FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
py27-whitenoise-4.1.2.txz Radically simplified static file serving for wsgi applications
py27-whoosh-2.7.4.txz Featureful full-text indexing and searching in Python
py27-wicked-1.1.12.txz Compact syntax for doing wiki-like content linking and creation
py27-widgetsnbextension-3.5.0_1.txz IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter
py27-wikipedia-1.4.0.txz Wikipedia API for Python
py27-wikitools-1.1.1_1.txz Python package for interacting with a MediaWiki wiki
py27-willow-1.1.txz Wrapper that combines multiple Python image libraries into one API
py27-wmi-query-0.1.4.txz Python scripts to get wmi data classes in a dict
py27-wolframalpha-1.2_1.txz Python Client for Wolfram Alpha
py27-wordnet-2.0.1_1.txz Python Interface to WordNet
py27-wrapt-1.11.2.txz Decorators, wrappers and monkey patching
py27-ws2300-1.10_2.txz Driver for the LaCrosse WS-2300 weather station
py27-ws4py-0.3.4.txz WebSocket package for Python
py27-wsaccel-0.6.2.txz WebSocket Accelerator for ws4py and AutobahnPython
py27-wsgi_intercept-1.4.1.txz WSGI application in place of a real uri for testing
py27-wsgi_xmlrpc-0.2.8_1.txz WSGI application for a simple XMLRPC method dispatching
py27-wsgiauth-0.1_2.txz WSGI authentication middleware
py27-wsgitools-0.3_1.txz Useful middlewares and filters for wsgi as well as scgi servers
py27-wsgiutils-0.7.2.txz Utility libraries for development of simple WSGI programs
py27-wsme-0.9.3.txz Simplify the writing of REST APIs
py27-wsproto-0.15.0.txz Sans-IO WebSocket protocol implementation
py27-wstools-0.4.8.txz WSDL parsing services for Python
py27-wtforms-2.1_1.txz Flexible forms validation and rendering library for python
py27-wxPython-common- GUI toolkit for the Python programming language
py27-wxPython28- Python bindings for the wxWidgets/GTK GUI toolkit
py27-wxPython28-common- Python bindings for the wxWidgets/GTK GUI toolkit
py27-wxPython30- GUI toolkit for the Python programming language
py27-xapian-1.4.12.txz Python binding for Xapian
py27-xarray011-0.11.3_1.txz N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python
py27-xattr-0.9.6.txz Python wrapper for extended filesystem attributes
py27-xcaplib-1.2.0.txz Python XCAP client library
py27-xcffib-0.8.0.txz Xcffib is a replacement for xpyb, also is a XCB python binding
py27-xdg-0.26.txz Python library to access standards
py27-xdis-4.0.3.txz Cross-Python bytecode Disassembler and Marshal routines
py27-xdot-06-0.6.txz Interactive viewer for Graphviz dot files
py27-xenaPython-1.0.10.txz API for Xena Hub to access genetic information shared through the hub
py27-xerox-0.4.1.txz Simple copy and paste in Python
py27-xhtml2pdf-0.2.3_1.txz PDF generator using HTML and CSS
py27-xlib-0.25.txz X11 library for Python
py27-xlrd-1.2.0_1.txz Reading data and formatting information from Excel files
py27-xlutils-1.7.0_1.txz Utilities for working with Excel files that require both xlrd and xlwt
py27-xlwriter-0.4a3.txz Python library for generating Excel-compatible spreadsheets
py27-xlwt-1.3.0.txz Writing data and formatting information from Excel files
py27-xml-default-dict-0.3.txz Python scripts to convert xml data into a defaultdict
py27-xmldiff-2.3.txz Creates diffs of XML files
py27-xmlrpc- Fast implementation of the xmlrpc spec for Python
py27-xmlsec-1.3.6.txz Python bindings for XML Security Library
py27-xmltodict-0.12.0.txz XML parser that returns python dictionaries
py27-xmms2-0.8_6.txz Python Bindings for XMMS2
py27-xmodem-0.4.5.txz XMODEM protocol implementation
py27-xmpppy-0.5.0_2.txz Python library that provides easy scripting with Jabber
py27-xmpppy-irc-0.3_2.txz Xmpp to irc transport
py27-xoltar-toolkit-2001.06.01_1.txz Functional programming, lazy expressions, and thread pools for Python
py27-xxhash-1.4.1.txz Python bindings for the xxHash library
py27-yaml-5.1.txz Python YAML parser
py27-yamllint-1.17.0.txz Linter for YAML files
py27-yamlordereddictloader-0.4.0.txz Loader and a dumper for PyYAML allowing to keep items order
py27-yandex-money-sdk-0.1.3.txz SDK yandex money API
py27-yapf-0.28.0.txz Formatter for Python code
py27-yappi-1.0_1.txz Yet Another Python Profiler
py27-yapps2-2.1.1_1.txz Easy-to-use parser generator that generates Python code
py27-yara-3.10.0.txz Python bindings for yara
py27-yattag-1.12.2.txz Generate HTML or XML in a pythonic way
py27-yenc-0.3.txz yenc decoding module for Python in C
py27-yg.lockfile-2.3.txz Provides lockfile objects with timeouts and context manager
py27-yolk-0.4.3_1.txz Command-line tool for querying PyPI and Python packages installed
py27-ystockquote-0.2.5.txz Python module to retrieve stock quote data from Yahoo Finance
py27-yt-3.5.0_4.txz Analysis and visualization toolkit for volumetric data
py27-yubikey-manager-3.1.0.txz Python library and command line tool for configuring a YubiKey
py27-yum-metadata-parser-1.1.4_4.txz Fast metadata parser for yum
py27-yunomi-0.3.0_1.txz Metrics library with rate, distribution and timing information
py27-z3c.autoinclude-0.3.6.txz Automatically include ZCML
py27-z3c.batching-1.1.0_1.txz Simple sequence batching
py27-z3c.caching-2.0a1_1.txz Caching infrastructure for web apps
py27-z3c.form-3.2.10.txz Advanced form and widget framework for Zope 3
py27-z3c.formwidget.query-0.12.txz Source query widget for z3c.form
py27-z3c.zcmlhook-1.0b1_1.txz Easily hook into the ZCML processing machinery
py27-zExceptions-2.13.0_1.txz Contains common exceptions used in Zope2
py27-zLOG-2.11.2_1.txz General logging facility
py27-zbase32-1.1.5_1.txz Base32 Encoder/Decoder
py27-zc.buildout-2.11.3.txz System for managing development buildouts
py27-zclockfile-1.4.txz Basic inter-process locks
py27-zconfig-3.0.4.txz General use python configuration library
py27-zdaemon-4.1.0.txz Daemon Process Control Library and Tools for Unix-bases Systems
py27-zfec-1.5.3.txz Fast erasure codec for Python
py27-zinnia-0.06.txz Python interface for Zinnia
py27-zipp-0.5.1.txz Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files
py27-zkg-2.0.2.txz Zeek NSM package manager
py27-zkpython-0.4.2.txz Python bindings to Apache Zookeeper
py27-zodbpickle-1.0.4.txz Python pickling interface for ZODB
py27-zope.annotation-3.5.0_1.txz Object annotation mechanism Zope application control Zope app setup helper Principals and groups management for the pluggable authentication Zope ZMI Basic Skin Zope Broken (ZODB) Object Support Zope Caching Framework Local Zope Component Support Zope Container Zope Content Type Zope Debug Mode Simple Dependency API Error reporting utility management UI for Zope3 Zope 3 exception views File and Image -- Zope 3 Content Components Folder Content Type for Zope 3 The Original Zope 3 Form Framework ZMI UI for zope.generations HTTP Behavior for the Zope Publisher Persistent translation domains and message catalogs Zope locale extraction and management utilities Local Persistent Permissions for PageTemplate integration for Zope 3 Bootstrap subscriber and browser menu item for zope.principalannotation Zope publication Means for configuration of Zope 3 style views and resources Text Renderer Framework Zope 3 ZMI Skin Component Architecture based Vocabulary Registry ZMI Views For Zope3 Security Components ZMI-based management views for zope.securitypolicy Zope Application Testing Support WSGI application for the zope.publisher Zope application server ZCML files Zope Application ZODB Update Generations
py27-zope.applicationcontrol-3.5.5_1.txz Zope applicationcontrol
py27-zope.authentication-3.7.1_1.txz Definition of authentication basics for the Zope Framework
py27-zope.broken-3.6.0_1.txz Zope Broken Object Interfaces
py27-zope.browser-2.1.0.txz Shared Zope Toolkit browser components
py27-zope.browsermenu-3.9.1_1.txz Browser menu implementation for Zope
py27-zope.browserpage-4.1.0.txz ZCML directives for configuring browser views for Zope
py27-zope.browserresource-3.10.3_1,1.txz Browser resources implementation for Zope
py27-zope.cachedescriptors-3.5.1_1.txz Method and property caching decorators
py27-zope.component-4.2.2.txz Zope Component Architecture
py27-zope.componentvocabulary-1.0.1_1.txz Zope Component vocabularies
py27-zope.configuration-4.1.0.txz Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML)
py27-zope.container-3.12.0_1.txz Zope Container
py27-zope.contentprovider-3.7.2_1.txz Content Provider Framework for Zope Templates
py27-zope.contenttype-3.5.5_1.txz Zope contenttype
py27-zope.copy-3.5.0_1.txz Pluggable object copying mechanism
py27-zope.copypastemove-3.8.0_1.txz Copy, Paste, and Move support for content components
py27-zope.datetime-3.4.1_1.txz Commonly used date and time related utility functions
py27-zope.deferredimport-3.5.3_1.txz Allows to import names that will be resolved when used in the code
py27-zope.deprecation-4.1.2.txz Zope 3 Deprecation Infrastructure
py27-zope.dottedname-3.4.6_1.txz Resolver for Python dotted names
py27-zope.dublincore-3.8.2_1.txz Zope Dublin Core implementation
py27-zope.error-3.7.4_1.txz Error reporting utility for Zope3
py27-zope.event-4.1.0.txz Very basic event publishing system
py27-zope.exceptions- General Zope Exceptions
py27-zope.filerepresentation-3.6.1_1.txz File-system Representation Interfaces
py27-zope.formlib-4.3.0.txz Form generation and validation library for Zope
py27-zope.generations-3.7.1_1.txz Zope application schema generations
py27-zope.globalrequest-1.1.txz Global way of retrieving the currently active request
py27-zope.i18n-3.8.0_1.txz Zope Internationalization Support
py27-zope.i18nmessageid-3.6.1_1.txz Message Identifiers for internationalization
py27-zope.interface-4.6.0.txz Interfaces for Python
py27-zope.lifecycleevent-3.7.0_1.txz Object life-cycle events
py27-zope.location-3.9.1_1.txz Zope Location
py27-zope.login-1.0.0_1.txz Login helpers for zope.publisher / authentication
py27-zope.minmax-1.1.2_2.txz Homogeneous values favoring maximum or minimum
py27-zope.pagetemplate-3.6.3_1.txz Zope Page Templates
py27-zope.password-3.6.1_1.txz Password encoding and checking utilities
py27-zope.pluggableauth-1.3_1.txz Pluggable Authentication Utility
py27-zope.principalannotation-3.6.1_1.txz Annotations for Zope Principals
py27-zope.principalregistry-3.7.1_1.txz Global principal registry component for Zope3
py27-zope.processlifetime-1.0_1.txz Zope process lifetime events
py27-zope.proxy-4.1.3_1.txz Generic Transparent Proxies
py27-zope.ptresource-3.9.0_1.txz Page template resource plugin for zope.browserresource
py27-zope.publisher-3.13.1.txz Publishes Python objects on the web
py27-zope.ramcache-1.0_1.txz Zope RAM Cache
py27-zope.schema-4.2.2_1.txz Zope Interface extension for defining data schemas Zope Security Framework
py27-zope.securitypolicy-3.7.0_1.txz Default security policy for Zope3
py27-zope.sendmail-3.7.5_2.txz Zope sendmail
py27-zope.sequencesort-3.4.0_1.txz Very Advanced Sequence Sorting
py27-zope.session-3.9.5_1.txz Client identification and sessions for Zope Local registries for zope component architecture
py27-zope.size-3.5.0_1.txz Interfaces and simple adapter that give the size of an object
py27-zope.structuredtext-3.5.1_1.txz StructuredText parser
py27-zope.tal-3.6.1_1.txz Zope Template Application Language (TAL)
py27-zope.tales-3.5.2_1.txz Zope Template Application Language Expression Syntax (TALES)
py27-zope.testbrowser-4.0.4.txz Programmable browser for functional black-box tests
py27-zope.testing-4.1.0_1.txz Zope testing helpers
py27-zope.traversing-3.14.0_1.txz Resolving paths in the object hierarchy
py27-zope.viewlet-3.7.2_1.txz Zope Viewlets
py27-zopfli-0.1.6.txz Zopfli module for python
py27-zpt-2.5.txz Zope-less version of Zope Page Templates
py27-zsi-2.1.a1_2,1.txz Pure Python implementation of SOAP 1.1
py27-zstandard-0.12.0.txz Zstandard bindings for Python, a full-featured version
py27-zstd- Python binding for Zstandard compression library
py27-zxcvbn-4.4.28.txz Realistic password strength estimator
py2html-py27-0.7_1.txz Python Highlighter for HTML
py35-cython-0.29_1.txz Compiler for Writing C Extensions for the Python Language
py35-gdbm-3.5.7_6.txz Python bindings to the GNU dbm library (Python 3.5)
py35-numpy-1.16.5,1.txz The New Numeric Extension to Python
py35-setuptools-41.2.0.txz Python packages installer
py35-sqlite3-3.5.7_7.txz Standard Python binding to the SQLite3 library (Python 3.5)
py35-tkinter-3.5.7_6.txz Python bindings to the Tk widget set (Python 3.5)
py36-AnyQt-0.0.10.txz PyQt4/PyQt5 compatibility layer
py36-Automat-0.7.0_1.txz Finite-state machines in Python
py36-Babel-2.7.0.txz Collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications
py36-BuildStream-1.2.8.txz Free software tool for integrating software stacks
py36-CacheControl-0.12.5_2.txz Caching algorithms in httplib2 for use with requests session object
py36-Cerberus-1.3.1.txz Lightweight, extensible validation tool for Python dictionaries
py36-Chameleon-3.6.txz Fast HTML/XML Template Compiler
py36-CommonMark-0.9.0.txz Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec
py36-CouchDB-1.1_1.txz Simple Library to Allow Python Applications to Use CouchDB
py36-DTLSSocket-0.1.10.txz Python IKEA Tradfri API controller
py36-DateTime-3.0.3_1,1.txz Zope 2 DateTime data type
py36-DendroPy-4.4.0.txz Phylogenetic computing library
py36-Diofant-0.10.0_1.txz Python library for symbolic mathematics
py36-Dumper-1.2.0.txz Conveniently print any Python datastructure
py36-Elixir-0.7.1_3.txz Declarative Mapper for SQLAlchemy
py36-ExifRead-2.1.2.txz Read Exif metadata from tiff and jpeg files
py36-ExtensionClass-4.3.0.txz Metaclass for subclassable extension types
py36-Extremes-1.1.1_1.txz Production-quality 'Min' and 'Max' objects (adapted from PEP 326)
py36-Faker-0.8.15_2.txz Generate fake data using python
py36-Fiona-1.7.13_1.txz OGR's neat and nimble API for Python programmers
py36-Flask-1.0.2_1.txz Micro web framework
py36-Flask-Admin-1.5.3.txz Flask extension for adding admin interfaces to Flask applications
py36-Flask-Assets-0.12.txz Asset management for flask
py36-Flask-Babel-0.12.0.txz Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
py36-Flask-Bootstrap- Flask extension that adds Bootstrap to your projects
py36-Flask-Cache-0.13.1.txz Cache support for your Flask application
py36-Flask-Compress-1.4.0.txz Extension for Flask that compresses responses with gzip
py36-Flask-Cors-2.1.2.txz Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for Flask
py36-Flask-FlatPages-0.6.txz Provides flat static pages to a Flask application
py36-Flask-HTTPAuth-3.2.4.txz Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask routes
py36-Flask-Kerberos-1.0.4.txz GSSAPI Negotiate HTTP authentication for Flask routes
py36-Flask-Login-0.4.1.txz User session management for Flask
py36-Flask-Mail-0.9.1.txz Send SMTP email from a Flask web application
py36-Flask-Migrate-2.5.2.txz Database schema migrations for Flask applications
py36-Flask-Moment-0.9.0.txz Format dates and times in Flask templates using moment.js
py36-Flask-OAuthlib-0.9.5.txz OAuthlib for Flask
py36-Flask-Principal-0.4.0.txz Identity management for flask
py36-Flask-RESTful-0.3.6.txz Simple framework for creating REST APIs with Flask
py36-Flask-SAML-0.4.3.txz SAML authentication for Flask web apps
py36-Flask-SQLAlchemy-2.4.1.txz Adds SQLAlchemy support to Flask
py36-Flask-Script-2.0.6.txz Scripting support for Flask
py36-Flask-SocketIO-2.9.3.txz Socket.IO integration for Flask applications
py36-Flask-Sockets-0.2.1.txz Elegant WebSockets for your Flask apps
py36-Flask-Uploads-0.2.1.txz Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask
py36-Flask-WTF-0.14.2.txz Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
py36-Flask-XML-RPC-0.1.2.txz Adds support for creating XML-RPC APIs to Flask
py36-FreeBSD-ports-0.0.9.txz Parse FreeBSD Ports INDEX, provide search API
py36-Frozen-Flask-0.11.txz Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files
py36-Fuzzy-1.2.2.txz Fast Python phonetic algorithms
py36-GPy-1.9.8_1.txz Gaussian process toolbox
py36-GPyOpt-1.2.5_2.txz Bayesian optimization toolbox based on GPy
py36-Genesis-PyAPI-1.2.1.txz API for the Genesis platform for genetics information processing