FreeBSD Ports Quarterly i386

Package Description
py36-zope.lifecycleevent-3.7.0_1.txz Object life-cycle events
py36-zope.location-3.9.1_1.txz Zope Location
py36-zope.password-3.6.1_1.txz Password encoding and checking utilities
py36-zope.processlifetime-1.0_1.txz Zope process lifetime events
py36-zope.proxy-4.1.3_1.txz Generic Transparent Proxies
py36-zope.publisher-3.13.1.txz Publishes Python objects on the web
py36-zope.schema-4.2.2_1.txz Zope Interface extension for defining data schemas
py36-zope.sequencesort-3.4.0_1.txz Very Advanced Sequence Sorting
py36-zope.size-3.5.0_1.txz Interfaces and simple adapter that give the size of an object
py36-zope.structuredtext-3.5.1_1.txz StructuredText parser
py36-zope.tal-3.6.1_1.txz Zope Template Application Language (TAL)
py36-zope.tales-3.5.2_1.txz Zope Template Application Language Expression Syntax (TALES)
py36-zope.testing-4.1.0_1.txz Zope testing helpers
py36-zope.traversing-3.14.0_1.txz Resolving paths in the object hierarchy
py36-zopfli-0.1.6.txz Zopfli module for python
py36-zpt-2.5.txz Zope-less version of Zope Page Templates
py36-zsm-lib-0.2.0.txz ZFS Snapshot Manager Library
py36-zstandard-0.12.0.txz Zstandard bindings for Python, a full-featured version
py36-zstd- Python binding for Zstandard compression library
py36-zxcvbn-4.4.28.txz Realistic password strength estimator
py37-cython-0.29_1.txz Compiler for Writing C Extensions for the Python Language
py37-gdbm-3.7.5_6.txz Python bindings to the GNU dbm library (Python 3.7)
py37-numpy-1.16.5,1.txz The New Numeric Extension to Python
py37-setuptools-41.2.0.txz Python packages installer
py37-sqlite3-3.7.5_7.txz Standard Python binding to the SQLite3 library (Python 3.7)
py37-tkinter-3.7.5_6.txz Python bindings to the Tk widget set (Python 3.7)
pyWeather-0.1b.txz Python script that downloads weather data and can be cronned
py_static_check-1.2_1.txz Statically check your python code
pybench-2.0_1.txz Extensible benchmark suite for Python
pybind11-2.4.3.txz Seamless interoperability between C++11 and Python (cmake part)
pyblosxom-1.5.3_2.txz Lightweight weblog system
pybookreader-0.5.0_7.txz Program for reading e-books
pybrain-0.3.3_4.txz PyBrain is the swiss army knife for neural networking
pybrain-py27-0.3.3_4.txz PyBrain is the swiss army knife for neural networking
pycadia-0.5.1_12.txz Home to vector gaming, Python style
pycanberra-1_2.txz Very basic wrapper for libcanberra
pycanberra-py27-1_2.txz Very basic wrapper for libcanberra
pycdf-0.6.3_10.txz Python Interface to the Unidata NetCDF Library
pycharm-ce-2019.2.3.txz JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition IDE
pychecker-0.8.19.txz Python source code checking tool to help hunting common bugs
pychm-0.8.4_2.txz Bindings for CHMLIB library
pycogent-1.9_3.txz Toolkit for statistical analysis of biological sequences
pydance-1.1.0_9.txz Dancing simulation game similar to the kind in arcades
pydbus-common-1.2.8.txz Common files for the Python bindings for the D-BUS messaging system
pydf-12.txz Python implementation of df
pydirector-1.0.0_2.txz TCP load balancer written in Python
pyfa-1.19.1_3.txz Fitting tool for EVE Online
pygobject3-common-3.28.3.txz Common files for the Python bindings for GObject
pygopherd- Multiprotocol Information Server
pygts-0.3.1_8.txz Python binding for GNU Triangulated Surface(GTS) Library
pyjamas-0.5_2.txz Port of Google Web Toolkit to Python
pylint-py36-2.4.1.txz Analyzes python source code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality
pylint1-py27-1.9.5.txz Analyzes python source code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality
pylint1-py36-1.9.5.txz Analyzes python source code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality
pylize-1.3.b_5.txz Presentation generation tool
pymorph-0.96_9.txz Pymorph is a pure implementations of image morphology functions
pymp-1.1_4.txz Lean, flexible frontend to MPlayer written in Python
pymsgauth-2.1.0_2.txz Automatically process qsecretary confirmation requests
pyobd-0.9.3_1.txz OBD-II compliant car diagnostic tool
pyobfuscate-0.3.20131129_1.txz Python source code obfuscator
pyobfuscate-py27-0.3.20131129_1.txz Python source code obfuscator
pyotherside-qt5-1.5.8_1.txz Asynchronous Python 3 Bindings for Qt 5
pypanel-2.4_12.txz Desktop panel written in Python
pypy-6.0.0_1.txz Fast, compliant implementation of the Python language
pypy-gdbm-6.0.0_1.txz PyPy bindings to the GNU dbm library
pypy-sqlite3-6.0.0_1.txz Standard PyPy binding to the SQLite3 library
pypy-tkinter-6.0.0_1.txz PyPy bindings to the Tk widget set
pypy3-6.0.0_1.txz Fast, compliant implementation of the Python language
pypy3-gdbm-6.0.0_1.txz PyPy bindings to the GNU dbm library
pypy3-sqlite3-6.0.0_1.txz Standard PyPy binding to the SQLite3 library
pypy3-tkinter-6.0.0_1.txz PyPy bindings to the Tk widget set
pysieved-1.0_1,1.txz Python Managesieve Server
pyst-0.6.50_1.txz Python interface to allow Asterisk programming
pysvg-0.2.2_1.txz pySVG - creating svg with python
pysvn-1.9.3_1.txz Python binding for Subversion
pysvn-py27-1.9.3_1.txz Python binding for Subversion
pysycache-2.0_12.txz Educational software made in python
python-3.6_3,2.txz "meta-port" for the default version of Python interpreter
python-doc-html-3.6.9.txz Documentation for the Python programming language
python-doc-pdf-a4-3.6.9.txz Documentation for the Python programming language
python-doc-pdf-letter-3.6.9.txz Documentation for the Python programming language
python-doc-text-3.6.9.txz Documentation for the Python programming language
python-mode.el-1.0_2,1.txz Emacs lisp module for the Python language
python2-2_3.txz The "meta-port" for version 2 of the Python interpreter
python27-2.7.16_1.txz Interpreted object-oriented programming language
python3-3_3.txz The "meta-port" for version 3 of the Python interpreter
python35-3.5.7_2.txz Interpreted object-oriented programming language
python36-3.6.9.txz Interpreted object-oriented programming language
python37-3.7.5.txz Interpreted object-oriented programming language
pythoncad-37_2.txz Open-source CAD package built designed around Python
pythonchess-0.7_1.txz Small program for playing chess against the computer
pythonsudoku-0.13_12.txz Text and graphical program to create or resolve Sudokus
pytone-3.0.3_3.txz Music jukebox written in Python with a curses GUI
pytowerdefense-0.5_7.txz Tower Defense Game
pyvmomi-6.5_1.txz Python SDK for the VMware vSphere API of ESX, ESXi, and vCenter
pyvmomi-py27-6.5_1.txz Python SDK for the VMware vSphere API of ESX, ESXi, and vCenter
q2p-0.2.20061231_16.txz Enhanced OpenGL-only Quake II engine
q2pro-142_12.txz Quake II engine modification compatible with R1Q2
q3cellshading-1.0_3.txz Quake III engine with Cell Shading capabilities
qTox- Qt 5 based Tox client
qadsl-1.3.3_3.txz Auto login/Keep-alive for Telia AB ADSL, COMHEM Cable, and Tiscali Internet
qalculate-3.0.0_1.txz Multi-purpose desktop calculator (GTK+3 frontend)
qaudiosonar-1.6.1.txz Quick Audio Sonar
qbittorrent-4.1.7_1.txz Bittorrent client using Qt5 and libtorrent-rasterbar
qbittorrent-nox-4.1.7_1.txz Bittorrent client using Qt5 and libtorrent-rasterbar (web UI version)
qbox-1.68.0.txz First-principles molecular dynamics code
qbrew-0.4.1_7.txz Homebrewer's recipe calculator
qbs-1.13.1_1.txz Qbs Build Suite
qca-qt5-2.2.1_3.txz Cross-platform crypto API for Qt
qcad- Professional CAD system
qcc-1.01.txz QuakeC compiler, for building custom games of Quake
qccx-1.0.0.txz Fast optimizing QuakeC compiler
qchroot-0.1.txz Utility for deployment of chroot environments
qcl-0.6.4_2.txz Quantum computer simulator
qconf-2.4_1.txz Tool to create configure script for qmake-based project
qconfirm-0.14.3_1.txz Filter spam by requesting confirmation from sender
qd-2.3.22.txz Double-Double and Quad-Double Arithmetic
qdbm-1.8.78_4.txz Quick Database Manager
qdbm-plus-1.8.78_5.txz C++ API for QDBM
qdecoder-12.0.5.txz C/C++ language library including CGI supports
qdirstat-1.6_2.txz Qt utility that sums up disk usage for directory trees
qelectrotech-0.7.0,1.txz QElectroTech is application to design electric diagrams
qemu-3.1.1.txz QEMU CPU Emulator
qemu-devel-4.1.0.txz QEMU CPU Emulator - development version
qemu-powernv-3.0.50_1.txz Fork of QEMU with experimental PowerNV emulation support
qemu-utils-3.1.1.txz QEMU userland utilities
qemu30-3.0.1.txz QEMU CPU Emulator
qemu40-4.0.0.txz QEMU CPU Emulator - 4.0.X version
qgis-ltr-3.4.11_1.txz Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
qgit-2.8_2.txz Graphical interface to git repositories
qhttpengine- HTTP server for Qt applications
qhull-7.2.1,1.txz Qhull computes convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations, and halfspaces
qhull5-1.0_3.txz Qhull computes convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations, and halfspaces
qico- FidoNet Technology Network (FTN) compatible mailer for Unix systems
qimageblitz-0.1.0_1.txz Graphical effects and filters library for Qt5
qiv-2.3.1_1.txz Small, fast GDK/Imlib2 image viewer
qjackctl-0.5.9_1.txz Qt interface for JACK Audio Connection Kit
qjail-5.4.txz Utility to quickly deploy and manage jails
qjson-qt5-0.9.0_6.txz Library to manage JSON objects with Qt
qlas-1.93.txz Qico FIDO mailer log analyzer and statistic builder
qlipper-5.1.1_3.txz Lightweight clipboard history applet
qlogtools-3.1_3.txz Tools for processing logs from qmail and other packages
qmail-activedir-0.17_2.txz Programs to allow qmail to authenticate users through a MS ad
qmail-auditor-0.47_1.txz Selective e-mail auditing for qmail by means of qmail-queue wrapping
qmail-autoresponder-0.98.txz Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail
qmail-conf-0.60_4.txz Configure various qmail services to run under daemontools
qmail-contrib-0.1_2.txz Contributed programs for qmail
qmail-dk-0.54_1.txz DomainKeys implementation for qmail
qmail-notify-0.93_1.txz Delayed delivery notification for qmail
qmail-qfilter-2.1_4.txz Front-end for qmail-queue to run messages through filters
qmail-rblchk-2.4.1_1.txz Qmail RBL filter
qmail-remove-0.95_1.txz Removes messages from your qmail queue based on a particular string
qmail-spamcontrol-1.03.2731_2.txz Qmail MTA with SpamControl patches
qmailadmin-1.2.15_8,2.txz CGI program for administering Qmail with vchkpw/vpopmail
qmailanalog-0.70_4.txz Tools to analyze qmail-send activity
qmailmrtg7-4.2_5.txz Program to create mrtg graphs for qmail activity
qmake-3.3.8_2.txz The build utility of the Qt 3 project
qmapshack-1.13.0_2.txz Ultimate outdoor aficionado's tool
qmasm-3.0.34_1.txz Quantum macro assembler for D-Wave systems
qmc2-0.195_2.txz Qt based UNIX MAME/MESS frontend
qmdnsengine- Multicast DNS library for Qt applications
qmhandle-1.3.2_2.txz Tool to view and manage a qmail queue
qmidiarp-0.6.5_4.txz MIDI arpeggiator, sequencer and LFO for JACK
qmidictl-0.5.5_1.txz MIDI remote control application sending MIDI over UDP/IP multicast
qml-box2d-2.0.20180109_4.txz QML Box2D plugin
qmls-0.2.txz Quine-McCluskey Logic Simplifier
qmmp-plugin-pack-qt5-1.2.0_5.txz Additional plug-ins for QMMP (Qt5)
qmmp-qt5-1.2.0_7.txz Qt5-based multimedia player
qmqtool-1.12.txz Tool to manipulate contents of a qmail queue
qnetwalk-1.5_2.txz Game for system administrators
qoauth-qt5-2.0.0_5.txz Qt5 support for OAuth-powered network services
qof-0.8.8_1.txz Query Object Framework
qonk-0.3.1_15.txz Small space build and conquer strategy game
qooxdoo-5.0.1_1.txz Comprehensive and innovative Ajax application framework
qownnotes-19.2.0_1.txz Manage notes using nextcloud and markdown
qpage-3.3_8.txz SNPP client/server for sending messages to an alphanumeric pager
qpdf-9.0.0.txz Command-line tools for transforming and inspecting PDF documents
qpdfview-0.4.18.b1_7.txz Tabbed DjVu/PDF/PS document viewer
qpopper-4.1.0_6.txz Berkeley POP 3 server (now maintained by Qualcomm)
qpress-1.1.txz Portable file archiver using QuickLZ
qprint-1.1.txz Encode and decode Quoted-Printable files
qqwing-1.3.4_5.txz Sudoku generating and solving software
qrcodegen-1.14.2.txz GUI to generate QR codes
qrq-0.3.3.txz Morse telegraphy trainer similar to the classic DOS version by DL4MM
qrupdate-1.1.2_11.txz Fortran library for fast updates of QR and Cholesky decomposition
qsampler-0.5.0_3.txz Qt-based front end to LinuxSampler
qscheme-0.5.1_10.txz Small and fast Scheme interpreter
qscintilla2-designerplugin-qt5-2.11.1_1.txz Qt5 Designer plugin for QScintilla2
qscintilla2-qt5-2.11.1_1.txz Qt 5 port of the Scintilla C++ editor class
qsf-1.2.7_3.txz Small fast spam filter intended to be used with procmail
qsheff-II-2.1.r3_8.txz Qmail-queue replacement to filter mail traffic
qsstv-9.3.3_2.txz Amateur Radio SSTV/FAX reception program for unix
qstardict-1.3_1.txz Qt based dictionary program (stardict clone)
qstat-2.14.txz Command-line program to query game servers on the net
qsudo-201711240000_3.txz Qt sudo front-end
qsynth-0.5.7_2.txz Qt fluidsynth front-end application
qt-faststart-0.2.txz Convert QuickTime movie files to streamable format
qt-maybe-0.0.20151227_1.txz Implementation of sum/option types using QVariant
qt5-3d-5.13.0_1.txz Qt3D module
qt5-5.13.0_3.txz Cross-platform application and UI framework (metaport)
qt5-assistant-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 documentation browser
qt5-buildtools-5.13.0_1.txz Qt build tools
qt5-charts-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 charts module
qt5-concurrent-5.13.0_1.txz Qt multi-threading module
qt5-connectivity-5.13.0_1.txz Qt connectivity (Bluetooth/NFC) module
qt5-core-5.13.0.txz Qt core non-graphical module
qt5-datavis3d-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 3D data visualization module
qt5-dbus-5.13.0_1.txz Qt D-Bus inter-process communication module
qt5-declarative-5.13.0_1.txz Qt declarative framework for dynamic user interfaces
qt5-designer-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 graphical user interface designer
qt5-doc-5.12.2.txz Qt 5 documentation
qt5-examples-5.13.0.txz Qt 5 examples sourcecode
qt5-gamepad-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 Gamepad Module
qt5-graphicaleffects-5.13.0_1.txz Qt Quick graphical effects
qt5-gtkplatform-0.2.2_3.txz GTK platform backend for Qt 5
qt5-gui-5.13.0_1.txz Qt graphical user interface module
qt5-help-5.13.0_1.txz Qt online help integration module
qt5-imageformats-5.13.0_1.txz Qt plugins for additional image formats
qt5-l10n-5.13.0.txz Qt localized messages
qt5-linguist-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 translation tool
qt5-linguisttools-5.13.0_1.txz Qt localization tools
qt5-location-5.13.0_1.txz Qt location module
qt5-multimedia-5.13.0_1.txz Qt audio, video, radio and camera support module
qt5-network-5.13.0_1.txz Qt network module
qt5-networkauth-5.13.0_1.txz Qt network auth module
qt5-opengl-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5-compatible OpenGL support module
qt5-pixeltool-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 screen magnifier
qt5-printsupport-5.13.0_1.txz Qt print support module
qt5-qdbus-5.13.0_1.txz Qt command-line interface to D-Bus
qt5-qdbusviewer-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 graphical interface to D-Bus
qt5-qdoc-5.13.0_2.txz Qt documentation generator
qt5-qdoc-data-5.13.0.txz QDoc configuration files
qt5-qev-5.13.0_1.txz Qt QWidget events introspection tool
qt5-qmake-5.13.0.txz Qt Makefile generator
qt5-qtdiag-5.13.0_1.txz Tool for reporting diagnostic information about Qt and its environment
qt5-qtpaths-5.13.0_1.txz Command line client to QStandardPaths
qt5-qtplugininfo-5.13.0_1.txz Qt5 plugin metadata dumper
qt5-quickcontrols-5.13.0_1.txz Set of controls for building complete interfaces in Qt Quick
qt5-quickcontrols2-5.13.0_1.txz Set of controls for building complete interfaces in Qt Quick
qt5-remoteobjects-5.13.0_1.txz Qt5 SXCML module
qt5-script-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 4-compatible scripting module
qt5-scripttools-5.13.0_1.txz Qt Script additional components
qt5-scxml-5.13.0_1.txz Qt5 SXCML module
qt5-sensors-5.13.0_1.txz Qt sensors module
qt5-serialbus-5.13.0_1.txz Qt functions to access industrial bus systems
qt5-serialport-5.13.0_1.txz Qt functions to access serial ports
qt5-speech-5.13.0.txz Accessibilty features for Qt5
qt5-sql-5.13.0_1.txz Qt SQL database integration module
qt5-sqldrivers-ibase-5.13.0.txz Qt InterBase/Firebird database plugin
qt5-sqldrivers-mysql-5.13.0.txz Qt MySQL database plugin