triangle - Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator

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Distribution FreeBSD 11
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest i386
Package filename triangle-1.6_5.txz
Package name triangle
Package version 1.6
Package release 5
Package architecture i386
Package type txz
Category math
License -
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Installed size 414.60 KB
Triangle generates exact Delaunay triangulations, constrained Delaunay
triangulations, Voronoi diagrams, and quality conforming Delaunay
triangulations. The latter can be generated with no small angles, and
are thus suitable for finite element analysis.
Show Me graphically displays (using X) the contents of geometric files,
especially those generated by Triangle, my two-dimensional quality mesh
generator and Delaunay triangulator.
Show Me can also write PostScript images to files.
===>   NOTICE:
The triangle port currently does not have a maintainer. As a result, it is
more likely to have unresolved issues, not be up-to-date, or even be removed in
the future. To volunteer to maintain this port, please create an issue at:
More information about port maintainership is available at:


Package Version Architecture Repository
triangle-1.6_5.txz 1.6 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
triangle-1.6_5.txz 1.6 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
triangle-1.6_5.txz 1.6 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Latest
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Binary Package triangle-1.6_5.txz
Source Package math/triangle

Install Howto

Install triangle txz package:

# pkg install triangle

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