hylafax - Fax software

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 11
Repository FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386
Package filename hylafax-6.0.7.txz
Package name hylafax
Package version 6.0.7
Package release -
Package architecture i386
Package type txz
Category comms
Homepage http://www.hylafax.org/
License MIT
Maintainer koobs@FreeBSD.org
Download size 1.00 MB
Installed size 4.15 MB
(excerpt from HylaFAX FAQ, http://www.hylafax.org/content/About_HylaFAX)
HylaFAX is a facsimile system for UNIX systems. It supports:
o sending facsimile
o receiving facsimile
o polled retrieval of facsimile
o transparent shared data use of the modem
o sending messages to pagers
Facsimile can be any size (e.g. A4, B4), either 98 or 196 lpi, and
transmitted/received as either 1D-encoded or 2D-encoded facsimile data
(2D-encoded data is frequently more compact and hence takes a shorter
time to communicate). Any modem that supports one of the standard
interfaces for facsimile operation can be used; i.e. any Class 1, Class
2, or Class 2.0 modem.
WWW: http://www.hylafax.org/
- PAM: on
- NLS: on
- GAWK: off
- DOCS: on
Hylafax was installed.  You'll need manual configurations to actually
activate it.
Setting up: (for impatients)
Invoke /usr/local/sbin/faxsetup, and answer the questions.
Mostly, accepting the defaults should work well.
When you are asked to specify the name of tty device, use "cuad1"
instead of "ttyd1".  Otherwise it does not work well.
Consult /usr/local/etc/rc.d/hylafax.sh.sample for startups.
For accepting incoming FAX/data calls, modify /etc/ttys as below
and send SIGHUP to init process:
>cuad1	"/usr/local/sbin/faxgetty"	dialup	on secure
Be sure to rerun /usr/local/sbin/faxsetup after updating your hylafax version
On Line Manuals: 	man hylafax-client
man hylafax-server
World Wide Web site:	http://www.hylafax.org/


Package Version Architecture Repository
hylafax-6.0.7.txz 6.0.7 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
hylafax-6.0.7.txz 6.0.7 i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
hylafax-6.0.7.txz 6.0.7 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Latest
hylafax - - -


Name Value
gettext-runtime =
ghostscript9-agpl-base = 9.27
jbigkit = 2.1_1
jpeg-turbo = 2.0.2
libintl.so.8 -
libjbig.so.2 -
libjpeg.so.8 -
libtiff.so.5 -
tiff = 4.0.10


Type URL
Mirror pkg.freebsd.org
Binary Package hylafax-6.0.7.txz
Source Package comms/hylafax

Install Howto

Install hylafax txz package:

# pkg install hylafax

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