FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
rpm4- Red Hat Package Manager
rprint-3.2.txz Remote printing utility using a raw bidirectional tcp connection
rpsl2acl-1.01.txz Query set of RPSL database objects and convert to BIND ACLs
rrdbot-0.9.7_4.txz Threaded SNMP polling daemon which stores data in RRDs
rrdman-1.0.1_5.txz Apply Holt-Winters prediction parameters to RRD data
rrdmerge-0.0.1_2.txz Utility to merge existing RRD data from backups into new RRD files
rrdtool-1.7.2_1.txz Round Robin Database Tools
rrdtool12-1.2.30_7.txz Round Robin Database Tools v1.2
rsibreak-0.12.11.txz KDE RSI prevention tool
rsnapshot-1.4.2.txz Filesystem snapshot utility based on rsync(1)
rsocket-cpp- C++ implementation of RSocket
rspamd-1.9.4_2.txz Fast spam filtering system
rspamd-devel-2.0.a1.20190719_1.txz Fast spam filtering system dev version
rsplib-3.2.4.txz RSerPool Framework and Example Applications
rss2html-0.8.2_4.txz RSS to HTML converter
rsskit-0.4_7.txz Etoile Project RSSKit framework
rssowl-1.2.3_10.txz Portable RSS, RDF, Atom Newsfeeds reader
rssroll-0.6.2.txz RSS collector in C
rsstail-2.1.txz Simple RSS monitor
rsstool-1.0.0_2.txz Read, parse, merge and write RSS and Atom feeds
rstart-1.0.5.txz Sample implementation of a Remote Start client
rsvndump-0.6_1.txz Remote Subversion repository dumpfile generator
rsync-3.1.3_1.txz Network file distribution/synchronization utility
rsync-bpc- Modified rsync that used as part of BackupPC
rsyncbackup-1.1.txz Rsync frontend written in Perl
rsynth-2.0_6.txz Speech synthesizer
rsyslog-8.1908.0.txz Syslogd supporting SQL, TCP, and TLS
rt42-4.2.16.txz RT is an industrial-grade ticketing system written in Perl
rt44-4.4.4.txz RT is an industrial-grade ticketing system written in Perl
rtaudio-5.1.0_1.txz C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime audio input/output
rtf2html-1.1.b_1.txz Simple rtf2html converter
rtf2latex2e-2.2.2.txz Newer filter that converts RTF (MS Rich Text Format) into LaTeX
rtfm-1.0.txz FreeBSD documentation search mechanism
rtfreader-1.0_1.txz Portable application/ms-rtf parser
rtg-0.7.4_19.txz Flexible, high-performance SNMP statistics monitoring system
rth-1.7.0_2.txz Web-based requirement, test, and bugtracking system
rtl-sdr-0.6.0,1.txz Commandline tool that performs SDR with RTL2832-based USB sticks
rtmidi-4.0.0_1.txz Set of C++ classes that provide a common API for realtime MIDI I/O
rtmpdump-2.4.20151223.txz RTMP streams download utility
rtorrent-0.9.8.txz BitTorrent Client written in C++
rtpbreak-1.3a_2.txz Detects, reconstructs, and analyzes any RTP session
rtpproxy-2.1.0.txz High-performance RTP proxy server for the SIP Express Router (SER)
rtrlib-0.6.3.txz Open-source C implementation of the RPKI/Router Protocol client
rttr- Run Time Type Reflection
rtty-4.0.txz Multiuser "tip"/"cu" replacement with logging
rtv-1.27.0.txz Commandline client for reddit
rtv-py27-1.27.0.txz Commandline client for reddit
ru-artwiz-ru-20041031_4.txz Russian Artwiz fonts
ru-aspell-0.99.f7.1_1,2.txz Aspell Russian dictionary
ru-bugzilla44-4.4.4.txz Russian localization for Bugzilla
ru-emkatic-gtk2-0.36_5.txz Emulator of Elektronika RPN programmable calculator series
ru-emkatic-qt5-0.36_5.txz Emulator of Elektronika RPN programmable calculator series
ru-eric6-19.04.txz Full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE based on Qt
ru-freebsd-doc-53465,1.txz Russian translation of the FreeBSD Documentation Project
ru-gimp-help-html-2.8.2_1.txz GIMP User Manual in Russian
ru-hunspell-20131101.txz Russian hunspell dictionaries
ru-hyphen-2004.04.15_1.txz Russian hyphenation rules
ru-koi2koi-1998.04.16.txz Cyrillic charset auto converter
ru-koi8rPS-1.0_1.txz Add Russian (KOI8) fonts to your PostScript fonts collection
ru-libgd-2.2.5_2,1.txz Graphics library for fast image creation with KOI8-U support
ru-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz ru language pack for libreoffice
ru-mueller-dic-1.2_4.txz Mueller English-Russian dictionary
ru-mythes-2007.06.13_1.txz Russian thesaurus
ru-p5-XML-Parser-encodings-1.03_1.txz Additional Russian encodings for XML::Parser
ru-russian-0.6.0.txz Russian language support for Ruby and Rails, based on I18n library
ru-rux-0.82.txz Best Cyrillic text viewer and code page converter
ru-stardict-bars-2.4.2.txz New Comprehensive English-Russian dictionary
ru-stardict-computer-2.4.2.txz English-Russian Computer dictionary
ru-stardict-dal-2.4.2.txz Dal's Explanatory Dictionary
ru-stardict-engcom-2.4.2.txz English-Russian Dictionary of Computer Terms
ru-stardict-mueller7-2.4.2.txz Mueller English-Russian dictionary
ru-stardict-mueller7accent-2.4.2.txz Mueller English-Russian dictionary with accents
ru-stardict-pc-2.4.2.txz English-Russian PC-user dictionary
ru-tidyup-mail-0.12.txz Remove unsafe characters from email & make xterm happy
ru-wordpress-5.2.3.txz State-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform
ru-xcode-4.1.txz Program for converting Russian encodings with care to letter YO
ru-xruskb-1.15.4_3.txz Keyboard layout switcher and indicator
rubber-1.1_6.txz Wrapper for LaTeX and friends
rubberband-1.8.2_1.txz Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library and utility program
rubix-1.0.6_7.txz Another Rubik's cube game with a rather interesting interface
rubrica-2.1.6.txz Addressbook for the GNOME 2 desktop
ruby-2.6.5,1.txz Object-oriented interpreted scripting language
ruby-build-20190828.txz Compile and install different ruby versions
ruby-rd-mode.el-0.6.38_1.txz Emacs lisp module for editing RD files
ruby-subversion-1.12.2.txz Ruby bindings for version control system
ruby24-2.4.9,1.txz Object-oriented interpreted scripting language
ruby25-2.5.7,1.txz Object-oriented interpreted scripting language
ruby26-bdb-0.6.6_7.txz Ruby interface to Oracle Berkeley DB revision 2 or later
ruby26-bio-1.5.1.txz Integrated environment for Bioinformatics written in Ruby
ruby26-bsearch-1.5_1.txz Binary search library for Ruby
ruby26-camellia-1.2.txz Ruby extension library which implements Camellia encryption
ruby26-escape-0.2.txz Ruby library provides HTML/URI/shell escaping functions
ruby26-format-1.09.txz Perl like formats for Ruby
ruby26-gd-0.8.0_6.txz Ruby extension library to use Thomas Boutell's gd library
ruby26-gems-3.0.6.txz Package management framework for the Ruby language
ruby26-htree-0.8_1.txz Ruby library to manipulate HTML/XML tree data structure
ruby26-libpafe-ruby-0.0.8_1.txz Ruby binding for libpafe
ruby26-qdbm-1.8.78_4.txz Ruby API for QDBM
ruby26-rdtool-0.6.38.txz RD to HTML/man/etc. converter (RD is to Ruby as POD is to Perl)
ruby26-rttool-1.0.3_1.txz RT into HTML and plain text converter
ruby26-sdl-2.2.0.txz Ruby extension library to use SDL library
ruby26-setup.rb-3.4.1_1.txz Common installer script for ruby packages
ruby26-smf-0.15.15_1.txz Ruby module to handle Standard MIDI Files
ruby26-taglib-1.1_1.txz Ruby library wrapping the Taglib library
ruby26-tokyocabinet-1.31.txz Ruby interface to the Tokyo Cabinet DB engine
ruby26-xapian-1.4.12.txz Ruby binding for Xapian
ruby26-xmlparser-0.7.3_1.txz Ruby module to access James Clark XML Parser ToolKit ("expat")
rubygem-CFPropertyList-3.0.1.txz Read, write and manipulate both binary and XML property lists
rubygem-StreetAddress-1.0.6.txz Parses one line street addresses into normalized address object
rubygem-abstract-1.0.0_1.txz Define abstract method in Ruby
rubygem-ace-rails-ap-4.1.5.txz Cloud9 Editor (Ace) for the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline
rubygem-acme-client-2.0.4.txz Client for the ACME protocol
rubygem-actioncable5-5.1.7.txz Integrated WebSockets for Rails
rubygem-actioncable50- Integrated WebSockets for Rails
rubygem-actioncable52-5.2.3.txz Integrated WebSockets for Rails
rubygem-actionmailer4- Easy email delivery and testing for Ruby
rubygem-actionmailer5-5.1.7.txz Easy email delivery and testing for Ruby
rubygem-actionmailer50- Easy email delivery and testing for Ruby
rubygem-actionmailer52-5.2.3.txz Easy email delivery and testing for Ruby
rubygem-actionpack-action_caching-1.2.0.txz Action caching for Action Pack (removed from core in Rails 4.0)
rubygem-actionpack-xml_parser-2.0.1.txz XML parameters parser for Action Pack
rubygem-actionpack-xml_parser1-1.0.2.txz XML parameters parser for Action Pack
rubygem-actionpack4- Action Controller and Action View of Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-actionpack5-5.1.7.txz Action Controller and Action View of Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-actionpack50- Action Controller and Action View of Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-actionpack52-5.2.3.txz Action Controller and Action View of Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-actionview4- Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails)
rubygem-actionview5-5.1.7.txz Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails)
rubygem-actionview50- Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails)
rubygem-actionview52-5.2.3.txz Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails)
rubygem-active_model_serializers-0.10.10.txz Conventions-based JSON generation for Rails
rubygem-active_record_query_trace-1.5.4.txz Print stack trace of all queries to the Rails log
rubygem-active_scaffold-3.4.43.txz Gem to handle all CRUD user interface needs
rubygem-activejob4- Job class declarations for a variety of queueing backends
rubygem-activejob5-5.1.7.txz Job class declarations for a variety of queueing backends
rubygem-activejob50- Job class declarations for a variety of queueing backends
rubygem-activejob52-5.2.3.txz Job class declarations for a variety of queueing backends
rubygem-activemessaging-0.13.1.txz Event-driven architecture for rails
rubygem-activemodel-serializers-xml-1.0.2.txz XML serialization for Active Model objects and Active Record models
rubygem-activemodel4- Toolkit for building modeling frameworks
rubygem-activemodel5-5.1.7.txz Toolkit for building modeling frameworks
rubygem-activemodel50- Toolkit for building modeling frameworks
rubygem-activemodel52-5.2.3.txz Toolkit for building modeling frameworks
rubygem-activerecord-deprecated_finders-1.0.4.txz Deprecated finder APIs from Active Record
rubygem-activerecord-explain-analyze-0.1.0_1.txz Extends ActiveRecord
rubygem-activerecord-import-1.0.2.txz Bulk import many records into an ActiveRecord DB
rubygem-activerecord-jdbc-adapter-51.0.txz JDBC adapter for ActiveRecord, for use within JRuby on Rails
rubygem-activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter-51.0.txz ActiveRecord driver for MySQL using JDBC running under JRuby
rubygem-activerecord-session_store-1.1.3.txz Action Dispatch session store backed by an Active Record class
rubygem-activerecord4- Object-relational mapping layer for Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-activerecord5-5.1.7.txz Object-relational mapping layer for Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-activerecord50- Object-relational mapping layer for Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-activerecord52-5.2.3.txz Object-relational mapping layer for Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-activeresource4-4.1.0.txz Coherent wrapper object-relational mapping for REST web services
rubygem-activeresource5-5.1.0.txz Coherent wrapper object-relational mapping for REST web services
rubygem-activestorage52-5.2.3.txz Attach cloud and local files in Rails applications
rubygem-activesupport4- Utility classes and extension that are required by Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-activesupport5-5.1.7.txz Utility classes and extension that are required by Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-activesupport50- Utility classes and extension that are required by Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-activesupport52-5.2.3.txz Utility classes and extension that are required by Rails MVC Framework
rubygem-acts-as-taggable-on-6.0.0.txz Tag a single model on several contexts
rubygem-acts-as-taggable-on3-3.5.0.txz Tag a single model on several contexts
rubygem-acts-as-taggable-on5-5.0.0.txz Tag a single model on several contexts
rubygem-acts_as_taggable-2.0.2.txz Add tagging capabilities to your ActiveRecord objects
rubygem-addressable-2.6.0_1.txz Replacement for the URI implementation
rubygem-addressable23-2.3.8.txz Replacement for the URI implementation
rubygem-addressable25-2.5.2_1.txz Replacement for the URI implementation
rubygem-adsf-1.4.1.txz Web server that can be spawned in any directory
rubygem-aes_key_wrap-1.0.1_1.txz Ruby implementation of AES Key Wrap
rubygem-afm-0.2.2.txz Read AFM files and use the data conveniently
rubygem-after_commit_queue-1.3.0_1.txz Allows to run callbacks after transaction is committed
rubygem-ai4r-1.13.txz Various Ruby artificial intelligence algorithm implementations
rubygem-airborne-0.3.4.txz RSpec driven API testing framework
rubygem-airbrussh-1.3.4.txz Replacement log formatter for SSHKit
rubygem-akami-1.3.1.txz Library for building web service security
rubygem-akismet-2.0.0.txz Ruby client for the Akismet API
rubygem-albino-1.3.3_1.txz Ruby wrapper for pygmentize
rubygem-algebra-0.2.3.txz Library for mathematical computations
rubygem-algebrick-0.7.5.txz Typed structs based on algebraic type definitions
rubygem-algorithms-0.6.1.txz Ruby algorithms and data structures
rubygem-allison-2.0.3.txz Modern, pretty RDoc template
rubygem-amalgalite-1.6.1.txz Embeds the SQLite database engine in a Ruby extension
rubygem-amatch-0.4.0.txz Ruby library for approximate string matching and searching
rubygem-amazon-ec2-0.9.17.txz Library for accessing the Amazon Web Services APIs
rubygem-amazon-ecs-2.5.0.txz Generic Amazon E-commerce REST API written in Ruby
rubygem-amq-protocol-2.3.0.txz AMQP serialization library for Ruby
rubygem-amqp-1.8.0.txz Implementation of the AMQP protocol for RabbitMQ clients
rubygem-amqp-utils-0.5.1_5.txz Command line utilies for interacting with AMQP compliant queues
rubygem-analogger-0.9.3.txz Fast, flexible, easy to use logging service for Ruby
rubygem-anemone-0.7.2.txz Library that allows programs to spider websites
rubygem-annoy-0.5.6.txz Present the user with a simple question before a destructive action
rubygem-ansi-1.5.0.txz Gem enabling ANSI code based colorization and stylization of output
rubygem-apipie-bindings-0.2.3.txz Ruby bindings for API calls that are documented with Apipie
rubygem-apipie-params-0.0.5.txz DSL for describing data structures with json-schema bindings
rubygem-apollo_upload_server-2.0.0.b.3_1.txz Apollo-pload-server middleware for rails
rubygem-app_config-2.7.0.txz Ruby gem for storing application configuration
rubygem-appraisal-2.2.0_1.txz Integrates with bundler and rake to test library dependencies
rubygem-archive-tar-minitar-0.8.txz Library and command-line utility for tar archives
rubygem-archive-zip-0.12.0.txz Provides interface to working with ZIP archives
rubygem-arel-9.0.0,1.txz Relational Algebra for Ruby
rubygem-arel-helpers-2.10.0.txz Helpers to construct database queries with ActiveRecord and Arel
rubygem-arel6-6.0.4.txz Relational Algebra for Ruby
rubygem-arel7-7.1.4,1.txz Relational Algebra for Ruby
rubygem-arel8-8.0.0,1.txz Relational Algebra for Ruby
rubygem-arr-pm-0.0.10_1.txz Read and write rpm packages
rubygem-arrayfields-4.9.2.txz Allow Keyword Access to Array Instances
rubygem-asana-0.8.1.txz Ruby wrapper for the Asana REST API
rubygem-ascii85-1.0.3.txz Encode/decode Adobe's binary-to-text encoding of the same name
rubygem-asciidoctor-2.0.10.txz Fast, open source text processor and publishing toolchain
rubygem-asciidoctor-diagram-1.5.10.txz Asciidoctor diagramming extension
rubygem-asciidoctor-include-ext-0.3.1.txz Reimplementation of the Asciidoctor's built-in (pre)processor
rubygem-asciidoctor-plantuml-0.0.9.txz Asciidoctor PlantUML extension
rubygem-asetus-0.3.0.txz Ruby configuration library with YAML/JSON/TOML backends
rubygem-aspectr-0.3.7.txz Ruby libraries for Aspect programming
rubygem-asset_sync-2.8.1.txz Synchronizes Assets between Rails and S3
rubygem-ast-2.4.0.txz Library for working with Abstract Syntax Trees
rubygem-astrolabe-1.3.1.txz Object-oriented AST extension for rubygem-parser
rubygem-async-1.21.0.txz Modern asynchronous I/O framework for Ruby
rubygem-async-http-0.48.2.txz HTTP client and server library
rubygem-async-io-1.25.0.txz Provides support for asynchonous TCP, UDP, UNIX and SSL sockets
rubygem-async-rest-0.10.1.txz RESTful clients (and hopefully servers)
rubygem-async_sinatra-1.3.0.txz Sinatra plugin to provide async responses
rubygem-atk-3.3.8.txz Ruby binding for ATK
rubygem-atlassian-jwt-0.2.0.txz Authenticate with the Atlassian Connect REST APIs
rubygem-atomic-1.1.101.txz Atomic reference implementation
rubygem-attic-0.5.3.txz Place to hide private instance variables in your Ruby objects
rubygem-attr_encrypted-3.1.0.txz Generates attr_accessors that encrypt and decrypt attributes
rubygem-attr_required-1.0.1.txz Ruby implementations of attr_required and attr_optional
rubygem-authlogic-4.4.2.txz Clean, simple, and unobtrusive Ruby authentication solution
rubygem-autoprefixer-rails-9.6.1.txz Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules
rubygem-av-0.9.0_1.txz Programmable Ruby interface for FFMPEG/Libav
rubygem-avro-1.9.1.txz Ruby library for Apache Avro
rubygem-awesome_nested_set-3.1.4.txz Nested set implementation for Active Record
rubygem-awesome_print-1.8.0.txz Pretty print Ruby objects to visualize their structure
rubygem-aws-eventstream-1.0.3.txz Amazon Web Services event stream library
rubygem-aws-partitions-1.218.0.txz Provides interfaces to enumerate AWS partitions, regions, and services
rubygem-aws-s3-0.6.3.txz Client library for Amazon S3 REST API
rubygem-aws-sdk-3.0.1.txz AWS SDK for Ruby
rubygem-aws-sdk-acm-1.25.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
rubygem-aws-sdk-acmpca-1.20.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority (ACM-PCA)
rubygem-aws-sdk-alexaforbusiness-1.30.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for Alexa For Business
rubygem-aws-sdk-amplify-1.11.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Amplify (Amplify)
rubygem-aws-sdk-apigateway-1.35.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon API Gateway
rubygem-aws-sdk-apigatewaymanagementapi-1.9.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for AmazonApiGatewayManagementApi
rubygem-aws-sdk-apigatewayv2-1.13.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for AmazonApiGatewayV2
rubygem-aws-sdk-applicationautoscaling-1.30.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for Application Auto Scaling
rubygem-aws-sdk-applicationdiscoveryservice-1.21.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS Application Discovery Service
rubygem-aws-sdk-applicationinsights-1.3.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights (Application Insights)
rubygem-aws-sdk-appmesh-1.16.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for AWS App Mesh
rubygem-aws-sdk-appstream-1.36.0.txz Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon AppStream