cocor - Compiler generator that combines the functionality of lex and yacc

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Distribution FreeBSD 12
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64
Package name cocor
Package version 1.7
Package release 3
Package architecture amd64
Package type txz
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Coco/R combines the functionality of the well-known UNIX tools lex and yacc,
to form an extremely easy to use compiler generator that generates recursive
descent parsers, their associated scanners, and (in some versions) a driver
program, from attributed grammars (written using EBNF syntax with attributes
and semantic actions) which conform to the restrictions imposed by LL(1)
parsing (rather than LALR parsing, as allowed by yacc). The user has to add
modules for symbol table handling, optimization, and code generation in
order to get a running compiler. Coco/R can also be used to construct other
syntax-based applications that have less of a "compiler" flavour.
Coco/R is available in Oberon, Modula-2, Pascal, Delphi, C, Java and C#
versions.  This port only builds the C/C++ version.
Categories: lang
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===>   NOTICE:
The cocor port currently does not have a maintainer. As a result, it is
more likely to have unresolved issues, not be up-to-date, or even be removed in
the future. To volunteer to maintain this port, please create an issue at:
More information about port maintainership is available at:


Package Version Architecture Repository
cocor-1.7_3.txz 1.7 i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
cocor-1.7_3.txz 1.7 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
cocor-1.7_3.txz 1.7 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
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Binary Package cocor-1.7_3.txz
Source Package lang/cocor

Install Howto

Install cocor txz package:

# pkg install cocor

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