FreeBSD Ports Latest i386

Package Description
puf-1.0.0.txz Parallel HTTP downloader similar to wget
puff-1.0.1.txz Simple and efficient text editor
pugixml-1.10.txz Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support
pulledpork-0.7.3.txz Script to update snort-2.8+ rules
pulseaudio-13.0.txz Sound server for UNIX
pulseaudio-module-sndio-13.0.txz Sndio module for PulseAudio
pulseaudio-module-xrdp-0.4.txz PulseAudio module which enables xrdp to use audio redirection
pulseaudio-qt-1.1.0_1.txz Pulseaudio bindings for Qt
pulseeffects-4.6.8_2.txz Audio effects for Pulseaudio applications
pulseview-0.4.1_6.txz GUI client that supports various hardware logic analyzers
punbb-1.4.4.txz Fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board
pup- Command-line jq-like HTML parser using CSS selectors
puppet-mode.el-emacs26-0.2_5.txz Simple mode for editing puppet manifests
puppet-mode.el-emacs26_canna-0.2_5.txz Simple mode for editing puppet manifests
puppet-mode.el-emacs26_nox-0.2_5.txz Simple mode for editing puppet manifests
puppet-mode.el-emacs27-0.2_5.txz Simple mode for editing puppet manifests
puppet-mode.el-emacs27_nox-0.2_5.txz Simple mode for editing puppet manifests
puppet5-5.5.17.txz Configuration management framework written in Ruby
puppet6-6.10.1.txz Configuration management framework written in Ruby
puppetdb-terminus5-5.2.11.txz PuppetDB storeconfigs backend terminus module
puppetdb-terminus6-6.7.2.txz PuppetDB storeconfigs backend terminus module
puppetdb5-5.2.11.txz PuppetDB storeconfigs backend
puppetdb6-6.7.2.txz PuppetDB storeconfigs backend
puppetserver6-6.7.1.txz Puppet Server running in the JVM
pure-ftpd-1.0.49_1.txz Small, easy to set up, fast, and secure FTP server
pure-sfv-0.3.txz Utility to test and create .sfv files
pureadmin-0.4_7.txz Management utility for the PureFTPd
puredb-2.1_2.txz Set of libraries for creating and reading constant databases
purple-discord-g20190804.txz Discord plugin for libpurple
purple-facebook-0.9.5.txz Facebook plugin for libpurple
purple-hangouts-20190607.txz Hangouts plugin for libpurple
purple-slack-20180508.txz Slack plugin for libpurple
pushgateway-0.9.1_1.txz Prometheus push acceptor for ephemeral and batch jobs
pushmi-1.0.0_9.txz Subversion repository replication tool
pushover-0.0.5_4.txz Puzzle game where the goal is to push over all dominoes
putty-0.73.txz Secure shell and telnet client
putty-gtk2-0.73.txz Secure shell and telnet client
putty-nogtk-0.73.txz Secure shell and telnet client
puush-0.0.2.txz Screen capture and Puush image-bin client
pv-1.6.6.txz Pipe throughput monitor
pvm-3.4.6_5.txz Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment
pvpgn-1.8.5_1.txz Free Blizzard emulation software
pwcbsd-1.4.1_12.txz The Linux pwc webcam driver ported to FreeBSD
pwcview-1.4.1_7.txz The Video4Linux PWC webcam viewer
pwd_unmkdb-1.3.1.txz Recover a master.passwd from the hashed database
pwgen-2.08,2.txz Small, powerful, GPL'ed password generator
pwhois- Whois-compatible framework for disclosing routing data
pwm-2007.07.20_3.txz lightweight window manager with emphasis on usability
pwman-0.4.5.txz Console password management application based on gpg(me)
pwman3-0.0.6_2.txz Console password management application with sql storage
pwman3-py27-0.0.6_2.txz Console password management application with sql storage
pwned-check-2.2_1,1.txz Check whether password is known to have been exposed in a data breach
pwsafe- Cmdline program that manages encrypted password databases
pxattr-2.1.0.txz Portable utility to work with file extended attributes
pxe-1.4.2_2.txz PXE daemon, set up a boot menu for netbooting PXE enabled clients
pxe-pdhcp-0.0.2007.txz Preboot Execution Environment server
pxlib-0.6.8.txz C library to read various Paradox files
pxtools-0.0.20_4.txz Collection of tools to work with Paradox databases
pxytest-1.36.txz Test remote system for unsecured mail proxies
pxz-0.20141018_8.txz Parallel LZMA compressor using liblzma
py-uncompyle2-1.1_1.txz Decompiler for Python's .pyc and .pyo files
py27-AccessControl-3.0.13.txz Security framework for Zope2
py27-Acquisition-4.2.2.txz Allows to obtain attributes from the containment hierarchy
py27-AddOns-0.7_1.txz Dynamically extend other objects with AddOns
py27-AnyQt-0.0.10.txz PyQt4/PyQt5 compatibility layer
py27-Automat-0.8.0.txz Finite-state machines in Python
py27-Babel-2.7.0.txz Collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications
py27-Breve-1.3.0_3.txz Python s-expression style template engine
py27-BytecodeAssembler-0.6.1.txz Generate Python code objects by "assembling" bytecode
py27-CacheControl-0.12.5_2.txz Caching algorithms in httplib2 for use with requests session object
py27-Cerberus-1.3.2.txz Lightweight, extensible validation tool for Python dictionaries
py27-Chameleon-3.6.txz Fast HTML/XML Template Compiler
py27-Coherence- DLNA/UPnP media server and framework for the digital living
py27-CommonMark-0.9.1.txz Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec
py27-CouchDB-1.1_1.txz Simple Library to Allow Python Applications to Use CouchDB
py27-CyLP- Python interface to CLP, CBC, and CGL to solve LPs and MIPs
py27-DTLSSocket-0.1.10.txz Python IKEA Tradfri API controller
py27-DateTime-3.0.3_1,1.txz Zope 2 DateTime data type
py27-DecoratorTools-1.8_3.txz Class, function, and metaclass decorators
py27-DendroPy-4.4.0.txz Phylogenetic computing library
py27-DocumentTemplate-2.13.2_1.txz Document Templating Markup Language (DTML)
py27-Dumper-1.2.0.txz Conveniently print any Python datastructure
py27-Elixir-0.7.1_3.txz Declarative Mapper for SQLAlchemy
py27-ExifRead-2.1.2.txz Read Exif metadata from tiff and jpeg files
py27-ExtensionClass-4.3.0.txz Metaclass for subclassable extension types
py27-Extremes-1.1.1_1.txz Production-quality 'Min' and 'Max' objects (adapted from PEP 326)
py27-Faker-0.8.15_2.txz Generate fake data using python
py27-Fiona-1.7.13_1.txz OGR's neat and nimble API for Python programmers
py27-Flask-1.1.1.txz Micro web framework
py27-Flask-Admin-1.5.3.txz Flask extension for adding admin interfaces to Flask applications
py27-Flask-Assets-0.12.txz Asset management for flask
py27-Flask-Babel-0.12.0.txz Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
py27-Flask-Bootstrap- Flask extension that adds Bootstrap to your projects
py27-Flask-Cache-0.13.1.txz Cache support for your Flask application
py27-Flask-Compress-1.4.0.txz Extension for Flask that compresses responses with gzip
py27-Flask-Cors-2.1.2.txz Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for Flask
py27-Flask-FlatPages-0.6.txz Provides flat static pages to a Flask application
py27-Flask-HTTPAuth-3.3.0.txz Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
py27-Flask-Kerberos-1.0.4.txz GSSAPI Negotiate HTTP authentication for Flask routes
py27-Flask-Login-0.4.1.txz User session management for Flask
py27-Flask-Mail-0.9.1.txz Send SMTP email from a Flask web application
py27-Flask-Migrate-2.5.2.txz Database schema migrations for Flask applications
py27-Flask-Moment-0.9.0.txz Format dates and times in Flask templates using moment.js
py27-Flask-OAuthlib-0.9.5.txz OAuthlib for Flask
py27-Flask-Principal-0.4.0.txz Identity management for flask
py27-Flask-RESTful-0.3.7.txz Simple framework for creating REST APIs with Flask
py27-Flask-SAML-0.4.3.txz SAML authentication for Flask web apps
py27-Flask-SQLAlchemy-2.4.1.txz Adds SQLAlchemy support to Flask
py27-Flask-Script-2.0.6.txz Scripting support for Flask
py27-Flask-SocketIO-2.9.3.txz Socket.IO integration for Flask applications
py27-Flask-Sockets-0.2.1.txz Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps
py27-Flask-Uploads-0.2.1.txz Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask
py27-Flask-WTF-0.14.2.txz Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
py27-Flask-XML-RPC-0.1.2.txz Adds support for creating XML-RPC APIs to Flask
py27-Frozen-Flask-0.11.txz Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files
py27-Fuzzy-1.2.2.txz Fast Python phonetic algorithms
py27-GPy-1.9.9.txz Gaussian process toolbox
py27-GPyOpt-1.2.5_2.txz Bayesian optimization toolbox based on GPy
py27-Genesis-PyAPI-1.2.1.txz API for the Genesis platform for genetics information processing
py27-Genshi-0.7_2.txz Python toolkit for stream-based generation of output for the web
py27-GeoIP2-2.9.0.txz MaxMind GeoIP2 Python API
py27-GitPython-2.1.11.txz Python Git Library
py27-GridDataFormats-0.5.0_1.txz Handle data on a grid: NumPy n-dimensional arrays
py27-HTMLgen-2.2.2_3.txz Python library for the generation of HTML documents
py27-HoroscopeGenerator-0.1.8_1.txz Generate horoscopes using context-free grammar
py27-IBMQuantumExperience-2.0.4.txz Python library for the Quantum Experience API
py27-Jinja2-2.10.1.txz Fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
py27-Jinja2-doc-2.10.1.txz Documentation of Jinja2 template engine
py27-Js2Py-0.66.txz JavaScript to Python translator and interpreter
py27-Lektor-3.1.3_1.txz Static content management system written in Python
py27-Louie-1.1.txz Signal dispatching mechanism
py27-MDAnalysis-0.19.2_2.txz Python library to analyze molecular dynamics trajectories
py27-MDAnalysisTests-0.19.2_2.txz Test code and the trajectory data for test cases of MDAnalysis
py27-MarkupSafe-1.1.1.txz Implements XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
py27-MechanicalSoup-0.12.0.txz Python library for automating interaction with websites
py27-Missing-2.13.1_1.txz Special Missing objects used in Zope2
py27-MultiMapping-2.13.0_1.txz Special MultiMapping objects used in Zope2
py27-MutatorMath-2.1.2.txz Piecewise linear interpolation in multiple dimensions
py27-MySQLdb-1.2.5_2.txz Access a MySQL database through Python
py27-MySQLdb55-1.2.5_2.txz Access a MySQL database through Python
py27-MySQLdb56-1.2.5_2.txz Access a MySQL database through Python
py27-OWSLib-0.18.0.txz Client programming with OGC web service (hence OWS)
py27-OpenFermion-0.10.0.txz Electronic structure package for quantum computers
py27-PEAK-Rules-0.5a1_4.txz Generic functions and business rules support systems
py27-PF-0.1.1_1.txz Pure-Python module for managing OpenBSD Packet Filter
py27-Paste-2.0.3.txz Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack
py27-PasteDeploy-2.0.1.txz Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers
py27-PasteScript-2.0.2_1.txz Pluggable command-line frontend
py27-PeachPy-g20180225,1.txz Portable efficient assembly codegen in higher-level Python
py27-Persistence-2.13.2_1.txz Persistent ExtensionClass
py27-Pint-0.8.1.txz Physical quantities module
py27-Pmw-2.0.1.txz High-level compound graphics widgets for Python
py27-PollyReports-1.7.7.txz Band-oriented PDF report generation from database query
py27-Products.ATContentTypes-2.1.18.txz Default Content Types for Plone
py27-Products.ATReferenceBrowserWidget-3.0_1.txz Reference widget for Archetypes
py27-Products.Archetypes-1.9.10.txz Developers framework for rapidly implementing content types
py27-Products.BTreeFolder2-2.14.0.txz BTree based implementation for Zope 2's OFS
py27-Products.CMFActionIcons-2.1.3_2.txz Action icons product for the Zope CMF
py27-Products.CMFCalendar-2.2.3.txz Calendar product for the Zope Content Management Framework
py27-Products.CMFCore-2.2.10.txz Zope Content Management Framework core components
py27-Products.CMFDefault-2.2.4.txz Default product for the Zope Content Management Framework
py27-Products.CMFDiffTool-2.1.2.txz Diff tool for Plone
py27-Products.CMFDynamicViewFTI-4.1.3.txz Product for dynamic views in CMF
py27-Products.CMFEditions-2.2.19.txz Versioning for Plone
py27-Products.CMFFormController-3.0.6.txz Form validation mechanism for Zope CMF
py27-Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow-1.5.13.txz Workflow policies for CMF and Plone
py27-Products.CMFPlone-4.3.9.txz Plone Content Management System (core)
py27-Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool-3.0.13.txz Facility for activation/deactivation of Zope CMF products
py27-Products.CMFTestCase-0.9.12_1.txz Integration testing framework for CMF
py27-Products.CMFUid-2.2.1_2.txz Uid product for the Zope CMF
py27-Products.DCWorkflow-2.2.4_2.txz DCWorkflow product for the Zope Content Management Framework
py27-Products.ExtendedPathIndex-3.1_1.txz Zope catalog index for paths
py27-Products.ExternalEditor-1.1.0_1.txz Zope external editor
py27-Products.ExternalMethod-2.13.1.txz Support for external Python methods within a Zope 2 environment
py27-Products.GenericSetup-1.8.2.txz Read Zope configuration state from profile dirs / tarballs
py27-Products.LDAPMultiPlugins-1.14_3.txz LDAP-backed plugins for the Zope2 PluggableAuthService
py27-Products.LDAPUserFolder-2.27.txz LDAP-enabled Zope 2 user folder
py27-Products.MIMETools-2.13.0_1.txz Provides the <!--
py27-Products.MailHost-2.13.2.txz Zope.sendmail integration for Zope 2
py27-Products.Marshall-2.1.4_1.txz Configurable Marshallers for Archetypes
py27-Products.MimetypesRegistry-2.0.8.txz MIME type handling for Zope
py27-Products.OFSP-2.13.2_1.txz General Zope 2 help screens
py27-Products.PasswordResetTool-2.0.18.txz Password reset tool for Plone
py27-Products.PlacelessTranslationService-2.0.5_2.txz Internationalizing and localizing software for Zope 2
py27-Products.PloneLDAP-1.2.txz LDAP/Active Directory support for Plone
py27-Products.PloneLanguageTool-3.2.7_1.txz Allows to set the available languages in Plone site
py27-Products.PlonePAS-5.0.9.txz Adapts the PluggableAuthService for use by Plone
py27-Products.PloneTestCase-0.9.18.txz Integration testing framework for Plone
py27-Products.PluggableAuthService-1.11.0.txz Pluggable Zope2 authentication / authorization framework
py27-Products.PluginRegistry-1.4,1.txz Configure application plugins based on interfaces
py27-Products.PortalTransforms-2.1.11.txz MIME based content transformations
py27-Products.PythonScripts-2.13.2_1.txz Support for restricted execution of Python scripts in Zope 2
py27-Products.ResourceRegistries-2.2.11.txz Registry for managing CSS and JS
py27-Products.SecureMailHost-1.1.2_1.txz Reimplementation of the standard Zope2 MailHost
py27-Products.StandardCacheManagers-2.13.1.txz Cache managers for Zope 2
py27-Products.TinyMCE-1.3.19_1.txz Adds support for TinyMCE to Plone
py27-Products.ZCTextIndex-2.13.5.txz Full text indexing for ZCatalog/Zope2
py27-Products.ZCatalog-2.13.27.txz Zope2's indexing and search solution
py27-Products.ZSQLMethods-2.13.4_1.txz SQL method support for Zope 2
py27-Products.ZopeVersionControl-1.1.3_1.txz Zope Version Control
py27-Products.contentmigration-2.1.11.txz Generic content migration framework for Plone
py27-Products.statusmessages-4.0_1.txz Handling of internationalized status messages for Zope
py27-Products.validation-2.0.1.txz Data validation package for Archetypes
py27-PuLP-1.6.10_1.txz LP modeler written in python
py27-PyExecJS-1.5.1_1.txz Run JavaScript code from Python
py27-PyGreSQL-5.1_1,1.txz Python interface to PostgreSQL, both classic and DP-API 2.0
py27-PyHamcrest-1.9.0_1.txz Hamcrest matchers for Python
py27-PyLD-0.7.1.txz Implementation of the JSON Linked Data specification in Python
py27-PyMetis-2016.2.txz Python wrapper for the Metis graph partititioning software
py27-PyOpenGL-3.1.0_4.txz OpenGL (and related library) interface for Python
py27-PyOpenGL-accelerate-3.1.0_3.txz OpenGL acceleration code for PyOpenGL
py27-PyQuante-1.6.5_2.txz Quantum chemistry in Python
py27-PySceneDetect- OpenCV-based video scene detection program and Python library
py27-PyUserInput-0.1.11.txz Module for mouse and keyboard control
py27-PyUtilib-5.7.1.txz Collection of Python utilities
py27-PyWavelets-0.5.2_3.txz Discrete Wavelet Transforms in Python
py27-PyWebDAV-0.9.8_2.txz WebDAV Library and Server for Python
py27-Pympler-0.4.2.txz Measure, monitor and analyze the memory behavior of Python objects
py27-Pyomo-5.6.7.txz Python Optimization Modeling Objects
py27-Pyrseas-0.9.0.txz Framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain a relational database
py27-QDarkStyle-2.6.8.txz Dark stylesheet for Python and Qt applications
py27-QtAwesome-0.6.0.txz Iconic fonts in PyQt and PySide applications
py27-QtPy-1.9.0.txz Abstraction layer on top of the various Qt bindings
py27-RO-3.6.9_4.txz Package of Python astronomical utilities
py27-Record-2.13.0_1.txz Special Record objects used in Zope2
py27-RestrictedPython-3.6.0_2.txz Restricted execution environment for Python
py27-Scrapy-1.6.0_2.txz High level scraping and web crawling framework
py27-SecretStorage-2.3.1.txz Store passwords using the SecretService DBus API
py27-Shapely-1.6.4.txz Python Package for Manipulation 2D Geospatial Geometry
py27-Skype4Py-1.0.35_2.txz Skype (TM) API wrapper for Python
py27-SoapySDR-0.7.1_1.txz Vendor and platform neutral SDR support library (python binding)
py27-SoundFile-0.10.2_2.txz Audio library based on libsndfile, CFFI and NumPy
py27-SpeechRecognition-3.8.1.txz Python Library for performing speech recognition
py27-SquareMap-1.0.4_3.txz Hierarchic visualization control for wxPython
py27-SymbolType-1.0_1.txz Simple Symbol Type for Python
py27-TVGrab-0.5.1_4.txz Library to write grabbers of tv scheduling collections
py27-Tempita-0.5.2.txz Small text templating language
py27-Tenjin-1.1.1.txz Fast and full-featured template engine based on embedded Python
py27-ToscaWidgets-0.9.12_1.txz Python framework for building reusable web components
py27-TurboGears2-2.3.12.txz Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development
py27-Unipath-1.1.txz Object-oriented alternative to os/os.path/shutil
py27-Wand-0.4.5.txz MagickWand Python binding
py27-WebError-0.13.1.txz Web Error handling and exception catching
py27-WebFlash-0.1a9_1.txz Library to display flash messages in python web applications
py27-WebTest-2.0.32.txz Helper to test WSGI applications
py27-WsgiDAV-3.0.1.txz WSGI based WebDAV server for sharing resources
py27-XStatic-1.0.1_1.txz Xstatic (static packages for Python)
py27-XStatic-Angular- JavaScript MVW Framework (angular)
py27-XStatic-Angular-Bootstrap- Bootstrap widgets for Angular (angular-bootstrap)
py27-XStatic-Angular-FileUpload- File Upload module for the AngularJS (angular-file-upload)