FreeBSD Ports Quarterly amd64

Package Description
qooxdoo-5.0.1_1.txz Comprehensive and innovative Ajax application framework
qownnotes-19.2.0_1.txz Manage notes using nextcloud and markdown
qpage-3.3_8.txz SNPP client/server for sending messages to an alphanumeric pager
qpdf-9.0.0.txz Command-line tools for transforming and inspecting PDF documents
qpdfview-0.4.18.b1_7.txz Tabbed DjVu/PDF/PS document viewer
qpopper-4.1.0_6.txz Berkeley POP 3 server (now maintained by Qualcomm)
qpress-1.1.txz Portable file archiver using QuickLZ
qprint-1.1.txz Encode and decode Quoted-Printable files
qqwing-1.3.4_5.txz Sudoku generating and solving software
qrcodegen-1.14.2.txz GUI to generate QR codes
qrq-0.3.3.txz Morse telegraphy trainer similar to the classic DOS version by DL4MM
qrupdate-1.1.2_11.txz Fortran library for fast updates of QR and Cholesky decomposition
qsampler-0.5.0_3.txz Qt-based front end to LinuxSampler
qscheme-0.5.1_10.txz Small and fast Scheme interpreter
qscintilla2-designerplugin-qt5-2.11.1_1.txz Qt5 Designer plugin for QScintilla2
qscintilla2-qt5-2.11.1_1.txz Qt 5 port of the Scintilla C++ editor class
qsf-1.2.7_3.txz Small fast spam filter intended to be used with procmail
qsheff-II-2.1.r3_8.txz Qmail-queue replacement to filter mail traffic
qsstv-9.3.3_2.txz Amateur Radio SSTV/FAX reception program for unix
qstardict-1.3_1.txz Qt based dictionary program (stardict clone)
qstat-2.14.txz Command-line program to query game servers on the net
qsudo-201711240000_3.txz Qt sudo front-end
qsynth-0.5.7_2.txz Qt fluidsynth front-end application
qt-faststart-0.2.txz Convert QuickTime movie files to streamable format
qt-maybe-0.0.20151227_1.txz Implementation of sum/option types using QVariant
qt5-3d-5.13.0_1.txz Qt3D module
qt5-5.13.0_3.txz Cross-platform application and UI framework (metaport)
qt5-assistant-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 documentation browser
qt5-buildtools-5.13.0_1.txz Qt build tools
qt5-charts-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 charts module
qt5-concurrent-5.13.0_1.txz Qt multi-threading module
qt5-connectivity-5.13.0_1.txz Qt connectivity (Bluetooth/NFC) module
qt5-core-5.13.0.txz Qt core non-graphical module
qt5-datavis3d-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 3D data visualization module
qt5-dbus-5.13.0_1.txz Qt D-Bus inter-process communication module
qt5-declarative-5.13.0_1.txz Qt declarative framework for dynamic user interfaces
qt5-designer-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 graphical user interface designer
qt5-doc-5.12.2.txz Qt 5 documentation
qt5-examples-5.13.0.txz Qt 5 examples sourcecode
qt5-gamepad-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 Gamepad Module
qt5-graphicaleffects-5.13.0_1.txz Qt Quick graphical effects
qt5-gtkplatform-0.2.2_3.txz GTK platform backend for Qt 5
qt5-gui-5.13.0_1.txz Qt graphical user interface module
qt5-help-5.13.0_1.txz Qt online help integration module
qt5-imageformats-5.13.0_1.txz Qt plugins for additional image formats
qt5-l10n-5.13.0.txz Qt localized messages
qt5-linguist-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 translation tool
qt5-linguisttools-5.13.0_1.txz Qt localization tools
qt5-location-5.13.0_1.txz Qt location module
qt5-multimedia-5.13.0_1.txz Qt audio, video, radio and camera support module
qt5-network-5.13.0_1.txz Qt network module
qt5-networkauth-5.13.0_1.txz Qt network auth module
qt5-opengl-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5-compatible OpenGL support module
qt5-pixeltool-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 screen magnifier
qt5-printsupport-5.13.0_1.txz Qt print support module
qt5-qdbus-5.13.0_1.txz Qt command-line interface to D-Bus
qt5-qdbusviewer-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 graphical interface to D-Bus
qt5-qdoc-5.13.0_2.txz Qt documentation generator
qt5-qdoc-data-5.13.0.txz QDoc configuration files
qt5-qev-5.13.0_1.txz Qt QWidget events introspection tool
qt5-qmake-5.13.0.txz Qt Makefile generator
qt5-qtdiag-5.13.0_1.txz Tool for reporting diagnostic information about Qt and its environment
qt5-qtpaths-5.13.0_1.txz Command line client to QStandardPaths
qt5-qtplugininfo-5.13.0_1.txz Qt5 plugin metadata dumper
qt5-quickcontrols-5.13.0_1.txz Set of controls for building complete interfaces in Qt Quick
qt5-quickcontrols2-5.13.0_1.txz Set of controls for building complete interfaces in Qt Quick
qt5-remoteobjects-5.13.0_1.txz Qt5 SXCML module
qt5-script-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 4-compatible scripting module
qt5-scripttools-5.13.0_1.txz Qt Script additional components
qt5-scxml-5.13.0_1.txz Qt5 SXCML module
qt5-sensors-5.13.0_1.txz Qt sensors module
qt5-serialbus-5.13.0_1.txz Qt functions to access industrial bus systems
qt5-serialport-5.13.0_1.txz Qt functions to access serial ports
qt5-speech-5.13.0.txz Accessibilty features for Qt5
qt5-sql-5.13.0_1.txz Qt SQL database integration module
qt5-sqldrivers-ibase-5.13.0.txz Qt InterBase/Firebird database plugin
qt5-sqldrivers-mysql-5.13.0.txz Qt MySQL database plugin
qt5-sqldrivers-odbc-5.13.0.txz Qt Open Database Connectivity plugin
qt5-sqldrivers-pgsql-5.13.0.txz Qt PostgreSQL database plugin
qt5-sqldrivers-sqlite2-5.13.0.txz Qt SQLite 2 database plugin
qt5-sqldrivers-sqlite3-5.13.0.txz Qt SQLite 3 database plugin
qt5-sqldrivers-tds-5.13.0.txz Qt TDS Database Connectivity database plugin
qt5-style-plugins- Additional Styles for Qt 5 and KDE
qt5-style-qtcurve-1.9.0.r1_1.txz QtCurve widget style for Qt 5
qt5-svg-5.13.0_1.txz Qt SVG support module
qt5-testlib-5.13.0_1.txz Qt unit testing module
qt5-uiplugin-5.13.0_1.txz Custom Qt widget plugin interface for Qt Designer
qt5-uitools-5.13.0_1.txz Qt Designer UI forms support module
qt5-virtualkeyboard-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 Virtual Keyboard Module
qt5-wayland-5.13.0_1.txz Qt5 wrapper for Wayland
qt5-webchannel-5.13.0_1.txz Qt 5 library for integration of C++/QML with HTML/js clients
qt5-webengine-5.12.2_3.txz Qt 5 library to render web content
qt5-webglplugin-5.13.0.txz Qt QPA plugin for running an application via a browser using streamed WebGL commands
qt5-webkit-5.212.0.a3_2.txz QtWebKit with a more modern WebKit code base
qt5-websockets-5.13.0_1.txz Qt implementation of WebSocket protocol
qt5-websockets-qml-5.13.0_1.txz Qt implementation of WebSocket protocol (QML bindings)
qt5-webview-5.13.0_1.txz Qt component for displaying web content
qt5-widgets-5.13.0_1.txz Qt C++ widgets module
qt5-x11extras-5.13.0_1.txz Qt platform-specific features for X11-based systems
qt5-xml-5.13.0_1.txz Qt SAX and DOM implementations
qt5-xmlpatterns-5.13.0_1.txz Qt support for XPath, XQuery, XSLT and XML Schema
qt5ct-0.41.txz Qt 5 configuration tool
qt5pas-2.6_4.txz Qt5 binding for FreePascal
qtawesome-20150319_4.txz Embed Font Awesome glyphs in Qt-applications
qtchooser-66.txz Qt tool wrapper
qtcurve-1.9.0.r1_6.txz Widget styles for Qt and GTK+ toolkits
qtcurve-utils-1.9.0.r1.txz QtCurve common files and libraries
qtel-19.09.1_1.txz Qtel Echolink client
qterminal-0.14.0_1.txz Lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator
qtermwidget-0.14.0_1.txz Terminal widget for QTerminal
qtfm-6.2.0_1.txz Small, lightweight file manager based on pure Qt
qtile-0.13.0.txz Small, flexible, scriptable tiling window manager written in Python
qtiplot-doc- The QtiPlot Handbook
qtkeychain-0.9.1_3.txz Platform independent Qt API for storing passwords
qtools-0.56_3.txz Tools to use in .qmail files
qtpass-1.2.3_3.txz Qt GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager
qtpbfimageplugin-1.4_3.txz Qt image plugin for displaying Mapbox vector tiles
qtum-0.18.1.txz PoS cryptocurrency that can execute smart contract as part of an UTXO
qu-aspell-0.02.0_1,2.txz Aspell Quechua dictionary
quadra-1.3.0_6.txz Tetris like game with multiplayer support
quadrapassel-3.22.0_1.txz Gnome quadrapassel
quagga-1.2.4_7.txz Free RIPv1, RIPv2, OSPFv2, BGP4, IS-IS route software
quake-data-1.0.6_2.txz Quake and QuakeWorld data files and skins
quake-dpmod-20130301.txz Quake 1 modification (for DarkPlaces)
quake-par-0.03.01.txz Archiver for Quake I and II packed data files
quake-source-1.01_1.txz Quake and QuakeWorld game source code
quake2-3zb2-0.97_1.txz 3rd Zigock II bots for Quake II
quake2-ctf-1.52.txz Quake II CTF (Capture The Flag) mod
quake2-data-3.20_3.txz Quake II data files
quake2-extras-1.0.txz Quake II extras (high quality textures and skins)
quake2-lights-1.txz Lights and weapon effects modification for Quake II
quake2-matrix-1.txz Matrix modification for Quake II
quake2-psychomod-3.1.txz Psychomod modification for Quake II
quake2-relay-0.4_1.txz Quake II multi-view demo recording facility
quake2-rogue-3.20.txz Quake II: Ground Zero (Rogue) official mission pack
quake2-source-3.21_1.txz Quake II game source
quake2-xatrix-3.20.txz Quake II: The Reckoning (Xatrix) official mission pack
quake2lnx-0.16.2_15.txz version of the original Quake II
quake2max-0.45_13.txz OpenGL-only Quake II engine modification
quake3-data-1.32.b.3_2.txz Quake III Arena data files
quake3-excessive-003.txz Quake III Arena Mod: Excessive
quake3-osp-1.03a.txz Quake III Arena mod: OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF
quake3-ut-3.7_1.txz Quake III Arena mod: Urban Terror
quake3-wfa-3.5b.txz Quake III Arena mod: Weapons Factory Arena
quakeforge-0.7.2_8.txz Cleaned up copy of the GPL'ed Quake 1 source code
quantis-kmod-v18.03.08.txz Kernel driver for Quantis PCI/PCIe random number generator
quantlib-1.15_5.txz C++ library for quantitative finance
quantum-espresso-6.4.1_2.txz Package for research in electronic structure, simulation, optimization
quantum-espresso-pseudopotentials-g20180406_2.txz Pseudopotentials for use with Quantum Espresso
quantumminigolf-1.1.1_6.txz Computer game visualizing quantum mechanics
quaqut-0.2.0.txz Queries information from Unreal Tournament 2004 game servers
quark-server-g20180403.txz Small and simple HTTP GET/HEAD-only web server for static content
quasi88-0.6.4.txz PC-8801 emulator for X
quassel-0.13.1_1.txz Qt 5 based distributed IRC client (client and monolithic binary)
quassel-core-0.13.1_1.txz Qt 5 based distributed IRC client (core/server only)
quat-1.20.txz Three-dimensional fractal creator (command line only)
quat-gui-1.20_16.txz Three-dimensional fractal creator (X11 GUI)
quazip-qt5-0.8.1_1.txz Qt/C++ wrapper for ZIP/UNZIP package
qudos-0.40.1_19.txz Enhanced OpenGL-only Quake II engine
queequeg-0.91_2.txz Tiny English grammar checker
quesa-1.8_8.txz High level 3D graphics library compatible with Apple's QuickDraw(TM)
queso-980922_3.txz Determine the remote OS using simple TCP packets
quesoglc-0.7.2_9.txz Free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer
quetoo-0.6.1_9.txz Fast, stable, compatible, and secure Quake II client
queue-fix-1.4_1.txz Repairs or generates a qmail queue structure
queue-repair-0.9.0_1.txz Qmail queue diagnostic and repair tool
quftp-1.0.7_6.txz Scriptable FTP client
quickcheck++-0.0.3.txz Tool for testing C++ programs automatically, inspired by QuickCheck
quickfix-1.15.1.txz Free FIX Protocol Implementation
quickjs-2019.09.18.txz Embeddable Javascript interpreter in C
quicksynergy-0.9.0_6.txz Graphical interface for easily configuring Synergy2
quilt-0.65_1.txz Collection of bash scripts to ease working with patch files
quilter-1.9.2_1.txz Editor allowing you to focus on your writing
quimup-1.4.4_1.txz Qt5 client for MPD (the Music Player Daemon)
quirc-0.9.84_6.txz Tcl/Tk IRC client for the X Window System
quisk-4.1.40_4.txz Software Defined Radio (SDR)
quit-1.2a_1.txz Bicycle with trailers like "sl"
quiterss-0.18.12_3.txz Open-source cross-platform RSS/Atom news feeds reader
quodlibet-3.6.2_5.txz GTK+-based audio player written in Python
quoted-1.01_2.txz Easily configured QOTD daemon with over 130 good quality quotes
qutebrowser-1.8.1.txz Keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI
quvi-0.4.2_3.txz Command line tool for parsing flash media stream URLs
quvi09-0.9.5_2.txz Command line tool for parsing flash media stream URLs
qwalk- Quantum Monte Carlo package for quantum chemistry computations
qwdtools-0.30,2.txz Convert QuakeWorld demos from QWD format to MVD format
qwt5-qt5-5.2.3_3.txz Qt Widgets for Technical Applications
qwt6-qt5-6.1.4_2.txz Qt Widgets for Technical Applications
qwtplot3d-qt5-0.2.7_2.txz 3D plotting widgets for Qt
qxmpp-qt5-1.0.0_1.txz QXmpp is an xmpp client library based on Qt & C++
r1q2-8012_4.txz Enhanced Quake II client/server focusing on stability
rabbiteer-1.4.1_12.txz AMQP & RabbitMQ command-line tool
rabbitmq-3.7.17.txz RabbitMQ is an implementation of AMQP
rabbitmq-c-0.8.0.txz RabbitMQ C AMQP client library
rabbitmq-c-devel-0.8.0_1.txz RabbitMQ C AMQP client library
rabs-2.2.2.txz Generic imperative build system
racer-2.1.27.txz Rust code completion helper
racerd- Rust semantic analysis server powered by Racer
racket-7.3.txz Interactive, integrated, graphical Scheme programming environment
racket-minimal-7.3.txz Interactive, integrated, graphical Scheme programming environment
rackmonkey-1.2.5_5.txz Web-based tool for managing racks of equipment
racktables-0.21.3.txz Server room asset management suite
radamsa-0.5.txz General purpose fuzzer
radare-cutter-1.8.2.txz GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework
radare2-3.7.1.txz Tools to disasm, debug, analyze, and manipulate binary files
radarr- Movie Library Manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users
radcli-1.2.11_1.txz Simple RADIUS client library
raddump-0.3.1.txz Radius Packet Analyzer
radeontool-1.5.txz ATI Radeon video card controlling tool useful for laptops
radeontop-1.2.txz Program that shows AMD Radeon GPU resource utilization
radian-0.4.0,1.txz 21st century R console
radiance-video-0.6.1.txz Video art software for VJs
radius-engine-1.1_5.txz Lua script-based 2D engine built on top of OpenGL and SDL
radiusclient-0.5.6_3.txz Client library and basic utilities for RADIUS AAA
radmind-1.15.1_2019101801.txz Utility for administering filesystem changes
radns-20110809.2.txz IPv6 DNS server address autoconfiguration client
radreport-1.3.txz Perl script for processing radius logs
radsecproxy-1.8.0.txz Radsecproxy is a generic RADIUS proxy
radvd-2.18.txz Linux/BSD IPv6 router advertisement daemon
rage-0.3.0_4.txz EFL video and audio player with some extra bells and whistles
ragel-6.10_1.txz Compile regular languages into executable C/C++ code
raidtest-1.3.txz Test performance of storage devices
rainbarf-1.4_1.txz CPU/RAM/battery stats chart bar for tmux (and GNU screen)
rainbow-2.0.4.txz Efficient clustering and assembling of short reads, especially for RAD
rainloop-community-1.13.0.txz Modern and interactive webmail - community edition
raknet-3.9.2_10,1.txz Networking API that provides reliable UDP primarily for online games
raleway-g20140205_1.txz Elegant sans-serif font, designed in a single thin weight
rancid3-3.9.txz Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
rand-1.9_1.txz Utility to display files or streams in random order
randlib-1.3.txz Library of Routines for Random Number Generation
randlm-0.2.5_18.txz Toolkit for building randomized language models
randomio-1.4.txz Multithreaded disk i/o microbenchmark
rang- Minimal header-only modern C++ library for terminal goodies
range-v3-0.3.6.txz Experimental range library for C++11/14/17
rapid-photo-downloader-0.9.17.txz Import photos and videos efficiently and reliably
rapidjson-1.1.0_6.txz Fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API
rapidxml-1.13.txz Fast C++ library for parsing XML
raptor-1.4.21_6.txz RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland
raptor2-2.0.15_11.txz RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland
rar-5.7.1,3.txz File archiver (binary port)
rarian-0.8.1_4.txz OMF help system based on the Freedesktop specification
rasqal-0.9.33_1.txz High-level interface for RDF
raster3d-3.0.3_6.txz Set of tools for generating raster images of proteins and molecules
ratbox-respond-1.0_3.txz Client-side implementation of the challenge oper system in ircd-ratbox
ratbox-services-1.2.3_4.txz Highly configurable services package for use with ircd-ratbox
rate-0.9_1.txz Traffic analysis command-line utility
ratfor-1985.06_13.txz Rational FORTRAN compiler
ratmen-2.2.3_1.txz Simple program for displaying a menu in a window
ratmenu-1.4_2.txz Simple menu patterened for use with ratpoison
ratpoison-1.4.9_3.txz Simple window manager with no fat library dependencies
ratproxy-1.58.txz Semi-automated, largely passive web application security audit tool