ratbox-services - Highly configurable services package for use with ircd-ratbox

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 12
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64
Package name ratbox-services
Package version 1.2.3
Package release 4
Package architecture amd64
Package type txz
Installed size 537.95 KB
Download size 183.46 KB
Official Mirror pkg.freebsd.org
ratbox-services is a services package written mostly from scratch for
use with ircd-ratbox.
It is highly configurable, with nearly all options being set in a config
that can be rehashed rather than set at compile time. As well as supporting
standard database backends like PostgreSQL, its default is to use
the SQLite database backend, which works as a database interface to a normal
file, meaning no separate database software must be running.
- User, nick and channel services
- Jupe service
- Global message service
- Oper services
- Watcher services
- Opered bot
- List service
- Memo service
WWW: http://www.ratbox.org/
Categories: irc
Groups: ircservices
Maintainer: moggie@elasticmind.net
- ALIS: on
- DOCS: on
- MYSQL: off
- PGSQL: off
- SQLITE: on
ratbox-services has been successfully installed.
A sample configuration file 'ratbox-services.conf' has been created in
'/usr/local/etc/', you should edit this file as per the
ratbox-services documentation. This file is required to start services.
You may also need to perform the following steps, if you have not
already done so:
Initialize Database:
This must be done before the services server can start, even if you are
converting from hybserv. Instructions for this are contained in:
The following directory has been created for the database to be stored
in. For consistency, please use this location when generating your
database instead of the directory specified in the help documentation:
The database schemas have been generated for you by the port, so this
step in the documentation will not be necessary. For example, to create
an sqlite database, you might do something like this:
cd /usr/local/share/ratbox-services
sqlite3 /var/db/ratbox-services/ratbox-services.db < schema-sqlite.txt
IRCD Server Config:
On the ircd ratbox-services will connect to, add a connect{} block.
This should have services's server name (name in serverinfo{} in
ratbox-services.conf) and no autoconnect. 'send_password' and
'accept_password' should be equal and 'flags=encrypted' should
not be used.
If you use the ratbox-services compatibility code in ircd-ratbox,
all servers need service { name = "<ratbox-services's server name>"; };
Once you have added ratbox_services_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf, the
server can be started by running:
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ratbox-services start
Important UPGRADE Note:
Upgrading from 1.1.x to this current release will require modifications to
the services configuration file and database so everything doesn't break.
You must check the example configuration file and read the UPGRADING docs
for information on how to do this before starting services.
Common database update tools and scripts referenced in ratbox-services
documentation can be found in:
Database Support Note:
In recent versions, support for MySQL and PgSQL lib detection has been slightly
broken and currently does not work as expected. This problem should be resolved
in the next release.


Package Version Architecture Repository
ratbox-services-1.2.3_4.txz 1.2.3 i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
ratbox-services-1.2.3_4.txz 1.2.3 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
ratbox-services-1.2.3_4.txz 1.2.3 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
ratbox-services - - -


Name Value
libpcre.so.1 -
libsqlite3.so.0 -
pcre = 8.42
sqlite3 = 3.24.0_1


Type URL
Binary Package ratbox-services-1.2.3_4.txz
Source Package irc/ratbox-services

Install Howto

Install ratbox-services txz package:

# pkg install ratbox-services

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