FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
p5-Email-Address-1.912.txz RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
p5-Email-Address-List-0.06.txz RFC-close address list parsing
p5-Email-Address-Loose-0.10_1.txz Perl extension to make Email::Address->parse() loose
p5-Email-Address-UseXS-1.000.txz Ensure that any code uses Email::Address::XS instead of Email::Address
p5-Email-Address-XS-1.04.txz Parse and format RFC 2822 email addresses and groups
p5-Email-AddressParser-0.04_1.txz RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
p5-Email-Date-1.104.txz Find and Format Date Headers
p5-Email-Date-Format-1.005.txz Produce RFC 2822 date strings
p5-Email-Delete-2.002.txz Delete Messages from Folders
p5-Email-Filter-1.034.txz Library for creating easy email filters
p5-Email-Find-0.10_1.txz Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
p5-Email-Folder-0.860.txz Read all the messages from a folder as Email::Simple objects
p5-Email-Folder-IMAP-1.105.txz Email::Folder Access to IMAP Folders
p5-Email-Folder-IMAPS-1.105.txz Email::Folder access to IMAP over SSL folders
p5-Email-Folder-POP3-1.015.txz Email::Folder access to POP3 folders
p5-Email-FolderType-0.814.txz Determine the type of a mail folder
p5-Email-FolderType-Net-1.043.txz Recognize folder types for network based message protocols
p5-Email-LocalDelivery-1.200_1.txz Deliver a piece of email - simply
p5-Email-LocalDelivery-Ezmlm-0.10_1.txz Deliver mail into ezmlm archives
p5-Email-MIME-1.946.txz Easy MIME message parsing
p5-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper-1.317.txz Strip the attachments from a mail
p5-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.022.txz Parse a MIME Content-Type Header
p5-Email-MIME-CreateHTML-1.042.txz Multipart HTML Email builder
p5-Email-MIME-Creator-ISO_2022_JP-0.02_1.txz Perl extension of Email::MIME mixin to create an iso-2022-jp mail
p5-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.315_2.txz Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding
p5-Email-MIME-RFC2047-0.97.txz Correct handling of non-ASCII MIME headers
p5-Email-MessageID-1.406_1.txz Generate world unique message-ids
p5-Email-Outlook-Message-0.919.txz Read e-mail messages stored as .msg files
p5-Email-Reply-1.204.txz Email::Reply - Reply to a Message
p5-Email-Send-2.201.txz Email::Send - Simply Sending Email
p5-Email-Sender-1.300031_2.txz Library for sending email
p5-Email-Sender-Transport-SMTP-TLS-0.15.txz Email::Sender with Net::SMTP::TLS (Eg. Gmail)
p5-Email-Sender-Transport-SMTPS-0.03_1.txz Perl extension for Email::Sender::Transport::SMTPS
p5-Email-Sender-Transport-SQLite-0.092002_1.txz Deliver mail to an SQLite db for testing
p5-Email-Simple-2.216.txz Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers
p5-Email-Simple-FromHandle-0.054_1.txz Perl library for making email objects from a filehandle
p5-Email-Stuffer-0.017.txz More casual approach to creating and sending Email
p5-Email-Valid-1.202.txz Check validity of Internet email addresses
p5-Email-Valid-Loose-0.05_1.txz Variation of Email::Valid which allows dot before at mark
p5-Emplacken-0.01_2.txz Manage multiple plack apps with a directory of config files
p5-Encode-3.01.txz Provides interfaces between strings and the rest of the system
p5-Encode-Base32-Crockford-2.112991.txz Encode/Decode numbers using Douglas Crockford's Base32 Encoding
p5-Encode-Base32-GMP-0.02.txz High speed Base32 encoding using GMP with BigInt and MD5 support
p5-Encode-Base58-GMP-1.00.txz High speed Base58 encoding using GMP with BigInt and MD5 support
p5-Encode-CNMap-0.32_2.txz Enhanced Chinese encodings with Simplified-Traditional auto-mapping
p5-Encode-Detect-1.01_1.txz Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data
p5-Encode-Detect-CJK-2.0.2_1.txz Charset detector for East Asia charsets and website contents
p5-Encode-DoubleEncodedUTF8-0.05_1.txz Fix double encoded UTF-8 bytes to the correct ones
p5-Encode-HanConvert-0.35_2.txz Traditional and Simplified Chinese mappings
p5-Encode-HanExtra-0.23_1.txz Extra sets of Chinese encodings
p5-Encode-IMAPUTF7-1.05_1.txz Modification of UTF-7 encoding for IMAP
p5-Encode-JIS2K-0.03.txz JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) Encodings
p5-Encode-Locale-1.05.txz Determine the locale encoding
p5-Encode-Punycode-1.002.txz Encode plugin for Punycode
p5-Encode-compat-0.07_1.txz Compatibility interfaces for on Perl < 5.7.1
p5-Encoding-BER-1.02.txz Encode/decode data using ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules (BER)
p5-Encoding-FixLatin-1.04.txz Takes mixed encoding input and produces UTF-8 output
p5-Env-PS1-0.06_1.txz Prompt string formatter
p5-Env-Path-0.19_1.txz Advanced operations on path variables
p5-Error-0.17028.txz Error/exception handling in object-oriented programming style
p5-Error-Helper-1.0.0_1.txz Provides some easy error related methods
p5-Eval-Closure-0.14.txz Safely and cleanly create closures via string eval
p5-Eval-Context-0.09.11_3.txz Evaluate Perl code in context wrapper
p5-Eval-LineNumbers-0.34_1.txz Add line numbers to hereis blocks that contain perl source code
p5-Eval-WithLexicals-1.003005.txz Perl extension for pure perl eval with persistent lexical variables
p5-Event-1.27.txz Generic Perl Event Loop
p5-Event-ExecFlow-0.64_1.txz API for complex flow controls with asynchronous execution of external programs
p5-Event-Join-0.06_1.txz Join multiple "events" into one
p5-Event-Lib-1.03_7.txz Makes libevent(3) accessible with Perl
p5-Event-Notify-0.00004_1.txz Simple Observer/Notifier
p5-Event-RPC-1.03_2.txz Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework
p5-Event-tcp-0.14_1.txz Glue code to build client-server style TCP-based services
p5-Every-0.08_1.txz Return true every N cycles or S seconds
p5-Excel-Template-0.34_1.txz Perl module for templating Excel files
p5-Excel-Writer-XLSX-1.00.txz Create a new file in the Excel 2007+ XLSX format
p5-Exception-Class-1.44.txz Real exception classes in Perl
p5-Exception-Class-DBI-1.04.txz DBI Exception objects
p5-Exception-Class-TryCatch-1.13.txz Syntactic try/catch sugar for use with Exception::Class
p5-Exception-Handler-1.004_1.txz Perl module that report exceptions with formatted text call-stack
p5-Expect-1.35.txz Perl module inspired by the Tcl version of Expect
p5-Expect-Simple-0.04_1.txz Wrapper around the Expect module
p5-ExportTo-0.03.txz Export any function/method to any namespace
p5-Exporter-5.68_1.txz Implements default import method for modules
p5-Exporter-Declare-0.114.txz Perl extension for exporting done right
p5-Exporter-Easy-0.18.txz Takes the drudgery out of Exporting symbols
p5-Exporter-Lite-0.08.txz Lightweight exporting of functions and variables
p5-Exporter-Tidy-0.08.txz Another way of exporting symbols
p5-Exporter-Tiny-1.002001.txz Exporter with features of Sub::Exporter but only core dependencies
p5-ExtUtils-AutoInstall-0.64.txz Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN
p5-ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.280231,1.txz Compile and link C code for Perl modules
p5-ExtUtils-CChecker-0.10_1.txz Configure-time utilities for using C headers, libraries, OS features
p5-ExtUtils-Config-0.008_1.txz Wrapper for perl configuration
p5-ExtUtils-Constant-0.25.txz Generate XS code to import C header constants
p5-ExtUtils-CppGuess-0.20.txz Guess C++ compiler and flags
p5-ExtUtils-Depends-0.8000.txz Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions
p5-ExtUtils-F77-1.23_2.txz Helps link C programs with Fortran subroutines
p5-ExtUtils-Helpers-0.026.txz Various portability utilities for module builders
p5-ExtUtils-Install-2.04_2.txz Perl extension to install files from here to there
p5-ExtUtils-InstallPaths-0.012.txz Build.PL install path logic made easy
p5-ExtUtils-LibBuilder-0.08.txz Perl module to build C libraries
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-7.38.txz Designed to write a Makefile for an extension module
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-CPANfile-0.09.txz Cpanfile support for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-Coverage-0.05_2.txz Add a Makefile target to determine test coverage using Devel::Cover
p5-ExtUtils-Manifest-1.72.txz Utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file
p5-ExtUtils-ParseXS-3.35.txz Converts Perl XS code into C code
p5-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.16.txz Simplistic interface to pkg-config
p5-ExtUtils-XSBuilder-0.28_2.txz Autogenerating XS-glue Code
p5-ExtUtils-XSpp-0.18.txz XS for C++ in Perl
p5-FAQ-OMatic-2.719_1.txz Perl API to manipulate FAQ-O-Matics
p5-FCGI-0.78.txz Modules for perl5, for enabling FastCGI support in CGI scripts
p5-FCGI-Async-0.22_2.txz Module to allow use of FastCGI asynchronously
p5-FCGI-Client-0.08_1.txz Perl extension for fastcgi protocol client library
p5-FCGI-Engine-0.22.txz Flexible engine for running FCGI-based applications
p5-FCGI-ProcManager-0.28.txz Functions for managing FastCGI applications
p5-FCGI-Spawn-0.16.7_1.txz FastCGI server for CGI-like applications multiprocessing
p5-FEAR-API-0.489_3.txz Web Scraping Zen
p5-FFI-CheckLib-0.25.txz Check that a library is available for FFI
p5-FFI-Platypus-0.96.txz Write Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI
p5-FFmpeg-Command-0.19_6.txz Wrapper class for ffmpeg command line utility
p5-FLV-Info-0.24_1.txz Extract metadata from Flash Video files
p5-FSA-Rules-0.35.txz Build simple rules-based state machines in Perl
p5-Facebook-Graph-1.0801_1.txz Perl extension to integrate your apps with Facebook
p5-Fax-Hylafax-Client-1.02_2.txz Simple Perl client for the HylaFAX fax server
p5-Feed-Find-0.07_1.txz Syndication feed auto-discovery
p5-Feersum-1.407.txz PSGI engine for Perl based on EV/libev
p5-Fennec-Lite-0.004_1.txz Perl extension for minimalist Fennec, the commonly used bits
p5-File-Append-TempFile-0.07.txz Append data to files using a temporary copy
p5-File-Assets-0.064_2.txz Perl module to Manage .css and .js assets
p5-File-Attributes-0.04_2.txz File::Attributes - Manipulate file metadata
p5-File-Attributes-Recursive-0.02_1.txz Inherit file attributes from parent directories
p5-File-BOM-0.16.txz Perl module to handle Unicode byte order marks
p5-File-BaseDir-0.08.txz Use the freedesktop basedir spec
p5-File-BasicFlock-98.1202_1.txz Perl5 module for file locking with flock
p5-File-Binary-1.7_1.txz Perl interface to modify and read binary files
p5-File-Cache-0.16_1.txz Perl module implementing a persistent object store
p5-File-Cat-1.2_1.txz Perl implementation of cat
p5-File-ChangeNotify-0.31.txz Watch for changes to files
p5-File-ConfigDir-0.021.txz Get directories of configuration files
p5-File-Copy-Link-0.140.txz Extension for replacing a link with a copy of linked file
p5-File-Copy-Recursive-0.45.txz Perl extension for recursively copying files and directories
p5-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced-0.006.txz Recursive copying of files and directories
p5-File-CountLines-0.0.3_1.txz Efficiently count the number of line breaks in a file
p5-File-CounterFile-1.04_1.txz Perl module for persistent counter class
p5-File-CreationTime-2.04_1.txz Keeps track of file creation times
p5-File-DesktopEntry-0.22.txz Object to handle desktop files
p5-File-Dir-Dumper-0.0.8_2.txz Perl5 module to dump directory structures meta-data
p5-File-DirCompare-0.7_1.txz Perl module to compare two directories using callbacks
p5-File-DirSync-1.22_1.txz Perl5 module for synchronizing two directories rapidly
p5-File-ExtAttr-1.09_1.txz Access to extended attributes of the files
p5-File-FcntlLock-0.22.txz Perl5 module for file locking with fcntl
p5-File-Fetch-0.56.txz Generic file fetching mechanism
p5-File-Find-Closures-1.112.txz Functions you can use with File::Find
p5-File-Find-Object-0.3.2.txz Object oriented File::Find replacement
p5-File-Find-Rule-0.34.txz Alternative interface to File::Find
p5-File-Find-Rule-Filesys-Virtual-1.22_1.txz File::Find::Rule adapted to Filesys::Virtual
p5-File-Find-Rule-Perl-1.15_2.txz Common rules for searching for Perl things
p5-File-Find-Rule-VCS-1.08_1.txz Exclude files and directories for Version Control Systems
p5-File-Finder-0.53_2.txz Nice wrapper for File::Find ala find(1)
p5-File-Flat-1.05.txz Implements a flat filesystem
p5-File-Flock-2014.01_1.txz Perl5 module for file locking with flock
p5-File-Flock-Retry-0.631.txz Yet another flock module
p5-File-FnMatch-0.02_1.txz Simple filename and pathname matching
p5-File-Format-RIFF-1.0.1_1.txz Read, manipulate, and write RIFF files
p5-File-Grep-0.02_1.txz Perl Module that Find matches to a pattern in files or function
p5-File-HStore-0.10_2.txz Store files on a filesystem using a simple hash-based storage
p5-File-HomeDir-1.004.txz Get home directory for self or other users
p5-File-HomeDir-PathClass-1.112060.txz File::HomeDir returning Path::Class objects
p5-File-Inplace-0.20_1.txz Perl module for in-place editing of files
p5-File-Iterator-0.14_1.txz Module for iterating across files in a directory tree
p5-File-KeePass-2.03_2.txz Interface to KeePassX, KeePass 1.x and 2.x database files
p5-File-KeePass-Agent-2.01_2.txz Application agent for working with File::KeePass objects
p5-File-LibMagic-1.16.txz Nice wrapper for libmagic
p5-File-Listing-6.04_1.txz Parse directory listings
p5-File-Locate-0.62.txz Search the locate(1)-database from Perl
p5-File-Log-1.05_1.txz Simple Object Orientated Logger
p5-File-MMagic-1.30_1.txz Perl5 module to guess file type like file(1)
p5-File-MMagic-XS-0.09008_1.txz Guess File Type With XS (a la mod_mime_magic)
p5-File-Map-0.66.txz Memory mapping made simple and safe
p5-File-MimeInfo-0.29.txz Determine file type
p5-File-Modified-0.10.txz Perl module for checking intelligently if files have changed
p5-File-Monitor-1.00_2.txz Monitor files and directories for changes
p5-File-Mork-0.3_1.txz Module to read Mozilla URL history files
p5-File-NCopy-0.36_2.txz Copy file(s) to directories/file
p5-File-NFSLock-1.29.txz File::NFSLock - perl module to do NFS (or not) locking
p5-File-Next-1.18.txz File-finding iterator
p5-File-Path-2.16.txz Create or remove directory trees
p5-File-Path-Expand-1.02_1.txz Expand filenames
p5-File-Path-Tiny-0.9.txz Lightweight File::Path alternative
p5-File-PathConvert-0.9_1.txz File::PathConvert - Various path conversion routines
p5-File-Pid-1.01_2.txz Pid File Manipulation
p5-File-Pid-Quick-1.02_1.txz Associates a PID file with your script
p5-File-Policy-1.005_2.txz Simple policy for file I/O functions
p5-File-Random-0.18.txz Perl module for random selecting of a file
p5-File-ReadBackwards-1.05_1.txz File::ReadBackwards -- read a file backwards by lines
p5-File-Remove-1.58.txz Perl5 module to easily removes files and directories
p5-File-Rename-1.10.txz Rename multiple files
p5-File-Rsync-0.49.txz Perl convenience wrapper for the rsync(1) program
p5-File-RsyncP-0.74.txz Perl Rsync client
p5-File-SafeDO-0.14_1.txz Safer do file for perl
p5-File-Scan-1.43_1.txz Perl5 anti-virus file scanning package
p5-File-Scan-ClamAV-1.95.txz Perl extension for the clamav virus scanner
p5-File-SearchPath-0.07.txz Search for a file in an environment variable path
p5-File-Share-0.25.txz Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries
p5-File-ShareDir-1.116.txz Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
p5-File-ShareDir-Install-0.13.txz Install read-only data files from a distribution
p5-File-ShareDir-PAR-0.06_1.txz Perl5 File::ShareDir module with PAR support
p5-File-ShareDir-PathClass-1.112440_1.txz File::ShareDir returning Path::Class objects
p5-File-ShareDir-ProjectDistDir-1.000008.txz Perl extension for set-and-forget using a directory in projects root
p5-File-ShareDir-Tarball-0.2.2.txz Deal transparently with shared files distributed as tarballs
p5-File-Signature-1.009_1.txz Detect changes to a file's content or attributes
p5-File-Slurp-9999.27.txz Perl5 module for single call read & write file routines
p5-File-Slurp-Tiny-0.004.txz Simple, sane and efficient file slurper
p5-File-Slurp-Tree-1.24_1.txz Slurp and emit file trees as nested hashes
p5-File-Slurper-0.012.txz Simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file
p5-File-Sort-1.01_1.txz Sort a file or merge sort multiple files
p5-File-Spec-Native-1.004.txz Perl extension for native OS implementation of File::Spec
p5-File-Stat-Bits-1.01_2.txz Perl5 module interface to the major()/minor() C routines
p5-File-Stat-ModeString-1.00_1.txz Converts file stat(2) mode to/from string representation
p5-File-Stream-2.30_1.txz Regular expression delimited records from streams
p5-File-Sync-0.11_1.txz Perl5 module interface to the UNIX sync(2) and POSIX.1b fsync(2)
p5-File-Tail-1.3.txz Perl Module to read the end of a file as it's appended to
p5-File-Tail-Dir-0.14_1.txz Tail all matching files in a given set of directories
p5-File-Tail-Multi-0.1_1.txz Stateful tail of multiple files
p5-File-Tail-Scribe-0.13_1.txz Perl Module to tail file to Scribe server
p5-File-Tee-0.07_1.txz Replicate data sent to a Perl stream
p5-File-Temp-0.2309.txz Generate temporary files or directories safely
p5-File-Tempdir-0.02_1.txz Perl5 module to provide an object interface for File::Temp
p5-File-Touch-0.11.txz Module to 'touch' files
p5-File-Type-0.22_1.txz Determine file type using magic
p5-File-Util-4.161950.txz Perl5 module for easy, versatile, portable file handling
p5-File-Which-1.23.txz Portable implementation of which(1) in Perl
p5-File-Write-Rotate-0.321.txz Write to files that archive/rotate themselves
p5-File-chdir-0.1010.txz More sensible way to change directories
p5-File-chmod-0.32_1.txz File::chmod - Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes
p5-File-pushd-1.016.txz File::pushd - temporary chdir for a limited scope
p5-FileHandle-Fmode-0.14.txz Module to determine if a filehandle is opened for reading, writing
p5-FileHandle-Unget-0.1634.txz FileHandle which supports ungetting of multiple bytes
p5-Filesys-Df-0.92_1.txz Perl extension for filesystem space
p5-Filesys-DfPortable-0.85_1.txz Perl extension for filesystem disk space information
p5-Filesys-DiskFree-0.06_2.txz Perl equivalent of df(2)
p5-Filesys-DiskSpace-0.05_1.txz Perl equivalent of statfs(2)
p5-Filesys-DiskUsage-0.13.txz Perl equivalent of du(1)
p5-Filesys-Notify-KQueue-0.11.txz Perl extension to wrap IO::KQueue for watching file system
p5-Filesys-Notify-Simple-0.12_1.txz Perl extension for simple and dumb file system watcher
p5-Filesys-Statvfs-0.82_1.txz Perl extension for statvfs() and fstatvfs()
p5-Filesys-Virtual-0.06_1.txz Perl extension to provide a framework for a virtual filesystem
p5-Filesys-Virtual-DAAP-0.04_2.txz Present a DAAP share as a VFS
p5-Filesys-Virtual-Plain-0.10_1.txz Plain virtual filesystem
p5-Filter-1.59.txz Number of source filters for perl5 programs
p5-Filter-CBC-0.10_2.txz Source filter for Cipher Block Chaining