FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
rubygem-templater-1.0.0.txz Ruby code generation framework
rubygem-temple-0.8.0.txz Template compilation framework in Ruby
rubygem-term-ansicolor-1.7.1.txz Term::ANSIColor for Ruby
rubygem-termcolor-1.2.2.txz Library for ANSII color formatting like HTML for output in terminal
rubygem-terminal-table-1.8.0.txz Simple, feature rich ASCII table generation library
rubygem-termtter-2.2.9.txz Terminal based Twitter client
rubygem-terrapin-0.6.0.txz Run shell commands safely
rubygem-test-unit-3.2.9.txz Improved version of Test::Unit bundled in Ruby
rubygem-text-1.3.1.txz Collection of text algorithms
rubygem-thin-1.7.2.txz Fast and simple Ruby web server
rubygem-thor-0.20.3.txz Scripting framework that replaces rake, sake, and rubigen
rubygem-thread_safe-0.3.6.txz Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
rubygem-thread_safe1-0.1.3.txz Thread-safe collections and utilities for Ruby
rubygem-thrift-,1.txz Ruby interface to thrift
rubygem-tidy_ffi-0.1.6.txz Tidy library interface via FFI
rubygem-tilt-2.0.9.txz Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines
rubygem-tilt1-1.4.1.txz Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines
rubygem-timers-4.2.0.txz Pure Ruby one-shot and periodic timers
rubygem-timfel-krb5-auth-0.8.3.txz KRB5 for Ruby
rubygem-tinder-1.10.1_2.txz Ruby API for interfacing with Campfire
rubygem-tins-1.21.1.txz Useful tools library in Ruby
rubygem-tinyatom-0.3.6_2.txz Small and easy to use ruby Atom feed generator
rubygem-tinymce-rails-4.7.13.txz Seamlessly integrates TinyMCE into the Rails asset pipeline
rubygem-titlecase-0.1.1.txz Ruby string extensions to add title case support
rubygem-tk-0.2.0.txz Ruby interface to TclTk-8.6
rubygem-tmail- RFC2822/MIME compliant mail manipulating library for Ruby
rubygem-tmuxinator-1.1.1.txz Manage complex tmux sessions easily
rubygem-toml-0.2.0.txz TOML parser
rubygem-toml-rb-1.1.1.txz TOML parser using Citrus parsing library
rubygem-toml-rb10-1.0.0.txz TOML parser using Citrus parsing library
rubygem-tomlrb-1.2.8.txz Racc-based TOML parser
rubygem-tool-0.2.3.txz Ruby library used by Sinatra 2.0, Mustermann and related projects
rubygem-totoridipjp-0.1.0_1.txz Ruby interface to Web API
rubygem-transaction-simple- Simple object transaction support
rubygem-travis-1.8.9.txz CLI and Ruby client library for Travis CI
rubygem-treetop-1.6.10.txz Ruby-based DSL for text parsing and interpretation
rubygem-trollop-2.9.9.txz Commandline option parser for Ruby that gets out of your way
rubygem-trollop1-1.16.2.txz Commandline option parser for Ruby that gets out of your way
rubygem-truncato-0.7.11.txz Truncating HTML strings keeping a valid HTML markup
rubygem-ttfunk-1.5.1.txz Font Metrics Parser for Prawn
rubygem-tty-0.9.1_8.txz Toolbox for developing beautiful CLI clients
rubygem-tty-box-0.4.1.txz Draw various frames and boxes in your terminal interface
rubygem-tty-color-0.5.0.txz Terminal color capabilities detection
rubygem-tty-command-0.9.0.txz Execute shell commands with pretty logging
rubygem-tty-config-0.3.2.txz Define, read and write any Ruby app configurations
rubygem-tty-cursor-0.7.0.txz Move terminal cursor around
rubygem-tty-editor-0.5.1.txz Opens a file or text in the user preferred editor
rubygem-tty-file-0.8.0.txz File and directory manipulation utility methods
rubygem-tty-font-0.4.0.txz Large stylized characters using terminal friendly fonts
rubygem-tty-markdown-0.6.0_1.txz Convert markdown document/text into terminal friendly output
rubygem-tty-pager-0.12.1.txz Terminal output paging in cross-platform way
rubygem-tty-pie-0.3.0.txz Draw pie charts in your terminal window
rubygem-tty-platform-0.2.1.txz Query methods for detecting different OS
rubygem-tty-progressbar-0.17.0.txz Flexible progress bars drawing in terminal emulators
rubygem-tty-prompt-0.19.0.txz Beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt
rubygem-tty-reader-0.6.0.txz Methods for processing keyboard input
rubygem-tty-screen-0.7.0.txz Terminal screen size detection
rubygem-tty-spinner-0.9.1.txz Terminal spinner for tasks with non-deterministic time
rubygem-tty-table-0.11.0.txz Fexible and intuitive table generator
rubygem-tty-tree-0.3.0.txz Print directory or structured data in tree like format
rubygem-tty-which-0.4.1.txz Platform independent implementation of Unix which command
rubygem-tumblr_client-0.8.5_3.txz Ruby Wrapper for the Tumblr v2 API
rubygem-turbolinks-5.2.1.txz Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster
rubygem-turbolinks-source-5.2.0.txz Turbolinks JavaScript assets
rubygem-turn-0.9.7_1.txz New output format for Test::Unit
rubygem-tweetstream-2.6.1_1.txz TweetStream provides simple Ruby access to Twitter Streaming API
rubygem-twitter-6.2.0_1.txz Ruby interface to the Twitter API
rubygem-twitter-stream-0.1.16_2.txz Twitter realtime API client
rubygem-twitter-text-3.0.0.txz Ruby gem for handling of Twitter texts
rubygem-twitter-text1-1.14.7.txz Ruby gem for handling of Twitter texts
rubygem-twitter4r-0.7.0.txz Twitter client API in pure Ruby
rubygem-twitter_oauth-0.4.94.txz Twitter OAuth REST API client library for Ruby
rubygem-typed-array-0.1.2.txz Provides methods for creating type-enforced Arrays
rubygem-typhoeus-1.3.1.txz Parallel HTTP request library
rubygem-tzinfo-1.2.5.txz Daylight-savings aware timezone support for Ruby
rubygem-tzinfo-data-1.2019.3.txz IANA Time Zone database for TZInfo
rubygem-u2f-1.0.0.txz Library for handling registration and authentication of U2F devices
rubygem-u2f0-0.2.1.txz Library for handling registration and authentication of U2F devices
rubygem-uber-0.1.0.txz Gem-authoring framework
rubygem-uglifier-4.1.20.txz Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
rubygem-uglifier27-2.7.2.txz Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
rubygem-uh-2.1.0.txz Xlib ruby toolkit
rubygem-uh-layout-0.5.2.txz Tiling and stacking layout for uh-wm ruby gem
rubygem-uh-wm-0.2.1.txz Minimalistic tiling and stacking window manager
rubygem-underscore-rails-1.8.3.txz Underscore.js asset pipeline provider/wrapper
rubygem-unf-0.1.4.txz Wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support
rubygem-unf_ext- Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
rubygem-unicode- Unicode string manipulation library for Ruby
rubygem-unicode-display_width-1.6.0.txz Get the display size of a string
rubygem-unicode_utils-1.4.0.txz Additional Unicode aware functions
rubygem-unicorn-5.4.1.txz Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications
rubygem-unicorn-worker-killer-0.4.4.txz Kill unicorn workers by memory and request counts
rubygem-unleash-0.1.6.txz Ruby client for Unleash
rubygem-uri-redis-0.4.2.txz Support for parsing redis://host:port/dbindex/keyname
rubygem-url_escape-2009.06.24.txz Fast replacement for CGI.escape and Rack::Utils.escape
rubygem-url_mount-0.2.1.txz Glue to allow mounted rack applications to know where they're mounted
rubygem-url_safe_base64-0.2.2.txz Converts strings to/from base64 that contains only url-safe characters
rubygem-useragent-0.16.10.txz HTTP User Agent parser
rubygem-uuid-2.3.9.txz UUID Generator for Ruby
rubygem-uuidtools-2.1.5.txz Simple universally unique ID generation library
rubygem-vagrant-bhyve-0.1.0.txz Vagrant provider plugin to support bhyve
rubygem-vagrant-mutate-1.2.0_1.txz Convert vagrant boxes to work with different providers
rubygem-vagrant-vbguest-0.16.0.txz Vagrant plugin to install the VirtualBoxAdditions into the guest VM
rubygem-vagrant_cloud-2.0.3.txz Vagrant Cloud API wrapper for Ruby
rubygem-validatable-1.6.7.txz Library for adding database/object validations
rubygem-validate_email-0.1.6.txz Validating email addresses in Rails 3 models
rubygem-validate_url-1.0.8.txz Validating urls in Rails
rubygem-validates_hostname-1.0.8_1.txz Extension to ActiveRecord::Base for validating hostnames
rubygem-vegas-0.1.11_1.txz Wraps Rack/Sinatra applications
rubygem-version_sorter-2.2.4.txz Fast sorting of version strings
rubygem-versionomy-0.5.0.txz Generalized version number library for Ruby
rubygem-vimgolf-0.4.8.txz CLI client for
rubygem-virtus-1.0.5.txz Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects
rubygem-visage-app-2.1.0_4.txz Graph tool for Collectd
rubygem-vmail-2.9.8_1.txz Vim interface to Gmail
rubygem-vmstat-2.3.0_1.txz Library to gather memory, cpu, network, load avg and disk information
rubygem-vpim-13.11.11.txz Pure Ruby library for decoding and encoding vCard and iCalendar data
rubygem-vte-3.3.8.txz Ruby binding for VTE
rubygem-vte3-3.3.8.txz Ruby binding for VTE
rubygem-warbler-2.0.5.txz Constructor of .war files of Rails applications
rubygem-warden-1.2.8_1.txz Rack middleware that provides authentication for rack applications
rubygem-wasabi-3.5.0.txz Library for simple WSDL parsing
rubygem-wdm-0.1.1.txz Library for monitoring directories for changes
rubygem-web-console-rails5-3.7.0.txz Debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications
rubygem-web-console-rails50-3.7.0.txz Debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications
rubygem-web-console-rails52-3.7.0.txz Debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications
rubygem-web-console2-2.3.0_1.txz Debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications
rubygem-webby-0.9.4_2.txz Small website management system
rubygem-webdrivers-4.1.2.txz Run Selenium tests more easily with install and updates for all supported webdrivers
rubygem-webfinger-1.1.0.txz WebFinger client library
rubygem-webmock-3.4.2.txz Allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on the requests
rubygem-webpack-rails-rails52-0.9.11.txz JavaScript-first tooling to use webpack within your Rails application
rubygem-webpacker-rails5-3.5.3.txz Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
rubygem-webpacker-rails50-3.5.3.txz Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails
rubygem-webpush-0.3.4.txz Encryption utilities for Web Push payload
rubygem-webrobots-0.1.2.txz Write robots.txt compliant web robots in Ruby
rubygem-websocket-1.2.5.txz Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
rubygem-websocket-driver-0.7.1.txz WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O
rubygem-websocket-extensions-0.1.4.txz Generic extension manager for WebSocket connections
rubygem-whatlanguage-1.0.6.txz Natural language detection for text samples
rubygem-whois-4.0.7.txz Ruby whois library
rubygem-wikicloth-0.8.3.txz Ruby parser for the MediaWiki markup language
rubygem-wikicloth081-0.8.1_1.txz Ruby parser for the MediaWiki markup language
rubygem-will_paginate-3.1.6.txz Pagination plugin for web frameworks and other apps
rubygem-win32-file-0.8.2.txz Extra and redefined methods for the File class on MS Windows
rubygem-win32-file-security-1.0.10.txz File security methods for the File class on MS Windows
rubygem-win32-file-stat-1.5.5.txz A File::Stat class tailored to MS Windows
rubygem-windows_error-0.1.2.txz Provides a way to look up Windows NTSTATUS and Win32 Error Codes
rubygem-winrm-2.2.3_1.txz Library for Windows Remote Management
rubygem-winrm-elevated-1.1.0.txz Ruby library for running commands as elevated
rubygem-winrm-fs-1.3.1.txz Library for file system operations via WinRM
rubygem-wisper-2.0.0.txz Library for Ruby objects with Publish-Subscribe capabilities
rubygem-wmi-lite-1.0.0.txz Lightweight utility over win32ole for accessing basic WMI
rubygem-xdg-3.0.2.txz XDG Base Directory Standard Library for Ruby
rubygem-xdg2-2.2.5.txz XDG Base Directory Standard Library for Ruby
rubygem-xdr-2.0.0.txz XDR Helper Library
rubygem-xml-simple-1.1.5.txz Ruby take off of p5-XML-Simple
rubygem-xmlrpc-0.3.0.txz Ruby standard library package 'xmlrpc'
rubygem-xpath-3.2.0.txz DSL for generating XPath Expressions
rubygem-ya2yaml-0.31.txz Yet another YAML converter, includes complete UTF8 support
rubygem-yajl-ruby-1.4.1.txz Streaming JSON parsing and encoding library for Ruby
rubygem-yapra-0.2.2.txz Yet Another Pragger implementation
rubygem-yard-0.9.20.txz Documentation generation tool for Ruby
rubygem-yard-chef-2.0.0.txz YARD plugin for Chef
rubygem-yell-2.0.7.txz Extensible logging library for Ruby
rubygem-yui-compressor-0.12.0.txz YUI Compressor for minifying JavaScript and CSS assets
rubygem-zeitwerk-2.1.10.txz Efficient and thread-safe code loader
rubygem-zentest-4.11.2,1.txz Ruby Unit Testing Utility
rubygem-zmq-2.1.4_1.txz Ruby ZeroMQ gem
rubywarden- Ruby implementation of the BitWarden API
rude-0.70_4.txz Rude is a Real-time UDP Data Emitter and Collector (crude)
rudeconfig-5.0.5_3.txz Library for handling configuration files, written in C++
rudiments-1.1.0_1.txz C++ class library for daemons, clients, servers, and more
rump-20170822_1.txz Virtualized NetBSD kernel components in userspace
rumur-2019.09.15.txz Model checker, a formal verification tool for state machines
runawk-1.6.1.txz Wrapper for AWK interpreter that implements a modules system
rundeck-2.11.13.txz Web-console for dispatching commands and scripts to your nodes
runit-2.1.2_3.txz Service supervision tools compatible with DJB daemontools
runit-faster- Runit based init replacement for FreeBSD
runsnakerun-2.0.4_2.txz GUI Viewer for Python profiling runs
runwhen-2015.02.24_2.txz Tools for running commands at particular times
ruqola- Rocketchat client
rush-2.1.txz Restricted User SHell, providing limited remote access to resources
rust-1.38.0.txz Language with a focus on memory safety and concurrency
rust-bindgen-0.51.1.txz Generate Rust bindings from C (and some C++) code
rust-cbindgen-0.9.1_1.txz Generate C bindings from Rust code
rust-nightly- Language with a focus on memory safety and concurrency
rvi-1.0.0.txz Simple interface to RCS
rvm-1.20.txz Persistent VM library
rvman-1.11_5.txz Archive manager that uses rsync to manage backups
rw-1.0_1.txz Simple replacement for dd wth standard command line flags
rw-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Kinyarwanda dictionary
rw-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz rw language pack for libreoffice
rxp-1.4.4.txz Validating XML parser written in C
rxtx-openjdk8-2.2p2_4.txz Native interface to serial ports in Java
rxvt-2.6.4_6.txz Low memory usage xterm replacement that supports color
rxvt-unicode-9.22_1.txz Clone of the terminal emulator rxvt modified to support Unicode
rzip-2.1_1.txz Compression program similar to gzip or bzip2
s-0.5.14.txz Web search in a terminal
s-nail-14.9.15.txz Send and receive Internet mail
s-news-0.1.11_5.txz Simple news server for hosts with one or two users
s-tui-0.8.2_1.txz Stress Terminal UI: stress test and monitoring tool
s10sh-0.2.2_3.txz USB/serial userspace driver for the Canon PowerShot digital cameras
s2n-20180802.txz C99 implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols
s2tc-1.0+20151228_1.txz Subset of a well-known texture compression scheme
s390x-binutils-2.32_1,1.txz GNU binutils for s390x cross-development
s3mod-1.09_2.txz MOD/S3M player
s3ql-2.21.txz File system that stores all its data in the cloud
s5-1.1_2.txz Simple HTML-based presentation system
s6- supervision suite
s6-rc- service manager
sa-stats-1.0_3.txz Generates top spam/ham rules fired for SpamAssassin installations
sa-utils-0.04.txz SpamAssassin nightly periodic maintenance
sa_IN-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz sa_IN language pack for libreoffice
sabbu-0.3.0_19.txz Program used to time subtitles
sabernetdcs-client-2.0.3_9.txz SaberNet DCS - A labor data collection system
sablevm-1.13_12.txz Java VM created by McGill University's Sable Research Group
sablevm-classpath-1.13_12.txz Classpath of SableVM
sabnzbdplus-2.3.9.txz Web-interface based binary newsgrabber in python, with nzb support
sabre-20100501.txz Simple API for Binary REpresentations and an UDF Library
sabredav-3.2.2.txz WebDav, CalDav and Carddav Server/Framework written in PHP
safe-iop-0.3.1_1.txz Safe integer operation library for C
safe-rm-0.12.txz Wrapper around the rm command to prevent accidental deletions
safecat-1.13.txz Safely write data to maildir directory
safecopy-1.7.txz Safe copying of files and partition
safesh-1.5.txz Authentication manager for OpenSSH (making secure auth easier)
saga-7.3.0_2.txz System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses
sage-0.2.0_7.txz OpenGL extension library
sagittarius-scheme-0.9.6.txz R6RS/R7RS Scheme system
sahi-3.5.2011.07.19_2.txz Web automation and testing tool
sakura-3.7.0.txz Terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE
sam2p-0.49.4_2,1.txz Converts raster (bitmap) image formats into PS or PDF files
samba-nsupdate-9.14.2_1.txz nsupdate utility with GSS-TSIG support
samba410-4.10.8.txz Free SMB/CIFS and AD/DC server and client for Unix
samba48-4.8.12_4.txz Free SMB/CIFS and AD/DC server and client for Unix
samefile-2.15_1.txz Find files with identical contents
samesame-1.10_1.txz Find duplicate files and optionally link them together
samhain-4.3.2_1.txz Samhain Intrusion Detection System
samhain-client-4.3.2_1.txz Samhain Intrusion Detection System
samhain-server-4.3.2_1.txz Samhain Intrusion Detection System
sampleicc-1.6.8_1.txz Library for reading, writing, manipulating, and applying ICC profiles
samplicator-1.3.8.r1_1.txz Receives UDP datagrams and redistributes them to a set of receivers
samplv1-lv2-0.9.9_1.txz Old-school polyphonic sampler
sampsvr-0.3c_1.txz Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas multiplayer modification dedicated server
samtools-1.9.txz Tools for manipulating next-generation sequencing data
samurai-0.7.txz Ninja-compatible build tool written in C
sancp-1.6.1_6.txz Network connection profiler
sandsifter-1.04.txz Processor fuzzer for x86 CPUs
sane-backends-1.0.27_5.txz API for access to scanners, digitals camera, frame grabbers etc
sane-frontends-1.0.14_10.txz Tools for access to scanners, digitals camera, frame grabbers etc