarizer
pflogx-0.86.txz Simple tool to export pf (packet filter) logs to XML files
pfm-2.12.3_1.txz Terminal (curses)-based file manager written in Perl
pfqueue-0.5.6_1.txz Console-based tool for handling Postfix 1, Postfix 2, and Exim queues
pfstat-2.5_5.txz Utility to render graphical statistics for pf
pfstools-2.1.0_5.txz Tools for manipulating HDR images and video frames
pftabled-1.09_2.txz Tool to manage pf tables remotely
pftables-0.1.1.txz Minimal rc script to save and restore pf tables upon reboots
pftop-0.7_8.txz Utility for real-time display of statistics for pf
pftpd-1.0.3.txz Multithreaded anonymous FTP daemon
pgFormatter-4.1.txz PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier
pg_activity-1.5.0.txz Htop like application for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring
pg_activity-py27-1.5.0.txz Htop like application for PostgreSQL server activity monitoring
pg_citus-8.3.2.txz Horizontally scale Postgresql using sharding and replication
pg_partman-4.0.0_1.txz PostgreSQL Partition Manager
pg_qualstats-1.0.7_2.txz PostgreSQL extension for collecting statistics about predicates
pg_reorg-1.1.11_2.txz PostgreSQL utility to reorganize tables
pg_stat_kcache-2.1.1_2.txz Gather statistics about PostgreSQL I/O and CPU usage
pgaccess-1.00.20140902_3.txz Powerful PostgreSQL database GUI administration tool and toolkit
pgadmin3-1.22.2_3.txz PostgreSQL database design and management system
pgagent-3.4.0_4.txz Job scheduler for PostgreSQL
pgbadger-10.3.txz Very competent log analyzer for PostgreSQL
pgbarman-2.9.txz Backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL
pgbarman-py27-2.9.txz Backup and recovery manager for PostgreSQL
pgbouncer-1.9.0_1.txz Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pgdbf-0.6.2.txz Convert XBase / FoxPro tables to PostgreSQL
pgespresso-1.2_3.txz Optional extension to Barman backup and recovery manager
pgfouine-1.2.txz PostgreSQL log analyzer
pgloader-2.3.1_5.txz Import CSV data and Large Object to PostgreSQL
pglogd-2.3_4.txz Sends web server log entries to a PostgreSQL database
pglogical-2.2.2.txz Logical replication system as a PostgreSQL extension
pgmetrics-1.7.0.txz Collect and display info & stats from a running PostgreSQL server
pgmodeler-0.9.1_4.txz PostgreSQL Database Modeler
pgpdump-0.32.txz PGP packet visualizer
pgpgpg-0.13_4.txz Wrapper for GnuPG to simulate PGP 2.6.x
pgpin-010323_1.txz PGP International version - improved for use in IN-CA
pgplot-5.2.2_27.txz C/FORTRAN library for drawing graphs on a variety of display devices
pgpmoose-1.19_1.txz PGP Moose - signatures for moderated newsgroups
pgpool-3.4.25.txz Connection pool server for PostgreSQL
pgpool-II35-3.5.22.txz Connection pool server for PostgreSQL
pgpool-II36-3.6.18.txz Connection pool server for PostgreSQL
pgpool-II37-3.7.11.txz Connection pool server for PostgreSQL
pgpool-II40-4.0.6.txz Connection pool server for PostgreSQL
pgreplay-1.3.0_2.txz Replay SQL statements from a Postgresql Log
pgroonga-2.2.1.txz Open-source fulltext search engine for PostGRESQL
pgrouting-2.6.2_3.txz Extension to PostGIS to provide geospatial routing functionality
pgsphere-1.1.5_2.txz Spherical data types, functions, and operators for PostgreSQL
pgtcl-2.1.1_2.txz TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG)
pgtcl-postgresql10-2.1.1_2.txz TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG)
pgtcl-postgresql11-2.1.1_2.txz TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG)
pgtcl-postgresql12-2.1.1_2.txz TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG)
pgtcl-postgresql94-2.1.1_2.txz TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG)
pgtcl-postgresql95-2.1.1_2.txz TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG)
pgtcl-postgresql96-2.1.1_2.txz TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG)
pgtop-0.05_5.txz Display PostgreSQL performance info like top(1)
pgtune-0.9.3_3.txz Postgresql.conf tuning tips based on hardware and load type
pguri-1.20151224_2.txz URI datatype for PostgreSQL
pgworksheet-1.9_9.txz Simple PostreSQL GUI front end
pgxnclient-1.2.1_3.txz Command line tool to interact with the PostgreSQL Extension Network
pgxnclient-py27-1.2.1_3.txz Command line tool to interact with the PostgreSQL Extension Network
phabricator-php71-20190831.txz Open source, software engineering platform
phabricator-php72-20190831.txz Open source, software engineering platform
phabricator-php73-20190831.txz Open source, software engineering platform
phalanx-25.txz Xboard-compatible chess playing program
phamm-0.5.18_1.txz Front-end written in PHP to manage virtual service
phantom-1.2_1.txz Phantomblock generator (converts existing files to sparse files)
pharo-1.4_2.txz Pharo is Smalltalk-inspired environment
phc-0.1.7.txz Compiler for the PHP language
phex- Multi-platform and spyware-free Gnutella client
phlipple-0.8.5_5.txz Flipping squares will never be the same
phluid-0.0.3_13.txz Window manager that emphasizes efficiency, speed, and beauty
pho-0.9.8_1.txz Lightweight image viewer
phonon-designerplugin-qt5-4.11.0.txz Qt Designer plugin for Phonon
phonon-gstreamer-qt5-4.10.0.txz GStreamer backend for Phonon
phonon-qt5-4.11.0.txz KDE multimedia framework
phonon-vlc-0.11.0.txz VLC backend for Phonon
phoon_14Aug-2014.txz Displays the phase of the moon
phoronix-test-suite-php71-9.0.0.txz Phoronix Benchmarking Suite
phoronix-test-suite-php72-9.0.0.txz Phoronix Benchmarking Suite
phoronix-test-suite-php73-9.0.0.txz Phoronix Benchmarking Suite
phoronix-test-suite-php74-9.0.0.txz Phoronix Benchmarking Suite
photivo-0.0.2015.03.21_11.txz Free and open source photo processor
photo_gallery-1.5_7.txz Simple web based photo gallery
photoflare-1.5.9_1.txz Quick, simple but powerful cross-platform image editor
photoflow- Non-destructive photo retouching program
photopc-3.07_1.txz Control cameras based on Sierra Imaging chipset and compatibles
photoqt-1.6_7.txz Simple, powerful and good looking QT5 image viewer
phototonic-2.0_4.txz Image viewer and organizer
php-Psr_Log-1.0.2.txz PSR-3 logger interface
php-geshi- Native PHP syntax highlighting engine
php-mode.el-emacs26-1.21.4_1.txz PHP mode for GNU Emacs
php-mode.el-emacs26_canna-1.21.4_1.txz PHP mode for GNU Emacs
php-mode.el-emacs26_nox-1.21.4_1.txz PHP mode for GNU Emacs
php-mode.el-emacs27-1.21.4_1.txz PHP mode for GNU Emacs
php-mode.el-emacs27_nox-1.21.4_1.txz PHP mode for GNU Emacs
php-xapian-1.4.12.txz PHP binding for Xapian
php71-7.1.33.txz PHP Scripting Language
php71-Ice37-3.7.2_1.txz Modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA/COM/DCOM/COM+
php71-aphpbreakdown-2.2.2.txz Code-Analyzer for PHP for Compatibility Check-UP
php71-aphpunit-1.9.txz Testing framework for unit tests
php71-bcmath-7.1.33.txz The bcmath shared extension for php
php71-brotli-0.7.0.txz Brotli extension for PHP
php71-bsdconv-11.5.0.txz PHP wrapper for bsdconv
php71-bz2-7.1.33.txz The bz2 shared extension for php
php71-calendar-7.1.33.txz The calendar shared extension for php
php71-composer-1.9.0.txz Dependency Manager for PHP
php71-ctype-7.1.33.txz The ctype shared extension for php
php71-curl-7.1.33.txz The curl shared extension for php
php71-dba-7.1.33.txz The dba shared extension for php
php71-dddbl-2.0.1.txz Definition Driven Database Layer for PHP
php71-deployer-6.4.3.txz Deployment tool for PHP
php71-dom-7.1.33.txz The dom shared extension for php
php71-enchant-7.1.33.txz The enchant shared extension for php
php71-exif-7.1.33.txz The exif shared extension for php