FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
emacs-devel-nox-,2.txz GNU editing macros (No X flavor)
emacs-koi8u-1.0_1.txz KOI8-U coding system for [X]Emacs
emacs-lisp-intro-2.04_1.txz Introduction to Emacs Lisp programming
emacs-nox-26.3,3.txz GNU editing macros (No X flavor)
emacs-w3m-emacs26-1.4.632.b.20190719_2.txz Simple front-end to w3m for emacs
emacs-w3m-emacs26_canna-1.4.632.b.20190719_2.txz Simple front-end to w3m for emacs
emacs-w3m-emacs26_nox-1.4.632.b.20190719_2.txz Simple front-end to w3m for emacs
emacs-w3m-emacs27-1.4.632.b.20190719_2.txz Simple front-end to w3m for emacs
emacs-w3m-emacs27_nox-1.4.632.b.20190719_2.txz Simple front-end to w3m for emacs
emailrelay-1.9_5.txz Simple SMTP proxy and store-and-forward MTA
embb-1.0.0_4.txz C/C++ library for parallel programming
emboss-6.6.0_3.txz Collection of open source tools for genetic sequence analysis
embree-2.17.6.txz Collection of high-performance ray tracing kernels
emby-server- Media server to organize, play & stream audio/video to various devices
emerald-0.8.8_5.txz Emerald Window Decorator
emerald-themes-0.6.0.txz Themes for the Emerald Window Decorator
emiclock-2.0.2_5.txz Hyper-animated face analog clock for X11
emil-2.1b9_1.txz Mail format/encoding converter
emma-0.6_6.txz Extendable MySQL managing assistant
emms-emacs26-5.0_2.txz Emacs Multi-Media System
emms-emacs26_canna-5.0_2.txz Emacs Multi-Media System
emms-emacs26_nox-5.0_2.txz Emacs Multi-Media System
emms-emacs27-5.0_2.txz Emacs Multi-Media System
emms-emacs27_nox-5.0_2.txz Emacs Multi-Media System
emovix-0.9.0_2.txz Mini Linux distro to create bootable video CDs
empathy-3.12.14_3.txz GNOME IM client based around telepathy
emprint-20130520_4.txz Utility for taking screenshots for E17
empty-0.6.20b.txz Expect-like tool for pure shell
emptyepsilon-2019.05.21_1.txz Spaceship bridge simulator game
ems-flasher-0.03_10.txz Utility to flash ROM images to the EMS USB 64mb flash cart
emscripten-1.38.45.txz LLVM-to-Web Compiler
emulationstation-2.7.1_3.txz Graphical front-end for emulators (RetroPie fork)
en-aspell-2018.04.16.0.txz Aspell English dictionaries
en-freebsd-doc-53465,1.txz Documentation from the FreeBSD Documentation Project
en-gimp-help-html-2.8.2_1.txz GIMP User Manual in English
en-hunspell-2018.04.16.txz English hunspell dictionaries
en-mythes-2006.12.08_1.txz English thesaurus
en_GB-gimp-help-html-2.8.2_1.txz GIMP User Manual in British English
en_GB-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz en_GB language pack for libreoffice
en_ZA-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz en_ZA language pack for libreoffice
enblend-4.2_3.txz Tool for image blending with multiresolution splines
enca-1.19.txz Detect encoding of text files
enchant-1.6.0_9.txz Dictionary/spellchecking framework
enchant2-2.2.3_4.txz Dictionary/spellchecking framework
enchive-3.4.txz Tool to encrypt files to yourself for long-term archival
encode-explorer-6.3.txz PHP script to browse, create folders, upload files etc
encodings-1.0.5,1.txz X.Org Encoding fonts
encryptpad- Minimalist secure text editor and binary encryptor
endgame-singularity-0.30c_8.txz Simulates the life of a true AI
endgame-singularity-music-007_1.txz Music pack for endgame-singularity
endian-1.1.txz Report endianness of a system
endless-sky-0.9.8_5.txz Space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity
endless-sky-high-dpi-0.9.8.txz High-DPI graphics for Endless Sky
enet-1.3.14,1.txz Simple and robust communication library based on UDP
engauge-digitizer-12_2.txz Extract data points from images of graphs
engrampa-1.22.1.txz Archive manager for zip files, tar, etc
enigma-1.21.txz Enigma is a reimplementation of Oxyd, a puzzle game
enlightenment-0.22.4_1,2.txz Artistic X window manager
enma-1.2.0_6.txz Sender authentication milter supporting SPF and Sender ID
enscribe-0.1.0_8.txz Create digital audio watermark images from photographic images
enscript-a4-1.6.6_3.txz ASCII to PostScript filter
enscript-letter-1.6.6_3.txz ASCII to PostScript filter
enscript-letterdj-1.6.6_3.txz ASCII to PostScript filter
ensemblist-040126_11.txz Assemble given shapes from primitives
ent-0.20080128_1.txz Entropy calculation and analysis of putative random sequences
entangle-0.7.2_4.txz Digital camera tethered control and capture program
enteruser-1.0.txz Extensible script for adding new users
entombed-2007.07.04_2.txz One- or two-player maze game based on the Entombed
entr-4.2.txz Runs arbitrary commands when files change
entropy-2.0.txz Calculate data entropy to benchmark compression algorithms
entt-3.1.1.txz Fast and reliable entity-component system (ECS) and much more
envconsul-0.7.3.txz Populate values from Consul into a process environment
envy-0.1.0.txz Shell helper that automatically sets and unsets environment variables
enygma-1.04.txz Text-based puzzle game
eo-aspell-2.1.20000222_1,1.txz Aspell Esperanto dictionary
eo-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz eo language pack for libreoffice
eog-3.28.4_2.txz Eye Of Gnome image viewer
eog-plugins-3.26.2.txz Plug-ins for the Eye of GNOME image viewer application
eom-1.22.1_1.txz Eye of MATE image viewer
epazote-2.1.2.txz Automated HTTP (microservices) supervisor
epdfview-0.1.8_23.txz Lightweight PDF document viewer
ephemera-5.9.txz Blog server
ephoto-1.5_4.txz Comprehensive Image Viewer Using EFL
epic4-2.10.7.txz (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient
epic5-2.1.1.txz Enhanced Programmable IRC-II Client
epiphany-3.28.5_4.txz Extremely lightweight and simple web browser for GNOME 3
epiphany-game-0.7.0.txz Multiplatform clone of Boulderdash
epix-1.2.18_1.txz Creates math plots and line figures using easy-to-learn syntax
epkowa-2.11.0_5.txz The sane-epkowa driver for FreeBSD
epl.el-emacs26-0.8_3.txz Emacs Package Library
epl.el-emacs26_canna-0.8_3.txz Emacs Package Library
epl.el-emacs26_nox-0.8_3.txz Emacs Package Library
epl.el-emacs27-0.8_3.txz Emacs Package Library
epl.el-emacs27_nox-0.8_3.txz Emacs Package Library
epm-4.3.txz Free UNIX software/file packaging program
epos-2.5.37_1.txz Language independent Text-to-Speech (TTS) system
epplets-0.14_8.txz Collection of Enlightenment dock applications
eprover-2.0_1.txz Theorem prover for full first-order logic with equality
eps-1.7_2.txz EPS is a Email Parsing System
eps2png-2.7_7.txz Converts EPS images to PNG
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr-1.7.3.txz Epson Inkjet Printer Driver (ESC/P-R) for Linux
epsonepl-0.2.2_6.txz Printer filter for EPSON EPL-5700L etc
epstool-3.08_6.txz Create or extract preview bitmaps in EPS files
epstools-1.8.txz EPS (Email Parsing System) sample tools
epte-2.0.8_1.txz Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements
epydoc-3.0.1.txz Python API documentation generation tool
eq10q-lv2-2.2_3.txz Parametric equalizer LV2 audio plugin
eqe-1.3.0_5.txz LaTeX equation editor
erd-3.0.6_5.txz AcesIII electron repulsion integrals
eric6-qt5-py27-19.04_3.txz Full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE based on Qt
eric6-qt5-py36-19.04_3.txz Full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE based on Qt
eris-1.3.23_10.txz WorldForge client entity library
erkale-g20190812_2.txz Quantum chemistry program to solve the electronic structure of atoms
erkale-pseudopotentials-g20190114.txz Pseudopotentials for Erkale, the quantum chemistry program
erkale-serial-g20190812_2.txz Quantum chemistry program to solve the electronic structure of atoms
erlang-,4.txz Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-backoff-1.1.6.txz Simple exponential backoffs in Erlang
erlang-base64url-1.0.txz URL safe base64-compatible codec
erlang-bbmustache-1.3.1.txz Mustache template engine for Erlang
erlang-bear-0.8.5.txz Set of statistics functions for Erlang
erlang-certifi-1.2.1.txz CA bundle for Erlang applications
erlang-cf-0.3.1.txz Colored output for io and io_lib
erlang-cl-1.2.4.txz OpenCL binding for Erlang
erlang-common_lib-3.3.4.txz Library of commonly used Erlang functions
erlang-couchbeam-1.4.2.txz Apache CouchDB client in Erlang
erlang-cowboy-1.1.2.txz Small, fast and modular HTTP server written in Erlang
erlang-cowlib-1.0.2,1.txz Erlang support library for manipulating Web protocols
erlang-doc-21.3.txz Erlang documentation
erlang-edown-0.8.1.txz EDoc extension for generating Github-flavored Markdown
erlang-epgsql-4.1.0.txz Erlang PostgreSQL Database Client
erlang-eredis-1.1.0.txz Non-blocking Redis client for Erlang
erlang-erlware_commons-1.1.0.txz Erlang project focused on all aspects of reusable components
erlang-esdl-1.3.1.txz Library for accessing SDL and OpenGL through Erlang
erlang-exmpp-0.9.9_2.txz Fast and scalable library for XMPP written in Erlang/OTP
erlang-fast_tls-1.0.22.txz TLS / SSL OpenSSL-based native driver for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-fast_xml-1.1.32.txz Erlang XML parsing and manipulation library
erlang-folsom-0.8.3.txz Erlang based metrics system inspired by Coda Hale's metrics
erlang-gen_leader-2014.10.20_1.txz Leader election behavior for Erlang
erlang-gen_smtp-0.13.txz Extensible SMTP server and client for Erlang
erlang-getopt-1.0.1.txz Command line parsing library for Erlang
erlang-goldrush-0.1.9.txz Fast event stream processing library for Erlang
erlang-gpb-4.3.3.txz Google Protobuf implementation for Erlang
erlang-gproc-0.8.0.txz Process dictionary for Erlang
erlang-hackney-1.8.6.txz Simple HTTP client in Erlang
erlang-hut-1.2.0.txz Helper library for logging in Erlang
erlang-ibrowse-4.4.0.txz HTTP client library for Erlang
erlang-idna-5.1.2.txz IDNA implementation in pure Erlang
erlang-java-,1.txz Erlang interface for Java
erlang-jobs-0.7.2.txz Job scheduler and load regulation for Erlang
erlang-jose-1.9.0.txz JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) for Erlang
erlang-jsx-2.9.0.txz Erlang application for consuming, producing and manipulating JSON
erlang-jsxd-0.2.4.txz JSX style data structure manipulation
erlang-katana-0.4.0.txz Erlang grab bag of useful functions
erlang-lager-3.2.4.txz Logging framework for Erlang
erlang-lager_syslog-3.0.3.txz Syslog backend for Lager
erlang-man-21.3.txz Manual pages for Erlang/OTP
erlang-meck-0.8.12.txz Erlang library for building mock modules
erlang-metrics-2.4.0,1.txz Generic interface to metrics systems in Erlang
erlang-mimerl-1.1.1.txz Erlang library to handle mimetypes
erlang-mimetypes-1.1.0.txz Erlang MIME types library
erlang-mochiweb-2.18.0.txz Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers
erlang-mochiweb-basho-2.9.0p2.txz Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers (Basho fork)
erlang-neotoma-1.7.4.txz Erlang library and packrat parser-generator
erlang-oserl-3.2.4.txz SMPP library for Erlang
erlang-p1_utils-1.0.12.txz Erlang utility modules from ProcessOne
erlang-parse_trans-3.3.0.txz Parse transform utilities for Erlang
erlang-poolboy-1.5.2.txz Pooling library for Erlang
erlang-pooler-1.5.2.txz OTP process pool application
erlang-providers-1.7.0.txz Erlang providers library used by relx
erlang-ranch-1.3.2.txz Erlang socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols
erlang-rebar3_hex-2.5.0.txz Rebar3 Hex library
erlang-recon-2.4.0.txz Collection of functions and scripts to debug Erlang in production
erlang-riak-16.b.02.txz Custom erlang from Basho to be used with riak2
erlang-runtime15-15.b03.1,1.txz Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-runtime16-16.b03.1,1.txz Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-runtime17- Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-runtime18- Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-runtime19- Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-runtime20- Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-runtime21- Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-runtime22-22.1.1.txz Functional programming language from Ericsson
erlang-sbroker-1.0.0.txz Sojourn-time based active queue management library
erlang-snappy-1.1.1_2.txz Erlang interface to Google Snappy (de)compressor
erlang-ssl_verify_fun-1.1.4.txz Erlang library for certificate hostname validation
erlang-syslog-1.0.5.txz Erlang port driver for interacting with syslog
erlang-unicode_util_compat-0.3.1.txz Compatibility library for unicode_util from Erlang R20
erlang-webmachine-1.10.9.txz HTTP semantic awareness on top mochiweb
erlang-wx-,1.txz Erlang bindings for wxWindows
erlang-xmlrpc-1.13_13.txz Library for XMLRPC support in Erlang
erlang-yamerl-0.7.0.txz YAML 1.2 parser in pure Erlang
es-0.9.b1_6.txz Extensible shell, derived from plan9's rc
es-aspell-1.11.2,1.txz Aspell Spanish dictionary
es-eric6-19.04.txz Full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE based on Qt
es-freebsd-doc-53465,1.txz Spanish translation of the FreeBSD Documentation Project
es-gimp-help-html-2.8.2_1.txz GIMP User Manual in Spanish
es-hunspell-2.2.txz Spanish hunspell dictionaries
es-hyphen-2013.09.01,1.txz Spanish hyphenation rules
es-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz es language pack for libreoffice
es-mythes-20140516.txz Spanish thesaurus
eschalot- Vanity onion address generator for Tor
esh-0.8.5_3.txz The "easy shell", a small shell with Lisp-like syntax
esmtp-1.2_2.txz Relay-only Mail Transfer Agent with sendmail compatible syntax
espeak-1.48.04_7.txz Software speech synthesizer
espressivo-lv2-g20190421_1.txz LV2 plugin bundle to handle expressive events
ess-emacs26-18.10.2.txz R support for Emacsen
ess-emacs26_canna-18.10.2.txz R support for Emacsen
ess-emacs26_nox-18.10.2.txz R support for Emacsen
ess-emacs27-18.10.2.txz R support for Emacsen
ess-emacs27_nox-18.10.2.txz R support for Emacsen
estd-0.3.2_1.txz Header-only C++ utilities in the style of the standard library
esteidfirefoxplugin- Digital signing with Estonian ID card in Firefox
estic-1.61_10.txz Controller for ISDN TK-Anlage (PBX) made by Istec
estraier-1.2.30_4.txz Full-text search system for personal use
et-aspell-,2.txz Aspell Estonian dictionary
et-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz et language pack for libreoffice
etc_os-release-0.1_2.txz Operating system identification file
etcd-1.0.1_3.txz Enhanced Tiny CD, a simple ncurses-based CD player
etcupdate-1.1.txz Manage updates to /etc automatically
eterm-0.9.6_5.txz X11 terminal emulator based on rxvt/xterm
eterm-bg-0.9.6.txz Image files for background of Eterm
eternalterminal-5.1.9_4.txz Remote shell that reconnects without interrupting session
eteroj-lv2-0.6.0_1.txz OSC injection/ejection from/to UDP/TCP/Serial for LV2
etherape-0.9.18.txz Graphical network traffic monitor tool modeled after Etherman
etktab-3.2_3.txz Guitar tablature editor
etl-1.2.1.txz Voria Extended Class and Template Library
etrace-1.1_1.txz Configurable static port network tracing tool
etracer-0.7.5_2.txz Extreme Tux Racer
ettercap-0.8.3,1.txz Network sniffer/interceptor/injector/logger for switched LANs
eu-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz eu language pack for libreoffice
euchre-0.8_3.txz Very popular card game with variable skill levels
euclid-wm-0.4.3_1.txz Minimalist, tiling window manager for X11
eukleides-1.5.4_5.txz Euclidean geometry drawing language
eval-113_2.txz Full featured floating point expression evaluator
evangeline-1.1.4.txz IRC Bot based on Eggdrop
evdev-proto-4.19.txz Input event device header files
evemu-2.6.0_3.txz Records and replays EVDEV descriptions and events
eventlog-0.2.12_1.txz Replacement of the simple syslog() API providing structure to messages
eventviews-19.08.1_1.txz Event view libriares for KDEPim
eventxx-1.0.1_5.txz C++ wrapper for libevent
everygui-0.99.b_9.txz Dynamic GUI for an OS command
evhz-g20170201.txz Tool for measuring evdev event rate (mouse polling rate)
evilfinder-1.00_4.txz Numerologically determine the evilness of things
evilvte-0.5.2.p1_2.txz VTE based, super lightweight terminal emulator
evilwm-1.1.1.txz Minimalist window manager based on 9wm
evince-3.28.5_8.txz GNOME 3 multi-format document viewer
evince-lite-3.28.5_8.txz GNOME 3 multi-format document viewer without the GNOME dependencies
evolution-3.28.5_3.txz Integrated mail, calendar and address book distributed suite
evolution-data-server-3.28.5_3.txz Data backends for the Evolution integrated mail/PIM suite
evolution-ews-3.28.5_2.txz Evolution Microsoft Exchange plugin through Exchange Web Services
evolution-gconf-tools-0.1.6_8.txz Scripts to make it easier to work with Evolution's configuration