FreeBSD Ports Latest i386

Package Description
fsmtrie-1.1.0.txz Fast String Matcher Trie project
fsom-g20151117_2.txz Tiny C library for managing SOM (Self-Organizing Maps) neural networks
fspclient-0.93.1.txz Ftp-like client for the FSP service
fspd- FSP daemon, clients, and scanner
fsplib-0.14.txz Library implementing FSP protocol
fstobdf-1.0.6.txz Generate BDF font from X font server
fstrcmp-0.7.D001.txz Library for fuzzy string comparisons
fstrm-0.6.0.txz Implementation of the Frame Streams data transport protocol in C
fstyp-0.1.txz Detect which filesystem type a device/partition contains
fsv2-1.1.0_1.txz 3D filesystem visualizer
fswatch-0.02.b5_1.txz File system checksum checker
fswatch-mon-1.13.0_2.txz Cross-platform file change monitor
fswiki-3.6.2_2.txz FreeStyle Wiki (perl based wiki clone)
ft2demos-2.10.0.txz Demo programs for FreeType2
ftdi-eeprom-1.1_1.txz Tool to program the eeprom on FTDI usb devices
fte-20110708.txz Full-featured text editor for X11
ftgl-2.1.3.r5_6,1.txz OpenGL FreeType fonts rendering library
ftimes-3.11.0_2.txz System baselining and evidence collection tool
ftjam-2.5.2.txz Small build tool that can be used as a replacement for make(1)
ftnchek-3.3.1.txz Fortran 77 semantic checking utility
ftpcopy-0.6.7.txz Command line ftp tools for listing and mirroring
ftpfind-0.996.txz Find directory&file on a ftp server
ftplib-4.0.1.txz Set of routines that implement the FTP protocol
ftpmirror-1.96_5.txz Utility to mirror directory hierarchy with FTP
ftpproxy-1.2.3_1.txz ftp proxy
ftpsesame-0.95.txz Helper for pf firewall to pass FTP protocol
ftpsync-1.3.06,1.txz Synchronizes a local and a remote FTP directory trees
fuel-1.0.1_3.txz GUI Front-End to the Fossil SCM tool
fugu-1.2.3_1.txz Graphical client for the Gale instant messaging system
funktrackergold-1.5.2_8.txz Curses MOD/FNK music tracker
funnyboat-1.5_10.txz Side scrolling shooter game starring a steamboat on the sea
fuse-1.5.7_1.txz Free Unix (Sinclair ZX-)Spectrum Emulator
fuse-utils-1.4.3.txz Utilities from the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator
fuse-zip-0.4.4.txz FUSE filesystem to mount ZIP archives with write support
fusefs-afuse-0.4.1_1.txz File system automounting implemented in user-space using FUSE
fusefs-chironfs-1.1.1_2.txz FUSE based filesystem with replication at the filesystem level
fusefs-cryptofs-0.6.0_7.txz Encrypted filesystem for FUSE
fusefs-curlftpfs-0.9.2_5.txz Mount remote FTP directories
fusefs-encfs-1.9.5_4.txz Encrypted pass-through FUSE filesystem
fusefs-ext2-0.0.10_2.txz FUSE module to mount ext2, ext3 and ext4 with read write support
fusefs-ext4fuse-0.1.3_1,1.txz Read-only ext4 implementation for FUSE
fusefs-funionfs-0.4.3.txz Union filesystem for the FUSE driver
fusefs-fusepak-0.5.txz Mount packed data files of various games (PACK, WAD, etc.)
fusefs-gitfs-0.5.2.txz Version controlled file system
fusefs-gitfs-py27-0.5.2.txz Version controlled file system
fusefs-gphotofs-0.5_5.txz Mount PTP camera as a file system
fusefs-gstfs-0.1_2.txz On-demand, transcoding filesystem (using GStreamer pipeline)
fusefs-hfsfuse-g20180118_1.txz FUSE driver for HFS+ filesystems
fusefs-httpfs-,1.txz Fuse-based http filesystem
fusefs-ifuse-1.1.3_2.txz FUSE-based filesystem for mounting iOS devices over USB
fusefs-jmtpfs-g20190420.txz MTP device filesystem
fusefs-libs-2.9.9_1.txz FUSE allows filesystem implementation in userspace
fusefs-libs3-3.8.0.txz FUSE library version 3 for filesystems implemented in userspace
fusefs-mhddfs-0.1.37.txz Multi HDD [FUSE] File System
fusefs-mp3fs-0.91_1,1.txz FUSE-based filesystem for transcoding flac to mp3 on the fly
fusefs-ntfs-2017.3.23.txz Mount NTFS partitions (read/write) and disk images
fusefs-ntfs-compression-1.0.txz NTFS-3G plugin for reading XPRESS or LZX compressed files
fusefs-pod-0.5.2_14.txz FUSE-based filesystem for iPod
fusefs-rar2fs-1.27.2_1.txz Mount rar archives as filesystem
fusefs-s3backer-1.5.0.txz FUSE filesystem that uses Amazon S3 as a backing store
fusefs-s3fs-1.85.txz FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
fusefs-sandboxfs-0.1.1_1.txz Virtual file system for sandboxing
fusefs-simple-mtpfs-0.3.0_5.txz Simple MTP fuse filesystem driver
fusefs-smbnetfs-0.6.1_3.txz Mount smb shares (Fuse filesystem)
fusefs-sqlfs-1.1_1,1.txz SQLite backed FUSE file system
fusefs-squashfuse-0.1.100.txz Mount a squashfs archive and treat it like a local file system
fusefs-sshfs-3.6.0.txz Mount remote directories over ssh
fusefs-unionfs-2.0.txz FUSE based implementation of the well-known unionfs
fusefs-webdavfs-g20181010_1.txz FUSE filesystem for WEBDAV shares
fusefs-wikipediafs-0.4_1.txz Mount mediawikis
fuzz-0.6_1.txz Tool for testing software by bombarding the program with random data
fuzzylite-6.0_1.txz Fuzzy logic control library in C++
fv-1.03_6.txz Viewer of hdr/pfm images
fvcool-1.0.4.txz VCool for FreeBSD - Cooling software for AMD Athlon/Duron CPUs
fvwm-2.6.9.txz Popular virtual window manager for X
fvwm-crystal-3.4.1.txz Easy, eye-candy, light, and powerful window manager for X11
fvwm-themes-0.7.0_6.txz Themes for the Fvwm2 window manager
fwanalog-0.6.9_6.txz Firewall log summarizer that uses Analog
fwbuilder-5.3.7_2.txz Firewall Builder GUI and policy compilers
fwknop-2.6.10_1.txz SPA implementation for Linux and FreeBSD
fwlogwatch-1.5.txz Packet filter and firewall log analyzer
fwup-1.3.2.txz Configurable embedded Linux firmware update creator and runner
fxdiv-g20181121.txz C/C++ header-only library for division via FP inverse multiplication
fxite-0.92_4.txz Advanced cross-platform text editor
fxload-20140224.txz Firmware download for Cypress EZ-USB devices
fxscintilla-2.28.0_8.txz Fox toolkit reimplementation of Scintilla editing widget
fxt-2018.07.03_1.txz FFT code and related stuff
fxtv-1.03_13.txz X11-based TV display and capture application (for use with bt848 driver)
fy-aspell-0.12.0_1.txz Aspell Frisian (Frysk) dictionary
fy-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz fy language pack for libreoffice
fyre-1.0.1_11.txz Chaos map rendering system with GTK+-2 interface
fzf-0.19.0.txz Blazing fast command-line fuzzy finder
fzy-1.0.txz Interactive fuzzy text selector for the terminal
g-cows-1.12.txz Scripting language for creation of web sites
g-gcl-1.10.txz Sample counter scripts for Graphic Counter Language
g2-0.40_10.txz Easy to use, portable, and powerful 2D graphics library
g2o-20170730.g.239.txz General framework for graph optimization
ga-5.7_6.txz Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) library for distributed arrays
ga-aspell-4.5.0,2.txz Aspell Irish (Gaelic) dictionary
ga-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz ga language pack for libreoffice
gaa-1.6.6.txz GPL Argument Analyser
gadfly-1.0.0_5.txz SQL database written in Python
gaffitter-0.6.0_1.txz Binary packing utility that uses a genetic algorithm
gag-2.9.txz Stacheldraht (DOS attack) agent detector
gajim-1.1.3.txz GTK+ Jabber client
galaxis-1.10.txz Clone of the nifty little Macintosh game
galaxyhack-1.74_34.txz AI script based strategy game
galculator-2.1.4.txz GTK-based scientific calculator
gallery2-2.3.2_10.txz Web based photo album organizer written in PHP
gambit-16.0.1_3.txz Library of tools for doing computation in game theory
gambit-c-4.8.8_7,1.txz Gambit programming system where the compiler generates portable C code
gamin-0.1.10_10.txz File and directory monitoring system
gammu-1.40.0_1.txz GNU All Mobile Management Utilities
ganglia-monitor-core-3.7.1_2.txz Ganglia cluster monitor, monitoring daemon
ganglia-webfrontend-3.7.2_2.txz Ganglia cluster monitor, web frontend
ganttproject-2.8.10.txz Gantt chart based project scheduling and management tool
ganyremote-7.0.txz GNOME frontend for anyRemote
gap- GAP is a system for computational discrete algebra
gapcmon-0.8.9_5.txz Monitor apcupsd with GTK+2 GUI
garcon-0.6.4_2.txz Freedesktop compliant menu library
garden-of-coloured-lights-1.0.9_1.txz Old school 2D vertical shoot-em-up with some innovative elements
garlic-1.6_1.txz Molecular viewer, editor, and visualization program
garmindev-0.3.4.txz Drivers for using Garmin GPS units with QlandkarteGT
gastex-3.0.txz Graphs and Automata Simplified in TeX
gate-2.06_1.txz Simple and unobtrusive line-oriented text editor
gather-0.4.1.txz Utility to store and display system statistics
gatk- Variant discovery in high-throughput sequencing data
gatling-0.15_2.txz High performance webserver with scalability benchmark tools
gauche-0.9.8.txz Scheme script interpreter with multibyte character handling
gauche-gl-0.6_4.txz OpenGL binding for Gauche
gauche-makiki-0.3.txz Simple multithreaded HTTP server written in Gauche
gauche-readline-0.1_2.txz Pure gauche/scheme implementation of the Readline library
gaul-0.1849.0_5.txz Genetic Algorithm Utility Library
gaupol-1.4.3.txz Subtitle editor
gavl-1.4.0_4.txz Library for handling uncompressed video and audio data
gawk-5.0.0.txz GNU version of AWK scripting language
gazpacho-0.7.2_7.txz GUI builder for the GTK+ toolkit
gb-0.4.4_1.txz Project based build tool for Go
gbase-0.5_8.txz Program to convert between the 4 common bases used in programming
gbdfed-1.6_1.txz GTK2 bitmap font editor
gbe-0.0.22_3.txz Nintendo GameBoy(tm) emulator with GNU source code
gbemol-0.3.2_13.txz Graphical frontend for the Music Player Daemon
gbirthday-0.6.10.txz Birthday reminder for GNOME2
gbottler-0.1.7_3.txz SSTP Bottle client
gbrainy-2.2.2_1,2.txz Brain teaser game and trainer
gbsdconv-11.3_1.txz GUI for bsdconv
gbsplay-,1.txz Emulates the sound hardware of the Nintendo Game Boy(TM)
gcab-1.0.txz GObject library to create cabinet files
gcal-4.1_1.txz GNU Gregorian calendar program
gcc-9_4.txz Meta-port for the default version of the GNU Compiler Collection
gcc-arm-embedded-8.2.20181220_1.txz Complete gcc-based toolcahin for embedded ARM development
gcc-ecj-4.5.txz Eclipse Java Compiler used to build GCC Java
gcc10-devel-10.0.0.s20191110.txz GNU Compiler Collection 10
gcc48-4.8.5_11.txz GNU Compiler Collection 4.8
gcc6-6.5.0_3.txz GNU Compiler Collection 6
gcc6-aux-20180516_1,1.txz Version of GCC 6 with full Ada support
gcc7-7.5.0.txz GNU Compiler Collection 7
gcc7-devel-7.4.1.s20191107.txz GNU Compiler Collection 7
gcc8-8.3.0_3.txz GNU Compiler Collection 8
gcc8-devel-8.3.1.s20191115.txz GNU Compiler Collection 8
gcc9-9.2.0.txz GNU Compiler Collection 9
gcc9-devel-9.2.1.s20191109.txz GNU Compiler Collection 9
gccmakedep-1.0.3.txz Create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
gchemutils-0.14.16_2.txz C++ classes and Gtk3 widgets related to chemistry
gcipher-1.1_4.txz Simple encryption tool
gcolor2-0.4_10.txz Simple GTK+ 2.0 color selector
gcolor3-2.3.1.txz Simple color chooser
gcompmgr-0.21_13.txz GNOME interface to xcompmgr
gcompris-qt-0.96_1.txz Educational games and activities for kids ages 2 to 10
gconf-editor-3.0.1_1,1.txz Gconf database editor for the GNOME 3 environment
gconf2-3.2.6_5.txz Configuration database system for GNOME
gconf2-reference-3.2.6_5.txz Programming reference for devel/gconf2
gconfmm-2.28.3.txz C++ wrapper for gconf2 API library
gcpio-2.13.txz GNU cpio copies files to and from archives
gcr-3.28.0.txz Library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
gcstar-1.7.0_3.txz Open source application for managing your collections
gd-aspell-,2.txz Aspell Scottish Gaelic dictionary
gd-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz gd language pack for libreoffice
gdal-2.4.2_3.txz Translator library for raster geospatial data formats
gdb-8.3.1.txz GNU GDB of newer version than comes with the system
gdb-py27-8.3.1.txz GNU GDB of newer version than comes with the system
gdbm-1.18.1_1.txz GNU database manager
gdchart-0.11.5_9.txz Easy to use fast C API for creating charts and graphs
gdcm-3.0.4.txz Grassroots DICOM library
gdialog-2.5.txz Project X addon to read Siemens Gigaset M740AV video recordings
gdisk-1.0.4_6.txz GPT fdisk
gdk-pixbuf2-2.38.1.txz Graphic library for GTK+
gdl-3.28.0.txz Components intended to be shared between GNOME development tools
gdm-3.28.4_1.txz GNOME 3 display manager
gdma-2.2.6_5.txz Anthony Stone's Gaussian Distributed Multipole Analysis
gdmap-0.8.1_1.txz Graphical disk map Utility
gdnsd2-2.4.2.txz Authoritative-only GeoIP-aware DNS server
gdnsd3-3.0.0.txz Authoritative-only GeoIP-aware DNS server
gdome2-0.8.1_11.txz Gnome DOM Engine
gdrive- Google Drive CLI Client
gdsreader-0.3.2_1.txz GDS2 stream file to Postscript and HP/GL converter
gdt-4.0.4.txz GDS2/GDT format translator
gdvrecv-1.2_10.txz DV tools for FreeBSD
geany-1.36.txz Fast and lightweight GTK+ IDE
geany-gtk2-1.36.txz Fast and lightweight GTK+ IDE
geany-plugin-addons-1.36.txz Geany plugin: various small addons
geany-plugin-addons-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: various small addons
geany-plugin-autoclose-1.36.txz Geany plugin: brackets autocompletion
geany-plugin-autoclose-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: brackets autocompletion
geany-plugin-automark-1.36.txz Geany plugin: highlights all words that match selected word
geany-plugin-automark-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: highlights all words that match selected word
geany-plugin-codenav-1.36.txz Geany plugin: some facilities for navigating in the code
geany-plugin-codenav-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: some facilities for navigating in the code
geany-plugin-commander-1.36.txz Geany plugin: command panel for rapid access to any action
geany-plugin-commander-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: command panel for rapid access to any action
geany-plugin-ctags-1.36.txz Geany plugin: generate and query ctags files
geany-plugin-ctags-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: generate and query ctags files
geany-plugin-debugger-1.36.txz Geany plugin: debugging support (via GDB currently)
geany-plugin-debugger-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: debugging support (via GDB currently)
geany-plugin-defineformat-1.36.txz Geany plugin: on-the-fly #define formatter
geany-plugin-defineformat-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: on-the-fly #define formatter
geany-plugin-doc-1.36.txz Geany plugin: execute command on the word at cursor position
geany-plugin-doc-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: execute command on the word at cursor position
geany-plugin-extrasel-1.36.txz Geany plugin: additional selection tools
geany-plugin-extrasel-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: additional selection tools
geany-plugin-geanypy-gtk2-1.36_1.txz Geany plugin: support for Python plugins
geany-plugin-gendoc-1.36.txz Geany plugin: generate documentation from the sources comments
geany-plugin-gendoc-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: generate documentation from the sources comments
geany-plugin-geniuspaste-1.36.txz Geany plugin: pastebins support
geany-plugin-geniuspaste-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: pastebins support
geany-plugin-git-changebar-1.36.txz Geany plugin: highlight changed files tracked with Git
geany-plugin-git-changebar-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: highlight changed files tracked with Git
geany-plugin-insertnum-1.36.txz Geany plugin: replace selection with integer numbers
geany-plugin-insertnum-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: replace selection with integer numbers
geany-plugin-latex-1.36.txz Geany plugin: LaTeX support
geany-plugin-latex-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: LaTeX support
geany-plugin-lineoperations-1.36.txz Geany plugin: Simple line functions that can be applied to an open file
geany-plugin-lineoperations-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: Simple line functions that can be applied to an open file
geany-plugin-lipsum-1.36.txz Geany plugin: Lorem Ipsum generator
geany-plugin-lipsum-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: Lorem Ipsum generator
geany-plugin-lua-1.36.txz Geany plugin: Lua scripting
geany-plugin-lua-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: Lua scripting
geany-plugin-macro-1.36.txz Geany plugin: user defined macros
geany-plugin-macro-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: user defined macros
geany-plugin-markdown-1.36.txz Geany plugin: real-time preview of rendered Markdown
geany-plugin-miniscript-1.36.txz Geany plugin: pipe text/documents via script (shell, perl, awk, etc.)
geany-plugin-miniscript-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: pipe text/documents via script (shell, perl, awk, etc.)
geany-plugin-numberedbookmarks-1.36.txz Geany plugin: additional numbered bookmarks
geany-plugin-numberedbookmarks-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: additional numbered bookmarks
geany-plugin-overview-1.36.txz Geany plugin: zoomed-out view of open files
geany-plugin-overview-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: zoomed-out view of open files
geany-plugin-pairtaghighlighter-1.36.txz Geany plugin: highlight matching opening/closing HTML tags
geany-plugin-pairtaghighlighter-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: highlight matching opening/closing HTML tags
geany-plugin-pg-1.36.txz Geany plugin: encrypt, decrypt and verify signatures with GnuPG
geany-plugin-pg-gtk2-1.36.txz Geany plugin: encrypt, decrypt and verify signatures with GnuPG