FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64

Package Description
showkey-1.7.txz Display cooked key sequences (keycap-to-keystrokes mappings)
shtk-1.6.txz Application toolkit for POSIX-compliant shell scripts
shtool-2.0.8.txz The GNU Portable Shell Tool
shttpd-1.42.txz Small, fast, embeddable web server with CGI, SSL, Authorization
shttpscanner-0.4.txz Simple HTTP scanner
shuffle-20010603.txz Produce random permutations
shuffle-db-1.0.r1_1.txz IPod shuffle database builder
shx-0.2.4_2.txz Text based Hotline Communications client for Unix
si-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz si language pack for libreoffice
sic-0.23a.txz Another 'Internet Relay Chat' Client
sid-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz sid language pack for libreoffice
sidplay-1.0.9.txz Commodore SID-chip emulator that plays SID music files
sidplay2-2.0.9_4.txz Commodore SID music player using libsidplay2
sidplayer-4.4_9.txz C64 SID tune player
sie-nmsg-1.2.0.txz SIE message module plugin for libnmsg
siege-4.0.4.txz HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility
siegfried-1.7.13.txz File identification tool
siesta-4.0.2_3.txz Program to perform efficient electronic structure calculations
sieve-connect-0.90.txz Command-line client for the MANAGESIEVE protocol
sift-0.9.0_5.txz Fast and powerful open source alternative to grep
sig2dot-0.35.txz GPG/PGP Keyring Graph Generator
sigar-1.7.3_2.txz Sigar system information API
sigil-0.9.18.txz WYSIWYG ePub editor
signify-0.7_4,1.txz Create and verify cryptographic signatures
signing-party-2.10.txz Various OpenPGP related tools
signon-kwallet-extension-19.08.3.txz KWallet integration for signon framework
signon-plugin-oauth2-0.24_3.txz Signon OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 plugin for accounts-sso
signon-qt5-8.58_3.txz D-Bus service performing user authentication
signon-ui-0.17_4.txz Component for handling accounts-sso user interactions
sigrok-cli-0.7.1.txz Framework for hardware logic analyzers, CLI client
sigrok-firmware-20150123.txz Sigrok firmware
sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw-0.1.7.txz Cypress FX2 firmware for hardware logic analyzers
sigrok-firmware-utils-20140418_2.txz Sigrok firmware extraction utils
sigrot-1.0.txz Util to rotate your mail/news signature
sigslot-1.0.0.txz C++ Signal/Slot Library
silc-toolkit-1.1.12_1.txz Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC) network toolkit
silentbob-3.0_1.txz Yet another sourcecode indexing tool
silgraphite-2.3.1_4.txz Font engine for complex non-Roman writing systems
silicon-0.1.124.txz High performance, middleware oriented C++14 http web framework
silktools-3.18.3.txz Tools for large-scale network capture analysis
silo-4.10.2_13.txz Mesh and field I/O library and scientific database
silvercity-0.9.7_2.txz Lexing package for over 20 programming and markup languages
sim4-2003.09.21_1.txz Algorithm for aligning expressed DNA with genomic sequences
simage-1.7.0_6.txz Library with image format loaders and front-ends
simavr-1.3_1.txz Simulator for several Atmel AVR chips
simbody-3.6.1_5.txz Multibody dynamics library for (bio)mechanical systems simulation
simd-viterbi-2.0.3_1.txz Fast Viterbi CODEC library
simdock-1.2_10.txz Fast and customizable dockbar
simgear-2019.1.1.txz Toolkit for 3D games and simulations
simh-3.9.0_3.txz Emulates classic DEC, HP, GRI, IBM, Altair, SDS, Honeywell, and others
simint-0.8.txz Obara-Saika (OS) method of calculating electron repulsion integrals
simlib-3.06.txz SIMulation LIBrary for C++ programming language
simpleirc-1.2.txz Extremely simple IRC client
simplemod-1.1_1.txz Minimalistic module player
simpleproxy-3.4_1.txz Simple TCP proxy
simplescreenrecorder- Screen video recorder
simplestroke-1.2.1.txz Detect mouse gestures
simplevaders-0.8.1.txz Space-Invaders like 2D space shooter
simpleviewer-2.92_7.txz Small and simple OpenGL image viewer with transparency support
simscan-1.4.0_8.txz Fast Content/Anti-virus Scanner for qmail Written in C
simsmith-9.9.txz A Java-based Smith Chart program
simsu-1.3.8.txz Basic Sudoku game
simutrans-120.2.2.txz Transport Simulator
since-1.1.txz View the end of a file like tail(1), but save state between sessions
singular-4.1.1_1.txz Computer algebra system for polynomial computations
siod-3.4.txz Small footprint implementation of the Scheme programming language
sipcalc-1.1.6.txz IP subnet calculator with IPv6 support
sipp-3.5.1_5.txz SIP benchmarking and testing tool
siproxd-0.8.2.txz Proxy/masquerading daemon for the SIP protocol
sipsak-0.9.6.txz Small command line tool for SIP testing
sirc-2.211_2.txz Small (150k), fast, perl-based IRC client
siren-0.9_1.txz Text-based audio player
siril-0.9.10_7.txz Astronomical image processing software
sisc-1.16.6_2.txz Extensible Java-based Scheme interpreter
sitecopy-0.16.6_5.txz Maintains remote websites, uses FTP or WebDAV to sync up w/ local copy
sjeng-11.2_2.txz Chess engine supporting chess variations
sjitter-0.18.1b.txz Client/server jitter measurement utility
sk-aspell-2.01.2,1.txz Aspell Slovak dictionary
sk-hunspell-20110228_1.txz Slovak hunspell dictionaries
sk-hyphen-2004.04.15_1.txz Slovak hyphenation rules
sk-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz sk language pack for libreoffice
sk-mythes-2019.03.20.txz Slovak thesaurus
sk1-2.0.txz Professional quality illustration program
sk1libs-0.9.1_2.txz Set of python libraries for sK1 Project
skalibs- General purpose C libraries used by software
skanlite- Simple image scanning application
sketchy-20070218_1.txz Interpreter for purely applicative Scheme
ski-6.13.txz Skiing simulation with curses interface in python
skinlf-6.7.txz Allows Java developers to write skinnable applications in Swing
skippy-xd-0.5.0_2.txz Full-screen Expose-style standalone task switcher for X11
skrooge-2.20.0_1.txz Personal finance manager
sks-1.1.6.txz Synchronizing Key Server, a fast OpenPGP keyserver
skstream-0.3.9_8.txz iostream based C++ socket library
skyeye-1.2.5_7.txz Environment simulates typical ARM-base embedded computer systems
skypat-3.1.1.txz C++ unit and performance testing framework
skyutils-2.9_5.txz Library required by smssend (same author)
sl-5.02.txz Steam locomotive runs across the screen if you type "sl" instead of "ls"
sl-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Slovenian dictionary
sl-gimp-help-html-2.8.2_1.txz GIMP User Manual in Slovenian
sl-hyphen-2007.01.27_1.txz Slovenian hyphenation rules
sl-libreoffice-6.3.3.txz sl language pack for libreoffice
sl-mythes-2016.06.30.txz Slovenian thesaurus
sl2tps-0.4.2_2.txz Simple L2TP server based on libpdel(3) and netgraph(4)
slack-0.15.2_2.txz Configuration management system designed to appeal to lazy admins
slack-term-0.4.1_1.txz Slack client for your terminal
slapd-cyrus-1.00_2.txz Slapd backend to translate DIT into Cyrus configuration
slashem-tty-0.0.7E.7F.3.txz Dungeon explorin', slashin', hackin' game
slatec-4.1_12.txz SLATEC Common Mathematical Library
slclust-2010.02.02.txz Single-linkage clustering with Jaccard similarity
sleef-3.4.0_1.txz SIMD Library for Evaluating Elementary Functions, vectorized libm
slepc-3.10.1_3.txz Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations
sleuth-1.4.4.txz Tool for checking, and diagnosing DNS zones
sleuthkit-4.7.0.txz Tools and library for filesystem forensic analysis
slf4j-1.7.21.txz Simple facade or abstraction for various logging frameworks
slgrace-0.2.2_10.txz SLang module to plot graphs with grace
slib-3b5_1.txz Portable scheme library
slib-guile-3b4.txz SLIB installation for Guile
slib-guile2-3b4_1.txz SLIB installation for Guile
slibtool-0.5.28.txz Skinny libtool implementation, written in C
slick-greeter-1.2.7_1.txz A slick-looking LightDM greeter
sliderule-1.0_9.txz The part of X11R3's xcalc featuring a slide rule
slides-3.4.0_1.txz Doctype and stylesheets for making slides
slim-1.3.6_18.txz Graphical login manager for X11, derived from
slim-freebsd-black-theme-1.2_1.txz Simple FreeBSD SLiM theme inspired on the FreeBSD SLiM theme
slim-freebsd-themes-1.0.txz FreeBSD Theme pack for SLiM login app
slim-themes-1.0.1_1.txz Theme pack for SLiM login app
slime-emacs26-2.23_2.txz Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
slime-emacs26_canna-2.23_2.txz Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
slime-emacs26_nox-2.23_2.txz Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
slime-emacs27-2.23_2.txz Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
slime-emacs27_nox-2.23_2.txz Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
slisp-1.2_1.txz Simple Lisp interpreter
sloccount-2.26_1.txz Counts physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC)
slock-1.4_2.txz Simple X screen locker
slony1v2-2.2.8.txz PostgreSQL master to multiple replicas replication system
slop-7.4_6.txz Make a screen selection and print the selection coordinates to stdout
slowcgi-6.3.20180905_1.txz FastCGI interface for old CGI programs
slowhttptest-1.8.txz Application Layer DoS attack simulator for pentesting
slowloris-0.7_2.txz The low bandwidth, yet greedy and poisonous HTTP client
slrn-1.0.3a_1.txz SLang-based newsreader
slrnface-2.1.1_6.txz Shows X-Faces from slrn in X11 terminal emulator
sls-1.00.txz List information about file(s) and directories
slst-0.2_1.txz Generates syslog statistics to detect tendencies and unexpected change
slump-0.003.02.txz Fork of SLIGE that is optimized for making FreeDoom maps
slune-1.0.16.txz 3D racing game with car-crashing and lots of action
slurm-wlm- Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
slurp-1.2.0_1.txz Select a region in a Wayland compositor
slurpie-2.0b_1.txz Passwd file cracker (supports distributed nodes)
slush-0.1.1_1.txz Telnet-like application which uses a secure SSL channel
sma-1.4.txz Program that analyses Sendmail log entries
smake-1.2.5.txz Portable make program with automake features
smalltalk-3.2.5_14.txz GNU Smalltalk
smart-0.0.11.txz Output disk SMART values
smartirc4net-1.1_1.txz Multi-layered IRC library
smartmontools-7.0_2.txz S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring tools
smarty-php71-2.6.31.txz PHP compiling template engine
smarty-php72-2.6.31.txz PHP compiling template engine
smarty-php73-2.6.31.txz PHP compiling template engine
smarty-php74-2.6.31.txz PHP compiling template engine
smarty3-php71-3.1.32.txz PHP compiling template engine
smarty3-php72-3.1.32.txz PHP compiling template engine
smarty3-php73-3.1.32.txz PHP compiling template engine
smarty3-php74-3.1.32.txz PHP compiling template engine
smb_auth-0.05_10.txz Proxy authentication module against an SMB server
smbftpd-2.4_1.txz FTP daemon using Samba-like share management mechanism
smc-4.3.0_2.txz The State Machine Compiler
smcroute-2.1.0.txz Static multicast routing tool
smenu-0.9.15.txz Terminal utility to interactively filter text
smfsav-1.4.0_4.txz Sendmail Sender Address Validator
smfsav-devel-2.1_2.txz Sendmail Sender Address Validator
smhasher-1.0_1.txz Hash Algorithm Benchmarking
smi-1.4_2.txz Simple Markdown Interpreter / filter for simplified markup dialect
smithwaterman-g20160702.txz Smith-waterman-gotoh alignment algorithm
smlnj-110.91.txz Compiler and tools for Standard ML (SML '97)
smm++-6.1.1_1.txz Graphical mudclient with mapper
smokeping-2.7.3_1.txz Latency logging and graphing system
smoldyn-2.61.txz Biochemical simulator for molecular diffusion, surface interactions
smp_utils-0.98_1.txz Utilities to send SAS Serial Management Protocol requests
smpeg-0.4.4_15.txz Free MPEG1 video player library with sound support
smpeg2-2.0.0_4.txz Free MPEG1 video player library with sound support
smplayer-19.5.0.txz Complete front-end based on Qt for mplayer
smplayer-skins-15.2.0_1,1.txz Skins for SMPlayer (Skinnable GUI)
smplayer-themes-18.6.0,1.txz Themes for SMPlayer
smproxy-1.0.6.txz Session Manager Proxy
sms_client-3.0.2_3.txz Simple UNIX SMS client to send messages to phones or pagers
smssend-3.5_2.txz Tool to send a SMS to any GSM
smstools-3.1.21.txz SMS Gateway software for GSM modems and mobile phones
smtp-cli-3.6.txz Powerful SMTP command line client
smtpfeed-1.23.txz SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliverer for Sendmail
smtpmail-0.4.5.txz Tool to send e-mail via a remote smtp server
smtprc-2.0.3.txz Scanner for open SMTP relays
smtprelay-1.3.0_2.txz Simple Go SMTP relay/proxy server
smtpscan-0.5_2.txz Remote SMTP server version detector
smtptrapd-1.6.txz RFC 2821 compliant SMTP service that always returns a 4xx soft error
smtube-18.9.0_3.txz SMPlayer YouTube browser
smu-1.5.txz Simple interpreter for a simplified markdown dialect
smurflog-2.1_1.txz Program to assist logging of smurf attacks
smv- Symbolic Model Verifier System for checking finite state systems
snack-2.2.10_7.txz Sound toolkit for scripting languages
snakemake-5.8.0.txz Workflow management system
snap-1.01,1.txz Tools for periodic and manual management of UFS2 snapshots
snap7-1.4.2.txz Multi-platform Ethernet S7 PLC communication suite
snappy-1.1.6_1.txz Fast compressor/decompressor library
snappyjava- Fast compressor/decompressor library
snappyplayer-1.0_1.txz Open source gstreamer media player
snarf-7.0.txz Another small command-line URL (http/ftp/gopher/finger) fetcher
snd-15.7_4.txz Multitracking sound editor and utilities
sndio-1.6.0.txz Small audio and MIDI framework from the OpenBSD project
snes9x-gtk-1.54.1_6.txz Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Emulator
sngrep-1.4.6.txz SIP Packet display and capture
sniff-1.0.txz Program to sniff logins and passwords
sniffit-0.3.7b_4.txz Packet sniffer program. For educational use
sniproxy-0.6.0.txz Proxy that routes based on TLS server name extension
snmp_exporter-0.14.0_1.txz SNMP Exporter for Prometheus
snmptt-1.4_1.txz SNMP trap handler/translator/swiss-army-knife
snns-4.3_1.txz Fully featured neural network simulator
snobol4-2.0.txz Port of Macro SNOBOL4, supports full SNOBOL4 plus SPITBOL
snoopy-2.4.6.txz Log every executed command to syslog
snooze-0.3.txz Run a command at a particular time
snorenotify-0.7.0_2.txz Multi platform Qt notification framework
snort-2.9.15.txz Lightweight network intrusion detection system
snort-rep-1.10_1.txz Snort reporting tool that can produce text or HTML from logs
snort2pfcd-2.0.txz Snort alert to pf blocker
snortsam-2.70_1.txz SnortSam is a output plugin for Snort
snortsnarf-1.0_1,1.txz Generate HTML report summaries from snort incident alerts
sntop-1.4.3_1.txz Monitor status of network nodes using fping
snzip-1.0.4_1.txz Compression/decompression tool based on snappy library
so-hunspell-1.0.2_1.txz Somali hunspell dictionaries
so-synth-lv2-1.4.1.txz Unofficial LV2 ports of 50m30n3's synthesizers
sobby-0.4.8_5.txz Standalone obby server
socat- Multipurpose relay and more
soci-3.2.2_17.txz C++ Database Access Library
sock-0.4.2.txz W. Richard Stevens' sock program plus IPv6 and SCTP
sockaddr-g20180320.txz Command line utility for querying IP information
socket-1.2.txz Create TCP socket and connect to stdin/out
socket_wrapper-1.1.9.txz Library passing all socket communications through unix sockets
socketapi-2.2.16.txz Socket API library for the SCTPLIB user-space SCTP implementation
socketbind-1.txz Library to bind applications on multihomed machines to specific IP address
socketpipe-1.10.txz Zero overhead remote process plumbing
socketw- Cross platform C++ streaming socket library
socklog-2.1.0_1.txz Small and secure replacement for syslogd
sofa-20180130.txz Set of algorithms and procedures used in fundamental astronomy
sofia-sip-1.12.11_2.txz Open-source SIP User-Agent library
softether-4.29.9680_4.txz SoftEther VPN 4 (RTM version)
softether-devel-4.30.9700.b_1.txz Softether VPN 4 (stable beta version)
softether5-5.01.9671_1.txz SoftEther VPN 5 (Developer Edition)
softflowd-0.9.9_1.txz Flow-based network traffic analyzer and exporter
softhsm2-2.5.0_2.txz Software implementation of a Hardware Security Module (HSM)
sogo2-2.3.23_6.txz Groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards
sogo2-activesync-2.3.23_6.txz Groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards