FreeBSD Ports Latest i386

Package Description
py36-Flask-WTF-0.14.2.txz Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
py36-Flask-XML-RPC-0.1.2.txz Adds support for creating XML-RPC APIs to Flask
py36-FreeBSD-ports-0.0.9.txz Parse FreeBSD Ports INDEX, provide search API
py36-Frozen-Flask-0.11.txz Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files
py36-Fuzzy-1.2.2.txz Fast Python phonetic algorithms
py36-GPy-1.9.9.txz Gaussian process toolbox
py36-GPyOpt-1.2.5_2.txz Bayesian optimization toolbox based on GPy
py36-Genesis-PyAPI-1.2.1.txz API for the Genesis platform for genetics information processing
py36-Genshi-0.7_2.txz Python toolkit for stream-based generation of output for the web
py36-GeoIP2-2.9.0.txz MaxMind GeoIP2 Python API
py36-GitPython-2.1.11.txz Python Git Library
py36-GridDataFormats-0.5.0_1.txz Handle data on a grid: NumPy n-dimensional arrays
py36-HoroscopeGenerator-0.1.8_1.txz Generate horoscopes using context-free grammar
py36-IBMQuantumExperience-2.0.4.txz Python library for the Quantum Experience API
py36-Ice-3.6.4.txz Modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA/COM/DCOM/COM+
py36-Ice37-3.7.2_1.txz Modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA/COM/DCOM/COM+
py36-Jinja2-2.10.1.txz Fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
py36-Jinja2-doc-2.10.1.txz Documentation of Jinja2 template engine
py36-Js2Py-0.66.txz JavaScript to Python translator and interpreter
py36-Lektor-3.1.3_1.txz Static content management system written in Python
py36-MDAnalysis-0.19.2_2.txz Python library to analyze molecular dynamics trajectories
py36-MDAnalysisTests-0.19.2_2.txz Test code and the trajectory data for test cases of MDAnalysis
py36-MarkupSafe-1.1.1.txz Implements XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
py36-Markups-3.0.0.txz Wrapper around various text markup languages
py36-MechanicalSoup-0.12.0.txz Python library for automating interaction with websites
py36-MutatorMath-2.1.2.txz Piecewise linear interpolation in multiple dimensions
py36-OWSLib-0.18.0.txz Client programming with OGC web service (hence OWS)
py36-OpenFermion-0.10.0.txz Electronic structure package for quantum computers
py36-OpenLP-2.4.6_2.txz Open Source Lyrics Projection
py36-Paste-2.0.3.txz Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack
py36-PasteDeploy-2.0.1.txz Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers
py36-PeachPy-g20180225,1.txz Portable efficient assembly codegen in higher-level Python
py36-Pint-0.8.1.txz Physical quantities module
py36-Pmw-2.0.1.txz High-level compound graphics widgets for Python
py36-PollyReports-1.7.7.txz Band-oriented PDF report generation from database query
py36-Products.ExternalEditor-1.1.0_1.txz Zope external editor
py36-Products.PloneLanguageTool-3.2.7_1.txz Allows to set the available languages in Plone site
py36-Products.SecureMailHost-1.1.2_1.txz Reimplementation of the standard Zope2 MailHost
py36-PuLP-1.6.10_1.txz LP modeler written in python
py36-PyExecJS-1.5.1_1.txz Run JavaScript code from Python
py36-PyGreSQL-5.1_1,1.txz Python interface to PostgreSQL, both classic and DP-API 2.0
py36-PyHamcrest-1.9.0_1.txz Hamcrest matchers for Python
py36-PyLD-0.7.1.txz Implementation of the JSON Linked Data specification in Python
py36-PyMetis-2016.2.txz Python wrapper for the Metis graph partititioning software
py36-PyOpenGL-3.1.0_4.txz OpenGL (and related library) interface for Python
py36-PyOpenGL-accelerate-3.1.0_3.txz OpenGL acceleration code for PyOpenGL
py36-PyUserInput-0.1.11.txz Module for mouse and keyboard control
py36-PyUtilib-5.7.1.txz Collection of Python utilities
py36-PyWavelets-0.5.2_3.txz Discrete Wavelet Transforms in Python
py36-PyX-0.14.1.txz Python package for creating encapsulated PostScript figures
py36-Pympler-0.4.2.txz Measure, monitor and analyze the memory behavior of Python objects
py36-Pyomo-5.6.6.txz Python Optimization Modeling Objects
py36-Pyrseas-0.9.0.txz Framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain a relational database
py36-QDarkStyle-2.6.8.txz Dark stylesheet for Python and Qt applications
py36-QSpectrumAnalyzer-2.1.0_6.txz Spectrum analyzer for multiple SDR platforms
py36-QtAwesome-0.6.0.txz Iconic fonts in PyQt and PySide applications
py36-QtPy-1.9.0.txz Abstraction layer on top of the various Qt bindings
py36-RO-3.6.9_4.txz Package of Python astronomical utilities
py36-RestrictedPython-3.6.0_2.txz Restricted execution environment for Python
py36-Scrapy-1.6.0_2.txz High level scraping and web crawling framework
py36-SecretStorage-2.3.1.txz Store passwords using the SecretService DBus API
py36-Shapely-1.6.4.txz Python Package for Manipulation 2D Geospatial Geometry
py36-SimpleSoapy-1.5.1_3.txz Simple pythonic wrapper for SoapySDR library
py36-SimpleSpectral-1.0.0_2.txz Simplified scipy.signal.spectral module with only pyFFTW support
py36-SoapySDR-0.7.1_1.txz Vendor and platform neutral SDR support library (python binding)
py36-SoundFile-0.10.2_2.txz Audio library based on libsndfile, CFFI and NumPy
py36-SpeechRecognition-3.8.1.txz Python Library for performing speech recognition
py36-Tempita-0.5.2.txz Small text templating language
py36-Tenjin-1.1.1.txz Fast and full-featured template engine based on embedded Python
py36-TurboGears2-2.3.12.txz Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development
py36-Unipath-1.1.txz Object-oriented alternative to os/os.path/shutil
py36-Wand-0.4.5.txz MagickWand Python binding
py36-WebError-0.13.1.txz Web Error handling and exception catching
py36-WebFlash-0.1a9_1.txz Library to display flash messages in python web applications
py36-WebTest-2.0.32.txz Helper to test WSGI applications
py36-WsgiDAV-3.0.1.txz WSGI based WebDAV server for sharing resources
py36-XStatic-1.0.1_1.txz Xstatic (static packages for Python)
py36-XStatic-Angular- JavaScript MVW Framework (angular)
py36-XStatic-Angular-Bootstrap- Bootstrap widgets for Angular (angular-bootstrap)
py36-XStatic-Angular-FileUpload- File Upload module for the AngularJS (angular-file-upload)
py36-XStatic-Angular-Gettext- Gettext support for Angular.js (angular-gettext)
py36-XStatic-Angular-Schema-Form- Forms from a JSON schema (angular-schema-form)
py36-XStatic-Angular-lrdragndrop- HTML5 Drag and Drop AngularJS module (angular-dragndrop)
py36-XStatic-Bootstrap-Datepicker- Datepicker for Bootstrap (bootstrap-datepicker)
py36-XStatic-Bootstrap-SCSS- Bootstrap SCSS stylesheets (bootstrap-scss)
py36-XStatic-D3- Data-Driven Documents framework (d3)
py36-XStatic-Font-Awesome- Iconic font and CSS framework (font-awesome)
py36-XStatic-Hogan- JavaScript templating framework (hogan.js)
py36-XStatic-JQuery-Migrate- JQuery migration kit (jquery-migrate)
py36-XStatic-JQuery.TableSorter- JQuery plugin for creating sortable tables (jquery-tablesort)
py36-XStatic-JQuery.quicksearch- JQuery plugin for searching through tables (jquery-quicksearch)
py36-XStatic-JSEncrypt- Javascript library to perform OpenSSL RSA (jsencrypt)
py36-XStatic-Jasmine- DOM-less simple JavaScript testing framework (jasmine)
py36-XStatic-Rickshaw- Rickshaw 1.5.0 (xstatic packaging standard)
py36-XStatic-Spin- Spinner component (spin)
py36-XStatic-bootswatch- Collection of themes for Bootstrap (bootswatch)
py36-XStatic-jQuery- JavaScript library for DOM operations (jquery)
py36-XStatic-jquery-ui- JQuery library for building user interfaces (jquery-ui)
py36-XStatic-mdi- Material Design Webfont (mdi)
py36-XStatic-objectpath- Parser for js object paths (objectpath)
py36-XStatic-roboto-fontface- Simple package providing the Roboto fontface (roboto-fontface)
py36-XStatic-smart-table- Table module for angular js (angular-smart-table)
py36-XStatic-term.js- Terminal written in javascript (term.js)
py36-XStatic-tv4- JSON Schema validator for JavaScript (tv4)
py36-XlsxWriter-1.2.2.txz Python module for creating Excel XLSX files
py36-YouCompleteMe-g20190314_3.txz Code-completion engine for Vim
py36-YubiOTP-0.2.2.txz Library for verifying YubiKey OTP tokens
py36-ZopeUndo-2.12.0_1.txz ZODB undo support for Zope2
py36-Zopkio-0.2.5_5.txz Functional and Performance Test Framework
py36-abipy-0.6.0_2.txz Library for analyzing the results produced by ABINIT
py36-absl-0.7.1_1.txz Abseil Python Common Libraries
py36-acefile-0.6.12.txz Read/test/extract ACE 1.0 and 2.0 archives in pure python
py36-acme-0.39.0,1.txz ACME protocol implementation in Python
py36-acora-2.2.txz Fast multi-keyword search engine for text strings
py36-adafruit-ampy-1.0.5_1.txz Adafruit MicroPython tool
py36-adal-1.2.2.txz Authentication ot Azure Active Directory for python apps
py36-adb- Pure-python implementation of ADB and Fastboot protocols
py36-addict-2.2.1.txz Dictionary whose items can be set using both attribute and item syntax
py36-adns-1.4.txz Python module to resolve IPs to host names
py36-aenum-2.1.2.txz Advanced Enumerations compatible with stdlib Enum
py36-afew-1.3.0_3.txz Initial tagging script for Notmuch mail
py36-agate-1.6.1.txz Data analysis library optimized for humans
py36-agate-dbf-0.2.1.txz Support reading dbf files for agate
py36-agate-excel-0.2.3.txz Support reading Excel files for agate
py36-agate-sql-0.5.4.txz Add SQL read/write support to agate
py36-aiocoap-0.3.txz Python CoAP library
py36-aiodns-1.1.1_1.txz Simple DNS resolver for asyncio
py36-aiofiles-0.4.0.txz File support for asyncio
py36-aioftp-0.13.0.txz FTP client/server for asyncio
py36-aioh2-0.2.2.txz HTTP/2 implementation with hyper-h2 on Python 3 asyncio
py36-aiohttp-3.5.4.txz Async http client/server framework (asyncio)
py36-aiohttp-socks-0.2.2.txz SOCKS proxy connector for aiohttp
py36-aiohttp-wsgi-0.8.2.txz WSGI adapter for aiohttp
py36-aiohttp2-2.3.10.txz HTTP client/server for asyncio
py36-aioice-0.6.15.txz Interactive Connectivity Establishment (RFC 5245) in Python
py36-aiopg-0.16.0_1.txz Python library for accessing PostgreSQL database using asyncio
py36-aioredis-1.3.0.txz Python asyncio (PEP 3156) Redis client library
py36-aiorpcX-0.18.3,1.txz Generic async RPC implementation, including JSON-RPC
py36-aiortc-0.9.22.txz WebRTC and ORTC in Python
py36-aiosmtpd-1.2_1.txz Asyncio based SMTP server
py36-al-0.1.0.txz PyAL is a binding of OpenAL for Python
py36-alabaster-0.7.6.txz Modified Kr Sphinx theme
py36-alembic-1.0.11.txz Database migration tool for SQLAlchemy
py36-algopy-0.5.7_2.txz Algorithmic Differentiation (AD) and Taylor polynomial approximations
py36-alot-0.8.1.txz Terminal MUA using Notmuch mail
py36-altgraph-0.15.txz Python graph (network) package
py36-amalgamate-0.1.3.txz Collapse Python packages into a single module
py36-amqp-2.4.1.txz Low-level AMQP client for Python (fork of amqplib)
py36-amqplib-1.0.2_1.txz AMQP Client Library
py36-aniso8601-4.1.0.txz Library for parsing ISO 8601 strings
py36-ansible-2.8.5.txz Radically simple IT automation
py36-ansible-lint-4.1.0_2.txz Checks playbooks for sub-optimal practices and behaviour
py36-ansible-runner-1.4.2.txz Extensible embeddable ansible job runner
py36-ansible-sysrc-0.1.txz Ansible module to set sysvars in rc.conf
py36-ansible23- Radically simple IT automation
py36-ansible24- Radically simple IT automation
py36-ansible25-2.5.15_2.txz Radically simple IT automation
py36-ansible26-2.6.18.txz Radically simple IT automation
py36-ansible27-2.7.13.txz Radically simple IT automation
py36-antlr4-python3-runtime-4.7.2.txz ANother Tool for Language Recognition (python3 runtime)
py36-anyconfig-0.9.7.txz Generic access to configuration files in many formats
py36-anyjson-0.3.3_1.txz JSON library wrapper for Python
py36-apache_conf_parser-1.0.1_1.txz Parse and manipulate apache conf files
py36-apetag-1.2_1.txz Library for APE Tag written in Python
py36-apgl-0.8.1_3.txz Fast python graph library with some machine learning features
py36-apipkg-1.5.txz Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism
py36-apitran-g20180926_3.txz Toolkit to handle the automatic picture transmission protocol
py36-apns2-0.3.0.txz Python client for Apple Push Notification service
py36-appdirs-1.4.3.txz Python module for determining platform-specific dirs
py36-application-1.2.9_1.txz Basic building blocks for python applications
py36-applicationinsights-0.11.7.txz Applications Insights SDK for Python
py36-apptools-4.5.0.txz Enthought application tools
py36-apscheduler-3.6.3.txz In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities
py36-apsw-3.29.0.txz Another Python SQLite Wrapper
py36-argcomplete-1.10.0.txz Bash tab completion for argparse
py36-argh-0.26.2.txz Simple (Python) argparse wrapper
py36-argon2-cffi-19.1.0.txz Secure Argon2 password hashing algorithm
py36-argparse-1.4.0.txz Optparse-inspired command-line parsing library
py36-args-0.1.0.txz Command arguments for humans
py36-arpeggio-1.9.2.txz Parser interpreter based on PEG grammars
py36-arrow-0.15.4.txz Better dates and times for Python
py36-artifacts-20190320_1.txz Artifact Repository
py36-arxiv-0.5.1.txz Python wrapper for the arXiv API
py36-asciinema-2.0.2.txz Tool for recording and sharing terminal sessions
py36-asdf-2.4.2_1.txz Python tools to handle ASDF files
py36-ase-3.18.1.txz Atomic simulation environment
py36-asgiref-3.2.2.txz ASGI specs, helper code, and adapters
py36-asn1crypto-0.24.0.txz ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API
py36-asonic-1.0.3.txz Async Python client for the Sonic search backend
py36-aspy.yaml-1.3.0.txz Extensions to pyyaml
py36-aspyct-3.0.txz Python library including an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) engine
py36-astLib-0.10.2_2.txz Astronomy modules for Python
py36-astor-0.5.txz Astor allows easy manipulation of Python source via the AST
py36-astroid-2.3.2.txz Abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support
py36-astroid1-1.6.6.txz Abstract syntax tree for Python with inference support
py36-astropy-1.1.2_3,2.txz Community-developed python astronomy tools
py36-asttokens-2.0.2.txz Annotate AST trees with source code positions
py36-async_generator-1.5.txz Tiny library to add async generators to Python 3.5
py36-async_timeout-3.0.1.txz Timeout context manager for asyncio programs
py36-asyncio-3.4.3.txz Reference implementation of PEP 3156 (Asynchronous IO)
py36-asyncpg-0.19.0.txz High performance PostgreSQL Client Library for Python/asyncio
py36-asyncssh-1.14.0.txz Python asnycio SSH protocol library
py36-asynctest-0.13.0.txz Enhance unittest for testing asyncio libraries
py36-atomiclong-0.1.1_2.txz AtomicLong type using CFFI
py36-atomicwrites-1.3.0.txz Atomic file writes library
py36-atpublic-1.0.txz Very simple decorator and function of module's all
py36-atspi-2.26.0.txz Python API for the D-BUS based SPI framework
py36-attrs-19.1.0.txz Python attributes without boilerplate
py36-aubio-0.4.7_3.txz Python bindings for aubio music analysis
py36-audioread-2.1.8.txz Multi-library, cross-platform audio decoding
py36-authres-1.2.0.txz Python module for RFC 5451 Authentication-Results headers
py36-autobahn-19.5.1.txz WebSocket client & server library, WAMP real-time framework
py36-autograd-1.3.txz Efficiently computes derivatives of numpy code
py36-autokey-0.95.4_1.txz Desktop automation utility for FreeBSD and X11
py36-automaton-1.14.0.txz Friendly state machines for python
py36-autopep8-1.4.4.txz Automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP 8 style guide
py36-av-6.2.0_1.txz Pythonic binding for FFmpeg
py36-avogadrolibs- Python bindings for Avogadro2 chemistry libraries
py36-avro-1.9.1.txz Data serialization system for python
py36-awesome-slugify-1.6.5.txz Flexible slugify function
py36-aws-sam-translator-1.15.1.txz Library that transform SAM templates into AWS CloudFormation templates
py36-aws-xray-sdk-2.4.2.txz AWS X-Ray SDK for Python
py36-azure-batch-8.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Batch Client Library for Python
py36-azure-cli-2.0.76.txz Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools
py36-azure-cli-acr-2.2.9.txz Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools ACR Command Module
py36-azure-cli-base-1.0.0.txz Shared namespace for py-azure-* ports
py36-azure-cli-core-2.0.76.txz Microsoft Azure Command-Line Tools Core Module
py36-azure-cli-telemetry-1.0.4.txz Microsoft Azure CLI Telemetry Package
py36-azure-common-1.1.23.txz Microsoft Azure common code
py36-azure-cosmos-3.1.2.txz Azure Cosmos Python SDK
py36-azure-datalake-store-0.0.48.txz Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store Filesystem Client Library for Python
py36-azure-functions-devops-build-0.0.22.txz Azure Devops Build Manager For Azure Functions
py36-azure-graphrbac-0.61.1.txz Microsoft Azure Graph RBAC Client Library for Python
py36-azure-keyvault-1.1.0.txz Microsoft Azure Key Vault Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-advisor-3.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Advisor Client Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-apimanagement-0.1.0.txz Microsoft Azure API Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-appconfiguration-0.3.0.txz Microsoft Azure App Configuration Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-applicationinsights-0.2.0.txz Microsoft Azure Application Insights Management Cli Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-authorization-0.52.0.txz Microsoft Azure Authorization Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-batch-7.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Batch Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-batchai-2.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Batch AI Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-billing-0.2.0.txz Microsoft Azure Billing Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-botservice-0.2.0.txz Microsoft Azure Bot Service Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-cdn-3.1.0.txz Microsoft Azure CDN Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices-5.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-compute-9.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Compute Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-consumption-3.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Consumption Management Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-containerinstance-1.5.0.txz Microsoft Azure Container Instance Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-containerregistry-3.0.0.r7.txz Microsoft Azure Container Registry Client Library for Python
py36-azure-mgmt-containerservice-8.0.0.txz Microsoft Azure Container Service Management Client Library for Python