FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
py27-obspy-1.1.1_2.txz Python framework for seismological observatories
py27-ocempgui-0.2.9_13.txz GUI toolkit in python
py27-oci-2.5.1.txz Python interface to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
py27-oddt-0.6_2.txz Open Drug Discovery Toolkit
py27-odfpy-1.4.0_1.txz Python API and Tools to Manipulate OpenDocument Files
py27-offtrac-0.1.0.txz Trac XMLRPC library
py27-ogg-1.3_7.txz Object-oriented Python bindings for the ogg library
py27-olefile-0.46.txz Python module to read MS OLE2 files
py27-oletools-0.54.2.txz Tools to analyze security characteristics of MS OLE2 files
py27-omnijson-0.1.2_2.txz Wraps the best Python JSON installed
py27-onetime-1.81_1.txz Encryption program that uses the one-time pad algorithm
py27-onionbalance-0.1.8.txz Load-balancing and Redundancy for Onion Services
py27-onnx-1.6.0.txz Open Neural Network eXchange
py27-oops-0.9.1_1.txz Object Oriented Database Library For Persistent Storage in Python
py27-opcodes-0.3.14.txz Database of processor instructions/opcodes
py27-openal-0.1.6_5.txz PyOpenAL is a binding of OpenAL for Python
py27-openapi-codec-1.3.2.txz OpenAPI codec for Core API
py27-openapi-spec-validator-0.2.8.txz Validator for OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0.0 specification
py27-opencolorio-1.1.1_1.txz OpenColorIO python bindings
py27-opencv-3.4.1_23.txz Open Source Computer Vision library
py27-openexr-1.2.0_8.txz Python module for ILM's OpenEXR image format and library
py27-openimageio-2.0.10_2.txz OpenImageIO python bindings
py27-openpiv-0.21.0_1.txz Python module for Particle Image Velocimetry
py27-openpyxl-2.6.3.txz Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files
py27-openssl-19.0.0.txz Python interface to the OpenSSL library
py27-openstackdocstheme-1.21.0.txz OpenStack Docs Theme
py27-openstacksdk-0.17.0.txz Unified SDK for OpenStack
py27-opentracing-2.2.0.txz OpenTracing API for Python
py27-opster-4.2.txz Command line parsing speedster
py27-optik-1.5.3.txz Command-line parsing library for Python
py27-option_merge- Code to deeply merge multiple python dictionaries
py27-opuslib-2.0.0.txz Python bindings to the libopus, IETF low-delay audio codec
py27-orbit-2.24.0_2.txz Python bindings for ORBit2
py27-ordered-set-3.1.1.txz MutableSet that remembers its order, so that every entry has an index
py27-ordereddict-1.1_2.txz Drop-in substitute for Py2.7's new collections
py27-orderedmultidict-1.0.1.txz Ordered multivalue dictionary
py27-os-api-ref-1.5.0.txz Sphinx Extensions to support API reference sites in OpenStack
py27-os-brick-2.3.4.txz Openstack cinder brick library for managing local volume attaches
py27-os-client-config-1.29.0.txz OpenStack Client Configuation Library
py27-os-service-types-1.2.0.txz Python library for consuming OpenStack service-types-authority data
py27-os-vif-1.11.1.txz Library for plugging and unplugging virtual interfaces in openstack
py27-os-win-3.0.1.txz Windows / Hyper-V library for openstack projects
py27-osc-lib-1.9.0.txz OpenStackClient plugin library support
py27-osd-0.2.14_11.txz Python wrapper for osd, for displaying text on your X display
py27-oslo.cache-1.37.0.txz Cache storage for OpenStack projects
py27-oslo.concurrency-3.30.0.txz Oslo Concurrency library
py27-oslo.config-6.11.1.txz Oslo Configuration library
py27-oslo.context-2.23.0.txz Oslo Context library
py27-oslo.db-5.0.2.txz Oslo Database library
py27-oslo.i18n-3.24.0.txz Oslo i18n library
py27-oslo.log-3.44.1.txz Oslo Log library
py27-oslo.messaging-10.2.0.txz Oslo Messaging API
py27-oslo.middleware-3.38.1.txz Oslo Middleware library
py27-oslo.policy-2.3.2.txz Oslo Policy library
py27-oslo.privsep-1.33.3.txz Openstack library for privilege separation
py27-oslo.reports-1.30.0.txz Oslo.reports library
py27-oslo.rootwrap-5.16.1.txz Oslo rootwrap
py27-oslo.serialization-2.29.2.txz Oslo Serialization library
py27-oslo.service-1.40.2.txz Oslo.service library
py27-oslo.utils-3.41.1.txz Oslo Utility library
py27-oslo.versionedobjects-1.36.1.txz Oslo versioned objects library
py27-oslo.vmware-2.34.1.txz Oslo VMware library
py27-oslotest-3.2.0.txz Oslo test framework
py27-ospd-1.3.2.txz Base for scanner wrappers for OSP (Open Scanner Protocol)
py27-osprofiler-1.15.2.txz OpenStack Profiler Library
py27-osqp-0.6.1.txz Python binding for Operator Splitting QP Solver
py27-oursql- MySQL bindings for python
py27-ovs-2.9.0.txz Python Open vSwitch library
py27-p4python-2016.1.1447008_1.txz Python bindings for the Perforce API
py27-packageurl-python-0.8.7.txz Parser and builder for package URLs (aka purl)
py27-packaging-19.2.txz Core utilities for Python packages
py27-packet-python-1.37.1.txz Python client for API
py27-pafy-0.5.4_1.txz Python API for YouTube
py27-pager-3.3_1.txz Terminal/console pager module
py27-paho-mqtt-1.4.0.txz MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1 client class
py27-paida- Pure Python scientific analysis package
py27-paint-0.3_6.txz Simple and flexible painting adaptor to libart for Python
py27-palettable-3.2.0.txz Library of color palettes for Python
py27-palm-0.1.7_2.txz Fast Protocol Buffer library for Python
py27-pamqp-1.6.1.txz Low level AMQP framing library for Python
py27-pandas-0.24.2_1,1.txz Flexible, high-performance data analysis in Python
py27-pandas-datareader-0.8.1.txz Data readers previously found in Pandas
py27-pandocfilters-1.4.2.txz Utilities for writing pandoc filters in python
py27-papi-0.0.9_2.txz ATK accessibility wrapper for python
py27-parallax-1.0.3.txz Python API for SSH
py27-paramiko-2.6.0.txz Python SSH2 protocol library
py27-paramiko1-1.18.5.txz Python SSH2 protocol library
py27-paramz-0.9.5_1.txz Parameterization framework
py27-parsedatetime-2.4_1.txz Python module for parsing 'human readable' date/time expressions
py27-parsel-1.5.1.txz Library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS selectors
py27-parsimonious-0.8.1.txz PEGs based parser in Python
py27-parso-0.5.1.txz Python Parser
py27-parver-0.2.1.txz Parse and manipulate version numbers
py27-passlib-1.7.1.txz Python password hashing framework supporting over 30 schemes
py27-patch-1.16.txz Cross-platform alternative to the UNIX patch utility
py27-path-and-address-2.0.1.txz Functions for command-line server tools Module wrapper for os.path
py27-pathlib-1.0.1.txz Python 3.4 pathlib backported to 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 2.7, 2.6
py27-pathlib2-2.3.4.txz Object-oriented filesystem paths
py27-pathspec-0.5.9.txz Utility library for pattern matching of file paths
py27-pathtools-0.1.2_4.txz File system general utilities for Python
py27-patiencediff-0.1.0.txz Implementation of the "Patience Diff" algorithm
py27-patsy-0.5.1_2.txz Python package for statistical models and design matrices
py27-paver-1.2.4.txz Easy build, distribution and deployment scripting
py27-pbkdf2-1.3.txz PKCS5 v2.0 PBKDF2 Module
py27-pbr-3.1.1_1.txz Python Build Reasonableness
py27-pcap-0.6.6.txz Python interface to LBL Packet Capture library (libpcap)
py27-pcapy-0.11.1.txz Python pcap extension
py27-pdagent-1.5.txz PagerDuty Agent software
py27-pdf-1.13_1.txz Pure-Python PDF toolkit
py27-pdf-redact-tools-0.1.2_2.txz Securely redact and strip metadata from PDF files
py27-pdf2-1.26.0.txz Pure-Python PDF toolkit
py27-pdfminer-20140328_1.txz PDF parser and analyzer
py27-pdfminer.six-20181108.txz PDF parser and analyzer
py27-pdfrw-0.4.txz PDF file reader/writer library
py27-pdftotext-2.1.1_8.txz Simple PDF text extraction
py27-pebble-4.3.10.txz Threading and multiprocessing eye-candy
py27-peewee-3.8.0_1.txz Small, expressive Python ORM
py27-pefile-2019.4.18.txz Python module to read and work with PE files
py27-pelican-4.1.0_1.txz Static site generator written in Python
py27-pep8-1.7.1_3.txz Python style guide checker
py27-pep8-naming-0.8.2.txz Check PEP-8 naming conventions, plugin for flake8
py27-period-0.6.1.txz Basic time period checking library
py27-periscope-0.2.4_4.txz Subtitles searching module
py27-permutation-0.2.0.txz Permutations of finitely many positive integers
py27-petname-2.2_1.txz Generate human-readable, random object names
py27-petsc4py-3.10.0_2.txz PETSc for Python
py27-pew-1.2.0.txz Tool to manage multiple virtualenvs
py27-pex-1.2.7.txz PEX packaging toolchain
py27-pexpect-4.7.0.txz Python module for controlling interactive programs in pseudo-terminal
py27-pg8000-112-1.12.5.txz Pure-Python Interface to the PostgreSQL Database
py27-pgcli-2.1.1_1.txz CLI for Postgres Database with auto-completion and syntax highlighting
py27-pgdbconn-0.8.0_2.txz Object-oriented layer to connect and interact with PostgreSQL databases
py27-pglite-1.0.12.txz Light PostgreSQL: use PostgreSQL as a simple SQLite database
py27-pgpdump-1.5.txz Python library for parsing PGP packets
py27-pgsanity-0.2.9_3.txz Check syntax of PostgreSQL SQL files
py27-pgspecial-1.11.7.txz Meta-commands handler for Postgres Database
py27-phabricator-0.7.0.txz Phabricator API Bindings
py27-phidl-1.0.1_1.txz GDS-based CAD tool for photonic and superconducting circuits
py27-phonenumbers-8.4.1.txz Library for parsing, formatting, and validating intl phone numbers
py27-phono3py- Software to calculate phonon-phonon interaction and related properties
py27-phonopy-2.3.0.txz Package for phonon calculations at harmonic and quasi-harmonic levels
py27-photocollage-1.4.4_1.txz Graphical tool to make photo collage posters
py27-photofilmstrip-3.0.2_3.txz Creates movies out of your pictures
py27-phply-1.2.5_2.txz PHP lexer and parser in Python
py27-phpserialize-1.3.txz Port of the serialize and unserialize functions of PHP to Python
py27-pickleDB-0.6.2.txz Lightweight, fast, and simple key-value store
py27-pickleshare-0.7.5.txz Tiny shelve-like database with concurrency support
py27-pid-2.2.3.txz Pidfile management for Python
py27-piddle-1.0.15,1.txz Graphical Drawing library for Python
py27-pika-1.1.0.txz Python AMQP Client Library
py27-pika-pool-0.1.3.txz Pika connection pooling
py27-pillow-6.2.0.txz Fork of the Python Imaging Library (PIL)
py27-pinocchio-0.4.2.txz Pinocchio plugins for the nose testing framework
py27-pip-19.1.1.txz Tool for installing and managing Python packages
py27-pip-api-0.0.12.txz Importable pip API
py27-pip-tools-4.1.0.txz Keep your pinned dependencies fresh
py27-pipdeptree-0.13.2.txz Command line utility to show dependency tree of packages
py27-pipenv-2018.11.26_1.txz Python Development Workflow for Humans
py27-piranha-0.11_6.txz Python binding for Piranha, the computer algebra system
py27-pivy-devel-0.6.4_1.txz Python binding for Coin
py27-pkgconfig-1.5.1,1.txz Interface Python with pkg-config
py27-pkginfo- Query metadatdata from sdists / bdists / installed packages
py27-plac-1.1.0.txz Command line arguments parser for python
py27-plan-0.5.txz Python package for writing and deploying cron jobs
py27-planet-1.4.1.txz Python client library and CLI for Planet's public API
py27-plaso-20190708.txz Automatic creation of a super timeline
py27-plastex-1.0.0.txz LaTeX Document Processing Framework
py27-plex-1.1.5.txz Lexical Analysis Module for Python
py27-plone.alterego-1.0_1.txz Low level support for dynamic modules ZODB blob support for Plone Plone UI and default rules for plone.caching/z3c.caching Tools for constructing navigation and site sections Content Views for Plone Listing of content for the Plone CMS Plone's content menu implementation Plone integration for plone.contentrules Formlib-based controlpanels for Plone Integrate five.customerize into Plone Flexible CMF content Enhanced discussion support for Plone Integration package for plone.folder into Plone zope.formlib integration for Plone Plone specific i18n extensions User-configurable, blob-aware image scaling for Plone Check-out and check-in staging for Plone jQuery integration for Plone jQuery Tools integration for Plone Layout mechanisms for Plone LDAP control panel for Plone Manage link integrity in Plone Translation files for Plone Plone OpenID authentication support Plone integration for the basic plone.portlets package Tools to parse stored queries to actual results Redirection tool Zope 2 and Plone integration for plone.registry Search user interface for Plone CMS Testing tools for Plone-the-application, based on plone.testing Text field with MIME type support,1.txz Integrates the Diazo theming engine with Plone Upgrade machinery for Plone Users and groups related things Plone integration for the basic plone.uuid package Configurable viewlet manager Collection of generally useful vocabularies Workflow and security settings for Plone Collection of widgets, templates for use with z3c.form and Plone
py27-plone.autoform-1.6.2.txz Tools to construct z3c.form forms
py27-plone.batching-1.0.8.txz Batching facilities used in Plone
py27-plone.behavior-1.1.1.txz Infrastructure for maintaining a registry of available behaviors
py27-plone.browserlayer-2.1.6.txz Browser layer management for Zope 2 applications
py27-plone.cachepurging-1.0.11.txz Cache purging support for Zope 2 applications
py27-plone.caching-1.0.1.txz Zope 2 integration for z3c.caching
py27-plone.contentrules-2.0.5.txz Plone ContentRules Engine
py27-plone.dexterity-2.2.6.txz Flexible CMF content
py27-plone.fieldsets-2.0.3.txz Allows to group fields into different fieldsets
py27-plone.folder-1.0.7.txz BTree-based folder implementation with order support
py27-plone.formwidget.namedfile-1.0.15.txz Image widget for z3c.form and Plone
py27-plone.i18n-2.0.10.txz Advanced i18n/l10n features
py27-plone.indexer-1.0.4.txz Hooks to facilitate managing custom index values
py27-plone.intelligenttext-2.1.0.txz Transforms from text/x-web-intelligent to text/html
py27-plone.keyring-3.0.1.txz Manage secrets
py27-plone.locking-2.0.9.txz WebDAV locking support
py27-plone.memoize-1.1.2.txz Decorators for caching the values of functions and methods
py27-plone.namedfile-3.0.8.txz File types and fields for images, files and blob files with filenames
py27-plone.openid-2.0.4_1.txz OpenID authentication support for PAS
py27-plone.outputfilters-1.15.1.txz Transformations applied to HTML in Plone text fields
py27-plone.portlet.collection-2.1.10.txz Portlet that fetches results from a collection
py27-plone.portlet.static-2.0.4.txz Simple static HTML portlet for Plone
py27-plone.portlets-2.2.2.txz Extension of zope.viewlet to support dynamic portlets
py27-plone.protect-2.0.3.txz Security for browser forms
py27-plone.registry-1.0.3.txz Registry for storing application settings
py27-plone.resource-1.0.5,1.txz Publishes directories of static files via the ZPublisher
py27-plone.resourceeditor-1.0_1.txz Resources for integrating ACE into Plone
py27-plone.rfc822-1.1.2.txz RFC822 marshalling for zope.schema fields
py27-plone.scale-1.4.1.txz Image scaling
py27-plone.schemaeditor-1.3.11.txz Provides through-the-web editing of a zope schema/interface
py27-plone.session-3.5.6.txz Session based authentication for Zope
py27-plone.stringinterp-1.0.13.txz Adaptable string interpolation
py27-plone.subrequest-1.6.11.txz Subrequests for Zope2
py27-plone.supermodel-1.2.7.txz Serialize Zope schema definitions to and from XML
py27-plone.synchronize-1.0.1_1.txz Simple decorators to support synchronized methods
py27-plone.testing-4.1.1.txz Testing infrastructure for Zope and Plone projects
py27-plone.theme-2.1.5.txz Tools for managing themes in CMF and Plone sites
py27-plone.transformchain-1.1.0.txz Hook into repoze.zope2 for third party packages
py27-plone.uuid-1.0.3_1.txz UUIDs for content items
py27-plone.z3cform-0.8.1.txz Library that allows use of z3c.form with Zope 2 and the CMF
py27-plonetheme.classic-1.3.3.txz Classic Plone 3 default theme
py27-plonetheme.sunburst-1.4.7.txz Default theme for Plone 4