FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
p5-File-Copy-Recursive-0.45.txz Perl extension for recursively copying files and directories
p5-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced-0.006.txz Recursive copying of files and directories
p5-File-CountLines-0.0.3_1.txz Efficiently count the number of line breaks in a file
p5-File-CounterFile-1.04_1.txz Perl module for persistent counter class
p5-File-CreationTime-2.04_1.txz Keeps track of file creation times
p5-File-DesktopEntry-0.22.txz Object to handle desktop files
p5-File-Dir-Dumper-0.0.8_2.txz Perl5 module to dump directory structures meta-data
p5-File-DirCompare-0.7_1.txz Perl module to compare two directories using callbacks
p5-File-DirSync-1.22_1.txz Perl5 module for synchronizing two directories rapidly
p5-File-ExtAttr-1.09_1.txz Access to extended attributes of the files
p5-File-FcntlLock-0.22.txz Perl5 module for file locking with fcntl
p5-File-Fetch-0.56.txz Generic file fetching mechanism
p5-File-Find-Closures-1.112.txz Functions you can use with File::Find
p5-File-Find-Object-0.3.2.txz Object oriented File::Find replacement
p5-File-Find-Rule-0.34.txz Alternative interface to File::Find
p5-File-Find-Rule-Filesys-Virtual-1.22_1.txz File::Find::Rule adapted to Filesys::Virtual
p5-File-Find-Rule-Perl-1.15_2.txz Common rules for searching for Perl things
p5-File-Find-Rule-VCS-1.08_1.txz Exclude files and directories for Version Control Systems
p5-File-Finder-0.53_2.txz Nice wrapper for File::Find ala find(1)
p5-File-Flat-1.05.txz Implements a flat filesystem
p5-File-Flock-2014.01_1.txz Perl5 module for file locking with flock
p5-File-Flock-Retry-0.631.txz Yet another flock module
p5-File-FnMatch-0.02_1.txz Simple filename and pathname matching
p5-File-Format-RIFF-1.0.1_1.txz Read, manipulate, and write RIFF files
p5-File-Grep-0.02_1.txz Perl Module that Find matches to a pattern in files or function
p5-File-HStore-0.10_2.txz Store files on a filesystem using a simple hash-based storage
p5-File-HomeDir-1.004.txz Get home directory for self or other users
p5-File-HomeDir-PathClass-1.112060.txz File::HomeDir returning Path::Class objects
p5-File-Inplace-0.20_1.txz Perl module for in-place editing of files
p5-File-Iterator-0.14_1.txz Module for iterating across files in a directory tree
p5-File-KeePass-2.03_2.txz Interface to KeePassX, KeePass 1.x and 2.x database files
p5-File-KeePass-Agent-2.01_2.txz Application agent for working with File::KeePass objects
p5-File-LibMagic-1.16.txz Nice wrapper for libmagic
p5-File-Listing-6.04_1.txz Parse directory listings
p5-File-Locate-0.62.txz Search the locate(1)-database from Perl
p5-File-Log-1.05_1.txz Simple Object Orientated Logger
p5-File-MMagic-1.30_1.txz Perl5 module to guess file type like file(1)
p5-File-MMagic-XS-0.09008_1.txz Guess File Type With XS (a la mod_mime_magic)
p5-File-Map-0.66.txz Memory mapping made simple and safe
p5-File-MimeInfo-0.29.txz Determine file type
p5-File-Modified-0.10.txz Perl module for checking intelligently if files have changed
p5-File-Monitor-1.00_2.txz Monitor files and directories for changes
p5-File-Mork-0.3_1.txz Module to read Mozilla URL history files
p5-File-NCopy-0.36_2.txz Copy file(s) to directories/file
p5-File-NFSLock-1.29.txz File::NFSLock - perl module to do NFS (or not) locking
p5-File-Next-1.18.txz File-finding iterator
p5-File-Path-2.16.txz Create or remove directory trees
p5-File-Path-Expand-1.02_1.txz Expand filenames
p5-File-Path-Tiny-0.9.txz Lightweight File::Path alternative
p5-File-PathConvert-0.9_1.txz File::PathConvert - Various path conversion routines
p5-File-Pid-1.01_2.txz Pid File Manipulation
p5-File-Pid-Quick-1.02_1.txz Associates a PID file with your script
p5-File-Policy-1.005_2.txz Simple policy for file I/O functions
p5-File-Random-0.18.txz Perl module for random selecting of a file
p5-File-ReadBackwards-1.05_1.txz File::ReadBackwards -- read a file backwards by lines
p5-File-Remove-1.58.txz Perl5 module to easily removes files and directories
p5-File-Rename-1.10.txz Rename multiple files
p5-File-Rsync-0.49.txz Perl convenience wrapper for the rsync(1) program
p5-File-RsyncP-0.74.txz Perl Rsync client
p5-File-SafeDO-0.14_1.txz Safer do file for perl
p5-File-Scan-1.43_1.txz Perl5 anti-virus file scanning package
p5-File-Scan-ClamAV-1.95.txz Perl extension for the clamav virus scanner
p5-File-SearchPath-0.07.txz Search for a file in an environment variable path
p5-File-Share-0.25.txz Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries
p5-File-ShareDir-1.116.txz Locate per-dist and per-module shared files
p5-File-ShareDir-Install-0.13.txz Install read-only data files from a distribution
p5-File-ShareDir-PAR-0.06_1.txz Perl5 File::ShareDir module with PAR support
p5-File-ShareDir-PathClass-1.112440_1.txz File::ShareDir returning Path::Class objects
p5-File-ShareDir-ProjectDistDir-1.000008.txz Perl extension for set-and-forget using a directory in projects root
p5-File-ShareDir-Tarball-0.2.2.txz Deal transparently with shared files distributed as tarballs
p5-File-Signature-1.009_1.txz Detect changes to a file's content or attributes
p5-File-Slurp-9999.27.txz Perl5 module for single call read & write file routines
p5-File-Slurp-Tiny-0.004.txz Simple, sane and efficient file slurper
p5-File-Slurp-Tree-1.24_1.txz Slurp and emit file trees as nested hashes
p5-File-Slurper-0.012.txz Simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file
p5-File-Sort-1.01_1.txz Sort a file or merge sort multiple files
p5-File-Spec-Native-1.004.txz Perl extension for native OS implementation of File::Spec
p5-File-Stat-Bits-1.01_2.txz Perl5 module interface to the major()/minor() C routines
p5-File-Stat-ModeString-1.00_1.txz Converts file stat(2) mode to/from string representation
p5-File-Stream-2.30_1.txz Regular expression delimited records from streams
p5-File-Sync-0.11_1.txz Perl5 module interface to the UNIX sync(2) and POSIX.1b fsync(2)
p5-File-Tail-1.3.txz Perl Module to read the end of a file as it's appended to
p5-File-Tail-Dir-0.14_1.txz Tail all matching files in a given set of directories
p5-File-Tail-Multi-0.1_1.txz Stateful tail of multiple files
p5-File-Tail-Scribe-0.13_1.txz Perl Module to tail file to Scribe server
p5-File-Tee-0.07_1.txz Replicate data sent to a Perl stream
p5-File-Temp-0.2309.txz Generate temporary files or directories safely
p5-File-Tempdir-0.02_1.txz Perl5 module to provide an object interface for File::Temp
p5-File-Touch-0.11.txz Module to 'touch' files
p5-File-Type-0.22_1.txz Determine file type using magic
p5-File-Util-4.161950.txz Perl5 module for easy, versatile, portable file handling
p5-File-Which-1.23.txz Portable implementation of which(1) in Perl
p5-File-Write-Rotate-0.321.txz Write to files that archive/rotate themselves
p5-File-chdir-0.1010.txz More sensible way to change directories
p5-File-chmod-0.32_1.txz File::chmod - Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes
p5-File-pushd-1.016.txz File::pushd - temporary chdir for a limited scope
p5-FileHandle-Fmode-0.14.txz Module to determine if a filehandle is opened for reading, writing
p5-FileHandle-Unget-0.1634.txz FileHandle which supports ungetting of multiple bytes
p5-Filesys-Df-0.92_1.txz Perl extension for filesystem space
p5-Filesys-DfPortable-0.85_1.txz Perl extension for filesystem disk space information
p5-Filesys-DiskFree-0.06_2.txz Perl equivalent of df(2)
p5-Filesys-DiskSpace-0.05_1.txz Perl equivalent of statfs(2)
p5-Filesys-DiskUsage-0.13.txz Perl equivalent of du(1)
p5-Filesys-Notify-KQueue-0.11.txz Perl extension to wrap IO::KQueue for watching file system
p5-Filesys-Notify-Simple-0.12_1.txz Perl extension for simple and dumb file system watcher
p5-Filesys-Statvfs-0.82_1.txz Perl extension for statvfs() and fstatvfs()
p5-Filesys-Virtual-0.06_1.txz Perl extension to provide a framework for a virtual filesystem
p5-Filesys-Virtual-DAAP-0.04_2.txz Present a DAAP share as a VFS
p5-Filesys-Virtual-Plain-0.10_1.txz Plain virtual filesystem
p5-Filter-1.59.txz Number of source filters for perl5 programs
p5-Filter-CBC-0.10_2.txz Source filter for Cipher Block Chaining
p5-Filter-Crypto-2.08.txz Create runnable Perl files encrypted with OpenSSL libcrypto
p5-Filter-Simple-0.94.txz Simplified source filtering
p5-Filter-Template-1.043_1.txz Source filter for inline code templates (macros)
p5-Finance-Amortization-0.5_1.txz Simple amortization schedules
p5-Finance-Bitcoin-0.902.txz Perl interface to a bitcoin instance
p5-Finance-Currency-Convert-1.08_1.txz Convert currencies and fetch their exchange rates
p5-Finance-Currency-Convert-WebserviceX-0.07001_1.txz Lightweight currency conversion using WebserviceX.NET
p5-Finance-Currency-Convert-XE-0.25_1.txz Currency conversion module
p5-Finance-Quote-1.49.txz Get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges
p5-Finance-QuoteHist-1.27.txz Perl module for fetching historical stock quotes
p5-Finance-QuoteTW-0.09_3.txz Fetch quotes of mutual funds in Taiwan
p5-Finance-TW-EmergingQuote-0.26_1.txz Check stock quotes from Taiwan Emerging Stock
p5-Finance-TW-TSEQuote-0.28.txz Check stock quotes from Taiwan Security Exchange
p5-Finance-YahooQuote-0.26.txz Get stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance
p5-Find-Lib-1.04_1.txz Helper to smartly find libs to use in the filesystem tree
p5-FindBin-libs-2.1100_1.txz Perl extension to locate and use lib directories
p5-Flea-0.04_2.txz Perl extension for minimalistic sugar for your Plack
p5-Flickr-API-1.28.txz Perl interface to the Flickr API
p5-Flickr-Upload-1.60.txz Upload images to
p5-Fliggy-0.009003_1.txz Perl extension for Fliggy: Twiggy with inlined flash policy server
p5-Font-AFM-1.20_1.txz Interface to Adobe font metrics files
p5-Font-FreeType-0.07.txz Perl extension to read font files and render glyphs using FreeType2
p5-Font-TTF-1.06.txz Perl module for TrueType font hacking
p5-Font-TTFMetrics-0.1_1.txz Parser for the TTF file
p5-Forest-0.10_1.txz Collection of n-ary tree related modules
p5-Form-Sensible-0.20023.txz Sensible way to handle form based user interface
p5-FormValidator-Lite-0.40.txz Lightleight form validation library
p5-Format-Human-Bytes-0.06_1.txz Perl module to format a bytecount and make it human readable
p5-FreeBSD-Portindex-3.6.txz Incremental FreeBSD ports INDEX file generation
p5-FreeBSD-Ports-0.04_1.txz Perl modules for parsing FreeBSD's Ports INDEX file
p5-FreeBSD-Ports-INDEXhash-1.2.2_1.txz Make a hash out of the index file for the ports tree
p5-FreezeThaw-0.5001.txz Module for converting Perl structures to strings and back
p5-Frontier-RPC-0.07.b4_1.txz Frontier::RPC implements UserLand Software's XML RPC
p5-Function-Fallback-CoreOrPP-0.08.txz Functions that use non-core XS module but provide pure-Perl/core fallback
p5-Function-Parameters-2.001003.txz Subroutine definitions with parameter lists
p5-Furl-3.07.txz Perl extension of lightning-fast URL fetcher
p5-FurlX-Coro-1.02_1.txz Perl extension for multiple HTTP requests with Coro
p5-Fuse-0.16.1_1.txz Write filesystems in Perl using FUSE
p5-Fuse-Simple-1.00_1.txz Simple way to write filesystems in Perl using FUSE
p5-FusionInventory-Agent-2.4.txz Agent for OCS Inventory server and FusionInventory for GLPI servers
p5-Future-0.41.txz Build objects representing outstanding operations
p5-FuzzyOcr-devel-3.6.0_6.txz Plugin for SpamAssassin which scans image attachments for spam
p5-GD-2.71.txz Perl5 interface to Gd Graphics Library version2
p5-GD-Arrow-0.01_5.txz Draw arrows using GD
p5-GD-Barcode-1.15_6.txz GD::Barcode - Create barcode image with GD
p5-GD-Graph-1.54.txz Graph plotting module for perl5
p5-GD-Graph-histogram-1.1_5.txz Histogram plotting module for perl5
p5-GD-Graph-ohlc-0.9703_1.txz Create charts displaying the open, high, low, and close
p5-GD-Graph3d-0.63_6.txz Creates 3D charts with GD::Graph and GD
p5-GD-SVG-0.33_6.txz Seamlessly enable SVG output from scripts written using GD
p5-GD-SecurityImage-1.75,1.txz Perl5 module for creating CAPTCHA security images
p5-GD-TextUtil-0.86_5.txz Text utilities for use with GD drawing package
p5-GD-Thumbnail-1.44.txz Thumbnail maker for GD
p5-GDBM-1.14_5.txz GNU Data Base Manager (gdbm) interface
p5-GDS2-3.29_1.txz GDS2 stream module
p5-GIS-Distance-0.18,1.txz Calculate geographic distances
p5-GIS-Distance-Fast-0.14.txz C implementation of GIS::Distance formulas
p5-GIS-Distance-Lite-1.0_2.txz Calculate geographic distances in geodetic WGS84 format
p5-GMail-IMAPD-0.94_1.txz Perl IMAP4 gateway to Google's webmail service
p5-GPS-0.17_1.txz Perl interface to GPS receivers
p5-GPS-Babel-0.11_1.txz Perl interface to gpsbabel
p5-GPS-OID-0.07_1.txz Package for GPS PRN - Object ID conversions
p5-GPS-Point-0.20.txz Provides an object interface for a GPS point
p5-GRNOC-Config-1.0.9_1.txz Module to allow everyone to access config files
p5-GRNOC-TL1-1.3.10_1.txz Retrieve data from different models of TL1 devices
p5-GSSAPI-0.28_1.txz Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library
p5-GStreamer-0.17_2.txz Set of Perl5 bindings for gstreamer
p5-Games-Alak-0.19_1.txz Simple game-tree implementation of a gomoku-like game
p5-Games-AlphaBeta-0.4.7_2.txz Game-tree search with object oriented interface
p5-Games-Bingo-0.18_1.txz Bingo game Perl implementation
p5-Games-Bingo-Bot-0.01_2.txz Simple class holding IRC related methods for bingo
p5-Games-Bingo-Print-0.04_3.txz Games::Bingo::Print - PDF Generation Class
p5-Games-Dice-0.045.txz Perl module to simulate die rolls
p5-Games-Dissociate-1.txz Dissociated Press algorithm and filter
p5-Games-GuessWord-0.16_1.txz Guess the letters in a word (ie Hangman)
p5-Games-Tournament-RoundRobin-0.03.txz Round-Robin Tournament Schedule Pairings
p5-Gantry-3.64_1.txz Web application framework for mod_perl, cgi, etc
p5-Gazelle-0.48.txz Preforked Plack Handler for performance freaks
p5-Gearman-1.11_1.txz Gearman client libraray for Perl
p5-Gearman-Client-Async-0.94_2.txz Asynchronous client module for Gearman for Danga::Socket applications
p5-Gearman-Server-1.11_2.txz Gearman server daemon
p5-Gearman-XS-0.12_2.txz Perl front end for the Gearman C library
p5-Genezzo-0.72_2.txz Extensible database with SQL and DBI
p5-Geo-Address-Formatter-1.79.txz Take structured address data and format it according to the various global/country rules
p5-Geo-BUFR-1.37.txz Perl extension for handling of WMO BUFR files
p5-Geo-Cache-0.11_1.txz Object interface for GPS waypoints
p5-Geo-Caching-0.11_2.txz Object interface for querying website
p5-Geo-Coder-Bing-0.13.txz Geocode addresses with the Bing Maps API
p5-Geo-Coder-Google-0.19.txz Google Maps Geocoding API
p5-Geo-Coder-Googlev3-0.17.txz Google Maps v3 Geocoding API
p5-Geo-Coder-Mapquest-0.06_1.txz Geocode addresses with Mapquest
p5-Geo-Coder-Multimap-0.01_1.txz Geocode addresses with the Multimap Open API
p5-Geo-Coder-Multiple-0.60_1.txz Perl module to tie together multiple Geo::Coder modules
p5-Geo-Coder-Navteq-0.03_1.txz Geocode addresses with the Navteq MapTP AJAX API
p5-Geo-Coder-OSM-0.03_1.txz Geocode addresses with the OpenStreetMap Nominatim API
p5-Geo-Coder-OpenCage-0.23.txz Geocode addresses with the OpenCage Geocoder API
p5-Geo-Coder-Ovi-0.03_1.txz Geocode addresses with the Ovi Maps API
p5-Geo-Coder-PlaceFinder-0.05_1.txz Geocode addresses with Yahoo PlaceFinder
p5-Geo-Coder-TomTom-0.04.txz Geocode addresses with the TomTom route planner
p5-Geo-Coordinates-Converter-0.13_1.txz Simple converter of geo coordinates
p5-Geo-Coordinates-Converter-iArea-0.14_1.txz Some utility functions around iArea
p5-Geo-Coordinates-UTM-0.11_1.txz Perl extension for converting latitude/longitude to UTM
p5-Geo-Distance-0.24.txz Calculate Distances and Closest Locations
p5-Geo-Distance-XS-0.13.txz Calculate Distances and Closest Locations faster
p5-Geo-EOP-0.50.txz Perl Module to Process Earth Observation Products Meta-data
p5-Geo-GDAL-2.4.2_1.txz Perl binding for GDAL
p5-Geo-GML-0.18.txz Perl Module to Process Geography Markup Language
p5-Geo-GeoNames-1.130.txz Perform geographical queries using GeoNames Web Services
p5-Geo-Gpx-0.26_7.txz Perl Module to Create and Parse GPX Files
p5-Geo-IP-PurePerl-1.26.txz Look up country by IP Address
p5-Geo-IPfree-1.151940.txz Look up country from an IP Address
p5-Geo-JSON-0.007.txz Perl OO interface for geojson
p5-Geo-METAR-1.15_1.txz Perl module that processes METAR information from NOAA sources
p5-Geo-Parse-OSM-0.42_2.txz OpenStreetMap XML file regexp parser
p5-Geo-Postcodes-0.320_1.txz Base class for the Geo::Postcodes::XX modules
p5-Geo-Postcodes-DK-0.32_1.txz Danish postcodes with associated information
p5-Geo-Postcodes-NO-0.31_1.txz Norwegian postcodes with associated information
p5-Geo-ReadGRIB-1.21_1.txz Perl module provides read access to GRIB files
p5-Geo-ShapeFile-3.00.txz Extension for handling ESRI GIS Shapefiles
p5-Geo-Weather-1.41_1.txz Perl module to retrieve weather information from
p5-Geo-WebService-Elevation-USGS-0.115.txz Perl extension for elevation queries against USGS web services
p5-GeoIP2-2.006002.txz Perl API for MaxMind GeoIP2 web services and databases
p5-Geography-Countries-2009041301_1.txz Handle ISO-3166 country codes
p5-Geometry-Primitive-0.24_1.txz Primitive Geometry Entities
p5-Getargs-Long-1.1012.txz Parse routine arguments
p5-Getopt-ArgvFile-1.11_1.txz Perl module for processing argument vectors
p5-Getopt-Attribute-2.101700_1.txz Attribute wrapper for Getopt::Long
p5-Getopt-Compact-0.04_2.txz Getopt processing in a compact statement with long and short options
p5-Getopt-Compact-WithCmd-0.22_1.txz Sub-command friendly, like Getopt::Compact
p5-Getopt-Declare-1.14_1.txz Declaratively Expressed Command-Line Arguments via Regular Expressions
p5-Getopt-EX-1.15.0,1.txz Getopt Extender
p5-Getopt-Euclid-0.4.5_1.txz Executable Uniform Command-Line Interface Descriptions
p5-Getopt-GUI-Long-0.93_1.txz Wrapper around Getopt::Long
p5-Getopt-Long-2.51.txz Perl module for extended processing of command line options
p5-Getopt-Long-Descriptive-0.104.txz Getopt::Long with usage text
p5-Getopt-Lucid-1.09.txz Clear, readable syntax for command line processing
p5-Getopt-Tabular-0.3_1.txz Table-driven argument parsing for Perl 5
p5-Gimp-2.33_1.txz Write GIMP extensions/plug-ins/load- and save-handlers in Perl
p5-Giovanni-1.12.txz PERL-based software deployment tool inspired by capistrano