FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
asm-xml-1.4.txz Very fast XML parser and decoder written in pure assembler
asm2html-1.7.txz Converts NASM syntax assembly code to HTML code
asmail-2.1_4.txz Biff-type program, designed to match AfterStep
asmctl-1.7.txz Apple System Management Controller
asmem-1.12_1.txz AfterStep look-n-feel memory utilization monitor
asmix-1.5_3.txz Volume control dock-app for the AfterStep Window Manager
asmixer-0.5_3.txz Mixer control for AfterStep window manager
asmon-0.61_3.txz Swallowable applet monitors the CPU usage, memory, and swap, etc
asmutils-0.18_8.txz Set of Unix utilities written in x86 assembly language
asmx-1.8.2_2.txz Multi-CPU macro assembler for many major 8-bit and 16-bit CPUs
asn1c-0.9.27.txz Modern ASN.1 to C compiler
aspcud-1.9.4_6.txz Advanced solver for package dependencies
aspell- Spelling checker with better suggestion logic than ispell
aspell-ispell-0.60.7.txz Ispell compatibility script for aspell
aspostit-1.3_6.txz AfterStep dockable version of XPostIt
asprint-1.0_3.txz Simple browser to allow a user to print
asql-1.7.txz Query Apache logfiles via SQL
asr-manpages-20000406.txz alt.sysadmin.recovery man page distribution
asr10-1.0.txz Access to Ensoniq EPS/EPS+/ASR devices and image files
assaultcube- Total conversion of the FPS game called Cube
assimp-4.1.0_3.txz Library to import various 3D model formats in a uniform manner
assp-,1.txz Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy
ast-aspell-0.01.txz Aspell Asturian dictionary
ast-ksh-20141224_1.txz KornShell 93
ast-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz ast language pack for libreoffice
asterisk-chan_sccp-4.3.2_1.txz Replacement for the SCCP channel driver in Asterisk
asterisk13-13.28.1_1.txz Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit
asterisk13-espeak-4.0_3.txz Espeak dialplan application for Asterisk
asterisk13-flite-3.0_3.txz Flite dialplan application for Asterisk
asterisk13-g72x-1.4.3_3.txz G.729 codec for Asterisk PBX
asterisk15-15.7.4.txz Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit
asterisk15-espeak-4.0_3.txz Espeak dialplan application for Asterisk
asterisk15-flite-3.0_3.txz Flite dialplan application for Asterisk
asterisk15-g72x-1.4.3_3.txz G.729 codec for Asterisk PBX
asterisk16-16.5.1_1.txz Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit
asterisk16-espeak-4.0_3.txz Espeak dialplan application for Asterisk
asterisk16-flite-3.0_3.txz Flite dialplan application for Asterisk
asterisk16-g72x-1.4.3_3.txz G.729 codec for Asterisk PBX
asteroid-1.2.1_4.txz Modern version of the arcade classic Asteroid
asteroids3d-0.5.1_8.txz First-person shooter blowing up asteroids in 3D space
astime-2.8_2.txz Time/Date applet for WindowMaker
astk-client-2018.0.1.txz Graphical interface for Code_Aster (client side)
astk-serveur-2018.0.1.txz Graphical interface for Code_Aster (server side)
astroid-0.15_1.txz Graphical email client for notmuch, inspired by sup and others
astromenace-1.4.1_2.txz Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities
astyle-3.1_3.txz Source code indenter and formatter for C, C++, C#, and Java
astzclock-1.0_2.txz Afterstep clock with some timezone extensions
asunder-2.8.txz Lightweight GTK+ CD ripper
asusoled-0.10_10.txz Utility for ASUS USB OLED Display
asylum-0.3.2_1.txz Surreal platform shooting game
asymptote-2.44_8.txz Powerful script-based vector graphics language
at-spi2-atk-2.26.2.txz Assisted Technology Provider module for GTK+
at-spi2-core-2.28.0.txz Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
atanks-6.5_3.txz 2D tank game with large, cartoonish weapons
atari800-3.1.0_2.txz Atari 8-bit computer emulator
aterm-1.0.1_7.txz Color vt102 terminal emulator with transparency support
atf-0.21.txz C, C++ and shell libraries to write ATF-compliant test programs
atf-rk3328-v2.1.txz ARM TF-A for platform rk3328
atf-rk3399-v2.1.txz ARM TF-A for platform rk3399
atf-sun50i_a64-v2.1.txz ARM TF-A for platform sun50i_a64
ath3k-firmware-20161130.txz Atheros AR3011/AR3012 bluetooth adaptor firmwares used by ath3kfw(8)
atheme-services-7.2.9.txz Set of services for IRC networks
atitvout-0.4.txz Toggle TV Out on Mach64 graphics cards
atk-2.28.1.txz GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
atkmm-2.24.2_4.txz C++ wrapper for ATK API library
atlast-1.2.txz Autodesk Threaded Language Application System Toolkit
atlc-4.6.1_1.txz Tool to calculate the impedance of transmission lines
atom-1.0.txz Converts text files to html with special attributes
atomix-3.22.0.txz Yet another little mind game
atompaw- Tool for projector augmented wave functions for molecular simulations
atool-0.39.0.txz Manage file archives of various types
atop-2.0.2.b3_2.txz ASCII Monitor for system resources and process activity
atp-1.50_2.txz QWK message packet reader and composer for FreeBSD
atr3d-0.6_18.txz 3D asteroids-like multiplayer game
atril-1.22.1_7.txz MATE multi-format document viewer
atril-lite-1.22.1_7.txz MATE multi-format document viewer
atris-1.0.7_7.txz Atris: Alizarin Tetris
atris-sounds-1.0.1_2.txz Sounds for Atris: Alizarin Tetris
atslog-2.1.1_8.txz Software for collecting and analyzing calls from different PBX models
atunes-3.1.2_2.txz Full-featured audio player and manager developed in Java
aub-2.2_1.txz Assemble usenet binaries
aubio-0.4.7_2.txz Library for audio labelling
aucatctl-0.1_1.txz Control sndiod and/or aucat volumes
auctex-emacs26-11.90_7.txz Integrated environment for writing LaTeX using GNU Emacs
auctex-emacs26_canna-11.90_7.txz Integrated environment for writing LaTeX using GNU Emacs
auctex-emacs26_nox-11.90_7.txz Integrated environment for writing LaTeX using GNU Emacs
audacious-3.10.1_1.txz Lightweight and versatile audio player
audacious-gtk3-3.10.1_1.txz Gtk+3 port of lightweight and versatile audio player
audacious-plugins-3.10.1_4.txz Plugins needed for audacious
audacious-plugins-gtk3-3.10.1_4.txz Plugins needed for audacious-gtk3
audacious-skins-0.4.txz Collection of audacious skins
audacity-2.3.2_2.txz GUI editor for digital audio waveforms
audiere-1.9.4_7.txz High-level audio API
audiocd-kio-19.08.1.txz KDE IOSlave for accessing audio CDs
augeas-1.12.0_1.txz Configuration editing tool
aumix-2.9.1_1.txz Audio mixer for X11, terminal, or command line
aunit-2017_1.txz Ada unit testing framework
auralquiz-1.0.0_4.txz Simple music quiz game using your own music files
auto-admin-0.4.8.txz Portable tools for automating systems management
auto-multiple-choice-1.3.0_15.txz Multiple-choice questionnaire management with automated marking
autobackupmysql-1.4.txz Make daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your MySQL databases
autobench-2.1.2_9.txz Automating the process of benchmarking a web server
autobook-1.5.txz GNU autoconf, automake, and libtool - The Book
autocd-3.02.12b_3.txz Compact disc control utility
autoconf-2.69_3.txz Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
autoconf-archive-0.2017.09.28_1.txz Set of useful GNU Autoconf macros
autoconf-wrapper-20131203.txz Wrapper script for GNU autoconf
autoconf213-2.13.000227_7.txz Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms (legacy 2.13)
autocutsel-0.10.0_1.txz Synchronizes the two copy/paste buffers used by X applications
autodia-2.14_1.txz Automatic Dia XML - from Source Code and Data
autodist-1.5_1.txz Distribution creation system
autogen-5.18.16_1.txz Tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs
autojump-13_1.txz Tool that acts as a complement to cd
automake-1.16.1_2.txz GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
automount-1.7.0.txz FreeBSD's devd(8) based automount solution
automounter-1.5.1.txz Provides scripts to dynamically configure amd
automx-0.10.2_3.txz Handles mail account profile requests from mail clients
automysqlbackup-3.0.r6.txz Automatic MySQL Backup Tool
autopsy-2.24_1.txz Web-based (graphical) interface to The Sleuth Kit
autorespond-2.0.5.txz Simple autoresponder for qmail
autossh-1.4g.txz Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
autotalent-0.2.txz Real-time pitch correction plugin for LADSPA
autotools-20130627.txz Autotools meta-port
autotrace-0.31.1_32.txz Convert bitmap to vector graphics
autotrust-0.3.1_10.txz Tool to automatically update DNSSEC trust anchors
autozen-2.1_7.txz Adjust brain waves with sound
avahi-0.7_1.txz "meta-port" for the Avahi service discovery suite
avahi-app-0.7_2.txz Service discovery on a local network
avahi-autoipd-0.7.txz IPv4LL network address configuration daemon
avahi-gtk-0.7_1.txz Gtk+ tools and bindings to the Avahi mDNS system
avahi-gtk3-0.7_1.txz Gtk+ 3 library to the Avahi mDNS system
avahi-header-0.7.txz Install an avahi-gtk* header to avoid conflict
avahi-libdns-0.7.txz mDNSResponder compatibility from Avahi
avahi-qt5-0.7_2.txz Qt 5 bindings to the Avahi mDNS system
avahi-sharp-0.7.txz Mono bindings for Avahi service discovery
avalon-framework-4.2.0_2.txz Apache Avalon core framework for component programming
avanor-0.5.8.txz Rogue-like game with easy ADOM-like user interface
avarice-2.13_3.txz Atmel AVR JTAG programmer and debugging interface for avr-gdb
avce00-2.0.0.txz OpenSource C library convert Arc/Info Vector Coverages to E00
avenger-0.8.5.txz Anti-spam SMTP server
averiagwf-1.00_1.txz Average font
avfs-1.1.1.txz Virtual File System library
avida-2.12.4.txz Auto-adaptive genetic system designed for ALife research
avidemux-2.6.11_15.txz Simple GUI based video editor
avidemux-cli-2.6.11_9.txz Simple GUI based video editor (cli)
avidemux-plugins-2.6.11_16.txz Simple GUI based video editor (Plugins)
aview-1.3.0.r1_6.txz Graphics viewer for viewing netpbm format on console or X using aalib
avinfo-1.0.a15.txz Utility for displaying AVI header information
avis-1.2.0_1.txz Elvin Publish/Subscribe Message Bus server based on the Elvin protocol
avldrums-lv2-0.3.5.txz Dedicated AVLDrumkits LV2 Plugin
avogadro2-1.91.0_5.txz Chemical editor and visualization application
avogadrolibs-1.92.1_1.txz Avogadro2 libraries for chemical editor and visualization applications
avoision-1.1_8.txz Simple collect-dots-avoid-blocks game
avp-20170505.txz Open source re-implementation of Alien versus Predator
avr-binutils-2.32_1,1.txz GNU binutils for AVR cross-development
avr-gcc-9.1.0.txz FSF GCC for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC cross-development
avr-gdb-7.3.1_6.txz GNU GDB for the AVR target
avr-libc-2.0.0_2,1.txz C and math library for the Atmel AVR controller family
avra-1.3.0_1.txz Macro Assembler for Atmel AVR microcontrollers
avrdude-6.3_3.txz Program for programming the on-chip memory of Atmel AVR CPUs
avro-1.9.0.txz Data serialization system
avro-c-1.9.1.txz C library for Apache Avro
avro-cpp-1.9.1.txz C++ library for Apache Avro
awale-1.6.txz African board game
awele-1.0_4.txz African board game
awesome-4.3_1,1.txz Highly configurable, next generation framework window manager
awesome-vicious-2.1.3.txz Widgets for the awesome window manager
awffull-3.10.2_17.txz Webserver log analysis tool forked from Webalizer
awgg-gtk2-0.5.1_4.txz Advanced wget GUI
awgg-qt5-0.5.1_4.txz Advanced wget GUI
awka-0.7.5_1.txz Converts the AWK script to C, then compiles it
awless-0.1.11.txz Fast, powerful and easy-to-use CLI for AWS
aws-17.1_2.txz Adacore Ada Web Server and framework
aws-c-common-0.4.6,1.txz Core c99 package for AWS SDK for C
aws-c-event-stream-0.1.2,1.txz C99 implementation of the content-type
aws-checksums-0.1.3,1.txz Cross-Platform HW accelerated CRC32c and CRC32
aws-demos-17.1_1.txz Adacore Ada Web Server demos
aws-iam-authenticator-0.4.0.txz Use AWS IAM credentials to authenticate to a Kubernetes cluster
aws-sdk-php71-3.103.2.txz PHP interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
aws-sdk-php72-3.103.2.txz PHP interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
aws-sdk-php73-3.103.2.txz PHP interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
aws-sdk-php74-3.103.2.txz PHP interface for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
awscli-1.16.227_2.txz Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
awstats-7.7_2,1.txz Free real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced web statistics
axTLS-1.4.9_2.txz SSL/TLS client/server library implementation
axa-2.2.0_1.txz AXA library and tools
axel-2.4_2.txz Download accelerator
axfr2acl-1.01.txz Transfer A records from DNS zones and convert to BIND ACLs
axis2-1.7.9_1.txz Provides a Web Services,SOAP and WSDL engine from Apache
aylet-0.5_6.txz Aylet plays music files in the .ay format
az-aspell-0.02.0_1,2.txz Aspell Azerbaijani dictionary
azpainter-2.1.4_1.txz 16-bit RGB full color painting application
azure-agent-2.2.14_2.txz Microsoft Azure Linux Agent
b2-1.3.8_1.txz Command Line Interface for Backblaze's B2 storage service
b2-py27-1.3.8_1.txz Command Line Interface for Backblaze's B2 storage service
b2sum-0.0.20160619.txz Fast secure hashing
b43-fwcutter-019.txz Firmware extractor for Broadcom wireless adapters
b612-1.008.txz Highly legible font family for aircraft cockpit screens
babel-1.6_4.txz Converts among various molecular file formats
babeld-1.8.5.txz Distance-vector routing protocol
babeltrace-1.5.6.txz Tool and library to read, write and convert execution traces
babl-0.1.66_1.txz Dynamic pixel format conversion library
backfract-1.1.2_2.txz Fractal image animated wallpaper program
backupchecker-py36-1.9.txz Fully automated backup checker
backuppc-3.3.2_5.txz Multi-platform backup to disk-based storage
backuppc-devel- Multi-platform backup to disk-based storage
backuppc4-4.3.1.txz Multi-platform backup to disk-based storage
backupuser-1.0.txz User Backup Utility
bacula-web-7.2.0_2.txz Bacula-web provides a summarized output of Bacula jobs
bacula9-client-9.4.3_1.txz Network backup solution (client)
bacula9-client-static-9.4.3_1.txz Network backup solution (static client)
bacula9-docs-9.4.3.txz Bacula document set
bacula9-server-9.4.3_1.txz Network backup solution (server)
baikal-0.5.3.txz Lightweight CalDAV/CardDAV server
baka-mplayer-2.0.4_7.txz Qt 5 multimedia player based on libmpv
balance-3.57.txz Simple but powerful generic TCP proxy with round robin features
ballerburg-1.2.0.txz Two players, two castles, and a hill in between
baloo-widgets-19.08.1.txz BalooWidgets library
balsa-2.5.1_4.txz Mail reader for the GNOME desktop
bam-0.4.0.txz Fast and flexible build system using Lua
bambootracker-0.2.3.txz Music tracker for the Yamaha YM2608 (OPNA) sound chip
bamf-0.5.3_2.txz BAMF Application Matching Framework
bamtools-2.5.1.txz API and toolkit for handling BAM files
bandwidthd-2.0.1_11.txz Tracks bandwidth usage by IP address
banihstypos-0.2.txz Banihstypos is a simple game to teach you typing, FAST
baobab-3.28.0.txz GNOME 3 graphical directory tree analyzer
bar-1.4.txz Cat with ASCII progress bar
barbecue-1.5.b1_1.txz Java barcode generator
barbie_seahorse_adventures-1.1_6.txz You are a seahorse and you want to go to the moon!
barcode-0.98_1.txz A barcode generation library along with a command line frontend
bareos-client-18.2.6_1.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (client)
bareos-docs-18.2.6.txz Bareos document set (PDF)
bareos-server-18.2.6_1.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (server)
bareos-traymonitor-18.2.6_1.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (traymonitor)
bareos-webui-18.2.6.txz PHP-Frontend to manage Bareos over the web
bareos16-client-16.2.8_3.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (client)
bareos16-client-static-16.2.8_3.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (static client)
bareos16-server-16.2.8_3.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (server)
bareos16-webui-16.2.7_2.txz PHP-Frontend to manage Bareos over the web
bareos17-client-17.2.7_4.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (client)
bareos17-client-static-17.2.7_4.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (static client)
bareos17-server-17.2.7_4.txz Backup archiving recovery open sourced (server)
bareos17-webui-17.2.5_2.txz PHP-Frontend to manage Bareos over the web
baresip-0.5.8_7.txz Small SIP client
barnyard2-1.13_4.txz Interpreter for Snort unified2 binary output files
barnyard2-sguil-1.13_4.txz Interpreter for Snort unified2 binary output files
barony-3.2.2_3.txz 3D roguelike game
barrage-1.0.5.txz Destroy as many targets as possible
barrier-2.3.1.txz Mouse and keyboard sharing utility
barvinok-0.41.2_1.txz Library for counting the number of integer points in polytopes