proxy-suite - The SuSE Proxy-Suite, a set of programs to enhance firewall security

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Package release 3
Package architecture i386
Package type txz
License GPLv2
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The SuSE Proxy-Suite, a set of programs to enhance firewall security.
The first (and currently only) component being released is the FTP-Proxy.
* Securely relays FTP connections between clients and servers
* Can switch connections from active to passive and vice versa
* Utilizes port ranges for both control and data connections
* Provides extensive auditing (via syslog or rotating log files)
* Can separate user related from system triggered audit events
* Provides command restriction based on logged in user name
* Allows command argument checking with regular expressions
* Is able to retrieve configuration data from an LDAP directory
* Has been thoroughly tested against buffer overflow attacks
* Fully conforms to RFC 959 and 1123 (the basic FTP RFCs)
* Planned to support RFC 1579 ("Firewall Friendly FTP")
* Planned to support RFC 2428 (IPv6 Extensions for FTP)
* Based on GNU AutoConf, supposed to run on many UNIX systems
Ported to FreeBSD using OpenBSD port by Camiel Dobbelaar <>,
with updates contributed by Marius Tomaschewski <>.
This port provides a configuration file at
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Install Howto

Install proxy-suite txz package:

# pkg install proxy-suite

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