FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
py27-plotly-3.0.2.txz Plotting library for collaborative, interactive, publication-quality graphs
py27-plover-2.2.0_3.txz Open source solution for stenography
py27-ploy-1.5.2.txz Manage servers through a central configuration
py27-ploy_ansible-1.4.1.txz Plugin to integrate Ansible with ploy
py27-ploy_ec2-1.2.0.txz Plugin for ploy to provision Amazon EC2 instances
py27-ploy_ezjail-1.5.1.txz Plugin for ploy to provision FreeBSD jails using ezjail
py27-ploy_fabric-1.1.0_1.txz Ploy plugin for integration with Fabric
py27-pluggy-0.12.0.txz Plugin and hook calling mechanisms for Python
py27-pluginbase-0.7.txz Support library for building plugins sytems in Python
py27-plumbum-1.6.7.txz Shell combinators and more for Python
py27-ply-3.11.txz Python Lex-Yacc
py27-png-0.0.17.txz Python PNG encoder/decoder
py27-podcastparser-0.6.4.txz Simplified, fast RSS parser
py27-poker-eval-0.138_2.txz Python adaptor for the poker-eval toolkit
py27-polib-1.1.0.txz Python library to parse and manage gettext catalogs
py27-pooch-0.5.2.txz Fetch your sample data files
py27-poppler-0.12.1_15.txz Python bindings for the Poppler PDF rendering library
py27-port-for-0.4.txz Utility that helps with local TCP ports managment
py27-portalocker-1.5.1.txz Python library that provides an easy API to file locking
py27-portend-2.5.txz Monitors TCP ports for bound or unbound states
py27-positional-1.2.1.txz Library to enforce positional or key-word arguments
py27-posix_ipc-1.0.4.txz POSIX IPC primitives for Python
py27-poster-0.8.1_1.txz Streaming HTTP uploads and multipart/form-data encoding
py27-potr-1.0.1.txz Pure Python Off-The-Record encryption
py27-pow-0.7_2.txz Python OpenSSL Wrappers
py27-powa-web-3.2.0_2.txz PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer is a performance tool for PostgreSQL
py27-power-1.3.txz Cross-platform system power status information for Python
py27-powerline-status-2.7.txz Statusline plugin for vim, zsh, bash, and more
py27-poyo-0.5.0.txz Lightweight YAML Parser
py27-pp-1.6.6_1.txz Parallel python execution server
py27-prance-0.16.1.txz Resolving Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0.0 parser
py27-praw-6.2.0.txz Python Reddit API Wrapper
py27-prawcore-1.0.1_1.txz Low-level communication layer for PRAW 4+
py27-pre-commit-1.17.0.txz Framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks
py27-premailer-3.1.1.txz Turns CSS blocks into style attributes
py27-preppy-2.3.4.txz ReportLab's templating system
py27-preshed-2.0.1.txz Cython hash table
py27-pretend-1.0.9.txz Library for stubbing in Python
py27-pretty_midi-0.2.8_3.txz Utility functions for handling MIDI data in a nice/intuitive way
py27-prettytable-0.7.2_2.txz Library for displaying tabular data in an ASCII table format
py27-primme-2.2_3.txz PRIMME wrapper for Python
py27-prioritized_methods-0.2.1_1.txz Extension to PEAK-Rules to prioritize methods
py27-priority-1.3.0.txz Pure-Python implementation of the HTTP/2 priority tree
py27-probstat-0.912_1.txz Probability And Statistics Utils for Python
py27-proglog-0.1.9.txz Log and progress bar manager for console, notebooks and web
py27-progress-1.5.txz Easy to use progress bars
py27-progressbar-2.5.txz Text progressbar library for python
py27-progressbar2-3.39.3.txz Text mode progressbar library for Python
py27-progressbar231-2.3.1_1.txz Text progressbar library for python
py27-prolog-0.1_3.txz Python extension embedding SWI-Prolog
py27-prometheus-client-0.7.1.txz Official Python client for Prometheus
py27-promise-2.2.1.txz Promises/A+ implementation for Python
py27-prompt_toolkit-2.0.9.txz Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python
py27-prompt_toolkit1-1.0.16.txz Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python
py27-protobuf-3.9.2,1.txz Google protobuf Python Client Library
py27-protocols-0.9.3_1.txz Python module extending the PEP 246 adapt() function
py27-psautohint-1.9.1_1.txz Python wrapper for Adobe PostScript autohinter
py27-pss-1.42_1.txz Tool for grepping through source code
py27-psutil-5.6.3.txz Process utilities module for Python
py27-psutil121-1.2.1_2.txz Process utilities module for Python
py27-psycogreen-1.0.txz Python library to enable psycopg2 to work with coroutine libraries
py27-psycopg2-2.8.3_1.txz High performance Python adapter for PostgreSQL
py27-psycopg2cffi-2.8.1_2.txz Implementation of the psycopg2 module using cffi
py27-ptable-0.9.2_1.txz Display tabular data in an ASCII table format
py27-ptpython-2.0.4.txz Python REPL build on top of prompt_toolkit
py27-ptrace-0.9.3.txz Python binding of ptrace
py27-ptvsd-3.1.0.txz Visual Studio remote debugging server for Python
py27-ptyprocess-0.6.0.txz Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal
py27-publicsuffix-1.1.0_22.txz Get public suffix of domain name from Public Suffix List
py27-publicsuffixlist-0.6.11.txz Publicsuffixlist implementation
py27-pudb-2019.1.txz Full-screen, console-based Python debugger
py27-punjab-0.15.txz HTTP XMPP client interface
py27-puppetboard-0.0.4.txz Web interface to PuppetDB
py27-puppetboard02-0.2.2.txz Web interface to PuppetDB
py27-puppetboard03-0.3.0_1.txz Web interface to PuppetDB
py27-pupynere-1.0.15_8.txz NetCDF file reader and writer
py27-purl-1.5.txz Immutable URL class for easy URL-building and manipulation
py27-py-1.8.0.txz Library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities
py27-py-cpuinfo-5.0.0.txz Module for getting CPU info with pure Python
py27-py-jack-0.5.2_3.txz Python bindings for the Jack Audio Server
py27-py-restclient-1.3.3_1.txz Python REST Client
py27-py-ubjson-0.14.0.txz Universal Binary JSON encoder/decoder
py27-py2play-0.1.10_1.txz Peer-to-peer network game engine
py27-pyClamd-0.3.17.txz Python ClamD interface module
py27-pyFFTW-0.11.1_2.txz Pythonic wrapper around FFTW, the FFT library
py27-pyIOSXR-0.53.txz Python API to interact with network devices running IOS-XR
py27-pyPEG2-2.15.2.txz Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) parser for Python
py27-pyPgSQL-2.5.1_7.txz Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL
py27-pySmartDL-1.2.5.txz Smart download manager for Python
py27-pyVTK-0.5.18.txz Tools for manipulating VTK files in Python
py27-py_interface-2.3.txz Python implementation of an Erlang node
py27-pyacoustid-1.1.7.txz Bindings for Chromaprint acoustic fingerprinting and the Acoustid API
py27-pyaes-1.6.1.txz Pure-Python implementation of AES block-cipher
py27-pyaff4-0.26.p6.txz Python Advanced Forensic Format Version 4 library
py27-pyahocorasick-1.1.8.txz Python and C implementation of the Aho-Corasick algorithm
py27-pyaixi-1.0.4_2.txz Implementation of the MC-AIXI-CTW AI algorithm
py27-pyaml-19.4.1.txz Produce pretty and readable YAML-serialized data
py27-pyang-1.7.8.txz Validator and code generator for YANG (RFC 4741)
py27-pyasn1-0.4.5.txz ASN.1 toolkit for Python
py27-pyasn1-modules-0.2.5.txz Collection of ASN.1 data structures for py-pyasn1
py27-pyaudio-0.2.11_2.txz Portaudio toolkit bindings for Python
py27-pyaxo-0.8.2_1.txz Python implementation of the Axolotl ratchet protocol
py27-pybind11-2.4.3.txz Seamless interoperability between C++11 and Python
py27-pyblake2-1.1.2.txz BLAKE2 hash function extension module
py27-pybloom-3.0.0.txz Probabilistic data structure
py27-pybloomfiltermmap-0.3.15.txz Fast Python Bloom Filter using Mmap
py27-pycadf-2.7.0_1.txz CADF Library
py27-pycalendar-2.0_1.txz iCalendar and vCard module for python
py27-pycallgraph-0.5.1_6.txz Python library that creates call graphs for Python programs
py27-pycam-0.5.1_4.txz Toolpath generator for 3-axis CNC machining
py27-pycapsicum-1.0.txz Python interface to capsicum security
py27-pycarddav-0.7.0_1.txz Simple to use CardDAV CLI client
py27-pycares-2.3.0.txz Python interface to c-ares
py27-pycerberus-0.6.txz Highly flexible, no magic input validation library
py27-pycha-0.7.0.txz Library for making charts with Python
py27-pyclipper-1.1.0.txz Cython wrapper for the C++ translation of Clipper library
py27-pycmd-1.2_1.txz Tools for managing/searching Python related files
py27-pycodeexport-0.1.2_2.txz Python package for code generation
py27-pycodestyle-2.5.0_1.txz Python style guide checker
py27-pycoin-0.80_1.txz Utilities for Bitcoin and altcoin addresses/transaction manipulation
py27-pycollada-0.6_3.txz Python library for reading and writing collada documents
py27-pycompilation-0.4.6_1.txz Package for compilation (meta programming)
py27-pycos-4.8.11_1.txz Concurrent, Asynchronous, Distributed, Communicating Tasks with Python
py27-pycosat-0.6.3.txz Bindings to PicoSAT (a SAT solver)
py27-pycparser-2.19.txz C parser in Python
py27-pycrypto-2.6.1_3.txz Python Cryptography Toolkit
py27-pycryptodome-3.8.2.txz Cryptographic library for Python
py27-pycryptodomex-3.8.2.txz Cryptographic library for Python
py27-pycryptopp- Python Wrappers for the Crypto++ Library
py27-pyctpp2-0.12.2_4.txz Python interface to CTPP2 library
py27-pycups-1.9.74.txz CUPS bindings for Python
py27-pycurl- Python interface to libcurl
py27-pydbx-0.14.txz Simple SQL database abstraction layer for Python
py27-pydeep-0.2_1.txz Python bindings for ssdeep
py27-pydenticon-0.3.1.txz Library for generating identicons - an enhanced port of Sigil
py27-pydevd-1.1.1_2.txz Debugger used in PyDev and PyCharm
py27-pydicom-1.3.0.txz Read, modify, and write DICOM files with Python code
py27-pydispatcher-2.0.5.txz Multi-producer-multi-consumer signal dispatching mechanism
py27-pydnstable-0.7.2.txz Python wrapper for dns/dnstable
py27-pydoop-1.1.0_1.txz Python interface to Hadoop
py27-pydot-1.4.1.txz Python interface to the Graphviz Dot language
py27-pydrive-1.3.1_1.txz Google drive api made easy
py27-pyeapi-0.8.2.txz Python client for Arista eAPI
py27-pyechonest-9.0.0.txz Python interface to The Echo Nest APIs
py27-pyee-6.0.0.txz Python EventEmitter implementation
py27-pyelftools-0.25_1.txz Library for analyzing ELF files and DWARF debugging information
py27-pyelliptic-1.5.8.txz Python OpenSSL wrapper
py27-pyembree-0.1.4_2.txz Python wrapper for Embree
py27-pyephem-,1.txz Scientific-grade astronomical computations for Python
py27-pyepsg-0.4.0.txz Easy access to the EPSG database
py27-pyes-0.99.5_2.txz Python connector for ElasticSearch - the pythonic way to use ElasticSearch
py27-pyev-0.9.0.txz Python libev interface
py27-pyface-6.1.1.txz Enthought traits-capable windowing framework
py27-pyfaidx- Efficient pythonic random access to fasta subsequences
py27-pyfasta-0.5.2_4.txz Fast, memory-efficient, pythonic access to fasta sequence files
py27-pyfcm-1.4.5.txz Python client for Firebase Cloud Messaging
py27-pyfiglet-0.7.6.txz Pure-python FIGlet implementation
py27-pyflakes-2.1.1.txz Passive checker of Python programs
py27-pyformance-0.4.txz Toolset for performance measurement and statistics
py27-pyftpdlib-1.5.5.txz Python FTP server library
py27-pygal-2.4.0.txz Python svg graph plotting library
py27-pyganim-0.9.2_3.txz Sprite animation module for Pygame
py27-pygccxml-1.9.1.txz Python package for easy C++ declarations navigation
py27-pygdbmi- Parse gdb machine interface (mi) string output
py27-pygeodesy-18.11.12.txz Pure Python geodesy tools
py27-pygeoip-0.3.2.txz Pure Python GeoIP API
py27-pygit2-0.28.0.txz Python bindings for libgit2
py27-pygithub-1.40.txz Python library implementing the full GitHub API v3
py27-pyglet-1.2.4.txz Cross-platform windowing and multimedia library
py27-pygments-2.4.1.txz Syntax highlighter written in Python
py27-pygooglechart-0.3.0_1.txz Complete Python wrapper for the Google Chart API
py27-pygpx-0.2_1.txz Python Module For Parsing GPS Exchange Format (GPX) File
py27-pygraphviz-1.5.txz Python interface to GraphViz agraph
py27-pygsl-2.3.0_4.txz Python interface to GNU Scientific Library
py27-pygslodeiv2-0.9.2_1.txz Python binding for odeiv2 in GNU Scientific Library (GSL)
py27-pygtail-0.6.1_1.txz Python module which reads log file lines that have not been read
py27-pyhashxx-0.1.3.txz Python wrapper for xxHash algorithm
py27-pyhs-0.2.4_1.txz HandlerSocket client for Python
py27-pyhull-2015.2.1_2.txz Computation of convex hull, Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi diagram
py27-pyhwp-0.1b8_3.txz HWP Document Format v5 parser & processor
py27-pyicap-1.0.b1.txz Lightweight Python framework for writing ICAP services
py27-pyicu-2.3.1.txz Python extension wrapping IBM's ICU C++ API
py27-pyinotify-0.9.6.txz Python interface to (lib)inotify
py27-pyinsane2-2.0.13.txz Python library to access and use image scanners
py27-pyinstaller-3.5_1.txz Program to create standalone executables from Python scripts
py27-pyipopt-g20180409_2.txz Use ipopt (an optimization tool) via python
py27-pyjade-4.0.0_1.txz Jade syntax template adapter for Django, Jinja2, Mako and Tornado templates
py27-pyjsparser-2.5.2.txz Fast javascript parser
py27-pyjwt-1.4.0_1.txz JSON Web Token implementation in Python
py27-pyke-1.1.1.txz Python Knowledge Engine
py27-pykml-0.1.3_1.txz Python KML library, language for encoding, annotating geographic data
py27-pykwalify- Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation
py27-pylibacl-0.5.2.txz Manipulate ACL with Python
py27-pyliblo-0.10.0_1.txz Python wrapper for the Liblo OSC Library
py27-pyliblzma-0.5.3_6.txz Python binding for the LZMA compression library
py27-pylibmc-1.6.0.txz Quick and small memcached client for Python
py27-pylons-1.0.3.txz Python based web framework
py27-pylons-sphinx-themes-1.0.10.txz Sphinx themes for Pylons Project documentation
py27-pylru-1.0.9.txz Least recently used (lru) cache implementation
py27-pylru-cache-0.1.4.txz LRU cache for Python
py27-pymacaroons-pynacl-0.13.0.txz Macaroon library for Python
py27-pymad-0.10.txz Python wrapper for the MPEG Audio Decoder library
py27-pymailq-0.9.0_1.txz Postfix queue control python tool
py27-pymarc-3.1.13,1.txz Read Write And Modify MARC Bibliographic Data
py27-pymaven-patch-0.2.9.txz Library for interfacing with maven
py27-pymc-2.3.6_3,1.txz Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling Toolkit
py27-pymc3-3.7_1.txz Probabilistic programming in Python
py27-pymediainfo-4.1.txz Python wrapper for the mediainfo library
py27-pymisp-2.4.114.txz Python library to access MISP platforms via their REST API
py27-pymol-2.3.0_1.txz OpenGL-based molecular visualization system
py27-pymongo-3.9.0.txz Python driver for MongoDB
py27-pymssql-2.1.4.txz Python database interface for MS-SQL. Version 2
py27-pymtbl-0.4.1.txz Python wrapper for devel/mtbl
py27-pymysql-0.9.3.txz Pure Python MySQL Driver
py27-pynacl-1.3.0.txz Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography library
py27-pyneqsys-0.5.6_2.txz Solver of symbolically defined systems of non-linear equations
py27-pynids-0.6.1_2.txz Python interface to libnids
py27-pynmsg-0.4.0.txz Python wrapper for net/nmsg
py27-pynn-0.9.4_1.txz Simulator-independent language for building neuronal network models
py27-pynsca-1.5.txz Python NSCA (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) library
py27-pynsq-0.9.0b1.txz Official Python client library for NSQ
py27-pynvim-0.3.2.txz Python client and plugin host for Neovim
py27-pynxos-0.0.5.txz Python client for managing Cisco NX-OS devices through NX-API
py27-pynzb-0.1.0_2.txz Unified API for parsing NZB files
py27-pyocclient-0.4.txz Python Owncloud client library
py27-pyodbc-4.0.24.txz ODBC connections for python
py27-pyodeint-0.10.2_2.txz Python binding for odeint from boost
py27-pyodesys-0.12.4_2.txz Straightforward numerical integration of ODE systems from Python
py27-pyopencl-2018.2_5.txz Python wrapper for OpenCL
py27-pyosf-1.0.5.txz Python lib for synching with OpenScienceFramework projects
py27-pyotp-2.2.6.txz Python One Time Password Library
py27-pypa-docs-theme-g20180622.txz Common base Sphinx theme for PyPA projects
py27-pypandoc-1.4.txz Thin wrapper for pandoc
py27-pyparsing- General parsing module for Python
py27-pypcap-1.2.3.txz Simplified object-oriented Python wrapper for libpcap
py27-pyperclip-1.7.0.txz Cross-platform clipboard module for Python
py27-pyphen-0.9.5.txz Module to hyphenate text based on Hunspell dictionaries
py27-pypillowfight-0.2.4.txz Library containing various image processing algorithms
py27-pyplusplus-1.8.1.txz Framework of components for creating a C++ code generator
py27-pyprind-2.11.2.txz Python Progress Bar and Percent Indicator Utility
py27-pyproj-2.1.3.txz Cython wrapper to provide python interfaces to PROJ.4 functions
py27-pyptlib-0.0.6.txz Pluggable transport library
py27-pypugjs-4.2.2.txz PugJS syntax adapter for Django, Jinja2 and Mako templates
py27-pypuppetdb-0.1.1.txz Library to work with PuppetDB's REST API
py27-pypuppetdb03-0.3.3.txz Library to work with PuppetDB's REST API
py27-pyqi-0.3.2_2.txz Tools for developing and testing command line interfaces in Python
py27-pyqrcode-1.2.1.txz Pure Python QR code generator with SVG, EPS, PNG and terminal output
py27-pyqtgraph-0.10.0_2.txz Scientific graphics and GUI library for Python
py27-pyqtree-0.24.txz Pure Python quad tree spatial index for GIS or rendering usage
py27-pyquery-1.2.9_1.txz Jquery-like library for python