FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
php72-pecl-inotify-2.0.0.txz Inotify bindings for PHP
php72-pecl-jsmin-3.0.0.txz PHP extension for minifying JavaScript
php72-pecl-json_post-1.0.1_1.txz JSON POST handler in PHP
php72-pecl-jsond-1.4.0.txz JavaScript Object Notation in PHP
php72-pecl-krb5-1.1.2.txz PECL classes for PAM integration
php72-pecl-leveldb-0.2.1.txz This extension is a PHP binding for Google LevelDB
php72-pecl-libsodium-1.0.7.txz PHP wrapper for the Sodium cryptographic library
php72-pecl-lzf-1.6.7.txz Handles LZF de/compression
php72-pecl-mailparse-3.0.3.txz PECL extension to create and decode MIME messages
php72-pecl-mcrypt-1.0.3.txz PHP extension for mcrypt, removed in PHP 7.2
php72-pecl-memcache-4.0.4.txz Unofficial Memcached extension
php72-pecl-memcached-3.1.3.txz PHP extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library
php72-pecl-mongodb-1.6.0.txz PECL classes for MongoDB
php72-pecl-mosquitto-0.4.0.txz Extension for libmosquitto
php72-pecl-msgpack-2.0.3.txz Provides API for communicating with MessagePack serialization
php72-pecl-mustache-0.9.0_1.txz Mustache templating language
php72-pecl-oauth-2.0.3.txz Php interface to the OAuth Protocol
php72-pecl-pam-1.0.3_2.txz PECL classes for PAM integration
php72-pecl-pdflib-4.1.3.txz PECL extension to create PDF on the fly
php72-pecl-proctitle-0.1.2_1.txz PECL extension that allows changing the current process' name
php72-pecl-propro-2.1.0.txz Facility to manage extension object properties
php72-pecl-protobuf-3.9.2.txz PHP binding for Protocol buffers
php72-pecl-psr-0.7.0.txz Provides accepted PSR interfaces
php72-pecl-qrencode-0.6_1.txz PECL extension for generate qrcode
php72-pecl-radius-1.4.0.b1.txz Radius client library for PHP
php72-pecl-raphf-2.0.0_1.txz Resource and persistent handles factory
php72-pecl-rar-4.0.0.txz PECL extension to create and read RAR files
php72-pecl-rdkafka-3.1.2.txz Kafka client for PHP
php72-pecl-redis-5.0.2.txz Extension to access Redis
php72-pecl-rrd-2.0.1_1.txz PHP bindings to rrd tool system
php72-pecl-scrypt-1.4.2.txz PHP wrapper to Colin Percival's scrypt implementation
php72-pecl-smbclient-1.0.0_1.txz Smbclient wrapper extension
php72-pecl-solr-2.5.0.txz PHP extension for Apache Solr
php72-pecl-ssh2-1.1.2.txz PECL extension to the libssh2 library
php72-pecl-stats-2.0.3.txz PECL extension with routines for statistical computation
php72-pecl-stomp-2.0.2.txz PECL extension of stomp client
php72-pecl-swoole-4.4.7.txz Asynchronous & concurrent & distributed networking framework
php72-pecl-sync-1.1.0.txz Named and unnamed synchronization objects in PHP
php72-pecl-timezonedb-2019.2.txz Timezone Database to be used with PHP date and time functions
php72-pecl-uploadprogress- Provides track progress of a file upload
php72-pecl-uuid-1.0.4_1.txz UUID extension in PHP
php72-pecl-uv-0.2.4.txz PHP wrapper for libuv
php72-pecl-vips-1.0.9_1.txz PHP bindings for libvips
php72-pecl-vld-0.16.0.txz Dump the internal representation of PHP scripts
php72-pecl-weakref-0.3.3.txz PECL Weakref extension
php72-pecl-xdebug-2.7.2.txz Xdebug extension for PHP
php72-pecl-xdiff-2.0.1.txz PECL extension to create/apply binary and text patches
php72-pecl-yac-2.0.2,1.txz Yac is a shared memory user data cache for PHP
php72-pecl-yaconf-1.0.7.txz PHP Persistent Configurations Container
php72-pecl-yaf-3.0.8.txz MVC framework written as a C PHP extension
php72-pecl-yaml-2.0.4.txz YAML-1.1 parser and emitter
php72-pecl-yar-2.0.5.txz Yar (Yet another RPC framework) is a light, concurrent RPC framework
php72-pecl-yaz-1.2.1.txz PECL extension that implements a Z39.50 client
php72-pecl-zmq-1.1.3_3.txz PHP bindings for ZeroMQ
php72-pecl-zookeeper-0.7.1.txz PHP extension for interfacing with Apache ZooKeeper
php72-pgsql-7.2.24.txz The pgsql shared extension for php
php72-phalcon-3.4.4.txz Phalcon PHP Framework written in C-language
php72-phar-7.2.24.txz The phar shared extension for php
php72-posix-7.2.24.txz The posix shared extension for php
php72-pspell-7.2.24.txz The pspell shared extension for php
php72-readline-7.2.24.txz The readline shared extension for php
php72-recode-7.2.24.txz The recode shared extension for php
php72-session-7.2.24.txz The session shared extension for php
php72-shmop-7.2.24.txz The shmop shared extension for php
php72-simplexml-7.2.24.txz The simplexml shared extension for php
php72-snappy-0.1.9.txz PHP extension for the snappy compression algorithm
php72-snmp-7.2.24.txz The snmp shared extension for php
php72-snuffleupagus-0.5.0.txz Security module for PHP 7+
php72-soap-7.2.24.txz The soap shared extension for php
php72-sockets-7.2.24.txz The sockets shared extension for php
php72-sodium-7.2.24.txz The sodium shared extension for php
php72-sqlite3-7.2.24.txz The sqlite3 shared extension for php
php72-sysvmsg-7.2.24.txz The sysvmsg shared extension for php
php72-sysvsem-7.2.24.txz The sysvsem shared extension for php
php72-sysvshm-7.2.24.txz The sysvshm shared extension for php
php72-tarantool-0.3.2.txz PECL PHP driver for Tarantool
php72-tidy-7.2.24.txz The tidy shared extension for php
php72-tokenizer-7.2.24.txz The tokenizer shared extension for php
php72-wddx-7.2.24.txz The wddx shared extension for php
php72-xml-7.2.24.txz The xml shared extension for php
php72-xmlreader-7.2.24.txz The xmlreader shared extension for php
php72-xmlrpc-7.2.24.txz The xmlrpc shared extension for php
php72-xmlwriter-7.2.24.txz The xmlwriter shared extension for php
php72-xsl-7.2.24.txz The xsl shared extension for php
php72-zip-7.2.24.txz The zip shared extension for php
php72-zlib-7.2.24.txz The zlib shared extension for php
php72-zstd-0.7.3.txz This is the zstd extension for PHP
php73-7.3.11.txz PHP Scripting Language
php73-Ice37-3.7.2_1.txz Modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA/COM/DCOM/COM+
php73-aphpbreakdown-2.2.2.txz Code-Analyzer for PHP for Compatibility Check-UP
php73-aphpunit-1.9.txz Testing framework for unit tests
php73-bcmath-7.3.11.txz The bcmath shared extension for php
php73-brotli-0.7.0.txz Brotli extension for PHP
php73-bsdconv-11.5.0.txz PHP wrapper for bsdconv
php73-bz2-7.3.11.txz The bz2 shared extension for php
php73-calendar-7.3.11.txz The calendar shared extension for php
php73-composer-1.9.0.txz Dependency Manager for PHP
php73-ctype-7.3.11.txz The ctype shared extension for php
php73-curl-7.3.11.txz The curl shared extension for php
php73-dba-7.3.11.txz The dba shared extension for php
php73-dddbl-2.0.1.txz Definition Driven Database Layer for PHP
php73-deployer-6.4.3.txz Deployment tool for PHP
php73-dom-7.3.11.txz The dom shared extension for php
php73-enchant-7.3.11.txz The enchant shared extension for php
php73-exif-7.3.11.txz The exif shared extension for php
php73-extensions-1.0.txz "meta-port" to install PHP extensions
php73-facedetect-1.1_7.txz Face detection extension for PHP using OpenCV library
php73-fastdfs-5.0.11.txz PHP module for accessing a FastDFS cluster
php73-fileinfo-7.3.11.txz The fileinfo shared extension for php
php73-filter-7.3.11.txz The filter shared extension for php
php73-ftp-7.3.11.txz The ftp shared extension for php
php73-gd-7.3.11.txz The gd shared extension for php
php73-geos-1.0.0.txz PHP bindings for GEOS
php73-gettext-7.3.11.txz The gettext shared extension for php
php73-gmp-7.3.11.txz The gmp shared extension for php
php73-hash-7.3.11.txz The hash shared extension for php
php73-horde-5.2.21.txz Horde Application Framework
php73-horde-ansel-3.0.10.txz Horde Photo Management and Web Gallery
php73-horde-content-2.0.6.txz Horde tagging application
php73-horde-gollem-3.0.12.txz Horde Web-based File Manager
php73-horde-groupware-5.2.22.txz Horde Groupware
php73-horde-imp-6.2.24.txz Horde web based webmail system
php73-horde-ingo-3.2.16.txz Horde email filter rules manager
php73-horde-kronolith-4.2.27.txz Horde web based calendar
php73-horde-mnemo-4.2.14_1.txz Horde web based notes manager
php73-horde-nag-4.2.19.txz Horde web based task list manager
php73-horde-passwd-5.0.7.txz Horde password changing application
php73-horde-timeobjects-2.1.4.txz Horde timeobjects application
php73-horde-trean-1.1.9.txz Horde Bookmark Manager
php73-horde-turba-4.2.25.txz Horde web based address book
php73-horde-webmail-5.2.22.txz Horde Groupware Webmail Edition
php73-horde-whups-3.0.12.txz Horde bug tracking/ticketing system
php73-horde-wicked-2.0.8.txz Horde Wiki Application
php73-iconv-7.3.11.txz The iconv shared extension for php
php73-imap-7.3.11.txz The imap shared extension for php
php73-interbase-7.3.11.txz The interbase shared extension for php
php73-intl-7.3.11.txz The intl shared extension for php
php73-json-7.3.11.txz The json shared extension for php
php73-ldap-7.3.11.txz The ldap shared extension for php
php73-libawl-0.60.txz Andrew.s Web Libraries - PHP Utility Libraries
php73-libphutil-20190831_1.txz Collection of PHP utility classes
php73-lz4-0.3.5.txz This is the lz4 extension for PHP
php73-matomo-3.11.0.txz Open Source Web Analytics Software Program
php73-maxminddb-1.1.0_2.txz MaxMind DB Reader extension for PHP
php73-mbstring-7.3.11.txz The mbstring shared extension for php
php73-mecab-0.6.0_1.txz PHP bindings of the MeCab
php73-memcache-4.0.4.txz Memcached extension for PHP
php73-mysqli-7.3.11.txz The mysqli shared extension for php
php73-odbc-7.3.11.txz The odbc shared extension for php
php73-opcache-7.3.11.txz The opcache shared extension for php
php73-opencc- OpenCC shared extension for php
php73-openssl-7.3.11.txz The openssl shared extension for php
php73-pHash-0.9.6_5.txz PHP extension for the pHash perceptual hash library
php73-pcntl-7.3.11.txz The pcntl shared extension for php
php73-pdo-7.3.11.txz The pdo shared extension for php
php73-pdo_dblib-7.3.11.txz The pdo_dblib shared extension for php
php73-pdo_firebird-7.3.11.txz The pdo_firebird shared extension for php
php73-pdo_mysql-7.3.11.txz The pdo_mysql shared extension for php
php73-pdo_odbc-7.3.11.txz The pdo_odbc shared extension for php
php73-pdo_pgsql-7.3.11.txz The pdo_pgsql shared extension for php
php73-pdo_sqlite-7.3.11.txz The pdo_sqlite shared extension for php
php73-pear-1.10.6.txz PEAR framework for PHP
php73-pear-Auth-1.6.4.txz PEAR class for creating an authentication system
php73-pear-Auth_HTTP-2.1.8.txz PEAR HTTP authentication
php73-pear-Auth_PrefManager-1.2.2.txz PEAR preferences management class
php73-pear-Auth_RADIUS-1.1.0.txz PEAR wrapper classes for the RADIUS PECL
php73-pear-Auth_SASL-1.1.0.txz PEAR abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
php73-pear-Auth_SASL2-0.2.0.txz Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
php73-pear-Benchmark-1.2.9.txz PEAR framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls
php73-pear-Cache-1.5.6_1.txz PEAR framework for caching of arbitrary data
php73-pear-Cache_Lite-1.7.16,1.txz PEAR fast and safe little cache system
php73-pear-Config-1.10.12.txz Your configurations swiss-army knife
php73-pear-Console_Color-1.0.3.txz PEAR use ANSI console colors
php73-pear-Console_CommandLine-1.2.2.txz Full featured command line options and arguments parser
php73-pear-Console_Getargs-1.4.0.txz PEAR command-line arguments parser
php73-pear-Console_Table-1.3.1.txz PHP class that makes it easy to build console style tables
php73-pear-Contact_Vcard_Build-1.1.2.txz PEAR class to build (create) and fetch vCard 2.1 and 3.0 text blocks
php73-pear-Contact_Vcard_Parse-1.32.0.txz PEAR class to parse vCard 2.1 and 3.0 files
php73-pear-Crypt_Blowfish-1.1.0.r2.txz PEAR class for blowfish encryption
php73-pear-Crypt_CBC-1.0.1.txz PEAR class to emulate Perl's Crypt::CBC module
php73-pear-Crypt_CHAP-1.5.0.txz PEAR class for generating CHAP packets
php73-pear-Crypt_DiffieHellman-0.2.6.txz PEAR class implementing Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange protocol for PHP5
php73-pear-Crypt_GPG-1.4.3.txz GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
php73-pear-Crypt_HMAC2-1.0.0.txz Implementation of Hashed Message Authentication Code for PHP5
php73-pear-Crypt_MicroID-0.1.0.txz PHP MicroID library
php73-pear-Crypt_RC4-1.0.3.txz PEAR encryption class for RC4 encryption
php73-pear-Crypt_RSA-1.2.1_1.txz PEAR class allows you to use two-key strong cryptography
php73-pear-Crypt_XXTEA-0.9.0.txz PEAR XXTEA encryption algorithm
php73-pear-DB-1.9.3,1.txz PEAR Database Abstraction Layer
php73-pear-DBA-1.1.1.txz Berkely-style database abstraction class
php73-pear-DBA_Relational-0.2.0.txz Berkely-style database abstraction class
php73-pear-DB_DataObject-1.11.5_1.txz SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables
php73-pear-DB_DataObject_FormBuilder-1.0.2.txz Automatically build HTML_QuickForm objects using DB_DataObject
php73-pear-DB_Pager-0.7.2.txz PEAR Database Abstraction Layer
php73-pear-DB_QueryTool-1.1.2.txz PEAR OO-interface for easily retrieving and modifying data in a DB
php73-pear-DB_Sqlite_Tools-0.1.7.txz an object oriented interface to backup Sqlite databases
php73-pear-DB_Table-1.5.6_1,1.txz PEAR object-oriented interface to a database table
php73-pear-DB_ldap-1.2.1.txz PEAR DB compliant interface to LDAP servers
php73-pear-DB_ldap2-0.5.1_1.txz PEAR DB compliant interface to LDAP v2 and v3 database
php73-pear-Date-1.4.7.txz PEAR Date and Time Zone Classes
php73-pear-Date_Holidays-0.21.8.txz PEAR driver based class to calculate holidays
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Austria-0.1.6.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Austria
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Brazil-0.1.2.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Brazil
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Denmark-0.1.3.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Denmark
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Discordian-0.1.1.txz Driver based class to calculate Discordian holidays
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_EnglandWales-0.1.5.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in England and Wales
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Germany-0.1.2_1.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Germany
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Iceland-0.1.2.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Iceland
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Ireland-0.1.3.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Ireland
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Italy-0.1.1.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Italy
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Japan-0.1.3.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Japan
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Netherlands-0.1.4.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in the Netherlands
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Norway-0.1.2.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Norway
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet-0.1.2.txz Driver based class to calculate birthdays of members of
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Romania-0.1.2.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Romania
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Slovenia-0.1.2.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Slovenia
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Sweden-0.1.3.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in Sweden
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_UNO-0.1.3.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in the UNO
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_USA-0.1.1_1.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in the USA
php73-pear-Date_Holidays_Ukraine-0.1.2.txz Driver based class to calculate holidays in the Ukraine
php73-pear-Event_Dispatcher-1.1.0.txz PEAR dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks
php73-pear-FSM-1.4.0.txz PEAR Finite State Machine
php73-pear-File-1.4.1,2.txz PEAR common file and directory routines
php73-pear-File_Archive-1.5.5.txz PEAR class to manipulate tar, gz, tgz, bz2, tbz, zip, ar (deb) files
php73-pear-File_Bittorrent2-1.3.1.txz Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent format
php73-pear-File_DNS-0.1.0.txz PEAR class to read and write RFC1033-style DNS Zonefiles
php73-pear-File_Find-1.3.3.txz PEAR class that facilitates the search of filesystems
php73-pear-File_Fortune-1.0.0_1.txz Interface for reading from and writing to fortune files
php73-pear-File_Fstab-2.0.3.txz PEAR class to read and write fstab files
php73-pear-File_Gettext-0.4.2.txz PEAR GNU Gettext file parser
php73-pear-File_HtAccess-1.2.1.txz PEAR class to manipulate .htaccess files
php73-pear-File_Iterator-2.0.2.txz PEAR FileIterator implementation
php73-pear-File_MARC-1.3.0.txz Parse, modify, and create MARC records
php73-pear-File_PDF-0.3.3.txz PEAR class to generate PDFs
php73-pear-File_Passwd-1.1.7.txz PEAR class to manipulate many kinds of password files
php73-pear-File_SMBPasswd-1.0.3.txz PEAR class for managing SAMBA style password files
php73-pear-Games_Chess-1.0.1.txz PEAR methods for constructing and validating chess games in PGN
php73-pear-HTML_AJAX-0.5.8.txz PHP and JavaScript AJAX library
php73-pear-HTML_BBCodeParser-1.2.3.txz Parser to replace UBB style tags with their HTML equivalents
php73-pear-HTML_CSS-1.5.4.txz PEAR class for generating CSS declarations
php73-pear-HTML_Common-1.2.5.txz PEAR::HTML_Common is a base class for other HTML classes
php73-pear-HTML_Common2-2.1.2.txz PEAR::HTML_Common2 is a base class for other HTML classes
php73-pear-HTML_Crypt-1.3.4.txz Encrypts text which is later decoded using JavaScript on the client side
php73-pear-HTML_Form-1.3.1.txz PEAR simple HTML form package
php73-pear-HTML_Javascript-1.1.2.txz Provides an interface for creating simple JS scripts
php73-pear-HTML_Page2-0.6.1.txz PEAR base class for XHTML page generation
php73-pear-HTML_QuickForm-3.2.16.txz Provide methods for creating, validating, and processing HTML forms
php73-pear-HTML_QuickForm2-2.1.0.txz PHP5 rewrite of the HTML_QuickForm package
php73-pear-HTML_QuickForm_Controller-1.0.10.txz The add-on to HTML_QuickForm that allows building of multipage forms
php73-pear-HTML_QuickForm_Livesearch-0.4.1.txz Element for PEAR::HTML_QuickForm to enable a suggest search