FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
squirrelmail-wetteronline-plugin-php74-0.1_3.txz Plugin for the weather in Germany
squish-1.10_2.txz Open source DXT compression library
squsq-3.3.txz Compressor/decompressor for CP/M "Squeeze" compressed files
sqwebmail-6.0.1_1.txz CGI Webmail client for Maildirs
sr-aspell-0.02_1,2.txz Aspell Serbian dictionary
sr-hunspell-0.18_1.txz Serbian hunspell dictionaries
sr-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz sr language pack for libreoffice
sr_Latn-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz sr_Latn language pack for libreoffice
sratom-0.6.2_1.txz Sratom is a library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from RDF
srecord-1.64_16.txz Collection of powerful tools for manipulating EPROM load files
sredird-2.2.2_1.txz RFC 2217 compliant serial port redirector
srelay-0.4.8p1.txz Srelay is a SOCKS4/5 proxy and Relay
srg-1.3.6.txz Squid Report Generator
srm-1.2.15.txz Secure rm, a utility which destroys file contents before unlinking
srvx-1.3.1.txz Services for ircu P10 protocol networks
ss-hunspell-20110323_1.txz Swati hunspell dictionaries
ss-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz ss language pack for libreoffice
ss5- SOCKS v4/v5 application layer gateway with many features
sscalc-1.0.txz Sunrise and sunset time calculator
ssd_report-0.2.txz SSD health report
ssd_report-smartmontools-0.2.txz SSD health report
ssddiff-0.2_2.txz Diff application for semistructured data such as XML files
ssdeep-2.14.1.txz Tool for computing context triggered piecewise hashes
ssed-3.62_4.txz Super-sed - a heavily enhanced version of sed
sselp-0.2.txz Simple SELection Printer for X11
ssgless-1.3.txz View ScreenOS configuration files
ssh-chat-1.8.2.txz Chat over SSH
ssh-multiadd-1.3.2.txz Tool to add multiple ssh keys to the authentication agent
ssh-vault-0.12.4_1.txz Encrypt/decrypt using ssh keys
ssh_askpass_gtk2-0.4_8.txz Tiny GTK2 ssh askpass replacement
sshbuddy-1.05_2.txz Simple and small GUI utility to manage ssh sessions
sshfp-1.2.2_5.txz Generate SSHFP DNS records from knownhosts files or ssh-keyscan
sshguard-2.4.0_2,1.txz Protect hosts from brute-force attacks against SSH and other services
sshpass-1.06.txz Non-interactive ssh password auth tool
sshping-0.1.4.txz SSH-based ping to measure character echo latency and bandwidth
sshsudo-1.0_1.txz Bash script to run sudo command on multiple remote computers
ssid-0.1_1.txz Run a command in a new session
ssl-admin-1.2.1.txz OpenSSL certificate manager with OpenVPN support
ssldump-0.9b3_5.txz SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
sslh-1.20.txz SSL/SSH multiplexer
ssllabs-scan-1.5.0.txz Command-line tool to use the SSL Labs API
sslproxy-0.7.0,1.txz Transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
sslscan-1.11.12_1.txz SSLScan is a fast SSL port scanner
sslsniffer-1.21.txz SSLv3/TLS and SSLv2 sniffer
sslsplit-0.5.4_1.txz Transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
sslwrap-2.0.6_2.txz Another SSL Wrapper application, which uses SSLEay/OpenSSL
ssmping-0.9.1_1.txz Ping for ASM and SSM
ssmtp-2.64_3.txz Extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hub
ssocr-2.19.0.txz CLI to recognize digits of a seven segment display
sssd-1.11.7_19.txz System Security Services Daemon
sssnips-0.05.txz Shell script snippets written by Peter Pentchev
ssspl-0.1.txz Simple Socks Server for Perl
ssss-0.5_4.txz Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
sst-1.23.txz Simple SSL tunneling tool (uses netcat)
ssvnc-1.0.29_4.txz Enhanced TightVNC Viewer (SSVNC: SSL/SSH VNC viewer)
sswf-1.8.4_6.txz Library and script language tool to create Flash movies
ssync-2.3_2.txz Minimalistic tool for keeping filesystems in synchronization
st-1.9_2.txz State Threads Library for Internet Applications
st-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz st language pack for libreoffice
stacks-2.4_1.txz Software pipeline for building loci from short-read sequences
staf-3.4.26_1.txz Software Testing Automation Framework
stagit-0.9.2.txz Static Git page generator
stalepid-1.0.2.txz Check for stale pid files and remove them
stalonetray-0.8.3.txz STAnd-aLONE system tray
stamp-2.0.8_11.txz Adds a graphical, configurable timestamp to a grayscale image
stanchion-2.1.0_2.txz Open source database cluster control for Riak
star-1.6_1.txz Unique standard tape archiver with many enhancements
stardates-1.6.1.txz Displays date in 5 formats (including stardate of course)
stardict-3.0.6_4.txz Dictionary lookup program written in Gtk2
stardict-dict-fa_IR-1.0.0.txz English-Persian dictionary for stardict
stardict-dictd_mova-2.4.2_8.txz Dictionaries from for StarDict
stardict-quick-2.4.2_9.txz Dictionaries from Quick for StarDict
stardict-rptts-2.1.0.txz Real People TTS for StarDict
starfighter- Liberate the universe from the evil company WEAPCO
starlanes-1.2.2.txz Classic space-age stock trading game
starlogo-2.0.2_2.txz Specialized version of the Logo programming language written in Java
starplot-0.95.5_9.txz 3-dimensional viewer for star charts
stars-1.0_1.txz Star field demo
starship-0.13.1_1.txz Cross-shell prompt for astronauts
starttls-emacs26-0.10_18.txz Simple wrapper program for STARTTLS on emacs26
starttls-emacs26_canna-0.10_18.txz Simple wrapper program for STARTTLS on emacs26
starttls-emacs26_nox-0.10_18.txz Simple wrapper program for STARTTLS on emacs26
starttls-emacs27-0.10_18.txz Simple wrapper program for STARTTLS on emacs27
starttls-emacs27_nox-0.10_18.txz Simple wrapper program for STARTTLS on emacs27
startup-notification-0.12_4.txz Library that supports startup notification spec from
statcvs-0.7.0_1.txz CVS repository activity report generator
statik-0.1.2,1.txz Embed static files into a Go executable
statsd-0.7.2_1.txz Simple daemon for easy stats aggregation
statsite-0.8.0_2.txz C implementation of statsd
statsvn-0.7.0_5.txz Subversion repository activity report generator
stdx-allocator-3.0.2.txz Containers backed on dlang by std.experimental.allocator
sted-0.2.2.txz Simple/Small/Stupid Text Editor
steghide-0.5.1_7.txz Steganography tool to hide data in binary files
stegosaurus-lv2-0.0.3.txz Drum synth LV2 plugin
stella-6.0.1.txz Multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator
stellarium-0.19.2.txz 3D photo-realistic sky renderer (planetarium)
stendhal-1.19.txz Two-dimensional massively multi-player online RPG
step-19.08.1.txz KDE interactive physics simulator
stepcode-0.8_6.txz Generates C++ and Python from ISO10303 files
stepsync-1.0_1.txz File and folder synchronization tool
sterm-0.8.2.txz Simple X terminal
stfl-0.24.txz Structured Terminal Forms Language/Library
stixfonts-2.0.2.txz OpenType Unicode fonts for Scientific, Technical, and Math texts
stjerm-0.18.txz GTK+-based quake-like terminal emulator
stk-4.6.1_1.txz Synthesis ToolKit in C++
stlfilt-20080203.txz STL Error Message Decryptor for C++
stlink-1.5.0_2.txz STM32 ST-Link JTAG variant tools
stmpclean-0.3.txz Remove old files from temporary directories
stockfish-10_1.txz Open source chess engine
stone-2.3e.txz Stone is a TCP/IP packet repeater in the application layer
stonesoup-0.23.2_1.txz Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - a fun, free rogue-like game
storm-0.9.2.i.txz Distributed realtime computation system
stormbaancoureur-2.1.6_2.txz Simulated obstacle course for automobiles
stow-2.3.1.txz GNU version of Carnegie Mellon's "Depot" program
stowES-0.5.7.txz Stow enhancement script
stp-2.3.3_2,1.txz Decision Procedure for Bitvectors and Arrays
str-0.9.12_1.txz Generic String Library
stransball2-1.5_10.txz Sequel to Transball and Transball 2 THRUST-type games
stratagus-2.4.1_6.txz Free cross-platform real-time strategy gaming engine
stream-5.10.txz Synthetic benchmark program that measures sustainable memory bandwidth
streamtranscoder-1.2.8_13.txz Transcode and stream audio to a SHOUTcast/Icecast/Peercast server
stress-1.0.4_1.txz Tool to impose load on and stress test Unix-like systems
stress-ng-0.10.06.txz Stress test benchmarks
string-machine-lv2-0.1.0_2.txz Digital model of electronic string ensemble instrument
stringencoders-3.10.3_3.txz Collection of high performance C-string transformations
stringtie-1.3.4.d.txz Transcript assembly and quantification for RNA-seq
strobe-1.06_1.txz Fast scatter/gather TCP port scanner
strongswan-5.8.1.txz Open Source IKEv2 IPsec-based VPN solution
stud-0.4_1.txz Scalable TLS Unwrapping Daemon
stumpwm-18.11.2_7.txz Tiling, keyboard driven Window Manager written in Common Lisp
stund-0.96.txz Simple STUN (RFC 3489) server and client
stunnel-5.55,1.txz SSL encryption wrapper for standard network daemons
stuntrally-2.6.1_3.txz 3D racing game based on VDrift and OGRE with track editor
stxxl-1.4.1.txz Standard Template Library for Extra Large Data Sets
stymulator-0.21.a_3.txz Command-line Yamaha YM2149 (.ym) chiptune player
subcalc-1.1.txz Advanced IP/IPv6 subnet calculation and discovery
subfinder-1.2.6.txz Subdomain discovery tool that discovers valid subdomains for websites
subnetcalc-2.4.14.txz IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator
subsync-g20190702.txz Synchronize your subtitles using machine learning
subtitlecomposer-0.7.0_2.txz Subtitle editor
subtitleoffsetmodificator-0.1_1.txz Subtitle offset modificator
subtitleripper-0.3.4_10.txz Convert DVD subtitles into text format (subrip srt) or VobSub format
subtle-0.11.3224.txz Grid-based manual tiling window manager
subtools-20081026.txz Command-line tools for movie subtitles in SubRipper format
subversion-1.12.2.txz Version control system
subversion-book-4515.txz Subversion Documentation HTML/PDF
subversion-gnome-keyring-1.12.2.txz Gnome Keyring integration for Version control system
subversion-lts-1.10.6.txz Version control system, long-time-support version
subversive-2.0.0_1.txz Eclipse plug-in that provides Subversion support
subweb-1.0.txz SubWeb is a (reverse) proxy to inspect HTTP flows on the fly
suck-4.3.4.txz Receives/sends news to/from localhost via NNTP
suck-cnews-4.3.4.txz Receives/sends news to/from localhost via NNTP
suckblow-1.1.txz Two companion utilities for transferring data over a TCP socket
sudo-1.8.28.txz Allow others to run commands as root
sudoku_solver-1.20.txz Sudoku Solver in C
sudoscript-2.1.2.txz Audited shells in Perl with sudo(8) and script(1)
sudsol-0.1.txz Utility to solve Sudoku puzzles
sugarcrm-6.5.26.txz Web based customer relationship management suite
suil-0.10.2_3.txz Suil is a C library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs
suitesparse-5.4.0_3.txz SuiteSparse is a set of packages for sparse matrices calculation
sumo-1.2.0.txz Traffic simulation suite for road vehicles, public transportation, etc
sunclock-3.57_1.txz Shows which portion of the Earth's surface is illuminated by the Sun
sundials-3.1.2_8.txz SUite of Nonlinear and DIfferential/ALgebraic Equation Solvers
sunflower-0.3.61_1.txz Twin-panel file manager
sunwait-20041208.txz Calculate sunrise and sunset
sunxi-tools-1.4.2.txz Tools to help hacking Allwinner devices
sup-2.0.20140517.txz CMU's Software Update Protocol package
super-3.30.1.txz Allow others to run commands as root
super-smack-1.3_4.txz Benchmarking, stress testing, and load generation tool for Databases
super_mario_bros_python-0.1_6.txz Clone of the original Super Mario Bros
super_mediator-1.6.0_2.txz SuperMediator is an IPFIX mediator by CMU CERT generally used with YAF
super_methane_brothers-1.5.1_11.txz Port of the Amiga platform game of the same name
superiotool-20121019_1.txz Helper tool for Super I/O chip detection and analysis
superlu-5.2.1_8.txz Library of routines for performing sparse factorization
supertux-0.1.3_13.txz Side-scroller game similar to Super Mario Brothers
supertux2-0.6.0_2.txz Side-scroller game similar to Super Mario Brothers
supertuxkart-1.0_3.txz Free 3D kart racing game
suphp-php71-0.7.2_2.txz Securely execute PHP scripts under Apache
suphp-php72-0.7.2_2.txz Securely execute PHP scripts under Apache
suphp-php73-0.7.2_2.txz Securely execute PHP scripts under Apache
suphp-php74-0.7.2_2.txz Securely execute PHP scripts under Apache
surblhost-0.8.0.txz Check if a hostname is blacklisted
surf-browser-2.0_2.txz Simple Web browser based on WebKit2/GTK+
surfraw-2.2.9_1.txz Command line interface to popular WWW search engines
suricata-4.1.5_1.txz High Performance Network IDS, IPS and Security Monitoring engine
suricata5-5.0.0.b1_1.txz High Performance Network IDS, IPS and Security Monitoring engine(v5)
sushi-3.28.3_2.txz Tool similar to Gloobus Preview that provides quick file previews
suxus-1.5_4.txz X11 font designed to be small yet easily read
sv-aspell-0.51.0_1,1.txz Aspell Swedish dictionary
sv-gimp-help-html-2.8.2_1.txz GIMP User Manual in Swedish
sv-hunspell-2.40.txz Swedish hunspell dictionaries
sv-hyphen-2005.04.15_1.txz Swedish hyphenation rules
sv-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz sv language pack for libreoffice
sv-mythes-2008.06.10_1.txz Swedish thesaurus
svg2pdf-0.1.3_6.txz Render an SVG image to a PDF file (using cairo)
svg2png-0.1.3_6.txz Render an SVG image to a PNG image (using cairo)
svgalib-1.4.3_7.txz Low level console graphics library
svgbob-g20190412_2.txz Convert ASCII diagrams to SVG
svk-2.2.3_6.txz Distributed Version Control System
svn2cl-0.14.txz Subversion ChangeLog generator
svn2git-1.0.12_2.txz Imports svn repositories into git
svn_load_dirs-1.8.4.txz Perl script to load directories into a Subversion repository
svnmailer-py27-1.1.0.d.r1373_6.txz Tool to post subversion repository commit information
svntrac-2.0.1_1.txz Web-Based Bug And Patch-Set Tracking System For Subversion
svnup-1.07_3.txz Lightweight program to pull source from an Apache Subversion server
svt-av1-0.7.0.txz Scalable AV1 encoder
svt-hevc-1.4.1.txz Scalable HEVC encoder
svt-vp9-0.1.0_1.txz Scalable VP9 encoder
svxlink-19.09.1_1.txz General purpose ham radio voice services
sw-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Swahili dictionary
sw_TZ-libreoffice-6.3.2.txz sw_TZ language pack for libreoffice
swaks-20170101.0.txz Swiss Army Knife SMTP transaction tester
swank-clojure-1.2.1.txz Swank/SLIME support for Clojure
swapd-1.0.5_2.txz Daemon that watches free memory and manages swap files
swapexd-0.4.txz Tool for growing and shrinking on-disk swap space
swapmon-1.5.txz Add/remove swapspace as needed
swapusage-1.0.0.txz Get swap usage on a FreeBSD system
swarp-0.1_1.txz X11 generic pointer warping utility
swatch-3.2.3_3.txz The Simple WATCHer and filter
sway-1.2_1.txz i3-compatible Wayland compositor
swaybg-1.0_1.txz Wallpaper tool for Wayland compositors
swayidle-1.5_1.txz Idle management daemon for Wayland
swaylock-1.4_1.txz Screen locker for Wayland
swe-2.08.txz High Precision Ephemeris Developed By Astrodienst
sweep-0.9.3_11,1.txz Sound editor for the GNOME/GTK+2 desktop
sweeper-19.08.1.txz Cleans temporal files for KDE
sweethome3d-5.4.txz Free interior design application
swell-foop-3.28.0.txz Gnome swell-foop
swfdec-0.8.4_6.txz Flash Rendering Library
swfdec-gnome-2.30.1_2.txz Gtk flash player and thumbnailer
swfmill-0.3.6_3.txz Tool to generate or decompile Adobe Flash SWF files
swftools-0.9.2_9.txz SWF manipulation and generation utilities
swh-lv2- SWH Plugins in LV2 format
swhplugins-0.4.15_7.txz Steve Harris' huge Collection of LADSPA Plugins
swi-pl-7.6.4_1.txz Edinburgh-style Prolog compiler
swig30-3.0.12.txz Generate wrappers for calling C/C++ code from other languages
swiggle-0.4_9.txz Swiggle is a commandline web image gallery generator
switzerland-0.1.0.txz Test the integrity of communications over networks and firewalls
sword-1.8.1_7.txz Framework for manipulating Bible texts
sws-1.0.txz Simple, safe, secure, web server written in /bin/sh
swt-4.7.3.a.txz Standard Widget Toolkit for Java
swt-devel-3.7.1_4,1.txz Standard Widget Toolkit for Java
sxhkd-0.6.1.txz Simple X hotkey daemon
sxiv-25.txz Lightweight image viewer
sxml-1.0.7.txz Skimpy XML parsing and grafting library for C language
sxpc-1.4_2.txz Simple X Protocol Compressor
sxsame-3.02_1.txz Tile-removing puzzle game for the X Window system
syck-0.70.txz Library for reading and writing YAML 1.0
sylpheed-3.7.0_3.txz Lightweight, featureful, and fast GTK+ based e-mail client
symbion-sslproxy-1.0.5.txz SSL proxy for securing insecure connections