FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
transmission-web-2.94_4.txz Meta-port for Transmission BitTorrent client
transproxy-1.6.txz Transparent HTTP proxy for ipfw's fwd rule or IPFILTER's ipnat command
transset-1.0.2_2,1.txz Make your windows transparent
traverso-0.49.6_1.txz Digital audio workstation (DAW) with an innovative user interface
trayer-1.1.8.txz Lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop
tree-1.8.0.txz Display a tree-view of directories with optional color or HTML output
treeform-1.0.3.txz Linguistic Syntax/Semantics tree drawing editor
treekin-0.5.1_1.txz Efficient computation of RNA folding dynamics
treeline-3.1.1.txz Structured information storage program
treepuzzle-5.2.txz Maximum likelihood phylogeny reconstruction using quartets
treepy.el-emacs26-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treepy.el-emacs26_canna-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treepy.el-emacs26_nox-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treepy.el-emacs27-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treepy.el-emacs27_nox-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treesheets-1.0.2.txz Free form data organizer
treewm-0.4.5_6.txz Window manager that arranges windows in a tree
trellis-g20190422_2.txz Documenting the Lattice ECP5 bit-stream format
tremulous-1.1.0_12.txz Free FPS game featuring two opposing teams: humans and aliens
trenchbroom-2.0.0.b_8.txz Cross-platform level editor for Quake-engine based games
trezord-2.0.25.txz TREZOR Communication Daemon aka TREZOR Bridge
triangle-1.6_5.txz Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator
tribler-6.5.2_15.txz Streaming capable P2P network client based on BitTorrent
trickle-1.07_7.txz Lightweight, portable bandwidth shaper
trigger-rally- Rally car racing game
trimadap-0.1.3.txz Trim adapter sequences from Illumina data using heuristic rules
trimines-1.3.0_7.txz Mine sweeper game that uses triangles instead of squares
trimmomatic-0.39.txz Flexible read trimming tool for Illumina NGS data
trinokiller-1.0.txz Remotely kill trino nodes
trio-1.16_1.txz Fully matured and stable set of printf and string functions
triplane-1.08.r20130224_3.txz Port of the original Triplane Turmoil game
tripwire- File system security and verification program
triton-guesttools- FreeBSD guest tools for use with SmartOS
trlan-201009_11.txz Thick-restart Lanczos method for eigenproblems
trn-3.6.txz Threaded Read News newsreader
trn4-4.0.b77.txz Version 4.0 of the threaded readnews newsreader
trojita-0.7_9.txz Fast cross-platform IMAP e-mail client using Qt 5 toolkit
trojka-1.0_1.txz Game of skill
trommler-3.8_5.txz GTK+2 based drum machine
trophy-2.0.3_4.txz Single player racing game
trousers-0.3.14_2.txz Open-source TCG Software Stack
trove4j-3.1a1.txz High performance collections API for Java
truc-0.12.0_3.txz Web-based tool for requirement and use case tracking
trueos-libqt5-20171003_2.txz TrueOS QT5 Library
trueprint-5.4_2.txz Print program listings on postscript printer
trustedqsl-2.4_3.txz Amateur Radio Station electronic trusted logbook
truthtable-1.2.2_2.txz Truth Tables generator (written in Java)
tryton28-2.8.12_1.txz Tryton Application Platform (Gtk+ Client)
trytond28-2.8.13_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Server)
trytond28_account-2.8.8_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Module)
trytond28_account_asset-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Asset Module)
trytond28_account_be-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Belgian Account Chart)
trytond28_account_invoice-2.8.8_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice Module)
trytond28_account_invoice_history-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice History Module)
trytond28_account_invoice_line_standalone-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice Line Standalone Module)
trytond28_account_product-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Product Module)
trytond28_account_statement-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Statement Module)
trytond28_account_stock_anglo_saxon-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Stock Anglo Saxon Module)
trytond28_account_stock_continental-2.8.1_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Stock Continental Module)
trytond28_analytic_account-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Account Module)
trytond28_analytic_invoice-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Invoice Module)
trytond28_analytic_purchase-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Purchase Module)
trytond28_analytic_sale-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Sale Module)
trytond28_calendar-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Module)
trytond28_calendar_classification-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Classification Module)
trytond28_calendar_scheduling-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Scheduling Module)
trytond28_calendar_todo-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Todo Module)
trytond28_carrier-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Module)
trytond28_carrier_percentage-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Percentage Module)
trytond28_carrier_weight-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Weight Module)
trytond28_company-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Company Module)
trytond28_company_work_time-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Company Work Time Module)
trytond28_country-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Country Module)
trytond28_currency-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Currency Module)
trytond28_dashboard-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Dashboard Module)
trytond28_google_maps-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Google Maps Module)
trytond28_ldap_authentication-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Authentication Module)
trytond28_ldap_connection-2.8.0_4.txz Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Connection Module)
trytond28_party-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Party Module)
trytond28_party_siret-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Party Siret Module)
trytond28_party_vcarddav-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Party VCardDAV Module)
trytond28_product-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Module)
trytond28_product_attribute-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Attribute Module)
trytond28_product_cost_fifo-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost Fifo Module)
trytond28_product_cost_history-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost History Module)
trytond28_product_measurements-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Measurements Module)
trytond28_product_price_list-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Price List Module)
trytond28_production-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Production Module)
trytond28_project-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Module)
trytond28_project_invoice-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Invoice Module)
trytond28_project_plan-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Plan Module)
trytond28_project_revenue-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Revenue Module)
trytond28_purchase-2.8.4_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Module)
trytond28_purchase_invoice_line_standalone-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Invoice Line Standalone Module)
trytond28_purchase_shipment_cost-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Shipment Cost Module)
trytond28_sale-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Module)
trytond28_sale_opportunity-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Opportunity Module)
trytond28_sale_price_list-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Price List Module)
trytond28_sale_shipment_cost-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Shipment Cost Module)
trytond28_sale_supply-2.8.4_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Supply Module)
trytond28_sale_supply_drop_shipment-2.8.4_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Supply Drop Shipment Module)
trytond28_stock-2.8.9_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Module)
trytond28_stock_forecast-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Forecast Module)
trytond28_stock_inventory_location-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Inventory Location Module)
trytond28_stock_location_sequence-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Location Sequence Module)
trytond28_stock_lot-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Lot Module)
trytond28_stock_product_location-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Product Location Module)
trytond28_stock_split-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Split Module)
trytond28_stock_supply-2.8.4_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Module)
trytond28_stock_supply_day-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Day Module)
trytond28_stock_supply_forecast-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Forecast Module)
trytond28_stock_supply_production-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Supply Production Module)
trytond28_timesheet-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Timesheet Module)
ts-1.0.txz Serial task spooler
ts-hunspell-20110323_1.txz Tsonga hunspell dictionaries
ts-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz ts language pack for libreoffice
tsclient-0.150_11.txz GNOME 2 frontend for rdesktop and vncviewer
tsctp-0.7.3.txz SCTP Test Tool
tse3-0.3.1_2.txz MIDI library
tsearch_extras-0.3_2.txz Functions for getting lower-level data about full text search
tshark-3.0.5.txz Powerful network analyzer/capture tool
tshark-lite-3.0.5.txz Powerful network analyzer/capture tool (lite package)
tsito-0.8.4.txz Chinese chess (Xiangqi) program
tsocks-1.8.b5_8.txz Allow non SOCKS aware applications to use SOCKS without modification
tss-0.8.2.txz Terminal ScreenSaver that allows you to lock you terminal
tstools-1.11.txz MPEG transport, program, and elementary stream tools
tsung-1.6.0_1.txz Multi-protocol distributed load testing tool
tt-15.1.txz Tetris for Terminals
tt-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz tt language pack for libreoffice
tt-rss-g20190821,1.txz Tiny Tiny RSS: web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator
tta-3.4.1.txz The True Audio Encoder, lossless (de)compressor
ttf2eot-0.0.3.txz Convert TTF font file to EOT web embeddable file
ttf2pt1-3.4.4_7.txz True Type Font to Postscript Type 1 Converter
ttfquery-1.0.5_7.txz FontTools-based package for querying system fonts
ttftot42-0.3.1_2.txz TrueType to Type42 font converter
tth-4.03_3.txz TeX to HTML translator
tthsum-1.3.2_1.txz Command-line utility for generating and checking TTH message digests
ttt-2011.04_5.txz Simple one or two player Tic Tac Toe game
tttcmds-1.0.20190920.txz Unix-style data processing commands and library
tty-clock-2.3.txz Terminal based clock
tty-solitaire-1.1.1.txz Play solitaire in your terminal
ttyd-1.5.2.txz Program to share your terminal over the web
ttygif-1.4.0_1.txz Converts a ttyrec file into animated gif
ttyload-0.5.3_1.txz Give a color-coded graph of load averages over time
ttyrec-1.0.8_3.txz Tty recorder
tuareg-mode-emacs26-2.0.8_5,1.txz Emacs major mode for editing Caml code
tuareg-mode-emacs26_canna-2.0.8_5,1.txz Emacs major mode for editing Caml code
tuareg-mode-emacs26_nox-2.0.8_5,1.txz Emacs major mode for editing Caml code
tuareg-mode-emacs27-2.0.8_5,1.txz Emacs major mode for editing Caml code
tuareg-mode-emacs27_nox-2.0.8_5,1.txz Emacs major mode for editing Caml code
tuc-1.10_1.txz Text to Unix Conversion
tucan-0.3.10_3.txz Tucan Manager aids file-sharing with 1-click hosters
tudu-0.10.3.txz Command line program for managing "todo" lists
tumble-0.36.txz Creates a PDF file from image files
tumgreyspf-1.38_3.txz External policy checker for the postfix mail server
tuneradio-1.3.txz Command line method of tuning a Brooktree FM tuner card
tuning-primer-1.6.r1.txz MySQL performance tuning primer script
tuptime-4.0.0.txz Historical and statistical system running time report tool
turbostat-4.17_1.txz Report power statistics for Intel CPUs
turboxsl-b03.c2.c9,1.txz Fast, multithreaded XML+XSLT transformation library
turnserver- STUN/TURN Server; IPv6, DTLS support; RFCs 5389, 5766, 6062, 6156
tusd-1.0.0_1.txz Reference server implementation in Go of tus
tux_aqfh-1.0.14_11.txz Tuxedo The Penguin: A Quest for Herring
tuxfighter-54_9.txz Little Asteroids-like Shooter game
tuxguitar-1.2_15.txz Multitrack tablature editor and player
tuxkart-0.4.0_6.txz Racing game starring Tux
tuxmath-2.0.3_6,1.txz Educational arcade game starring Tux
tuxpaint-0.9.23.txz Drawing program designed for young children
tuxpaint-config-0.0.13_1.txz Graphical tool to change TuxPaint settings
tuxpaint-fonts-2004.06.05_1.txz TuxPaint Localized Fonts
tuxpaint-stamps-2014.08.23.txz TuxPaint Stamps
tuxracer-0.61_14.txz 3D penguin racing game using OpenGL
tuxtype-1.8.3.txz Educational typing tutor starring Tux the Linux Penguin
tv-fonts-1.1_6.txz Number of fonts which are useful for TV applications
tvbrowser-4.0.1.txz Digital TV and radio guide
tvheadend-4.2.8_4.txz TV streaming server supporting DVB, IPTV, SAT>IP and more
tvm-0.4.1440.txz Deep learning compiler stack for cpu, gpu and specialized accelerators
tvmet-1.7.2_1.txz Tiny Vector and Matrix template library
tvtwm-pl11_1.txz Twm with a virtual desktop
tweak-3.02.txz Efficient hex editor
twemoji-color-font-ttf-12.0.1.txz Color emoji font using Twitter Unicode 10
twemproxy-0.4.1.txz Fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and redis
twiki-6.1.0,2.txz Flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki
twiki-BehaviourContrib-0.0.16417.txz JavaScript event library
twiki-BlogAddOn-0.0.16623.txz Simple blogging application
twiki-BugzillaLinkPlugin-0.0.15560.txz Link to Bugzilla bugs using shorthand references
twiki-ClassicSkin-0.0.17365.txz The Classic TWiki skin
twiki-CommentPlugin-0.0.17567.txz Post comments easily
twiki-EditTablePlugin-0.0.17542.txz Edit tables in-place
twiki-EmptyPlugin-0.0.16417.txz Empty plugin template
twiki-GluePlugin-0.0.15708.txz Allow to format tags and arguments on multiple lines
twiki-InterwikiPlugin-0.0.17303.txz Wikilink to external sites
twiki-JSCalendarContrib-0.0.17493.txz Mishoo JSCalendar repackaged
twiki-LDAPPasswordChangerPlugin-0.0.18108.txz Change TWiki password at a pre-configured LDAP server
twiki-LdapContrib-0.0.16840_1.txz LDAP services for TWiki
twiki-LdapNgPlugin-0.0.15577.txz Query and display data from an LDAP directory
twiki-MailerContrib-0.0.17641.txz E-mail notification of changes
twiki-MathModePlugin-0.0.15934_1.txz Include LaTeX formatted math in your TWiki pages
twiki-NewUserPlugin-0.0.17515.txz Create user's topic for externally authenticated users
twiki-PatternSkin-0.0.17425.txz CSS-based skin
twiki-PreferencesPlugin-0.0.17568.txz Edit preferences in-place
twiki-RenderListPlugin-0.0.16417.txz Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
twiki-SlideShowPlugin-0.0.17261.txz Convert a topic with headings into a slideshow
twiki-SmiliesPlugin-0.0.16417.txz Converts smilies into icons automatically
twiki-SpreadSheetPlugin-0.0.16417.txz Spreadsheet capabilities in topics
twiki-SubscribePlugin-0.0.17653.txz Add an easy subscription link to topics
twiki-TWikiUserMappingContrib-0.0.17569.txz Traditional topic-based user mapping and management
twiki-TablePlugin-0.0.17558.txz Extra control of table display
twiki-TagMePlugin-0.0.17472.txz Collaborative content tagging
twiki-TinyMCEPlugin-0.0.17303.txz TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor integration
twiki-TipsContrib-0.0.16417.txz Tip-of-the-day rotating display
twiki-TopicVarsPlugin-0.0.16417,1.txz Create externally usable variables in any topic
twiki-TwistyContrib-0.0.17596.txz JS library and CSS for Twisty sections
twiki-TwistyPlugin-0.0.17602.txz Show and hide content in JS-based sections
twiki-WysiwygPlugin-0.0.17720_1.txz Translator framework for Wysiwyg editors
twill-0.9_1.txz Simple scripting language for Web browsing
twind-1.1.0_5.txz Match and remove all of the blocks before time runs out
twirssi-2.8.0.txz Twitter script to irssi
twitch-1.0_13.txz Overhead 2-d shooter, reminiscent of games like Robotron
twitmail-0.42_1.txz Curses-based mail-like interface to Twitter
twitux-0.69_8.txz GNOME client for Twitter
twm-1.0.10.txz Tab Window Manager for the X Window System
twmn-g20171216_8.txz Notification system for tiling window managers
twms-py27-0.06y.txz Tiny WMS server
twoftpd-1.43_1.txz Simple, secure, efficient FTP server
twolame-0.3.13_4.txz MPEG Audio Layer 2 encoder
twpsk-4.3_1.txz X psk31 client
txt2html-2.51_2.txz Convert raw text to something with a little HTML formatting
txt2man-1.6.0.txz Converts flat ASCII text to man page format
txt2tags-2.6_3.txz Convert simply formatted text into markup (e.g., HTML)
txtbdf2ps-0.7.1_1.txz Translator TXT + BDF to PS
tycho-0.1.txz Program to gather data (statistics) on Core War warriors
tycoon-1.07o_8.txz Nifty set of desktop apps, including floating buttons
typespeed-0.6.5_3.txz Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS
typetools-2.108.txz Tools for manipulating fonts
typetrainer-0.5.2_3.txz Typing tutor trainer
typo3-8-php71-8.7.27.txz Typo3 content management system
typo3-8-php72-8.7.27.txz Typo3 content management system
typo3-8-php73-8.7.27.txz Typo3 content management system
typo3-8-php74-8.7.27.txz Typo3 content management system
typo3-9-php72-9.5.9.txz Typo3 content management system
typo3-9-php73-9.5.9.txz Typo3 content management system
typo3-9-php74-9.5.9.txz Typo3 content management system
typometer-1.0.1.txz Text/code editor typing latency analyzer
tzdialog-1.2.txz Set the local timezone using dialog(1) or Xdialog(1)
tzdiff-1.1.1.txz Showing time pairs between target timezone and localtime
u-boot-a13-olinuxino-2019.07.txz Cross-build das u-boot for model a13-olinuxino
u-boot-a64-olinuxino-2019.07.txz Cross-build das u-boot for model a64-olinuxino
u-boot-bananapi-2019.07.txz Cross-build das u-boot for model bananapi
u-boot-bananapim2-2019.07.txz Cross-build das u-boot for model bananapim2