FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64

Package Description
middleman-1.9.1_2.txz Robust proxy server
midi-matrix-lv2-0.22.0_1.txz LV2 'Midi Matrix' plugin bundle: 'Channel Filter'
midiomatic-lv2-0.1.0.b2.3.txz Collection of MIDI filter, generator and processor plugins
midipp-2.0.2_1.txz MIDI playback, recording, and live performance tool
midori-9.0.txz Lightweight web browser using WebKit browser engine
midpoint-4.0.txz Identity management and identity governance system
mifluz-0.26.0_1.txz C++ library to build and query a full text inverted index
migrate-3.6.11.txz Program to estimate population sizes and migration rates
mikmod-3.2.8.txz Mod player which plays MTM, STM, XM, MOD, S3M, ULT, UNI, and IT mods
mikutter-3.9.6.txz Simple, powerful, and moeful Twitter client
milkytracker-1.02.00_1.txz Music creation tool inspired by Fast Tracker 2
mill-0.5.2.txz Mill is a Java/Scala build tool
miller-5.4.0.txz Sed/awk/cut/join/sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV and JSON
milter-bogom-1.9.2_4.txz Simple sendmail milter to interface bogofilter
milter-callback-1.6.0_8.txz Milter to perform a envelope-from sender verification on target MX
milter-greylist-4.6.2_4.txz Easy-to-use greylist milter for sendmail and postfix
milter-manager-2.1.1_1.txz Super milter that can invoke several milters selectively
milter-regex-2.6.txz Milter plugin to sendmail for regular expression filtering
milton-1.9.1.txz Infinite-canvas paint program
mimalloc-1.1.0.txz General-purpose allocator with excellent performance characteristics
mime-construct-1.11_2.txz Construct and optionally send MIME messages from command line
mime-support-3.62.txz MIME Media Types list
mime4j-0.7.2_1.txz Java parser for e-mail message streams
mimedefang-2.83_2.txz Milter based anti-spam and anti-virus filtering program
mimelib-1.1.2_2.txz C++ class library for manipulating messages in MIME format
mimetex-20120331.1.74.txz CGI script that lets you embed LaTeX math in your HTML pages
mimir-2.15_1.txz Data-structure library used by the Elan Programming Environment
mimms-3.2.1.txz Download streams using the MMS protocol
min12xxw-0.0.9.txz Print driver for the Minolta PagePro 1(2/3/4)xxW printers
minc2-2.2.00_9,1.txz Medical Imaging NetCDF
minder-2.0.2_1.txz Small network application for automatic maintenance of peer lists
minder-app-1.5.0.txz Mind-mapping application
mindterm-binary-1.2.1_1.txz Full vt220 compatible Java SSH-1 client (not only for websites)
minecraft-client-1.7.9_5.txz Client for the block building game
mined-2015.25.txz Text mode editor with Unicode support
minerbold-1.4.txz Remake of Bolder Dash from BK-0010 with INSTEAD engine
minetest-5.0.1.txz Near-infinite-world block sandbox game
minetest_game-5.0.1.txz The main game for the Minetest game engine
ming-0.4.8.txz Flash 4/5 movie output library with many languages support
mingw32-bin-msvcrt-r4.0.3.1.a4.0.3.1.txz Headers and Libraries for Windows cross-development
mingw32-binutils-2.33.1,1.txz GNU binary tools
mingw32-directx-20020518_1.txz DirectX header files for use with MinGW
mingw32-gcc-4.8.1_4,1.txz FSF gcc-4 for Windows cross-development
mingw32-libffi-3.0.13_2.txz The libffi library cross-compiled for MinGW32
mingw32-libgmp-6.0.0_3.txz Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic (MinGW32)
mingw32-libyaml-0.1.6_2.txz The libyaml library cross-compiled for MinGW32
mingw32-openssl-1.0.2d_2.txz The OpenSSL library cross-compiled for MinGW32
mingw32-pdcurses-3.4_2.txz Curses and Panel terminal library for Windows
mingw32-pthreads-2.8.0_2.txz POSIX threads library for Windows compiled with MinGW32
mingw32-zlib-1.2.8_2.txz The zlib library cross-compiled for MinGW32
mini_httpd-1.30_2.txz Small HTTP server with support for GET, HEAD, POST, CGI, SSL, IPv6
mini_sendmail-1.3.9.txz Tiny MTA with only smart relay capability
minicom-2.7.1.txz MS-DOS Telix serial communication program "workalike"
minidlna-1.2.1_6,1.txz Media-server compatible with "Digital Life Network Alliance"
miniflux-2.0.18.txz Self-hosted software to read RSS/Atom/JSON feeds
minify-2.5.2_2.txz Go minifiers for web formats
minikube-1.5.2.txz Run Kubernetes locally
minilens-1.2_1.txz Puzzle platformer for gravity-oblivious aliens
minimalist-2.5.3.txz Minimalistic mailing list manager
minimap2-2.17.txz Pairwise aligner for genomic and spliced nucleotide sequences
minimunin-0.5.txz Tiny munin-node implementation written in pure bourne shell
minio-2019. Amazon S3 compatible object storage server
minio-client-2019. Replacement for ls, cp, mkdir, diff and rsync commands for filesystems
minipro-0.3_1.txz CLI for MiniPRO TL866xx chip programmers
minirsyslogd-1.02.txz Minimal, fast and secure syslog receiver
minisapserver-0.3.8_1.txz SAP and SLP announcement for the VLC Media Player
minisat-2.2.1_2.txz Minimalistic, open-source SAT solver
minised-1.15.txz Smaller, cheaper, faster sed implementation
miniserve-0.5.0_4.txz Ad-hoc HTTP server for file sharing
minisign-0.8.txz Simple tool to sign files and verify signatures
minissdpd-1.5.20180223.txz UPnP IGD discovery speed enhancer
minitube-2.9_5.txz TV-like client for YouTube
miniupnpc-2.1_1.txz UPnP IGD client lightweight library
miniupnpd-2.1.20190210,1.txz UPnP IGD implementation which uses pf/ipf
minixmlto-0.0.2_1.txz Minimalistic alternative to xmlto
minizip-1.2.11.txz Zip library and programs from Zlib distribution
mint-themes-0.0.41cf70d.txz Themes for the cinnamon desktop
mio2jack-g20180501.txz Expose Sndio MIDI ports to JACK
mips-binutils-2.33.1,1.txz GNU binary tools
mips-gcc-6.4.0_7.txz Cross GNU Compiler Collection for mips
mips-xtoolchain-gcc-0.4_1.txz Pre seeded toolchain to cross build FreeBSD base
mips64-binutils-2.33.1,1.txz GNU binary tools
mips64-gcc-6.4.0_7.txz Cross GNU Compiler Collection for mips64
mips64-xtoolchain-gcc-0.4_1.txz Pre seeded toolchain to cross build FreeBSD base
mir-core-0.2.1.txz base software building blocks and conventions
miracl-5.6_7,1.txz Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library
mirage- Fast and simple image viewer
miredo-1.2.6_6.txz Opensource Teredo (IPv6 tunneling) implementation
mirmon-2.11_1.txz Monitor the status of mirrors
mirrormagic-2.0.2_21.txz Arcade style game with stereo sound for X Window System
mirtk- Medical Image Registration ToolKit (MIRTK)
miruo-0.9.6b.txz Pretty-print TCP session monitor/analyzer
miscom-1.0.txz Atari "Missile Command" clone
missey-1.2.0_1.txz Secure small and high performance POP3 server
mit-scheme-9.2_4.txz MIT Scheme: includes runtime, compiler, and edwin binaries
mitmproxy-4.0.4_1.txz SSL-capable man-in-the-middle proxy
mixal-1.11.txz Assembler and interpreter for Donald Knuth's mythical MIX computer
mixer-1.0.txz Startup/shutdown script to preserve mixer settings across reboots Another mixer intended for the windowmaker dockapp
mixxx-2.2.2_2.txz DJ mixing application
mixxx21-2.1.8_5.txz DJ mixing application
mjpegtools-2.1.0_15.txz Set of tools to record/playback/edit videos in MPEG format
mk-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Macedonian dictionary
mk-configure-0.32.0.txz Lightweight, easy to use replacement for GNU autotools
mk-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz mk language pack for libreoffice
mk-livestatus-1.2.8p25_2.txz Nagios event broker module
mkbold-1.0_2.txz Perl script to make BDF font bold
mkbold-mkitalic-0.11_1.txz Programs to make BDF font bold/italic
mkcatalog-1.1.txz Maintenance utility for sgml catalog files
mkclean-0.8.7_2.txz Clean and optimize Matroska and WebM files
mkcomposecache-1.2.1.txz Program to create Compose cache files
mkcue-1.txz Generates CUE sheets from a CD TOC (Table Of Contents)
mkdesktop-3.4.txz Powerful, flexible utility to setup a FreeBSD desktop
mkfontscale-1.2.1.txz Creates an index of scalable font files for X
mkfwimage-r1_1.txz Ubiquiti Embedded Board Image Generator
mkgmap-r4373.txz Convert OpenStreetMap data into a Garmin format
mkgmap-splitter-r595.txz Tile splitter for mkgmap
mkhexgrid-0.1.1_19.txz Fully-configurable hex grid generator
mkitalic-1.0_2.txz Perl script to make BDF font italic
mkl-dnn-1.1.20191027.txz Intel(R) Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks
mknmz-wwwoffle-0.7.2_2.txz WWWOFFLE cache indexer for full-text search system Namazu
mkntpwd-1.0.txz Utility to create Samba password hashes
mkp224o-1.4.0.txz Vanity address generator for tor onion v3 (ed25519) hidden services
mkreadmes-1.3.txz Speedy substitute for "make readmes"
mksh-57.txz MirBSD Korn Shell
mktorrent-1.1_1.txz Command-line utility for creating BitTorrent metainfo files
mkvalidator-0.5.0.txz Command line tool to verify Matroska and WebM files
mkvtoolnix-40.0.0.txz Tools to extract from/get info about/create Matroska media streams
mkxvcd-2.0.2_12.txz Makes high quality X/K/S/VCD movies from many formats
ml-aspell-0.04.1.txz Aspell Malayalam dictionary
ml-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz ml language pack for libreoffice
ml1-4.12_1.txz Original general purpose macro processor
mlan3-1.00.txz Version 3.00 beta API for Dallas Semiconductors 1-wire lan devices
mlclock-1.1_3.txz Clock for mlvwm window manager
mldonkey-3.1.5_2.txz OCAML client for multiple peer-to-peer networks
mldonkey-core-3.1.5_2.txz Client 'core' for the MLDonkey peer-to-peer network
mldonkey-gui-3.1.5_2.txz OCAML/GTK GUI for the MLdonkey peer-to-peer network client
mle-1.4.2.txz Small, flexible, terminal-based text editor
mlmmj-1.3.0.txz Simple and slim mailing list manager
mlpack-3.0.1_9.txz Fast, flexible machine learning library
mls-1.3_1.txz Program for generating various statistics on emails
mlt-6.16.0_2.txz Multimedia framework for TV broadcasting
mlt-qt5-6.16.0.txz Qt 5 plugin for the MLT multimedia framework
mlterm-3.8.8.txz Multilingual X11 terminal emulator
mlton-20100608_8.txz Optimizing Standard ML compiler
mlvpn-2.3.1_2.txz Multi-link VPN
mm-1.4.2_1.txz Shared memory allocation library for pre-forked process models
mm-common-0.9.12.txz Common build infrastructure for the GNOME C++ binding libraries
mmail-0.52.txz Offline BBS mail packet reader supporting QWK/OMEN/SOUP/OPX/BLUEWAVE
mmake-2.3_1.txz Create a Makefile for Your Java files, ready to compile
mmc-utils-20181214.txz Userspace tools for MMC/SD devices
mmdb2-2.0.19.txz C++ toolkit for working with macromolecular coordinate files
mmencode-2.7.txz Translate to and from mail-oriented encoding formats
mmex-1.2.7_17.txz Free, open-source, easy-to-use personal finance software
mmix-20160804.txz RISC computer designed by Donald E. Knuth
mmr-1.6.0_1.txz Curses based MIME Mail Reader
mmsclient-0.0.3.txz Tool to download Microsoft Media streams
mmsrip-0.7.0.txz MMS ripper - a client for the proprietary protocol mms://
mmtf-cpp-1.0.0_2.txz C++ MMTF format API, decoder and encoder, for molecular structures
mmve-0.2.0.txz Mass MV Editor: move files with your text editor
mn-aspell-0.06.2,2.txz Aspell Mongolian dictionary
mn-freebsd-doc-53465,1.txz Mongolian translation of the FreeBSD Documentation Project
mn-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz mn language pack for libreoffice
mni-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz mni language pack for libreoffice
mnrpes-2014041501.txz MCollective and Rufus scheduler wrapper
moab-5.0.0_6.txz Component for representing and evaluating mesh data
moagg-1.95b_1.txz Pilot a small space ship
mobile-broadband-provider-info-20190618_1.txz Service mobile broadband provider database
moc-2.5.2_4.txz Console audio player designed to be powerful and easy to use
mod_amd-g20150926.txz Asterisk app_amd for FreeSWITCH
mod_authnz_crowd-2.2.2_11.txz Apache 2.2+ module to use Atlassian Crowd for authentication
mod_dav_svn-1.13.0.txz Apache module for subversion serving
mod_php71-7.1.33.txz PHP Scripting Language
mod_php72-7.2.24.txz PHP Scripting Language
mod_php73-7.3.11.txz PHP Scripting Language
mod_php74-7.4.0.r6.txz PHP Scripting Language
mod_webauth-4.7.0_1.txz Apache module for authenticating users with Kerberos v5
modd-0.8_1.txz Developer tool that runs processes and responds to filesystem changes
modlogan-0.8.13_17.txz Modular log file analysis program
modman-1.12.txz Modularize extensions using symlinks
modplugplay-1.0_3.txz Command-line music mod player using libmodplug
modsecurity3-3.0.3_3.txz Intrusion detection and prevention engine
modsecurity3-apache-0.0.9.b1.19_1.txz Intrusion detection and prevention engine / Apache Wrapper
modsecurity3-nginx-g20181129_1.txz Instruction detection and prevention engine / nginx Wrapper
modules-3.2.10_1.txz Dynamic modification of a user environment
modules2tuple-1.12.0.txz Generate GH_TUPLE from modules.txt
mog-0.6.0_1.txz Different take on the UNIX tool cat
mog-py27-0.6.0_1.txz Different take on the UNIX tool cat
mohawk-2.0.19_2.txz Simple and lightweight HTTP daemon
moinmoin-1.9.10.txz Easy to use, full-featured and extensible wiki software package
moinmoincli-4.6.0.txz Edit existing MoinMoin wiki pages from a command line
mol2ps-0.4b_4.txz Read molecular structure files and generate Postscript output
molequeue-0.9.0_3.txz Desktop integration of high performance computing resources
molgif-g20180108_1.txz Tool to create GIF animations of molecules
molsketch-0.6.0_1.txz 2D molecule editor
monast-1.4_3.txz Monitoring and an operator panel interface for AsteriskTM
mondulkiri-2_3.txz Mondulkiri Khmer fonts
monero-cli- Private, secure, untraceable, decentralised digital currency (CLI)
mongo-c-driver-1.8.1.txz C Driver for MongoDB
mongodb34-3.4.23.txz Distributed document-oriented "NoSQL" database
mongodb36-3.6.14.txz Distributed document-oriented "NoSQL" database
mongodb40-4.0.12.txz Distributed document-oriented "NoSQL" database
mongodb40-tools-4.0.8_2.txz Tools for MongoDB
mongoose-5.6.txz Small, fast, embeddable web server with CGI, SSL, Authorization
mongrel2-1.12.2.txz Is an application, language, and network arch
monit-5.26.0.txz Unix system management and proactive monitoring
monitord-0.4.1_4.txz Service that restarts other standalone services
monitoring-plugins-2.2_7.txz Monitoring Plugins for Nagios
monitorix-3.10.1.txz Web based monitoring system
monkeysphere-0.42.txz Use the OpenPGP web of trust to verify ssh connections
mono- Open source implementation of .NET Development Framework
mono-addins-1.3_1.txz Mono framework to create extensible applications
mono-basic-4.7.txz VisualBasic.NET support for Mono
monoid-0.61_1.txz Coding font with alternates, ligatures and contextual positioning
monotone-1.1_18.txz Distributed version control system with digital signatures
mons-0.8.2.txz POSIX shell script to quickly manage displays using XRandR
monster-masher-1.8.1_10.txz Gnomemm puzzle game where you have to clean the caves of monsters
monsterz-0.7.1_14.txz Monsterz - arcade puzzle game
montecarlo_fonts-1.0_3.txz Monospace font
montserrat-7.200_1.txz Sans-serif font inspired by the street signs of Montserrat
moo-1.5_1.txz Calculator that accepts C-like syntax as input
moodbar-1.1_2.txz Generates mood files from audio files
moodle35-php71-3.5.9.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle35-php72-3.5.9.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle35-php73-3.5.9.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle35-php74-3.5.9.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle36-php71-3.6.7.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle36-php72-3.6.7.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle36-php73-3.6.7.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle36-php74-3.6.7.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle37-php71-3.7.3.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle37-php72-3.7.3.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle37-php73-3.7.3.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moodle37-php74-3.7.3.txz Course management system based on social constructionism
moon-buggy-1.0.51_4.txz Drive a buggy across the moons surface
moonlander-1.0_14.txz Land a spacecraft on the moon
moonlight-embedded-2.4.10_1.txz Gamestream client
moony-lv2-0.28.0_1.txz Realtime Lua as programmable glue in LV2
moosefs2-cgi-2.0.91.txz MooseFS CGI interface
moosefs2-cgiserv-2.0.91.txz MooseFS CGI webserver
moosefs2-chunkserver-2.0.91.txz MooseFS data storage and synchronization component
moosefs2-cli-2.0.91.txz MooseFS command line interface
moosefs2-client-2.0.91.txz MooseFS client tools
moosefs2-master-2.0.91.txz Fault-tolerant distributed filesystem
moosefs2-metalogger-2.0.91.txz MooseFS metadata backup server
moosefs2-netdump-2.0.91.txz MooseFS network packet dump utility
moosefs3-cgi-3.0.103_1.txz MooseFS CGI interface
moosefs3-cgiserv-3.0.103_1.txz MooseFS CGI webserver
moosefs3-chunkserver-3.0.103_1.txz MooseFS data storage and synchronization component
moosefs3-cli-3.0.103_1.txz MooseFS command line interface