py36-certifi - Mozilla SSL certificates

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 11
Repository FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64
Package filename py36-certifi-2019.6.16.txz
Package name py36-certifi
Package version 2019.6.16
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type txz
Category python security
License MPL20
Download size 144.59 KB
Installed size 297.12 KB
Certifi is a carefully curated collection of Root Certificates for validating
the trustworthiness of SSL certificates while verifying the identity of TLS
hosts. It has been extracted from the Requests project.
This MPL Licensed CA Bundle is extracted from the Mozilla Included CA
Certificate List.


Package Version Architecture Repository
py36-certifi-2019.6.16.txz 2019.6.16 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
py36-certifi-2019.6.16.txz 2019.6.16 i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
py36-certifi-2019.6.16.txz 2019.6.16 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Latest
py36-certifi - - -


Name Value
py36-setuptools = 41.0.1
python36 = 3.6.8_2


Type URL
Binary Package py36-certifi-2019.6.16.txz
Source Package security/py-certifi

Install Howto

Install py36-certifi txz package:

# pkg install py36-certifi

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