p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse - Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 11
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest i386
Package filename p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse-1.01.txz
Package name p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse
Package version 1.01
Package release -
Package architecture i386
Package type txz
Category devel perl5
Homepage https://metacpan.org/release/Module-CPANTS-Analyse
License GPLv1+, ART10
Maintainer perl@FreeBSD.org
Download size 54.13 KB
Installed size 147.14 KB
Module::CPANTS::Analyse - Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
Kwalitee is inexact quality:
* All dependencies in Makefile.PL or the Module::Build equivalent
* Well-tested
* Well-documented
* Documents match code match tests
* Covered well
* Pod passes Test::Pod
* All hyperlinks work
WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/Module-CPANTS-Analyse


Package Version Architecture Repository
p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse-1.01.txz 1.01 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Latest
p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse-1.01.txz 1.01 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse-1.01.txz 1.01 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse - - -


Name Value
p5-Archive-Any-Lite = 0.11
p5-Array-Diff = 0.09
p5-CPAN-DistnameInfo = 0.12_1
p5-Class-Accessor = 0.51
p5-Data-Binary = 0.01
p5-File-Find-Object = 0.3.2
p5-Module-Find = 0.13
p5-Perl-PrereqScanner-NotQuiteLite = 0.9906
p5-Software-License = 0.103014
perl5 = 5.28.2


Type URL
Mirror pkg.freebsd.org
Binary Package p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse-1.01.txz
Source Package devel/p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse

Install Howto

Install p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse txz package:

# pkg install p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse

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