FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64

Package Description
tokyodystopia-0.9.15.txz Full-text search system based on Tokyo Cabinet
tokyopromenade-0.9.25.txz Content management system
tokyotyrant-1.1.41_2.txz Network interface of Tokyo Cabinet
tolua++-1.0.93_3.txz Extended version of tolua, a tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua
tolua-5.2.4.txz Tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua
tomboy-1.15.7_1.txz Personal note taking system for the GNOME desktop
tomboy-plugin-reminder-0.9.2_1.txz Automatically open notes at a given date and time
tomcat-native-1.2.21.txz Tomcat native library
tomcat7-7.0.92.txz Open-source Java web server by Apache, 7.x branch
tomcat85-8.5.47.txz Open-source Java web server by Apache, 8.5.x branch
tomcat9-9.0.27.txz Open-source Java web server by Apache, 9.0.x branch
tome4-1.6.0.txz Epic tactical turn-based roguelike adventure
tome4-beta-1.6.0.b7.txz Epic tactical turn-based roguelike adventure
tomee-1.7.4.txz Open-source Java EE Container by Apache
tomenet-4.6.0.txz Online multiplayer rogue-like role-playing game
tomsfastmath-0.13.1_4.txz Portable fixed precision math library for fast exponentiations
tong-1.3_2.txz Tetris and Pong in the same place at the same time
toolame-0.2l_1.txz Optimized mpeg 1/2 layer 2 audio encoder
toolboxkit-0.8_9.txz Toolbox bundle for GNUstep
toonel- Tunneling with data compression
topaz-3.41_2.txz Command driven graph plotting system for scientists and engineers
topcom-0.17.8.txz Computing triangulations of point configurations and oriented matroids
tophat-2.1.1.txz Fast splice junction mapper for RNA-Seq reads
topic-1.04.txz Topic markup parser
topless-1.52.txz Display command output on the whole screen like "top"
toppler-1.1.6.txz Climb a tower and avoid monsters
tor- Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
tor-devel- Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
torcs-1.3.7_4.txz Free open source racing car simulator
tornado-1.4_3.txz Ccurses-based game of weather destruction
tornova-0.2.3_1.txz Frontend for Tor
torque-2.5.13_2,1.txz Open source distributed computing resource manager based on PBS
torrent-0.8.2_12.txz Score points without letting the tiles touch the top of the board
torrent-file-editor-0.3.14_1.txz Qt-based GUI tool for creating and editing .torrent files
torrentcheck-1.00_1.txz Command-line torrent viewer and hash checker
torrentsniff-0.3.0_1.txz Commandline tool for getting status of torrent
torrentzip-0.2_3.txz Efficient way to prepare zipfiles for BitTorrent
torrus-2.09.txz Data Series Processing Framework - think mrtg with xml configs
torsocks-2.3.0_1.txz Easy way to make any app work through Tor
tortoisehg-5.1.txz GUI for Mercurial VCS
tosha-0.6_1.txz Read CD digital audio and video data via the SCSI bus
totd-1.5.1_1.txz DNS proxy that supports IPv6 <==> IPv4 record translation
totem-3.26.2_1.txz Gstreamer-based video player for the GNOME 3 Desktop
totem-pl-parser-3.26.1.txz GObject-based library to parse a host of playlist formats
totp-cli-1.1.8.txz Authy/Google Authenticator like TOTP CLI tool
tovid-0.35.2_7.txz Suite of tools for making DVD video disks
toxbot-g20180325_1.txz Groupchat control bot for Tox
toxcore-0.2.10_1,1.txz ProjectTox-Core library, a decentralized and secure messenger
toxic-0.8.3_2.txz Console client for Tox
toxins-g20180217_1.txz Collection of small programs using toxcore
toycars-0.3.10_8.txz Physics-based 2D racing game
tpasm-1.11.txz Cross-assembler for variety of microprocessors and controllers
tpb-0.6.4_13.txz On-Screen-Display for hotkeys of IBM ThinkPads
tpm-emulator-0.7.4_2.txz Trusted Platform Module (TPM) emulator
tpm-tools- Provides a basic set of TPM tools
tpm2-abrmd-2.2.0_1.txz TPM2 Access Broker & Resource Manager Deamon
tpm2-tools-4.0.txz TPM2 tools
tpm2-tss-2.3.1.txz TPM2 Software Stack core library
tpop3d-1.5.5_5.txz Virtual-domain capable POP3 server supporting MySQL, PgSQL etc auth
tr-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Turkish dictionary
tr-freebsd-doc-53465,1.txz Turkish translation of the FreeBSD Documentation Project
tr-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz tr language pack for libreoffice
trac-1.2.3.txz Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software projects
trac-OhlohWidgetsMacro-0.2_1.txz Trac macro to embed Ohloh widgets
trac-TracGantt-0.3.2a_8.txz Plugin to creates Gantt charts for trac
trac-TracGoogleAnalytics-0.2.4_3.txz Trac plugin to enable logging by Google Analytics
trac-TracSpamFilter-0.2.1_7.txz Allow different ways to reject contributions that contain spam
trac-accountmanager-0.5.17339,1.txz Account Manager Plugin for trac
trac-advancedticketworkflow-0.10.3940_3.txz Advanced Ticket Workflow Plugin for Trac
trac-attachmentpolicy- Provides delete permission to Trac normal user
trac-autocomplete-0.4.1_7.txz Plugin for autocompletion of user names in ticket fields
trac-bitten-0.6_3.txz Continuous integration for Trac
trac-bzr-20110228_4.txz Bazaar-NG plugin for Trac
trac-ccselector- Visually edit the Trac ticket CC field
trac-childtickets-2.5.2_2.txz Support for having child-tickets in Trac
trac-customfieldadmin-,1.txz Web interface to administer Trac ticket custom fields
trac-datefield-1.0.1_5.txz Plugin for creating date fields
trac-defaultcc-0.1_3.txz Plugin that adds default CC value for tickets
trac-devel-1.3.3.txz Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software projects
trac-discussion-0.7_3.txz Discussion forum plugin for Trac
trac-downloads- Trac plugin providing a downloads section
trac-email2trac-2.12.2.txz Convert email to trac tickets
trac-email2trac-postfix-2.12.2.txz Convert email to trac tickets
trac-estimator-0.1.1_5.txz Produce detailed range-based estimations for Trac tickets
trac-fivestarvote-0.1_5.txz Five star plugin for voting on Trac resources
trac-fullblog-0.1.1_3.txz Plugin that provides a project Blog
trac-fullblognotification-0.2.1_3.txz Plugin that provides a project Blog
trac-graphviz-0.7.4_9.txz Graphviz plugin for Trac's wiki
trac-iniadmin-0.2.3915_3.txz Edit all trac.ini option via the WebAdminPlugin
trac-keywords-0.2_4.txz Plugin for using pre-configured keywords
trac-keywordsecretticket-1.0.2.txz Ticket security policy based on keyword for Trac
trac-ldap- Trac plugin to use LDAP to store permissions
trac-ldapauthstore- Trac AccountManager plugin using LDAP authentication store
trac-math-0.1_8.txz Support for LaTeX math formulas in wiki pages
trac-mercurial- Plugin to use Mercurial instead of Subversion in Trac
trac-navadd-0.1_5.txz Plugin for adding navigation items into Trac navigation bars
trac-permredirect-3.0_1.txz Redirect users to the login screen on PermissionError
trac-privatetickets-2.3.0.txz Modified ticket security for Trac
trac-pydotorgtheme-2.0_5.txz Theme that emulates the look of
trac-scrumburndown-1.9.2_5.txz Plugin to enable Scrum burndown chart capabilities
trac-subtickets- Offers sub-ticket feature for managing tickets
trac-tags-0.7.r11504_3.txz Generic tags frontend for trac
trac-themeengine-2.1.3_2.txz Plugin to simplify distributing and deploying themes and styles
trac-ticketimport-0.7c_4.txz Import or update tickets from a CSV file or Excel file
trac-tickettemplate-0.7_3.txz Plugin for making ticket templates
trac-timingandestimation-1.0.8b_3.txz Add estimation and time tracking functionality to Trac
trac-tocmacro- Table of contents macro
trac-tracdragdrop- Provides extends attachments list of Trac
trac-tweakui-0.1.7413_3.txz Easily tweak Trac pages with JavaScript expressions
trac-vote-0.1.2_4.txz Plugin for voting on Trac resources
trac-watchlist-1.0.11526_4.txz Watchlist feature for wikis and tickets of Trac
trac-wikigoodies-0.3.3522_3.txz Plugin for Trac which extends the Wiki with some goodies
trac-wikinotificationplugin-0.2.1_5.txz Allow email notifications on wiki page changes
trac-wikitemplates-0.3.0p3_6.txz Templates for the Trac wiki
trac-wikitopdf-2.2.2_7.txz Plugin to generate PDF documents from the Wiki
trac-wysiwyg-0.4.11508_2.txz WYSIWYG editor for Trac wiki
trac-xmlrpc-1.1.2.r13203_2.txz Provides an XML-RPC interface to Trac
trackballs-1.3.1_3.txz SDL-based Marble Madness clone
tracker-2.0.4_5.txz Object database, tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer
tracker-miners-2.0.5_10.txz Miners for tracker2
tractorgen-0.31.7_2.txz Generates ASCII tractors
tradcpp-0.5.3.txz Traditional (K&R-style) C preprocessor
traefik-1.7.19.txz High availability reverse proxy and load balancer
traff-0.7_1.txz Libpcab based fast traffic accounting program
trafficserver-8.0.2_1.txz Fast, scalable and extensible HTTP proxy server
trafshow-5.2.3_3,1.txz Full screen visualization of network traffic
trafshow3-3.1_7,1.txz Full screen visualization of network traffic (an ancient version)
traingame-0.3_21.txz Game about Trains
tramp-emacs26-2.3.0_7.txz Transparent remote file access tool for Emacs
tramp-emacs26_canna-2.3.0_7.txz Transparent remote file access tool for Emacs
tramp-emacs26_nox-2.3.0_7.txz Transparent remote file access tool for Emacs
tramp-emacs27-2.3.0_7.txz Transparent remote file access tool for Emacs
tramp-emacs27_nox-2.3.0_7.txz Transparent remote file access tool for Emacs
trang-20181222.txz Multi-format schema converter based on RELAX NG
trans-1.20.txz Character encoding converter generator
transcalc-0.14_12.txz Analysis and synthesis tool for RF and microwave transmission lines
transcode-1.1.7_40.txz Text-console utility for video stream processing
transfig-3.2.5e_4.txz Tools to convert Xfig .fig files
translate-1.20.txz Translates string using Google Translate
translate-toolkit-2.4.0.txz Converts between many translation formats
transmission-2.94_4.txz Meta-port for Transmission BitTorrent client
transmission-cli-2.94_5.txz Meta-port for Transmission BitTorrent client
transmission-daemon-2.94_3.txz Meta-port for Transmission BitTorrent client
transmission-gtk-2.94_5.txz Meta-port for Transmission BitTorrent client
transmission-qt5-2.94_9.txz Meta-port for Transmission BitTorrent client
transmission-remote-gui-gtk2-5.17.0_1.txz Remote GUI for transmission daemon
transmission-remote-gui-qt5-5.17.0_1.txz Remote GUI for transmission daemon
transmission-web-2.94_5.txz Meta-port for Transmission BitTorrent client
transproxy-1.6.txz Transparent HTTP proxy for ipfw's fwd rule or IPFILTER's ipnat command
transset-1.0.2_2,1.txz Make your windows transparent
traverso-0.49.6_1.txz Digital audio workstation (DAW) with an innovative user interface
trayer-1.1.8.txz Lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop
tree-1.8.0.txz Display a tree-view of directories with optional color or HTML output
treeform-1.0.3.txz Linguistic Syntax/Semantics tree drawing editor
treekin-0.5.1_1.txz Efficient computation of RNA folding dynamics
treeline-3.1.1.txz Structured information storage program
treepuzzle-5.2.txz Maximum likelihood phylogeny reconstruction using quartets
treepy.el-emacs26-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treepy.el-emacs26_canna-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treepy.el-emacs26_nox-0.1.1_1.txz Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp
treesheets-1.0.2.txz Free form data organizer
treewm-0.4.5_6.txz Window manager that arranges windows in a tree
trellis-g20190422_2.txz Documenting the Lattice ECP5 bit-stream format
tremulous-1.1.0_12.txz Free FPS game featuring two opposing teams: humans and aliens
trenchbroom-2.0.0.b_8.txz Cross-platform level editor for Quake-engine based games
trezord-2.0.25.txz TREZOR Communication Daemon aka TREZOR Bridge
triangle-1.6_5.txz Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator
tribler-6.5.2_15.txz Streaming capable P2P network client based on BitTorrent
trickle-1.07_7.txz Lightweight, portable bandwidth shaper
trigger-rally- Rally car racing game
trimadap-0.1.3.txz Trim adapter sequences from Illumina data using heuristic rules
trimines-1.3.0_7.txz Mine sweeper game that uses triangles instead of squares
trimmomatic-0.39.txz Flexible read trimming tool for Illumina NGS data
trinokiller-1.0.txz Remotely kill trino nodes
trio-1.16_1.txz Fully matured and stable set of printf and string functions
triplane-1.08.r20130224_3.txz Port of the original Triplane Turmoil game
tripwire- File system security and verification program
triton-guesttools- FreeBSD guest tools for use with SmartOS
trlan-201009_11.txz Thick-restart Lanczos method for eigenproblems
trn-3.6.txz Threaded Read News newsreader
trn4-4.0.b77.txz Version 4.0 of the threaded readnews newsreader
trojita-0.7_9.txz Fast cross-platform IMAP e-mail client using Qt 5 toolkit
trojka-1.0_1.txz Game of skill
trommler-3.8_5.txz GTK+2 based drum machine
trophy-2.0.3_4.txz Single player racing game
trousers-0.3.14_2.txz Open-source TCG Software Stack
truc-0.12.0_3.txz Web-based tool for requirement and use case tracking
trueos-libqt5-20171003_2.txz TrueOS QT5 Library
trueprint-5.4_2.txz Print program listings on postscript printer
trustedqsl-2.4_3.txz Amateur Radio Station electronic trusted logbook
tryton28-2.8.12_1.txz Tryton Application Platform (Gtk+ Client)
trytond28-2.8.13_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Server)
trytond28_account-2.8.8_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Module)
trytond28_account_asset-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Asset Module)
trytond28_account_be-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Belgian Account Chart)
trytond28_account_invoice-2.8.8_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice Module)
trytond28_account_invoice_history-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice History Module)
trytond28_account_invoice_line_standalone-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Invoice Line Standalone Module)
trytond28_account_product-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Product Module)
trytond28_account_statement-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Statement Module)
trytond28_account_stock_anglo_saxon-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Stock Anglo Saxon Module)
trytond28_account_stock_continental-2.8.1_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Account Stock Continental Module)
trytond28_analytic_account-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Account Module)
trytond28_analytic_invoice-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Invoice Module)
trytond28_analytic_purchase-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Purchase Module)
trytond28_analytic_sale-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Analytic Sale Module)
trytond28_calendar-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Module)
trytond28_calendar_classification-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Classification Module)
trytond28_calendar_scheduling-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Scheduling Module)
trytond28_calendar_todo-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Calendar Todo Module)
trytond28_carrier-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Module)
trytond28_carrier_percentage-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Percentage Module)
trytond28_carrier_weight-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Carrier Weight Module)
trytond28_company-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Company Module)
trytond28_company_work_time-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Company Work Time Module)
trytond28_country-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Country Module)
trytond28_currency-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Currency Module)
trytond28_dashboard-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Dashboard Module)
trytond28_google_maps-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Google Maps Module)
trytond28_ldap_authentication-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Authentication Module)
trytond28_ldap_connection-2.8.0_4.txz Tryton Application Platform (LDAP Connection Module)
trytond28_party-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Party Module)
trytond28_party_siret-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Party Siret Module)
trytond28_party_vcarddav-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Party VCardDAV Module)
trytond28_product-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Module)
trytond28_product_attribute-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Attribute Module)
trytond28_product_cost_fifo-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost Fifo Module)
trytond28_product_cost_history-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Cost History Module)
trytond28_product_measurements-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Measurements Module)
trytond28_product_price_list-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Product Price List Module)
trytond28_production-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Production Module)
trytond28_project-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Module)
trytond28_project_invoice-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Invoice Module)
trytond28_project_plan-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Plan Module)
trytond28_project_revenue-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Project Revenue Module)
trytond28_purchase-2.8.4_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Module)
trytond28_purchase_invoice_line_standalone-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Invoice Line Standalone Module)
trytond28_purchase_shipment_cost-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Purchase Shipment Cost Module)
trytond28_sale-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Module)
trytond28_sale_opportunity-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Opportunity Module)
trytond28_sale_price_list-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Price List Module)
trytond28_sale_shipment_cost-2.8.0_3.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Shipment Cost Module)
trytond28_sale_supply-2.8.4_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Supply Module)
trytond28_sale_supply_drop_shipment-2.8.4_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Sale Supply Drop Shipment Module)
trytond28_stock-2.8.9_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Module)
trytond28_stock_forecast-2.8.2_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Forecast Module)
trytond28_stock_inventory_location-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Inventory Location Module)
trytond28_stock_location_sequence-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Location Sequence Module)
trytond28_stock_lot-2.8.1_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Lot Module)
trytond28_stock_product_location-2.8.3_2.txz Tryton Application Platform (Stock Product Location Module)