FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
xvkbd-3.9.txz Virtual keyboard for X applications
xvmcinfo-0.1.txz Print out XvMC extension adaptor information
xvt-3.0.1_1.txz Xterm replacement, supporting color, transparency, and more, with less
xwatchwin-1.1.1_3.txz Watch a window on another X server
xwave-2.2_3.txz Audio player/recorder/editor for the X Window System
xwayland-1.19.1_11,1.txz X Clients under Wayland
xwd-1.0.7.txz Dump an image of an X window
xwindiff-1.1.6.txz Graphical Diff for X
xwininfo-1.1.5.txz Window information utility for X
xwinwrap-0.3_4.txz XWinWrap replace a desktop background with a movie or screensaver
xwit-3.4_3.txz X interface tool
xworld-2.0_2.txz Earth as seen from the direction of the sun
xworm-1.02_2.txz Classic game with apples and hungry worm
xwpe-1.5.30a.txz Borland-like IDE programming environment
xwpick-2.20_2.txz Image pick up utility for X Window System
xwrits-2.26_2.txz Reminds you to take wrist breaks
xwud-1.0.5.txz Image displayer for X
xxgdb-1.12_4.txz X window interface for gdb
xxhash-0.7.1.txz Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
xxkb-1.11.1.txz XKB keyboard layout indicator and switcher
xxl-1.0.1_2.txz C/C++ library for exception handling and asset management
xye-0.12.2_4.txz Puzzle games like sokoban or boulderdash
xymon-client-4.3.28.txz System for monitoring servers and networks - Client
xymon-server-4.3.29.txz System for monitoring servers and networks
xzgv-0.9.2.txz Image viewer with thumbnail-based file selector for X
xzip-1.8.2_2.txz Infocom game interpreter that runs under X11
xzoom-0.3_2.txz Magnify, rotate, mirror the image on the X screen
y2l-1.2.txz Yacc-to-Latex pretty printer/converter
yaac-1.0b114.txz Platform-independent Java application for the APRS network
yabasic-2.84.1,1.txz Yet another Basic for Unix and Windows
yabb-2.6.11_1.txz Original free open-source forum written in Perl
yacas-1.7.0_1.txz Yet Another Computer Algebra System
yad-0.42.0.txz Display GNOME dialogs from the command line
yadex-1.7.0_3.txz WAD file editor, for games like Doom and Heretic
yadifa-2.3.9.txz Authoritative nameserver with DNSSEC capabilities
yadm-1.12.0.txz Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
yaf-2.11.0.txz YAF is Yet Another Flowmeter
yafaray- Montecarlo raytracing engine
yafc-1.2.5_4.txz Yet another FTP client, similar to ftp(1)
yafic-1.2.2_3.txz Yet Another File Integrity Checker, similar to Tripwire
yaggo-1.5.9.txz Generate command line parser using getopt_long
yagiuda-1.19_1.txz Used to calculate yagi-uda antenna patterns useful to ham radio
yahtzee-1.0_2.txz Curses version of the dice game for one or more players
yajl-2.1.0.txz Portable JSON parsing and serialization library in ANSI C
yajl-tcl-1.7.0.txz Tcl bindings for Yet Another JSON Library
yakuake-3.0.5_2.txz Drop-down terminal emulator for KDE
yali-1.1_1.txz YALI: Yet Another LOLCODE Interpreter
yalias-0.7_11.txz Enhanced execution box with regex pattern matching
yamdi-1.9.txz Metadata injector for FLV files
yami4-1.11.0_1.txz Messaging library for distributed systems
yaml-cpp-0.6.3.txz YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec
yaml-cpp03-0.3.0_2.txz YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec
yaml-mode.el-emacs26-0.0.14_1.txz Simple major mode to edit YAML file for Emacsen
yaml-mode.el-emacs26_canna-0.0.14_1.txz Simple major mode to edit YAML file for Emacsen
yaml-mode.el-emacs26_nox-0.0.14_1.txz Simple major mode to edit YAML file for Emacsen
yaml-mode.el-emacs27-0.0.14_1.txz Simple major mode to edit YAML file for Emacsen
yaml-mode.el-emacs27_nox-0.0.14_1.txz Simple major mode to edit YAML file for Emacsen
yaml2argdata-0.3.txz Helper classes for parsing YAML into Argdata
yank-1.2.0.txz Yank terminal output to clipboard
yanopaste-1.3.0_2.txz Yet Another Nopaste
yap-6.2.2_9.txz High-performance Prolog compiler
yap-devel-6.3.3_11.txz High-performance Prolog compiler
yapet-2.3_1.txz Curses based password manager
yaph-0.91.txz Yaph is a proxy scanner
yaps-0.96_3.txz Yet Another Pager Software: send messages to pager (SMS, TAP, ...)
yara-3.10.0.txz Malware identification and classification tool
yarn-1.17.3.txz Package manager for node, alternative to npm
yarn-node10-1.17.3.txz Package manager for node, alternative to npm
yarn-node8-1.17.3.txz Package manager for node, alternative to npm
yash-2.48.txz POSIX-compliant command line shell
yasm-1.3.0.txz Complete rewrite of the NASM assembler
yasm-devel- Complete rewrite of the NASM assembler (Development Snapshot)
yasr-0.6.9_5.txz General-purpose console screen reader
yate-6.1.0_2.txz Yet Another Telephony Engine
yatex-emacs26-1.77_4.txz Yet Another LaTeX mode and html mode on Emacs
yaunc-1.02.txz Yet another client
yaws-2.0.6.txz Web server for dynamic content written in Erlang
yaz++-1.6.1_1.txz C++ toolkit for development of Z39.50v3 clients and servers
yaz-5.27.1_2.txz Z39.50/SR client and API library
yazproxy-1.3.9_2.txz Powerful general purpose Z39.50/SRW/SRU proxy
yconalyzer-1.0.4_1.txz TCP Traffic Analyzer
ydbf-0.0.1_1.txz Yelded DBF reader/writer for Python
ydiff-1.1,1.txz Diff readability enhancer for color terminals
yeahconsole-0.3.4.txz Terminal wrapper for creating drop-down consoles
yell-1.1.txz Command-line pc speaker bell
yelp-3.28.1_2.txz Help browser for the GNOME 3 desktop
yelp-tools-3.28.0.txz Utilities to help manage documentation for Yelp and the web
yelp-xsl-3.28.0.txz DocBook XSLT stylesheets for yelp
yencode-0.46_7.txz Free (GPL) encoder and decoder for the yEnc Usenet file format
yersinia-gtk-0.8.2.txz Layer 2 vulnerability scanner (switches, spanning tree, 802.1q ...)
yfklog-0.6.0.txz Amateur Radio curses based logging program
yggdrasil-0.3.6.txz Experimental end-to-end encrypted self-arranging IPv6 network
yi-aspell-,2.txz Aspell Yiddish dictionary
yi-hunspell-0.0.3.txz Yiddish hunspell dictionaries
yices-2.6.1.txz SMT solver
ykclient-2.15.txz Yubico C client library
ykpers-1.19.0.txz Library and tool for personalization of Yubico's YubiKey
ylva-1.5.txz Command line password manager and file encryption program
ympd-1.3.0.txz Stand-alone lightweight web UI controller for audio/musicpd
yoda-1.7.7.txz Particle physics package with classes for data analysis, histogramming
yodl-3.10.00_3.txz Easy to use but powerful document formatting/preparation language
yoono-1.8.43_1.txz Client for Twitter and other social networks
yorick-2.2.04_2.txz Interpreted language for scientific simulations
yoshimi- Sophisticated software synthesizer
yosys-0.8.1116_1.txz Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite
you-get-0.4.1314.txz Dumb downloader that scrapes the web
yould-0.3.7_1.txz Pronounceable word generator
yourls-1.7.4.txz Your Own URL Shortener
youtube_dl-2019.09.12.1.txz Program for downloading videos from
ypsilon- Scheme implementation for real-time applications
yptransitd-0.5_7.txz Replacement for nss_ldap
yq-2.7.2.txz Command-line YAML and XML processor, jq wrapper for YAML/XML documents
ytdl-0.5.1.txz YouTube downloader written in Go
ytnef-1.9.3,1.txz Unpack data in MS Outlook TNEF format
ytree-1.99.p2.txz DOS-XTREE(tm) look-a-like file manager
yubico-piv-tool-1.7.0.txz Yubico PIV tool
yubikey-manager-qt-1.0.1_2.txz Cross-platform application for configuring any YubiKey
yubikey-personalization-gui-3.1.25_4.txz Graphical YubiKey personalization tool
yubioath-desktop-4.3.4_2.txz GUI for displaying OATH codes with a Yubikey
yudit-2.9.6.txz Multi-lingual Unicode text editor with TTF support
yuicompressor-2.4.8_2.txz The Yahoo! JavaScript and CSS Compressor
yukon-2010011201_2.txz Real-time capture tool for OpenGL applications
yuzu-qt5-s20190925.txz Nintendo Switch emulator/debugger
yuzu-s20190925.txz Nintendo Switch emulator/debugger
yydecode-0.2.10.txz Tool to decode yEnc encoded files
z-1.11.txz Takes you to your most used directories, based on "frecency"
z3-4.8.6.txz Z3 Theorem Prover
z80-asm-2.4.p3.txz Z80 assembly code assembler and disassembler
z80asm-1.8.txz Assembler for the Z80 microprocessor
z80ex-1.1.21.txz ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator library
z88-15.txz Compact Finite Element Analysis System
zabbix22-agent-2.2.23_1.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (agent) LTS
zabbix22-frontend-2.2.23_1.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (frontend) LTS
zabbix22-java-2.2.23_1.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (java) LTS
zabbix22-libzbxpgsql-1.1.0_3.txz Zabbix agent module for comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers
zabbix22-proxy-2.2.23_1.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (proxy) LTS
zabbix22-server-2.2.23_1.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (server) LTS
zabbix3-agent-3.0.28_2.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (agent) LTS
zabbix3-frontend-3.0.28_2.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (frontend) LTS
zabbix3-java-3.0.28_2.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (java) LTS
zabbix3-libzbxpgsql-1.1.0_3.txz Zabbix agent module for comprehensive monitoring of PostgreSQL servers
zabbix3-proxy-3.0.28_2.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (proxy) LTS
zabbix3-server-3.0.28_2.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (server) LTS
zabbix4-agent-4.0.12.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (agent) LTS
zabbix4-frontend-4.0.12_1.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (frontend) LTS
zabbix4-java-4.0.12.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (java) LTS
zabbix4-proxy-4.0.12.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (proxy) LTS
zabbix4-server-4.0.12.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (server) LTS
zabbix42-agent-4.2.6.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (agent)
zabbix42-frontend-4.2.6_1.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (frontend)
zabbix42-java-4.2.6.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (java)
zabbix42-proxy-4.2.6.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (proxy)
zabbix42-server-4.2.6.txz Enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring (server)
zam-plugins-lv2-3.11.1_1.txz Collection of LADSPA/LV2/VST/JACK audio plugins
zanata-cli-4.6.2.txz Zanata Java command line client
zanata-platform-4.6.2.txz Zanata is a web-based translation platform
zangband-2.7.5.p1.txz Zangband (Zelazny Angband) with color, X11 support
zap-0.8.txz Maintain and replicate ZFS snapshots
zapcc-g20180622_1.txz C++ caching compiler based on clang
zatacka-0.1.8_11.txz Nibbles-like multiplayer game
zathura-0.4.3_1.txz Customizable lightweight pdf viewer
zathura-cb-0.1.8_3.txz Comic book plugin for Zathura PDF viewer
zathura-djvu-0.2.8_3.txz DjVu support for zathura
zathura-pdf-mupdf-0.3.5.txz MuPDF render PDF plugin for Zathura PDF viewer
zathura-pdf-poppler-0.2.9_8.txz Poppler render PDF plugin for Zathura PDF viewer
zathura-ps-0.2.6_3.txz PostScript support for Zathura PDF viewer
zaz-1.0.0_8.txz Puzzle game where the player has to arrange balls in triplets
zbackup-1.4.4_13.txz Versatile deduplicating backup tool
zbar-0.10_18.txz ZBar barcode reader
zcad-gtk2- Simple CAD program
zcad-qt5- Simple CAD program
zdoom-2.8.1_5.txz Source port for Doom-engine games
zeal-0.6.1_3.txz Offline documentation browser
zebedee-2.5.3.txz Encrypted, secure compressed TCP tunnel
zebra-0.95a_9.txz Free RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPFv2, BGP4 route software (server/reflector)
zebra-server-2.0.55_11.txz Z39.50/SR server software
zeitgeist-0.9.16_2.txz Event logging framework
zenity-3.28.1.txz Display GNOME dialogs from the command line
zenmap-7.70.txz GUI frontend for the Nmap scanning utility
zenphoto-php71-1.5.4.txz Simpler web photo gallery
zenphoto-php72-1.5.4.txz Simpler web photo gallery
zenphoto-php73-1.5.4.txz Simpler web photo gallery
zenphoto-php74-1.5.4.txz Simpler web photo gallery
zenxml-2.4.txz Simple XML processing using C++
zephulor-1_12.txz Side scrolling arcade game
zephyr-3.0.1_4.txz Enterprise-scale distributed messaging system
zeroconf-ioslave-19.08.1.txz KDE Network monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf)
zeroer-0.1_1.txz Command-line utility for wiping unallocated space on a filesystem
zeronet- Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network
zerotier-1.4.2.txz Network virtualization everywhere
zerowait-httpd-0.8d_4.txz Lightweight and fast http server
zetaback-1.0.7.txz Zetaback ZFS backup and recovery management system
zetacoin- Peer-to-Peer crypto currency with quick transactions
zetacoin-daemon- Peer-to-Peer crypto currency with quick transactions
zetacoin-utils- Peer-to-Peer crypto currency with quick transactions
zfp-0.5.5.txz High throughput library for compressed floating-point arrays
zfs-periodic-1.0.20130213.txz Simple way of maintaining zfs snapshots using the periodic system
zfs-replicate-0.7_2.txz ZFS Snapshot Replication Script
zfs-snap-diff-0.0.10.txz View ZFS snapshot differences via a web browser
zfs-snapshot-clean-0.2.0.txz Tool to sieve ZFS snapshots as per given spec a la 'pdumpfs-clean'
zfs-snapshot-mgmt-20090201_3.txz Automatic ZFS snapshot management tool
zfs-stats-1.2.2_1.txz Display human-readable ZFS statistics
zfs-stats-lite-1.4.txz Display human-readable ZFS statistics
zfsnap-1.11.1_1.txz Simple sh script to make zfs rolling snaphosts with cron
zfsnap2-2.0.0.b3_1.txz Portable performant script to make rolling ZFS snapshots easy
zfstools-0.3.6_1.txz OpenSolaris-compatible auto snapshotting for ZFS
zgv-5.9_9.txz Graphics viewer for SVGAlib
zh-CJKUnifonts-0.2.20080216.1_4.txz CJKUnifonts TrueType Font is a combine of Arphic Ming and Kai fonts
zh-CNS11643-font-98.1_6.txz Combine of Kai and Sung with CNS11643 TrueType Fonts
zh-FreeWnn-lib-1.1.1.a021_13.txz Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Chinese client libraries)
zh-FreeWnn-server-1.1.1.a021_14.txz Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Chinese server)
zh-arphicttf-2.11_6.txz Four Chinese Big5/GB TrueType fonts made by Arphic Technology
zh-aterm-1.0.1.txz Color vt102 terminal emulator with transparency support
zh-auto-cn-l10n-1.1_3.txz The automatic localization for Simplified Chinese zh_CN.eucCN locale
zh-auto-tw-l10n-1.16.txz Automatic localization for Traditional Chinese locale
zh-autoconvert-0.3.16_5.txz Intelligent Chinese encoding converter
zh-bg5pdf-1.0.0_8.txz Convert Chinese-Big5 encoded files to PDF, using PDFlib
zh-bitchx-1.2.1_2,1.txz Feature-rich scriptable IRC client
zh-brise-0.35.txz Rime Schema Repository
zh-bug5-1.18.txz Big5/GBK <-> UTF-8 translating layer in terminal
zh-c2t-1.0.txz Translates GB/Big5 encoding to tone pinyin
zh-cconv-0.6.3.txz Simplified-Traditional Chinese conversion tool
zh-celvis-1.3.txz Vi/ex clone that speaks Chinese
zh-chiconv-11.3.txz Auto chinese encoding converter
zh-cless-290.txz Better pager utility (and it speaks Chinese)
zh-cnprint-3.30b_1.txz Print CJK text (or convert to PostScript)
zh-dictd-database-1.6_1.txz Chinese <-> English dictd words database
zh-docproj-0.1.20060303_8.txz Supportive tools for Chinese docproj build
zh-enscript-a4-1.6.6_3.txz ASCII to PostScript filter
zh-eterm-0.9.6_5.txz X11 terminal emulator based on rxvt/xterm that supports traditional Chinese (Big5)
zh-fandol-0.3_1.txz CTAN Fandol: Four GNU GPLv3-licensed Chinese OpenType fonts
zh-fcitx- Flexible Input Method Framework
zh-fcitx-chewing-0.2.3_1.txz Chewing support for Fcitx
zh-fcitx-cloudpinyin-0.3.6_1.txz Cloud-based Pinyin module for Fcitx
zh-fcitx-configtool-0.4.9.txz Fcitx IM framework configuration tool
zh-fcitx-libpinyin-0.5.3_2.txz Libpinyin support for Fcitx
zh-fcitx-rime-0.3.2_1.txz RIME support for Fcitx
zh-fcitx-sunpinyin-0.4.2_1.txz SunPinyin support for Fcitx
zh-fcitx-table-extra-0.3.8_1.txz Table-based input methods for Fcitx
zh-fcitx-ui-light-0.1.3_2.txz Alternative light weight UI for Fcitx
zh-fireflyttf-LGJ-1.3.0_8.txz Firefly TrueType Font is combine of two arphic sung fonts
zh-font-std-0.0.20090602.txz Chinese Standard Fonts
zh-fortunetw-1.4.txz Classic fortune file in Taiwan (UTF-8)
zh-gb2jis-1.5.txz Convert GuoBiao Hanzi to JIS Kanji
zh-gb2ps-2.02.txz Converts Chinese GB (simple) encoded text to PostScript
zh-gcin-2.8.9.txz Traditional Chinese input utility in X
zh-gcin-gtk3-2.8.9.txz Traditional Chinese input utility in X
zh-gcin-qt5-2.8.9_1.txz Traditional Chinese input utility in X
zh-gydict-1.0_1.txz Command line tool of Yahoo! Dictionary
zh-hc-3.0.txz Hanzi Converter -- converts between GB and BIG-5 codes