trac-TracGantt - Plugin to creates Gantt charts for trac

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Package name trac-TracGantt
Package version 0.3.2a
Package release 8
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A plugin for the Trac project/source code management system that
creates Gantt charts based on ticket reports. It is a work-in-progress.
A Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the duration of tasks
against the progression of time. Gantt charts are very useful for
planning a scheduling a project based on different tasks that will
need to be completed and their durations and dependencies on other
The TracGantt plugin uses Trac's ticketing system to generate Gantt
charts based on existing Trac Ticket Reports (found under the "View
Tickets" tab in Trac). The Gantt charts are pure XHTML and are
generated on-the-fly from the ticket reports, using only the tickets
provided by the report.
- DOCS: on
To use the TracGantt plugin, please follow these instructions:
Edit your Trac config file to add custom fields to tickets, as well
as set the expected date format of those fields.
The first things to add are the new ticket fields. If you already
have a ticket-custom section, append these to it:
due_assign = text
due_assign.label = Due to assign
due_assign.value = DD/MM/YYYY
dependencies = text
dependencies.label = Dependencies
dependencies.value =
due_close= text
due_close.label = Due to close
due_close.value = DD/MM/YYYY
include_gantt = checkbox
include_gantt.label = Include in GanttChart
include_gantt.value =
This will add four new fields to tickets, a "Due to assign" field,
which contains the date by which this ticket should be assigned, a
"Dependencies" field, for listing ticket numbers upon which this
ticket depends, a "Due to close" field, which contains the date by
which this ticket should be closed, and finally a checkbox that
allows the ticket to be included in Gantt charts.
In addition, TracGantt provides several tweakable configuration
knobs that you can use to change the behavior of the gantt charts.
They are listed below with their default values.
# The format of dates entered by humans in the above ticket
# fields
date_format = %m/%d/%Y
# Include the ticket summary in the gantt chart display
include_summary = true
# Trim the included summary to the given number of characters
summary_length = 16
# Use the creation date of a ticket as the "due assign"
# date if no assignment date is given
use_creation_date = true
# Show on the gantt chart the date the ticket was opened,
# to contrast with the assignment date.
show_opened = true
NOTE: If you are placing the module anywhere outside of Trac's
standard 'plugins' directory (i.e. to share across Trac instances),
then you will also need to add:
tracgantt.* = enabled
to your Trac config file. Again, this is only necessary if the egg
file is placed outside of the Trac 'plugins' folder, in a standard
Python search path.
If you are using Trac with Apache and mod_python, you may also need
to restart Apache, to avoid the plugin being accessible from one
Apache process, but not others.


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trac-TracGantt-0.3.2a_8.txz 0.3.2a amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
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py27-setuptools = 40.8.0
python27 = 2.7.16
trac = 1.2.3


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Binary Package trac-TracGantt-0.3.2a_8.txz
Source Package www/trac-gantt

Install Howto

Install trac-TracGantt txz package:

# pkg install trac-TracGantt

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