FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
flcluster-1.0.4_3.txz FLCLUSTER is a management tool for accessing dxcluster nodes
fldiff-1.1_10.txz Graphical diff program using FLTK
fldigi-4.1.08_1.txz Digital decoder for psk, cw, psk31, olivia
flent-1.2.2.txz FLExible Network Tester
fleur-0.27.3_7.txz FLAPW code for atomic computations in quantum chemistry and physics
flex-2.6.4_1.txz Fast lexical analyzer generator
flex-sdk- Adobe Flex SDK
flex-sdk3- Adobe Flex SDK
flexbackup-1.2.1_7.txz Perl-based flexible backup system that can use dump/afio/cpio/tar
flexdock-1.2.4.txz Swing windowing and docking framework
flexjson-2.1.txz Lightweight Java library to write JSON
flickcurl-1.26_1.txz C library for the Flickr API
flif-0.3.96_1.txz Free Lossless Image Format
flightgear-2019.1.1.txz FlightGear flight simulator
flightgear-aircraft-20190826.txz Selection of additional aircraft for the FlightGear flight simulator
flightgear-data-2019.1.1.txz FlightGear scenery, textures, and aircraft models
flightgear-terragear-20171007_8.txz Tools for building scenery for the FlightGear project
flim-emacs26-,1.txz Message representation or encoding elisp library for emacs
flim-emacs26_canna-,1.txz Message representation or encoding elisp library for emacs
flim-emacs26_nox-,1.txz Message representation or encoding elisp library for emacs
flim-emacs27-,1.txz Message representation or encoding elisp library for emacs
flim-emacs27_nox-,1.txz Message representation or encoding elisp library for emacs
flint2-g20190210.txz Fast library for number theory
flip-1.19.txz Convert text file line endings between Unix and DOS formats
flite-2.1.txz Small run-time speech synthesis engine
fllog-1.2.6.txz Ham Radio logging program
floatator-0.2.1_2.txz Interactive fluid dynamics simulation
flobopuyo-0.20_16.txz Clone of the famous PuyoPuyo
flock-2.30.1.txz Manage locks from shell scripts
flog-1.8.txz Small STDIN-to-file logger with support for log rotation
flood-0.20041105_11.txz Profile-driven HTTP load tester
flops-2.1.txz Floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating
florence-0.6.3_1.txz Extensible scalable virtual keyboard
florist-gpl-2017_1.txz POSIX Ada binding, IEEE Standards 1003.5(b,c)
flow-tools-0.68.6_1.txz Suite of tools and library to work with netflow data
flowcanvas-0.7.1_20.txz Interactive Gtkmm/Gnomecanvasmm widget
flowd-0.9.1_3.txz Small, fast, and secure NetFlow collector
flower-0.10_2.txz Label-based networking daemon
flowgger- Fast data collector
flowgrep-0.9_1.txz TCP stream/UDP/IP payload 'grep' utility
flowgrind-0.8.0_4.txz Measure throughput and other metrics for TCP
flowviewer-4.5_4.txz Web-based user interface for the flow-tools NetFlow data
flphoto-1.3.1_15.txz Basic image management and display program
flpsed-0.7.3.txz WYSIWYG Postscript annotator
flrig-1.3.48.txz Ham Radio rig control program, cooperates with fldigi
flruler-1.05.txz On-screen pixel ruler
fltk-1.3.5.txz Cross-platform C++ graphical user interface toolkit
fluctuate-1.40.txz Program to fit population models
fluent-bit-1.0.4.txz Fast and lightweight data forwarder
fluid-soundfont-3.1.txz Fluid R3 sound fonts (GM/GS)
fluidsynth-2.0.7.txz Real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications
fluidsynth-dssi-1.0.0_14.txz Wrapper for FluidSynth allowing it to function as a DSSI plugin
fluxbg-0.7_15.txz Background changer for fluxbox/blackbox
fluxbox-1.3.7_5.txz Small and fast window manager based on BlackBox
fluxbox-tenr-styles-pack-20190912.txz Tenner themes pack for fluxbox
fluxconf-0.9.9_9.txz Fluxbox window manager configuration program
fluxter-0.2.0_3.txz Desktop pager for the Fluxbox Slit
flvmeta-1.0.11.txz Manipulation tool for Adobe Flash Video files (FLV)
flvstreamer-2.1.c.1_1.txz Open source command-line RTMP client
flvtool++-1.2.1_13.txz Tool for hinting and manipulating the metadata of FLV files
flwm-1.16_1.txz The Fast Light Window Manager
flwrap-1.3.5.txz Flwrap is a companion utility for fldigi
fly-2.0.1_6.txz Simple drawing language to generate GIFs on the fly
flyhard-0.42_19.txz Game resembling Thrust, but with lots of shooting and puzzles
flying-6.20_3.txz Pool/snooker/billiards/carrom/etc game
flyspray- Simple, easy-to-use web based bug tracking system
fmake-r250982.txz Legacy FreeBSD pmake
fmars-0.0.207_2.txz Fast Memory Array Redcode Simulator
fmirror-0.8.4_4.txz Program for mirroring files and directories from FTP server
fmit-1.2.13.txz Free Music Instrument Tuner
fnccheck-3.2.0_4.txz Profiling library/utilities for C/C++ programs
fnord-1.11.txz Small and fast webserver with CGI-capability
fntsample-5.3_1.txz Show Unicode coverage of a font
fo-aspell-,2.txz Aspell Faroese dictionary
focuswriter-1.7.3.txz Simple, distraction-free writing environment
foiltex-2.1.4b_5.txz Collection of LaTeX files for making foils
folks-0.11.4_3.txz Library to aggregates people from multiple sources
folly-2019.06.17.00_4.txz C++ library developed and used at Facebook
fomp-lv2-1.0.0.txz LV2 port of the MCP, VCO, FIL, and WAH plugins by Fons Adriaensen
fondu-051010.txz Series of programs to interconvert between mac fonts
font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Adobe 100dpi font
font-adobe-75dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Adobe 75dpi font
font-adobe-utopia-100dpi-1.0.4_4.txz X.Org Adobe Utopia 100dpi font
font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.4_4.txz X.Org Adobe Utopia 75dpi font
font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.4_4.txz X.Org Adobe Utopia Type1 font
font-alias-1.0.3_3.txz X.Org Font aliases
font-amsfonts-3.02_4.txz Computer Modern and standard fonts for TeX
font-arabic-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Arabic fonts
font-awesome-5.10.2.txz Suite of pictographic icons from Font Awesome (free version)
font-bh-100dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bigelow Holmes 100dpi font
font-bh-75dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bigelow Holmes 75dpi font
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bigelow Holmes Lucida TypeWriter 100dpi font
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bigelow Holmes Lucida TypeWriter 75dpi font
font-bh-ttf-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bigelow & Holmes TTF font
font-bh-type1-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bigelow Holmes Type1 font
font-bitstream-100dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bitstream Vera 100dpi font
font-bitstream-75dpi-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bitstream Vera 75dpi font
font-bitstream-speedo-1.0.2_4.txz X.Org Bitstream Vera Speedo font
font-bitstream-type1-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Bitstream Vera Type1 font
font-cronyx-cyrillic-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Cronyx Cyrillic font
font-cursor-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Cursor fonts
font-daewoo-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Daewoo fonts
font-dec-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Dec fonts
font-gost-0.2_4.txz GOST TrueType fonts
font-ibm-type1-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org IBM Type1 font
font-isas-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous ISAS fonts
font-jis-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous JIS fonts
font-manager-0.5.7_7.txz Font management application for the GNOME desktop
font-micro-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Micro fonts
font-misc-cyrillic-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Cyrillic font
font-misc-ethiopic-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Ethiopic font
font-misc-meltho-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Meltho font
font-misc-misc-1.1.2_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Misc fonts
font-mutt-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Mutt fonts
font-schumacher-misc-1.1.2_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Schumacher fonts
font-screen-cyrillic-1.0.4_4.txz X.Org Screen Cyrillic font
font-sony-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Sony fonts
font-sun-misc-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org miscellaneous Sun fonts
font-tex-gyre-bonum-math-1.005_1.txz Math companion for the TeX Gyre Bonum family
font-tex-gyre-pagella-math-1.632_1.txz Math companion for the TeX Gyre Pagella family
font-tex-gyre-schola-math-1.533_1.txz Math companion for the TeX Gyre Schola family
font-tex-gyre-termes-math-1.543_1.txz Math companion for the TeX Gyre Termes family
font-util-1.3.2.txz Create an index of X font files in a directory
font-winitzki-cyrillic-1.0.3_4.txz X.Org Winitzki Cyrillic font
font-xfree86-type1-1.0.4_4.txz X.Org XFree86 Type1 font
font2svg-1.0_6.txz All fonts to svg-font converter
fontconfig-2.12.6,1.txz XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
fontconfig-reference-2.12.6.txz Programming reference for x11-fonts/fontconfig
fonteditfs-1.2.txz Full screen syscons font editor
fontforge-20190801_2.txz Type 1/TrueType/OpenType/bitmap font editor
fontmatrix-g20190429.txz Graphical font manager
fonts-indic-2.1.5_4.txz The Lohit family of Indic fonts
fonttosfnt-1.0.5_1.txz Wrap a bitmap font in a sftn wrapper
fonulator-2.0.1_2.txz FoneBRIDGE configuration utility
foo-yc20-1.3.0_1.txz Faust implementation of a 1969-designed Yamaha combo organ, the YC-20
foo2zjs-20161203_1.txz Driver for printers that use the ZjStream wire protocol
foobillard-3.0a_11.txz Free OpenGL billiards game
foomatic-db-20190909.txz Database for integrating printer drivers with common spoolers
foomatic-db-engine-4.0.13,2.txz Foomatic database engine
foomatic-db-hpijs-1.4.txz Foomatic data for the HPIJS printer drivers
foomatic-filters-4.0.17_9.txz Foomatic wrapper scripts
fop-2.3.txz Print formatter driven by XSL formatting
foreman-proxy-1.15.1_1.txz Foreman Proxy Agent
foremost-1.5.7.txz Console program to recover files based on their headers and footers
forkbomb-1.4.txz System stress testing tool
forked-daapd-24.1_9.txz DAAP (iTunes), MPD (Music Player Daemon) and RSP (Roku) media server
form-4.2.1.txz Symbolic Manipulation System
formication-1.0.b1_3.txz Formular processing tool written in perl
formido-1.0.1_2.txz 2D kill-em all with 3D rendered graphics
fortran-utils-1.1.txz Tools for use with Fortran code, from 4.4BSD
fortunate-3.1_9.txz Graphical front-end to the command-line BSD fortune
fortune-mod-bible-1.0_1.txz King James V Bible in fortune file format
fortune-mod-bofh-2.0_3.txz Compilation of excuses from the "Bastard Operator From Hell"
fortune-mod-epictetus-0.2.txz Quotes from Epictetus
fortune-mod-freebsd-classic-g20171128.txz Classic FreeBSD fortunes (including offensives)
fortune-mod-futurama-0.2_4.txz Compilation of quotes from the TV series "Futurama"
fortune-mod-psalms-1.0.txz Psalms from the Douai Bible in fortune file format
fortuneit-1.99.txz Funny fortune file in Italian
fortunelock-0.1.2.txz Locks a terminal while showing fortunes
fortytwo-0.2.0_11.txz Graph management system for GNUstep
fortytwo-bdb-0.2.1_10.txz Interface to Berkeley DB for GNUstep
fortytwo-encore-0.3.1_8.txz Utility classes for GNUstep
fossil-2.9_1,2.txz DSCM with built-in wiki, http interface and server, tickets database
fossmixer-0.0.2.txz Graphical mixer application for OSS
fossology-nomos-standalone-3.6.0.txz Standalone Nomos license scanner from fossology project
foswiki-2.1.6_1.txz Free and open source enterprise wiki
fotaq-1.1_1.txz Flight of the Amazon Queen: a classic graphical adventure
fotofix- Simple image viewer
foundationdb-6.1.8_2.txz Distributed, transactional key-value store
founts-13_2.txz Demo/program inspired by Erics cascade
four-in-a-row-3.28.0.txz Make lines of the same color
fowsr-2.0.txz Fine Offset Weather Station Reader
fox-xml- Fortran XML library
fox14-1.4.35_14.txz Fast and extensive C++ GUI toolkit
fox16-1.6.57.txz Fast and extensive C++ GUI toolkit -- ver.1.6
fox17-1.7.64_3.txz Fast and extensive C++ GUI toolkit (development version)
foxtrotgps-1.2.0_5.txz Lightweight opensource gps moving map application
fp16-g20181128.txz Conversion to/from half-precision floating point formats
fpart-1.1.0.txz Sort and pack files into partitions
fpc-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal compiler with Turbo and Delphi
fpc-a52-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to a52 library
fpc-aspell-3.0.4_2.txz Interface to aspell spelling checker
fpc-base-3.0.4_4.txz Meta package to install all of the Free Pascal base
fpc-bfd-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface for the GNU Binary Format description
fpc-bzip2-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal bzip2 unit
fpc-cairo-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to cairo library
fpc-chm-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal unit to manipulate chm files
fpc-dblib-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal DB-Library and FreeTDS unit
fpc-dbus-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to dbus library
fpc-docs-3.0.4.txz Free Pascal compiler Adobe Acrobat(tm) documentation
fpc-dts-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to the dts library
fpc-fastcgi-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal fastcgi unit
fpc-fcl-async-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal asynchronous event management (FCL)
fpc-fcl-base-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal Component Library base
fpc-fcl-db-3.0.4_4.txz Free Pascal Database Library (FCL)
fpc-fcl-extra-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal extra libraries (FCL)
fpc-fcl-fpcunit-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal unit testing library (FCL)
fpc-fcl-image-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal image loading and conversion libraries (FCL)
fpc-fcl-js-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal Javascript scanner/parser/syntax tree (FCL)
fpc-fcl-json-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal JavaScript Object Notation implemenation (FCL)
fpc-fcl-net-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal network interfaces (FCL)
fpc-fcl-passrc-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal language parsing library (FPC)
fpc-fcl-pdf-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal pdf (FCL)
fpc-fcl-registry-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal emulation of Windows registry (FCL)
fpc-fcl-res-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal resource handlers (FCL)
fpc-fcl-sdo-3.0.4_4.txz Free Pascal Service Data Objects implementation (FCL)
fpc-fcl-sound-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal sound loading, storing and converion (FCL)
fpc-fcl-stl-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal generic container library (FCL)
fpc-fcl-web-3.0.4_5.txz Free Pascal web application libary (FCL)
fpc-fcl-xml-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal XML and DOM library (FCL)
fpc-fftw-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to the FFTW3 library
fpc-fpindexer-3.0.4_4.txz Database indexer with database/flat file backend
fpc-fppkg-3.0.4_4.txz Free Pascal package manager unit
fpc-fv-3.0.4_2.txz FreeVision is a Free Pascal unit for Delphi support
fpc-gdbint-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal unit providing interface to gdb
fpc-gdbm-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal interface to the GNU database system
fpc-gmp-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to gmp library
fpc-googleapi-3.0.4_4.txz Free Pascal googleapi unit
fpc-graph-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to graphical applications
fpc-gtk2-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to the GTK2 libraries
fpc-hermes-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal hermes unit
fpc-httpd22-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal headers for Apache 2.2 series web server
fpc-httpd24-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal headers for Apache 2.4 series web server
fpc-ibase-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal interface to interbase
fpc-iconvenc-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal unit to iconv library
fpc-ide-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal integrated IDE/compiler
fpc-imagemagick-3.0.4_3.txz Free Pascal interface to ImageMagick
fpc-ldap-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to OpenLDAP
fpc-libcurl-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to libcurl
fpc-libgd-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to libgd for producing graphics files
fpc-libmicrohttpd-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal libmicrohttpd unit
fpc-libpng-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to libpng, for reading PNG image files
fpc-libvlc-3.0.4_4.txz Free Pascal interface to vlc media player library
fpc-libxml2-3.0.4_2.txz Interface to xml2 library
fpc-lua-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to the lua interpreter
fpc-mad-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to mad library
fpc-modplug-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to modplug library
fpc-mysql-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to MySQL
fpc-ncurses-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to the ncurses library
fpc-newt-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to newt library
fpc-numlib-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal unit to numerical methods
fpc-odbc-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to ODBC
fpc-oggvorbis-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to ogg & vorbis libraries
fpc-openal-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to openal library
fpc-opengl-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to the OpenGL library
fpc-openssl-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal unit for OpenSSL
fpc-oracle-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal interface to Oracle
fpc-pasjpeg-3.0.4_2.txz Handling JPEG files with Pascal
fpc-pcap-3.0.4_2.txz Free Pascal unit for libpcap library
fpc-postgres-3.0.4_4.txz Free Pascal interface to PostGreSQL