FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
red5-1.0.1.txz Red5 is an Open Source Flash Server
redasm-2.1.1_1.txz Interactive, multiarchitecture disassembler
redeclipse-1.6.0_1.txz Single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter
redeclipse-data-1.6.0.txz Data files for Red Eclipse first-person shooter
redet-8.26.txz Visual regexp development and execution
redir-2.2.1_2.txz TCP connection redirection utility
redis-4.0.14_1.txz Persistent key-value database with built-in net interface
redis-devel-5.0.5_1.txz Persistent key-value database with built-in net interface
redis_exporter-1.1.0.txz Prometheus exporter for redis stats
redisdesktopmanager-2019.0_1.txz Redis DB management tool
redkite-0.6.1.txz GUI toolkit
redland-1.0.17_4.txz High-level interface for RDF
redland-bindings- Language bindings for the Redland package
redmine-3.4.11.txz Flexible project management web application
redmine-a_common_libs-2.4.6.txz Common libraries for RedMine
redmine-basecamp-20130325.txz Basecamp Theme for Redmine
redmine-default_assign-0.6.txz Assign Redmine tickets by default
redmine-graphs-0.0.20170403.txz Additional Redmine graphs
redmine-http-auth-20100730_1.txz HTTP authentication plugin for Redmine
redmine-issue_templates-0.1.1.txz Redmine project issue templates plugin
redmine-knowledgebase-3.2.0.txz Knowledgebase functionality for Redmine
redmine-ldap_sync-2.1.0.txz LDAP user/group synchronization for Redmine
redmine-qa_contact-0.0.20120612.txz Redmine QA Contact plugin
redmine-redcarpet_formatter-2.0.1.txz Redmine plugin to support Markdown
redmine-sidebar_hide-0.0.8.txz Adds simple hide button for sidebar of Redmine
redmine-single_auth-2.0.1.txz SSO authentication method for Redmine
redmine-wiki_notes-0.0.20150125.txz Redmine wiki notes plugin
redo-1.4.txz Incremental build system
redorblack-1.0.txz Simple card game to test fortune and probability theory
redsea-0.17.1_1.txz Lightweight command-line FM-RDS decoder
redshift-1.12.txz Adjusts the color temperature of your screen
reduce-20190413.txz Codemist Standard Lisp REDUCE general-purpose computer system
reduce-psl-20190413.txz Portable Standard Lisp REDUCE general-purpose algebra system
ree-1.4.1.txz Tool to dump your ROM extensions
reed-5.6.txz Text pager with autoscrolling and more
reed-solomon-4.0.txz Reed-Solomon CODEC library
refdb-0.9.9_11.txz Bibliographic reference database
referenceassemblies-pcl-4.6_1.txz Microsoft .Net Portable Class Library Reference Assemblies
reflex-20170521.txz Relocalizable fast lexical scanner
regex2dfa-0.1.6_3.txz Command-line utility that converts regular expressions to DFA
regexx-0.98.1_6.txz Complete regular expressions C++ solution
regexxer-0.10_6.txz Interactive tool for performing search and replace operations
reggae-0.1.7.txz Powerful DevOps solution heavily relaying on CBSD
regripper-2.8.20190223.txz Tool for registry analysis in forensics examinations
rej-0.16_1.txz Merges patch-rejects and runs a merge program to verify the changes
rejik-3.2.11_8.txz Squid redirector used for blocking unwanted content
relaxconf-1.1.1_3.txz Set of text menu based utilities for configuring RelaxBSD LiveCD
relayd-5.5.20140810_4.txz OpenBSD relay daemon
relaydb-1.8.txz Spam relay database
rem-0.5.3.txz Library for real-time audio and video processing
remake-1.4_2.txz Fork of gmake with debugger
remarp-0.05_1.txz SNMP-based ARP watcher
remind-3.1.16.txz Sophisticated calendar and alarm program
remmina-1.3.5.txz GTK+ Remote Desktop Client
remmina-plugin-exec-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin to execute a command
remmina-plugin-nx-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin for NX
remmina-plugin-rdp-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin for RDP protocol
remmina-plugin-secret-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin for GNOME Keyring
remmina-plugin-spice-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin to execute a command
remmina-plugin-st-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin for (Simple) Terminal use cases
remmina-plugin-vnc-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin for VNC protocol
remmina-plugin-www-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin to open an authenticated web-browser
remmina-plugin-xdmcp-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin for XDMCP protocol
remmina-plugins-1.3.5.txz Remmina plugin system
remotebox-2.5_1.txz Open Source VirtualBox Client with Remote Management
remotedesk-0.1_9.txz Graphical interface to rdesktop
remotery-g20190209.txz Single file, realtime CPU/GPU profiler library with remote web viewer
remserial-1.4.txz Bridge between a TCP/IP network port and a character-oriented device
rename-1.99.2.txz Rename multiple files using regular expressions
renameutils-0.12.0_2.txz Rename files faster and more easily
renattach-1.2.4_1.txz Rename or remove certain attachments or kill entire messages
rendercheck-1.5.txz Small program for testing basic Render extension conformance
renewck-1.01.txz Check for expiring domains and send email notifications
renpy-7.3.5.txz Framework for developing visual-novel type games
renpy6-6.18.3_12.txz Framework for developing visual-novel type games
renrot-1.2.0_1.txz Program to rename and rotate image files according to EXIF tags
reoback-1.0_2.txz Simple but flexible FTP/NFS backup script
reop-2.1.0_4.txz Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy
rep-gtk2-,1.txz GTK+-2 bindings for rep Lisp interpreter
replaceit-1.0.1.txz Light replacement to the combination of sed/awk/grep/head/tail
replex-,1.txz Remultiplex an MPEG2 TS into a PS for DVD
replxx-0.0.1_2.txz Portable readline library capable of handling UTF-8
repng2jpeg-1.0.5_1.txz Small tool to recompress JPEG, PNG, and GIF images
reportmagic-2.21_4.txz Web site statistics post-processor for Analog
repos-style-2.0_2.txz Stylesheet for the Subversion index web page
reposado-0.0.20160422.txz Tools for replicating the Apple's Software Update Service
repsnapper-2.5.a4_6.txz Controller and GCode generator for RepRap 3D printers
reptyr-0.6.3a_2.txz Reparent a running program to a new terminal
rescue- Action adventure in Space
resid-0.16_3.txz Cycle-based SID emulator engine
residualvm-0.1.1_2.txz ResidualVM allows you to indulge with classic games like Grim Fandango
resin-3.1.16.txz Java-based Application Server, 3.x branch
resolv_wrapper-1.1.5.txz Wrapper for dns name resolving or dns faking
resource-agents-4.1.1_2.txz OCF Compliant Resource Agents
respond-1.3.txz Response automator for logged events
rest-0.7.93.txz Easy access to RESTful web services
rest-server-0.9.8.txz Performant HTTP server for sysutils/restic backend API
restbed-4.6_3.txz Asynchronous RESTful functionality to C++11 applications
restic-0.9.5.txz Fast, secure, efficient backup program
resume-1.5.1_2.txz XML Resume library
resume-extensions-0.5_2.txz Extends the XML Resume library
retail-1.0.1.txz Program for incremental logfile reader
retawq-0.2.6.c_11.txz Interactive, multi-threaded web browser for text terminals
retcl-0.3.2.txz Tcl client library for Redis
retext-7.0.4.txz Markdown editor
retranslator-5.0.0.txz The update utility for Kaspersky applications
retro12-2019.7.txz Clean, elegant, and pragmatic dialect of Forth
retroshare-0.6.4_4.txz Private and secure decentralised communication platform
revealrk-1.2.2.txz Search hidden procs/rootkits from cron with low false positive rate
revelation-0.4.14_6.txz Password manager for the GNOME 2 desktop
rex-4.0.txz Remote EXecution utility
rexima-1.4.txz ncurses-based console mixer
rexx-curl-2.1.0.txz External function package providing an interface to the cURL package
rexx-imc-1.76_3.txz Procedural programming language designed by IBM's UK Laboratories
rexx-regina-3.9.1_1.txz Rexx interpreter
rexx-regmath-1.00_1.txz Two mathematics libraries for Rexx
rexx-regutil-1.26_2.txz Implementation of IBM's RexxUtil function library for Regina
rexx-wrapper-2.4.txz Tool that wraps Rexx source or tokenised code into an executable
rezerwar-0.4.2_3.txz Puzzle game involving organizing blocks with pipes
rezlooks-0.6_9.txz GTK+ 2.x engine based on Clearlooks
rezound-0.13.1.b_1.txz Graphical audio file editor
rfbproxy-1.1.1.txz Simple tool for recording VNC sessions
rfc-3.2.3_3.txz Perl script to search for RFC's
rfcdiff-1.33_1.txz Compare two versions of an Internet Draft and produce a diff
rfksay-0.1.txz Generates a kitten finding robot with a text bubble
rftp-1.2.txz Automatically reconstruct ftpmail- or bitftp-retrieved files
rgb-1.0.6_2.txz Uncompile an rgb color-name database
rgbpaint-0.8.7_8.txz Very basic painting program
rhash-1.3.5.txz Utility and library for computing and checking of file hashes
rhino-1.7.r4.txz Implementation of JavaScript written in Java
rhtvision- Complete C++ Text User Interface (TUI) library
rhythmbox-3.4.2_6.txz Audio player for GNOME
riak-1.4.12_4.txz Open source, distributed, noSQL database
riak-cs-2.1.0_4.txz Open source, distributed, S3 interface to Riak KV
ricochet-1.1.4_20.txz Anonymous peer-to-peer instant messenger
ridl-g20190530.txz Tool to check whether the system is affected by various attacks
riece-emacs26-9.0.0_11,1.txz IRC client for Emacs
riece-emacs26_canna-9.0.0_11,1.txz IRC client for Emacs
riece-emacs26_nox-9.0.0_11,1.txz IRC client for Emacs
riece-emacs27-9.0.0_11,1.txz IRC client for Emacs
riece-emacs27_nox-9.0.0_11,1.txz IRC client for Emacs
riemann-0.3.2.txz Monitors distributed systems
riemann-c-client-1.10.4.txz C library and command-line tool for Riemann
rifiuti2-0.7.0.txz Tool for analyzing Windows recycle bin
rigsofrods-caelum-0.6.3_1.txz OGRE plugin for atmospheric effects
rigsofrods-pagedgeometry-1.2.0_1.txz OGRE plugin for real-time dense forests
rinetd-0.62_4.txz Simple TCP port redirector
rinse-3.2.txz Install RPM-based system into a directory
rioutil-1.5.0_2.txz Program to interface with the Rio600, Rio800, and psa[play devices
ripe-whois-3.2.2.txz The RIPE whois client version 3
ripgrep-11.0.2_2.txz Command line search tool
ripit-3.9.0_3.txz Command line audio CD ripper
ripmime- Extracts attached files out of a MIME encoded email package
ripole-0.2.2.txz Small program designed to pull attachments out of OLE2 documents
ripperx-2.7.3_3.txz GTK program to rip CD audio tracks and encode them
riscv64-binutils-2.32_1,1.txz GNU binutils for RISC-V cross-development
riscv64-gcc-8.1.0_1.txz Cross GNU Compiler Collection for riscv64
riscv64-xtoolchain-gcc-0.4_1.txz Pre seeded toolchain to cross build FreeBSD base
ristretto-0.10.0_1.txz Image viewer with Xfce integration
rkhunter-1.4.4.txz Rootkit detection tool
rkr-lv2-2.2.txz Rakarrack effects as LV2 plugins
rl-0.2.7.txz Randomizes lines from a specified input file
rlog-1.4_3.txz Flexible message logging facility for C++
rlpr-2.06_2.txz Send print jobs to lpd servers anywhere on a network
rlvm-0.14.67_21.txz RealLive virtual machine clone
rlwrap-0.42_2.txz Readline wrapper
rlytest-1.22.txz Test remote system for unsecured mail relay
rman-3.2.txz Reverse compile man pages from formatted form
rmap-1.2_13.txz Generates images of the Earth centered at a particular location
rmf-1.1_7.txz Library to support reading and writing of Rich Molecular Format files
rmilter-1.10.0.txz Milter that performs rspamd, clamav, and other checks
rmonitor-1.2_1.txz Remote system monitoring utility
rname-1.0.2.txz Execute a program with a fake name
rnd_jue- Colorful Boulderdash'n'Emerald Mine'n'Sokoban'n'Stuff jue
rndpassw-0.2.2.txz CLI password generator
rngstreams-1.0.1_2.txz C implementation of a high-quality uniform random number generator
rnnoise-nu-g20180916.txz Recurrent neural network for audio noise reduction
rnv-1.7.11_1.txz Relax NG Compact Syntax validator
ro-aspell-3.3.2,1.txz Aspell Romanian dictionary
ro-hunspell-3.3.10.txz Romanian hunspell dictionaries
ro-hyphen-3.3.10.txz Romanian hyphenation rules
ro-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz ro language pack for libreoffice
ro-mythes-3.3_1.txz Romanian thesaurus
roadmap-1.2.1_4.txz Vector-based GPS moving map
robin-map-0.6.1.txz Fast hash map and hash set
robocode- Game for learning Java[tm] programming language
robocode-naval-0.9.2.txz Game for learning Java[tm] programming language
roboctl-0.3.8.txz API and tools for communicating with Lego and Vex robots
robodoc-4.99.43.txz Code reference program similar to cxref that produces HTML
robotfindskitten-2.7182818.701_1,1.txz Yet another zen simulation
roboto-fonts-ttf-2.134_1,1.txz Roboto typeface family
rockdodger-1.0.2.txz Addictive rock-dodging greeblie-killing platform game
rocksdb-6.2.4.txz Persistent key-value store for fast storage environments
rocksdb-lite-6.2.4_1.txz Persistent key-value store for fast storage environments (lite version)
rocksndiamonds- Colorful Boulderdash'n'Emerald Mine'n'Sokoban'n'Stuff
rocksndiamonds-data-20131106_1.txz Additional Player Levels for Rocks'n'Diamonds and R'n'D jue
rocs-19.08.1_1.txz KDE Graph theory IDE
rodent- Fast, small, and powerful file manager
rofi-1.5.4.txz Window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
rofi-calc-1.5.txz Do live calculations in rofi
rofi-pass-2.0.2_2.txz Rofi frontend for pass
rolo-011.txz Text-based contact management software
roottail-1.2_3.txz Print text directly to X11 root window
ros-console_bridge-0.4.3.txz ROS-independent logging that pipes into ROS packages
ros-urdfdom-1.0.3.txz URDF parsers
ros-urdfdom_headers-1.0.4.txz Headers for URDF parsers
rosegarden-18.12_2.txz General purpose music editor and sequencer suite
rote-0.2.8_1.txz Simple library for VT102 terminal emulation
rotorouter-1.0_3.txz Traceroute attempt logger and result spoofer
rottdc-1.0.2_8.txz Apogee's Rise Of The Triad source port
roundcube-automatic_addressbook-php71-0.4.3.txz Roundcube webmail automatic addressbook plugin
roundcube-automatic_addressbook-php72-0.4.3.txz Roundcube webmail automatic addressbook plugin
roundcube-automatic_addressbook-php73-0.4.3.txz Roundcube webmail automatic addressbook plugin
roundcube-automatic_addressbook-php74-0.4.3.txz Roundcube webmail automatic addressbook plugin
roundcube-carddav-php71-3.0.3.txz Roundcube CardDAV plugin
roundcube-carddav-php72-3.0.3.txz Roundcube CardDAV plugin
roundcube-carddav-php73-3.0.3.txz Roundcube CardDAV plugin
roundcube-carddav-php74-3.0.3.txz Roundcube CardDAV plugin
roundcube-contextmenu-php71-2.3.txz RoundCube webmail contextmenu plugin
roundcube-contextmenu-php72-2.3.txz RoundCube webmail contextmenu plugin
roundcube-contextmenu-php73-2.3.txz RoundCube webmail contextmenu plugin
roundcube-contextmenu-php74-2.3.txz RoundCube webmail contextmenu plugin
roundcube-html5_notifier-php71-0.6.3.txz HTML5 desktop notifier plugin for roundcube
roundcube-html5_notifier-php72-0.6.3.txz HTML5 desktop notifier plugin for roundcube
roundcube-html5_notifier-php73-0.6.3.txz HTML5 desktop notifier plugin for roundcube
roundcube-html5_notifier-php74-0.6.3.txz HTML5 desktop notifier plugin for roundcube
roundcube-identity_smtp-php71-20170914.txz Roundcube plugin to setup different SMTP settings per identity
roundcube-identity_smtp-php72-20170914.txz Roundcube plugin to setup different SMTP settings per identity
roundcube-identity_smtp-php73-20170914.txz Roundcube plugin to setup different SMTP settings per identity
roundcube-identity_smtp-php74-20170914.txz Roundcube plugin to setup different SMTP settings per identity
roundcube-login_info-php71-1.2_1.txz Roundcube login info plugin
roundcube-login_info-php72-1.2_1.txz Roundcube login info plugin
roundcube-login_info-php73-1.2_1.txz Roundcube login info plugin
roundcube-login_info-php74-1.2_1.txz Roundcube login info plugin
roundcube-markasjunk2-php71-1.11.2.txz Roundcube mark-as-junk / mark-as-not-junk plugin
roundcube-markasjunk2-php72-1.11.2.txz Roundcube mark-as-junk / mark-as-not-junk plugin
roundcube-markasjunk2-php73-1.11.2.txz Roundcube mark-as-junk / mark-as-not-junk plugin
roundcube-markasjunk2-php74-1.11.2.txz Roundcube mark-as-junk / mark-as-not-junk plugin
roundcube-mobilecube-php71- Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-mobilecube-php72- Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-mobilecube-php73- Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-mobilecube-php74- Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-mvision2-php71-2_1.txz Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-mvision2-php72-2_1.txz Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-mvision2-php73-2_1.txz Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-mvision2-php74-2_1.txz Theme for RoundCube Web Mail
roundcube-php71-1.3.9,1.txz Fully skinnable XHTML/CSS webmail written in PHP
roundcube-php72-1.3.9,1.txz Fully skinnable XHTML/CSS webmail written in PHP
roundcube-php73-1.3.9,1.txz Fully skinnable XHTML/CSS webmail written in PHP
roundcube-php74-1.3.9,1.txz Fully skinnable XHTML/CSS webmail written in PHP