deegree-wms - Deegree Web Map Service(WMS)

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 11
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest i386
Package filename deegree-wms-2.5_2.txz
Package name deegree-wms
Package version 2.5
Package release 2
Package architecture i386
Package type txz
Category graphics java
License -
Download size 146.95 MB
Installed size 218.11 MB
Deegree's WMS is able to render vector data as well as raster data
from different storage formats and deliver it to any client that is
able to perform a HTTP GET or POST request.
- DOCS: on
To start DeeGree correctly, please set the variable JAVA_OPTS with:
setenv JAVA_OPTS "-server -Xms256m -Xmx512m"
Now you should start your Tomcat server and browse with:
Enjoy it !
===>   NOTICE:
The deegree-wms port currently does not have a maintainer. As a result, it is
more likely to have unresolved issues, not be up-to-date, or even be removed in
the future. To volunteer to maintain this port, please create an issue at:
More information about port maintainership is available at:


Package Version Architecture Repository
deegree-wms-2.5_2.txz 2.5 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Latest
deegree-wms-2.5_2.txz 2.5 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
deegree-wms-2.5_2.txz 2.5 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
deegree-wms - - -


Name Value
openjdk8 =
tomcat7 = 7.0.92


Type URL
Binary Package deegree-wms-2.5_2.txz
Source Package graphics/deegree-wms

Install Howto

Install deegree-wms txz package:

# pkg install deegree-wms

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