FreeBSD Ports Latest i386

Package Description
mari0-1.6_1.txz Nintendo\'s Super Mario Bros and Valve\'s Portal at same time
mariadb-connector-c-3.0.10_1.txz MariaDB database connector for C
mariadb-connector-odbc-3.0.9.txz MariaDB database connector for odbc
mariadb101-client-10.1.41_1.txz Multithreaded SQL database (client)
mariadb101-server-10.1.41_1.txz Multithreaded SQL database (server)
mariadb102-client-10.2.26.txz Multithreaded SQL database (client)
mariadb102-server-10.2.26.txz Multithreaded SQL database (server)
mariadb103-client-10.3.17.txz Multithreaded SQL database (client)
mariadb103-server-10.3.17.txz Multithreaded SQL database (server)
mariadb55-client-5.5.65_2.txz Multithreaded SQL database (client)
mariadb55-server-5.5.65_2.txz Multithreaded SQL database (server)
marisa-tire-0.24_1.txz MARISA: Matching Algorithm with Recursively Implemented StorAge
markdown-1.0.1_2.txz Text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers
markdown-mode.el-emacs26-2.3_5.txz Emacs major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text
markdown-mode.el-emacs26_canna-2.3_5.txz Emacs major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text
markdown-mode.el-emacs26_nox-2.3_5.txz Emacs major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text
markdown-mode.el-emacs27-2.3_5.txz Emacs major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text
markdown-mode.el-emacs27_nox-2.3_5.txz Emacs major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text
markdownfmt-1.1.67_1.txz Tool for linting and formatting Markdown in-place (similar to gofmt)
marsnomercy-0.2.1_13.txz Turn-based strategy game setting on Mars
masqmail-0.3.5.txz Mail server for hosts, not permanently connected to the internet
massadmin-2.3_1.txz Send system commands to a group of remote servers simultaneously
masscan-1.0.4.txz Very fast port scanner
massxpert-3.6.1_1.txz massXpert software for (bio)chemists
mastergear-2.0_3.txz SEGA Master System and Game Gear emulator for X
masterserver-0.4.1.txz Masterserver for IdSoftware games (D3, EF, H2, Q2, Q3, QW)
mat- Metadata Anonymization Toolkit
match-1.0.txz Program for matching star lists
mate-1.22.1.txz "meta-port" for the MATE integrated X11 desktop
mate-applets-1.22.1_1.txz Applets components for the MATE Desktop Environment
mate-backgrounds-1.22.0.txz Collection of backgrounds for MATE
mate-base-1.22.1.txz "meta-port" for the MATE base integrated X11 desktop
mate-calc-1.22.0.txz MATE calculator tool based on the old calctool for OpenWindows
mate-common-1.22.0.txz Common automake macros for MATE
mate-control-center-1.22.1_1.txz Control center for MATE project
mate-desktop-1.22.1.txz Additional UI API for MATE
mate-icon-theme-1.22.1.txz Collection of icons for the MATE desktop
mate-icon-theme-faenza-1.20.0.txz Collection of Faenza and Faience icons for the MATE desktop
mate-media-1.22.1.txz Multimedia applications for the MATE desktop
mate-menus-1.22.0.txz Implementation of the FreeDesktop Desktop Menu Spec
mate-notification-daemon-1.22.0.txz Send small notifications to your desktop
mate-panel-1.22.1.txz Panel component for the MATE Desktop
mate-polkit-1.22.0.txz MATE frontend to the PolicyKit framework
mate-power-manager-1.22.1.txz Power management system for the MATE Desktop
mate-screensaver-1.22.1_1.txz MATE screen saver and locker
mate-session-manager-1.22.1.txz Session component for the MATE desktop
mate-settings-daemon-1.22.0_1.txz MATE settings daemon
mate-system-monitor-1.22.1_1.txz MATE system monitor program
mate-terminal-1.22.1.txz Terminal component for the MATE Desktop
mate-themes-3.22.14.txz Collection of themes and icons for MATE
mate-user-guide-1.22.1.txz MATE users guide
mate-utils-1.22.1.txz MATE support utilities
materia-gtk-theme-20190315_1.txz Material Design theme for GNOME/GTK+ based desktop environments
material-icons-ttf-5.0.1.txz Material Design icon set from Google
materialdesign-ttf-3.5.95.txz Material Design Webfont
math77-6.0_9.txz CalTech mathematical subprogram libraries for Fortran 77
mathgl-2.4.4_1.txz Library for high-quality scientific data visualization
mathml-xsd-2_3.txz The MathML XML Schema
mathomatic-16.0.5_2.txz Highly portable, general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System)
mathopd-1.5p8_1.txz Small, yet fast HTTP server
matio-1.5.17.txz Library for reading and writing Matlab MAT files
matreshka-0.7.0_4.txz Ada framework for information systems development
matrixssl-3.3_1.txz Small alternative SSL implementation
matterbridge-1.16.0_1.txz Chat network bridge
matterircd-0.19.2_1.txz IRC bridge for Mattermost and Slack
mattermost-server-5.15.0.txz Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React
mattermost-webapp-5.15.0.txz Webapp of Mattermost server
maude-2.7.1.txz High-performance reflective language
maven-3.6.1.txz Java project management tool
maven-wrapper-1_2.txz Wrapper script for the various installations of Maven
maven3-3.0.5.txz Java project management tool, 3.x branch
maven31-3.1.1_1.txz Java project management tool, 3.1.x branch
maven33-3.3.9.txz Java project management tool, 3.3.x branch
mawk- Interpreter for the AWK Programming Language
maxcso-1.10.0_2.txz Fast ISO to CSO compressor for PSP and PS2 emulators
maxima-5.43.0_3.txz Symbolic mathematics program
maxr-0.2.9_3.txz Mechanized Assault and Exploration Reloaded
mb2md-3.20_1.txz Converts mbox mailboxes to Maildir
mbasecalc-1.1_8.txz Simple calculator program inspired by basecalc
mbdyn-1.7.2_8.txz MultiBody Dynamics analysis system
mbedtls-2.16.3.txz SSL/TLS and cryptography library
mbelib-1.3.0.txz P25 Phase 1 and ProVoice vocoder
mbgtools-f.1.0.0.txz Drivers and tools for Meinberg PTP/GPS cards
mblaze-0.4.txz Unix utilities to deal with Maildir
mbox-importer-19.08.3_1.txz Import mbox files to KMail
mbox2mdir-1.4.txz Mbox to qmail's Maildir converter written in C++
mboxgrep-0.7.9_4.txz Utility to scan mailboxes for messages matching a regular expression
mboxstats-3.1.txz Creates top-10 lists of the messages in a mailbox
mbpurple-0.3.0_5.txz Integrate Twitter with Pidgin (AKA microblog-purple)
mbrowse-0.4.0_4.txz SNMP MIB Browser for X
mbuffer-20191016.txz Tool for buffering data streams
mbx2mbox-0.34_1.txz MS Outlook Express .mbx to mbox file converter
mc-4.8.22_2.txz Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone
mc-nox11-4.8.22_2.txz Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone
mcabber-1.1.0_1.txz Small Jabber console client
mcelog-165.txz Collects and decodes Machine Check Exception data
mcmc-jags-4.3.0_5.txz Just Another Gibbs Sampler
mcollective-2.12.5.txz Modern scalable datacenter orchestration framework
mcollective-actionpolicy-auth-2.2.0.txz MCollective Authorization plugin allowing fine grained ACLs
mcollective-nettest-agent-3.0.4.txz MCollective agent to test ICMP and TCP connectivity
mcollective-nettest-client-3.0.4.txz MCollective client to test ICMP and TCP connectivity
mcollective-nettest-common-3.0.4.txz MCollective common files to test ICMP and TCP connectivity
mcollective-nrpe-agent-3.1.0,1.txz MCollective agent to interact with the NRPE monitoring system
mcollective-nrpe-client-3.1.0.txz MCollective client to interact with the NRPE monitoring system
mcollective-nrpe-common-3.1.0.txz MCollective common files to interact with the NRPE monitoring system
mcollective-puppet-agent-1.14.0.txz MCollective agent to manage the Puppet Agent
mcollective-puppet-client-1.14.0.txz MCollective client to manage the Puppet Agent
mcollective-puppet-common-1.14.0.txz MCollective common files to manage the Puppet Agent
mcollective-service-agent-3.2.0.txz MCollective agent to manage the OS Services
mcollective-service-client-3.2.0.txz MCollective client to manage the OS Services
mcollective-service-common-3.2.0.txz MCollective common files to manage the OS Services
mcollective-shell-agent-0.0.2.txz MCollective shell agent plugin
mcollective-shell-client-0.0.2.txz MCollective shell client plugin
mcpp-2.7.2_3.txz Alternative C/C++ preprocessor
mcron-1.0.8_3.txz 100% compatible replacement for Vixie cron
mcrypt-2.6.8_3.txz Replacement for crypt(1)
mcsim-6.1.0_1.txz Monte Carlo stochastic simulations and Bayesian inference
mcstas-2.5.txz Monte Carlo neutron ray tracing package
mcstas-comps-2.5_2.txz Component Library for the McStas neutron ray tracing package
mctoolame-decoder-0.1.a_2.txz MPEG Layer II audio decoder with multi-channel support
mctoolame-encoder-0.1.a_1.txz MPEG Layer II audio encoder with multi-channel support
mcweject-1.1.txz Removable media eject
mcwm-20130209.txz Small window manager inspired by CTWM, evilwm, and tinywm
mcxtrace-1.2.txz Monte Carlo X-ray tracing package
mcxtrace-comps-1.2.txz Component Library for the McXtrace X-ray tracing package
md5deep-4.4_3.txz Program to compute various message digests recursively
mda-lv2-1.2.4.txz LV2 port of the MDA plugins by Paul Kellett
mdbtools-0.7.1_7.txz Utilities and libraries to export data from MS Access databases (.mdb)
mdcached-1.0.9_1.txz High performance cache server similar to memcached
mdds-1.4.1.txz Multi-dimensional data index algorithm
mdf2iso-0.3.1.txz Alcohol 120% to ISO converter
mdk-1.2.10_2.txz Utilities for developing programs using MIX and MIXAL
mdns-repeater-1.10_2.txz Multicast DNS repeater to re-broadcast mDNS packets across interfaces
mdnsd-0.7.g.107_1,1.txz Advertise a service via Rendezvous
mdocml-1.14.5.txz mdoc macro compiler
mdp-1.0.15.txz Command-line based markdown presentation tool
mdpop3d-0.97.txz Simple and small POP3 daemon implementation with Maildir support
mdtest-1.9.3_11.txz Filesystem metadata benchmark utility
mdynamix-5.2.8_4.txz General purpose molecular dynamics code
meandmyshadow-0.5a_1.txz Me and My Shadow puzzle/platform game
meanwhile-1.0.2_6.txz Open Source implementation of the Lotus Sametime protocol
measurement-kit-0.10.6.txz Portable C++14 network measurement library
mediainfo-19.09.txz Provides technical and tag information for video and audio files
mediastreamer-2.16.1_4.txz Real-time audio and video streaming and processing
mediatomb-0.12.1_26.txz UPnP AV MediaServer
mediawiki131-php71-1.31.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki131-php72-1.31.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki131-php73-1.31.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki131-php74-1.31.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki132-php71-1.32.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki132-php72-1.32.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki132-php73-1.32.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki132-php74-1.32.5.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki133-php71-1.33.1.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki133-php72-1.33.1.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki133-php73-1.33.1.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mediawiki133-php74-1.33.1.txz Wiki engine used by Wikipedia
medit-editor-1.2.92_3.txz Programming and around-programming text editor
mednafen-1.22.1_1,1.txz Portable multi-system emulator
medusa-2.2.txz Speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer
meek-0.31_1.txz Pluggable transport proxy that relays through third-party server
megaglest-3.13.0_8.txz Open source 3D real-time strategy game
megaglest-data-3.13.0.txz MegaGlest data files
megamario-1.7_4.txz Super Mario Bros 1 clone
megapov-1.2.1_8.txz Unofficial extensions of POV-Ray
megatools-1.10.2_2.txz Command line tools for MEGA.NZ cloud drive
meld-3.20.1.txz GNOME visual diff and merge tool
memcached-1.5.19.txz High-performance distributed memory object cache system
memdump-1.01.txz Forensic utility for memory dumping
memonix-1.6.070713_11.txz Brain teasers, puzzle, and memory games for kids in one pack
memtest86+-5.01_3.txz Stand-alone memory test for x86 architecture computers
memtest86-4.3.7.txz Stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers
memtester-4.3.0.txz Utility to test for faulty memory subsystem
mencal-3.0.txz Simple variation of the unix command cal
mencoder- Convenient video file and movie encoder
menhir-20170712.txz LR(1) parser generator for OCaml
menu-cache-1.1.0.txz Library used to read menus
menumaker-0.99.11.txz Menu generator for X Window Managers and desktop environments
meqcc-1.4.txz MrElusive's QuakeC compiler with precompiler support
mercator-0.3.3_10.txz Procedural terrain library
mercurial-5.1.2.txz Fast, lightweight source control management system
mere-about-0.0.1.b.txz About me, mere!
mere-utils-0.0.1.b.txz Utility bundle for mere system interface
mergelog-4.5_2.txz Tool to merge and sort by date http log files
mergify-g20180512.txz Merge changes from a branch one commit at a time
meritous-1.2_11.txz Action-adventure dungeon crawl game
merkaartor-0.18.2_21.txz Openstreetmap mapping program
mesa-demos-8.4.0_2.txz OpenGL demos distributed with Mesa
mesa-dri-18.3.2_9.txz OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for DRI2+
mesa-libs-18.3.2_3.txz OpenGL libraries that support GLX and EGL clients
mesen- Cross-platform Nintendo Entertainment System (NES/Famicom) emulator
meshdev-0.5.txz Mesh comparison software
meslo-1.2.1_1.txz Customized version of the Apple Menlo font
meson-0.52.0.txz High performance build system
mess-0.209_1.txz Multi Arcade Machine Emulator
mess822-0.58_2.txz RFC 822 mail message parsing library and rewriting utilities
messagelib-19.08.3_1.txz Library for handling messages
metacam-1.2.txz Digital camera EXIF meta-information reader
metacity-3.18.3_2.txz Window manager for the adult in you
metacity-theme-microgui-1.0_3.txz MicroGUI Sawfish theme for Metacity
metacity-themes-20040306_5.txz Meta-port for Gnome Metacity themes
metakit- C++ embedded database engine with Python and Tcl support
metalink-checker-1.3.txz Python script to check metalink files and complete a basic download
metalink-editor-1.2.0_9.txz GUI editor to create and edit metalinks
metalink-tools-0.3.6_9.txz Metalink generation tool
metalock-0.8.0_4.txz Enhanced X11 screen locker
metalog-3_1,1.txz Modern syslogd replacement with PCRE support
metamail-2.7_16.txz Implementation of MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
metapixel-1.0.2_11.txz Photomosaic generator
metasploit-5.0.54.txz Exploit-Framework for Penetration-Testing
metauml-0.2.5_5.txz MetaPost library for typesetting UML diagrams
meteo-0.9.7_1.txz Weather forecast application using OpenWeatherMap API
metis-5.1.0_8.txz Package for unstructured graph partitioning
metis-edf-5.1.0.a4,1.txz Meshes partitioning tool used by Code_Aster
metromap-0.1.4_2.txz Simple application for finding paths in different subways maps
metronome-0.9.0_10.txz Client-side java script to render graphs w/o depending on graphite
mew-emacs26-6.8_1.txz Messaging in the Emacs World for emacs
mew-emacs26_canna-6.8_1.txz Messaging in the Emacs World for emacs
mew-emacs26_nox-6.8_1.txz Messaging in the Emacs World for emacs
mew-emacs27-6.8_1.txz Messaging in the Emacs World for emacs
mew-emacs27_nox-6.8_1.txz Messaging in the Emacs World for emacs
mfem-4.0_1.txz Lightweight, general, scalable C++ library for finite element methods
mfid-0.03_1.txz Monitoring daemon for mfi RAID controllers
mftrace-1.2.18_2.txz Scalable PostScript (Type1) Fonts for MetaFont
mg-6.6,1.txz Small, fast Emacs-like editor
mgba-0.7.0_2.txz Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator/debugger
mgdiff-1.0_5.txz Graphical front end to the UNIX diff command
mgen-4.2b6.txz IP network performance tests and measurements
mgetty-1.1.37_2.txz Handle external logins, send and receive faxes
mgeupsd-0.3_1.txz Monitor a state of MGE Pulsar UPS connected to RS-232 port
mgopen-1.1_1.txz MgOpen greek fonts collection
mhash- Easy-to-use library for strong hashes such as MD5 and SHA1
mhonarc-2.6.18_2.txz WWW front end for mail archives
mhwaveedit-1.4.24_1.txz Graphical program for editing sound files
mi-aspell-0.50.0_1,1.txz Aspell Maori dictionary
miau-0.6.6_3.txz Fully featured easy to use IRC-bouncer
micro-1.4.1.txz Modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor
micro_httpd-2014.08.14.txz Extremely small web server
micro_inetd-2014.08.14.txz inetd-like program intended for temporarily usage
micro_proxy-20140814.txz Really small HTTP/HTTPS proxy
microdc2-0.15.6_8.txz Command-line based Direct Connect client
micropython-1.5.1_3.txz Implementation of the Python language for microcontrollers
microsocks-1.0.1.txz Multithreaded, small, efficient SOCKS5 server
middleman-1.9.1_2.txz Robust proxy server
midi-matrix-lv2-0.22.0_1.txz LV2 'Midi Matrix' plugin bundle: 'Channel Filter'
midipp-2.0.2_1.txz MIDI playback, recording, and live performance tool
midori-9.0.txz Lightweight web browser using WebKit browser engine
midpoint-4.0.txz Identity management and identity governance system
mifluz-0.26.0_1.txz C++ library to build and query a full text inverted index
migrate-3.6.11.txz Program to estimate population sizes and migration rates