bogosort - Sort (or not) stdin using the bogo-sort algorithm

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Distribution FreeBSD 12
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64
Package filename bogosort-0.4.2_2.txz
Package name bogosort
Package version 0.4.2
Package release 2
Package architecture amd64
Package type txz
Category misc
License -
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Sort files or its standard input using the bogo-sort algorithm
described in the Jargon File <>.
A quote from the Jargon File 'bogo-sort' entry:
...The archetypical perversely awful algorithm (as opposed to
_bubble sort_, which is merely the generic bad algorithm).
_Bogo-sort_ is equivalent to repeatedly throwing a deck of cards
in the air, picking them up at random, and then testing whether
they are in order. It serves as a sort of canonical example of
awfulness. Looking at a program and seeing a dumb algorithm, one
might say "Oh, I see, this program uses _bogo-sort_." Esp.
appropriate for algorithms with factorial or super-exponential
running time in the average case and probabilistically infinite
worst-case running time. Compare _bogus_, _brute force_,
===>   NOTICE:
The bogosort port currently does not have a maintainer. As a result, it is
more likely to have unresolved issues, not be up-to-date, or even be removed in
the future. To volunteer to maintain this port, please create an issue at:
More information about port maintainership is available at:


Package Version Architecture Repository
bogosort-0.4.2_2.txz 0.4.2 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
bogosort-0.4.2_2.txz 0.4.2 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
bogosort-0.4.2_2.txz 0.4.2 i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
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indexinfo = 0.3.1


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Binary Package bogosort-0.4.2_2.txz
Source Package misc/bogosort

Install Howto

Install bogosort txz package:

# pkg install bogosort

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