FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64

Package Description
rubygem-selenium-webdriver-3.142.6.txz Tool for writing automated tests of websites
rubygem-semantic-ui-sass- Semantic UI, converted to Sass and ready to drop into Rails & Compass
rubygem-semantic_puppet-1.0.2.txz Library for working with Semantic Versions and module dependencies
rubygem-semi_semantic-1.2.0.txz Library for parsing/formatting/comparing semi-semantic versions
rubygem-semver2-3.4.2.txz Maintain semantic versions
rubygem-semverse-2.0.0.txz Library to represent and compare SemVer versions and constraints
rubygem-sentry-raven-2.9.0.txz Client interface for the Sentry error logger
rubygem-sentry-raven25-2.5.3.txz Client interface for the Sentry error logger
rubygem-sequel-5.15.0.txz Database Toolkit for Ruby
rubygem-serialport-1.3.1_1.txz Library for using RS-232 serial ports
rubygem-serverengine-2.1.1.txz Framework to implement robust multiprocess servers
rubygem-serverspec-2.41.4.txz Test suite for server configuration
rubygem-settingslogic-2.0.9.txz Gem to use YAML and singleton design paterns
rubygem-sexp_processor-4.11.0.txz Generic sexp processing tools
rubygem-shell2html-0.0.6.txz Ruby lib for transforming bash colors into html
rubygem-shellany-0.0.1.txz MRI+JRuby compatible command output capturing
rubygem-shellplay-0.1.9_1.txz CLI tool for shell-based presentations
rubygem-shoulda-3.6.0.txz Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
rubygem-shoulda-context-1.2.2.txz Context framework extracted from Shoulda
rubygem-shoulda-matchers-3.1.2.txz Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
rubygem-sidekiq-5.2.7.txz Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby
rubygem-sidekiq-bulk-0.2.0.txz Augment Sidekiq job classes with a push_bulk method
rubygem-sidekiq-cron-1.1.0.txz Enables to set jobs to be run in specified time (using CRON notation)
rubygem-sidekiq-scheduler-3.0.0.txz Lightweight job scheduler extension for Sidekiq
rubygem-sidekiq-unique-jobs-5.0.11.txz Ensure only a single copy of a job is in Redis
rubygem-sidetiq-0.7.2_1.txz Recurring jobs for Sidekiq
rubygem-sigdump-0.2.4.txz Setup signal handler which dumps backtrace of running threads
rubygem-signet-0.12.0.txz OAuth 1.0 / OAuth 2.0 implementation
rubygem-simple-navigation-4.0.5_1.txz Create navigations for Rails, Sinatra or Padrino applications
rubygem-simple-navigation-rails50-4.0.5_1.txz Create navigations for Rails, Sinatra or Padrino applications
rubygem-simple-rss-1.3.1.txz Simple, flexible, extensible, and liberal RSS and Atom reader for Ruby
rubygem-simple_form-4.0.0.txz Forms made easy
rubygem-simple_form-rails5-4.1.0.txz Forms made easy
rubygem-simple_form-rails50-4.1.0.txz Forms made easy
rubygem-simple_oauth-0.3.1.txz Builds and verifies OAuth headers
rubygem-simplecov-0.16.1.txz Powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites
rubygem-simplecov-html-0.10.2.txz Default HTML formatter for SimpleCov
rubygem-simpleidn-0.1.1.txz Easy conversion from IDNA strings to unicode strings and vice-versa
rubygem-sinatra-2.0.7.txz Classy web development framework in ruby
rubygem-sinatra-contrib-2.0.7.txz Collection of useful Sinatra extensions
rubygem-sinatra-contrib1-1.4.7_2.txz Collection of useful Sinatra extensions
rubygem-sinatra-r18n-3.2.0.txz Sinatra extension that provides i18n support to your web application
rubygem-sinatra-respond_to-0.9.0_1.txz Respond_to style Rails block for Sinatra
rubygem-sinatra1-1.4.8.txz Classy web development framework in ruby
rubygem-six-0.2.1.txz Very simple authorization gem
rubygem-sixarm_ruby_unaccent-1.2.0.txz Replaces accented characters with unaccented characters
rubygem-skiptrace-0.8.1.txz Bindings for your Ruby exceptions
rubygem-slack-notifier-2.3.2.txz Ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
rubygem-slack-notifier1-1.5.1.txz Ruby wrapper for posting to slack webhooks
rubygem-slim-4.0.1.txz Template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to essential parts
rubygem-slop-4.6.2.txz Simple DSL for gathering options and parsing the command line
rubygem-slop3-3.6.0.txz Simple DSL for gathering options and parsing the command line
rubygem-smart_proxy_chef-0.2.0.txz Chef Plug-In for Foreman\'s Smart Proxy
rubygem-smart_proxy_dynflow-0.2.1.txz Plugin to use Dynflow in Foreman Smart Proxy
rubygem-smart_proxy_remote_execution_ssh-0.2.0.txz SSH remote execution provider for foreman-proxy
rubygem-smart_proxy_salt-2.1.9.txz SaltStack Plug-In for Foreman's Smart Proxy
rubygem-smashing-1.1.0_1.txz Sinatra-based framework for building dashboards
rubygem-snappy-0.0.17_2.txz Snappy binding for Ruby
rubygem-snmp-1.2.0.txz SNMP library for Ruby
rubygem-snowplow-tracker-0.6.1.txz Tracker to collect ruby data
rubygem-soap4r-1.5.8.txz Ruby implementation of SOAP 1.1
rubygem-socksify-1.7.1.txz Redirects any TCP connection through a SOCKS5 proxy
rubygem-solve-4.0.0.txz A ruby version constraint solver
rubygem-specinfra-2.77.2.txz Test suite for server configuration
rubygem-spreadsheet-1.1.8.txz Ruby module to generate Microsoft Excel compatible files
rubygem-spring-2.1.0.txz Rails application preloader
rubygem-spring-watcher-listen-2.0.1.txz Makes spring watch files using the listen gem
rubygem-sprockets-2.12.5.txz Ruby library that preprocesses and concatenates JavaScript files
rubygem-sprockets-es6-0.9.2.txz Converts ES6 code into vanilla ES5 with Babel JS
rubygem-sprockets-helpers-1.2.1.txz Asset path helpers for Sprockets 2.x applications
rubygem-sprockets-rails-rails4-3.2.1.txz Sprockets Rails integration
rubygem-sprockets-rails-rails5-3.2.1.txz Sprockets Rails integration
rubygem-sprockets-rails-rails50-3.2.1.txz Sprockets Rails integration
rubygem-sprockets-rails-rails52-3.2.1.txz Sprockets Rails integration
rubygem-sprockets-sass-1.3.1.txz Implements a sprockets-aware sass importer
rubygem-sprockets3-3.7.2.txz Ruby library that preprocesses and concatenates JavaScript files
rubygem-spruz-0.2.13.txz Small Ruby library of mixed utils/extensions
rubygem-sqlite3-1.4.1.txz Ruby interface to the SQLite DB engine version 3
rubygem-sqlite3-ruby-1.3.3_1.txz Ruby interface to the SQLite DB engine version 3
rubygem-sshkey-2.0.0.txz Generate private/public SSH keypairs using pure Ruby
rubygem-sshkit-1.20.0.txz Toolkit for remotely running commands on groups of servers
rubygem-stackdriver-core-1.4.0.txz Internal shared library for the Ruby Stackdriver integration libraries
rubygem-stamp-0.6.0.txz Format dates and times
rubygem-state_machine-1.2.0.txz Support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
rubygem-state_machines-0.5.0.txz Support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
rubygem-state_machines-activemodel-0.7.1.txz Support for creating state machines for attributes on ActiveModel
rubygem-state_machines-activerecord-0.6.0.txz Support for creating state machines for attributes on ActiveRecord
rubygem-state_machines-activerecord05-0.5.2.txz Support for creating state machines for attributes on ActiveRecord
rubygem-statsd-0.5.4.txz Ruby port of the statsd python and node.js tools
rubygem-statsd-instrument-2.3.2.txz StatsD client for Ruby applications
rubygem-statsd-ruby-1.4.0.txz Ruby Statsd client that is not port of the Python implementation
rubygem-stella- Define realistic testplans and run them against your webapps
rubygem-stemmer-1.0.1.txz Implementation of the Porter word stemming algorithm
rubygem-stomp-1.4.6.txz Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol gem
rubygem-stompserver-0.9.9.txz Provide reliable messaging using the stomp protocol
rubygem-stoplight-2.2.0.txz Implementation of the circuit breaker pattern
rubygem-storable-0.8.9.txz Marshal Ruby classes into and out of multiple formats
rubygem-stream-0.5_2.txz Interface for external iterators
rubygem-streamio-ffmpeg-3.0.2_3.txz Wraps ffmpeg to read metadata and transcodes videos
rubygem-stringex-2.8.5,1.txz Some useful extensions to the Ruby String class
rubygem-strings-0.1.6.txz Useful functions for transforming strings
rubygem-strings-ansi-0.1.0.txz Methods for processing ANSI escape codes in strings
rubygem-strong_migrations-0.3.1.txz Catch unsafe migrations at dev time
rubygem-strptime-0.2.3.txz A fast strptime engine
rubygem-structured_warnings-0.3.0.txz Implementation of structured warnings for Ruby
rubygem-stud-0.0.23.txz Common code techniques
rubygem-subexec-0.2.3.txz Subexec spawns a subprocess with an optional timeout
rubygem-sugar-high-0.7.3_1.txz More Ruby sugar
rubygem-sumbur- Consistent spreading for server balancing
rubygem-sundawg_country_codes-0.0.7.txz Manage ISO 3166 country names and codes
rubygem-svn2git-2.4.0.txz Ruby utilities for exporting SVN repo to git
rubygem-swd-1.1.2.txz Simple Web Discovery Client Library
rubygem-syntax-1.2.2.txz Module for using Systax highlighting in Ruby
rubygem-sys-admin-1.7.1.txz Unified, cross platform replacement for the Etc module
rubygem-sys-cpu-0.8.0.txz Interface for getting information about the CPU
rubygem-sys-filesystem-1.1.9.txz Ruby interface for getting filesystem information
rubygem-sys-host-0.6.2.txz Provides hostname, IP address, and other information for a given host
rubygem-sys-proctable-1.1.5.txz Ruby interface for getting process information
rubygem-sys-uname-1.0.4.txz Ruby interface for getting system information
rubygem-sys-uptime-0.7.2.txz Provides uptime and boot time information
rubygem-sysinfo-0.8.1_1.txz All your system-independent infoz in one handy class
rubygem-syslog-logger-1.6.8.txz Improved Logger replacement that logs to syslog
rubygem-systemu-2.6.5.txz Portable replacement for popen4
rubygem-t-3.1.0_1.txz Command-line power tool for Twitter
rubygem-table_print-1.5.6.txz Turn objects into formatted columns
rubygem-tarantool-0.5.8.txz Tarantool KV-storage client
rubygem-task_list-1.0.2_1.txz GitHub-flavored-Markdown TaskList components
rubygem-taskjuggler-3.6.0.txz Project management tool for UNIX based operating systems
rubygem-tdiff-0.3.4.txz Calculates the differences between two tree-like structures
rubygem-teamocil-1.4.2_1.txz Helps you to set up window and splits layouts for tmux
rubygem-templater-1.0.0.txz Ruby code generation framework
rubygem-temple-0.8.0.txz Template compilation framework in Ruby
rubygem-term-ansicolor-1.7.1.txz Term::ANSIColor for Ruby
rubygem-termcolor-1.2.2.txz Library for ANSII color formatting like HTML for output in terminal
rubygem-terminal-table-1.8.0.txz Simple, feature rich ASCII table generation library
rubygem-termtter-2.2.9.txz Terminal based Twitter client
rubygem-terrapin-0.6.0.txz Run shell commands safely
rubygem-test-unit-3.2.9.txz Improved version of Test::Unit bundled in Ruby
rubygem-text-1.3.1.txz Collection of text algorithms
rubygem-thin-1.7.2.txz Fast and simple Ruby web server
rubygem-thor-0.20.3.txz Scripting framework that replaces rake, sake, and rubigen
rubygem-thread_safe-0.3.6.txz Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
rubygem-thread_safe1-0.1.3.txz Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
rubygem-thrift-,1.txz Ruby interface to thrift
rubygem-tidy_ffi-0.1.6.txz Tidy library interface via FFI
rubygem-tilt-2.0.9.txz Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines
rubygem-tilt1-1.4.1.txz Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines
rubygem-timers-4.2.0.txz Pure Ruby one-shot and periodic timers
rubygem-timfel-krb5-auth-0.8.3.txz KRB5 for Ruby
rubygem-tinder-1.10.1_2.txz Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire
rubygem-tins-1.22.0.txz Useful tools library in Ruby
rubygem-tinyatom-0.3.6_2.txz Small and easy to use ruby Atom feed generator
rubygem-tinymce-rails-4.7.13.txz Seamlessly integrates TinyMCE into the Rails asset pipeline
rubygem-titlecase-0.1.1.txz Ruby string extensions to add title case support
rubygem-tk-0.2.0.txz Ruby interface to TclTk-8.6
rubygem-tmail- RFC2822/MIME compliant mail manipulating library for Ruby
rubygem-tmuxinator-1.1.1.txz Manage complex tmux sessions easily
rubygem-toml-0.2.0.txz TOML parser
rubygem-toml-rb-1.1.1.txz TOML parser using Citrus parsing library
rubygem-toml-rb10-1.0.0.txz TOML parser using Citrus parsing library
rubygem-tomlrb-1.2.8.txz Racc-based TOML parser
rubygem-tool-0.2.3.txz Ruby library used by Sinatra 2.0, Mustermann and related projects
rubygem-totoridipjp-0.1.0_1.txz Ruby interface to Web API
rubygem-transaction-simple- Simple object transaction support
rubygem-travis-1.8.9.txz CLI and Ruby client library for Travis CI
rubygem-treetop-1.6.10.txz Ruby-based DSL for text parsing and interpretation
rubygem-trollop-2.9.9.txz Commandline option parser for Ruby that gets out of your way
rubygem-trollop1-1.16.2.txz Commandline option parser for Ruby that gets out of your way
rubygem-truncato-0.7.11.txz Truncating HTML strings keeping a valid HTML markup
rubygem-ttfunk-1.5.1.txz Font Metrics Parser for Prawn
rubygem-tty-0.10.0_1.txz Toolbox for developing beautiful CLI clients
rubygem-tty-box-0.5.0.txz Draw various frames and boxes in your terminal interface
rubygem-tty-color-0.5.0.txz Terminal color capabilities detection
rubygem-tty-command-0.9.0.txz Execute shell commands with pretty logging
rubygem-tty-config-0.3.2.txz Define, read and write any Ruby app configurations
rubygem-tty-cursor-0.7.0.txz Move terminal cursor around
rubygem-tty-editor-0.5.1.txz Opens a file or text in the user preferred editor
rubygem-tty-file-0.8.0.txz File and directory manipulation utility methods
rubygem-tty-font-0.4.0.txz Large stylized characters using terminal friendly fonts
rubygem-tty-logger-0.2.0.txz Readable, structured and beautiful terminal logging
rubygem-tty-markdown-0.6.0_1.txz Convert markdown document/text into terminal friendly output
rubygem-tty-pager-0.12.1.txz Terminal output paging in cross-platform way
rubygem-tty-pie-0.3.0.txz Draw pie charts in your terminal window
rubygem-tty-platform-0.2.1.txz Query methods for detecting different OS
rubygem-tty-progressbar-0.17.0.txz Flexible progress bars drawing in terminal emulators
rubygem-tty-prompt-0.19.0.txz Beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt
rubygem-tty-reader-0.6.0.txz Methods for processing keyboard input
rubygem-tty-screen-0.7.0.txz Terminal screen size detection
rubygem-tty-spinner-0.9.1.txz Terminal spinner for tasks with non-deterministic time
rubygem-tty-table-0.11.0.txz Fexible and intuitive table generator
rubygem-tty-tree-0.3.0.txz Print directory or structured data in tree like format
rubygem-tty-which-0.4.1.txz Platform independent implementation of Unix which command
rubygem-tumblr_client-0.8.5_3.txz Ruby Wrapper for the Tumblr v2 API
rubygem-turbolinks-5.2.1.txz Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster
rubygem-turbolinks-source-5.2.0.txz Turbolinks JavaScript assets
rubygem-turn-0.9.7_1.txz New output format for Test::Unit
rubygem-tweetstream-2.6.1_1.txz TweetStream provides simple Ruby access to Twitter Streaming API
rubygem-twitter-6.2.0_1.txz Ruby interface to the Twitter API
rubygem-twitter-stream-0.1.16_2.txz Twitter realtime API client
rubygem-twitter-text-3.0.0.txz Ruby gem for handling of Twitter texts
rubygem-twitter-text1-1.14.7.txz Ruby gem for handling of Twitter texts
rubygem-twitter4r-0.7.0.txz Twitter client API in pure Ruby
rubygem-twitter_oauth-0.4.94.txz Twitter OAuth REST API client library for Ruby
rubygem-typed-array-0.1.2.txz Provides methods for creating type-enforced Arrays
rubygem-typhoeus-1.3.1.txz Parallel HTTP request library
rubygem-tzinfo-2.0.0.txz Daylight-savings aware timezone support for Ruby
rubygem-tzinfo-data-1.2019.3.txz IANA Time Zone database for TZInfo
rubygem-tzinfo1-1.2.5.txz Daylight-savings aware timezone support for Ruby
rubygem-u2f-1.0.0.txz Library for handling registration and authentication of U2F devices
rubygem-u2f0-0.2.1.txz Library for handling registration and authentication of U2F devices
rubygem-uber-0.1.0.txz Gem-authoring framework
rubygem-uglifier-4.1.20.txz Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
rubygem-uglifier27-2.7.2.txz Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
rubygem-uh-2.1.0.txz Xlib ruby toolkit
rubygem-uh-layout-0.5.2.txz Tiling and stacking layout for uh-wm ruby gem
rubygem-uh-wm-0.2.1.txz Minimalistic tiling and stacking window manager
rubygem-underscore-rails-1.8.3.txz Underscore.js asset pipeline provider/wrapper
rubygem-unf-0.1.4.txz Wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support
rubygem-unf_ext- Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
rubygem-unicode- Unicode string manipulation library for Ruby
rubygem-unicode-display_width-1.6.0.txz Get the display size of a string
rubygem-unicode_utils-1.4.0.txz Additional Unicode aware functions
rubygem-unicorn-5.4.1.txz Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications
rubygem-unicorn-worker-killer-0.4.4.txz Kill unicorn workers by memory and request counts
rubygem-unleash-0.1.6.txz Ruby client for Unleash
rubygem-uri-redis-0.4.2.txz Support for parsing redis://host:port/dbindex/keyname
rubygem-url_escape-2009.06.24.txz Fast replacement for CGI.escape and Rack::Utils.escape
rubygem-url_mount-0.2.1.txz Glue to allow mounted rack applications to know where they're mounted
rubygem-url_safe_base64-0.2.2.txz Converts strings to/from base64 that contains only url-safe characters
rubygem-useragent-0.16.10.txz HTTP User Agent parser
rubygem-uuid-2.3.9.txz UUID Generator for Ruby
rubygem-uuidtools-2.1.5.txz Simple universally unique ID generation library
rubygem-vagrant-bhyve-0.1.0.txz Vagrant provider plugin to support bhyve
rubygem-vagrant-mutate-1.2.0_1.txz Convert vagrant boxes to work with different providers
rubygem-vagrant-vbguest-0.16.0.txz Vagrant plugin to install the VirtualBoxAdditions into the guest VM
rubygem-vagrant_cloud-2.0.3.txz Vagrant Cloud API wrapper for Ruby
rubygem-validatable-1.6.7.txz Library for adding database/object validations
rubygem-validate_email-0.1.6.txz Validating email addresses in Rails 3 models
rubygem-validate_url-1.0.8.txz Validating urls in Rails
rubygem-validates_hostname-1.0.8_1.txz Extension to ActiveRecord::Base for validating hostnames
rubygem-vegas-0.1.11_1.txz Wraps Rack/Sinatra applications
rubygem-version_sorter-2.2.4.txz Fast sorting of version strings
rubygem-versionomy-0.5.0.txz Generalized version number library for Ruby
rubygem-vimgolf-0.4.8.txz CLI client for
rubygem-virtus-1.0.5.txz Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
rubygem-visage-app-2.1.0_4.txz Graph tool for Collectd
rubygem-vmail-2.9.8_1.txz Vim interface to Gmail
rubygem-vmstat-2.3.0_1.txz Library to gather memory, cpu, network, load avg and disk information
rubygem-vpim-13.11.11.txz Pure Ruby library for decoding and encoding vCard and iCalendar data
rubygem-vte-3.4.1.txz Ruby binding for VTE