py36-pyfda - GUI tool for designing and analysing discrete time filters

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 11
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64
Package filename py36-pyfda-0.1_5.txz
Package name py36-pyfda
Package version 0.1
Package release 5
Package architecture amd64
Package type txz
Category cad devel python
License MIT
Download size 234.60 KB
Installed size 1.57 MB
pyFDA is a GUI based tool in Python/Qt for analysing and designing discrete
time filters. The capability for generating Verilog and VHDL code for the
designed and quantized filters will be added in the next release.
Since the digital filter design is a research area with many unanswered
questions, this project is also a research project.
Please expect freezes in case of some parameter values.


Package Version Architecture Repository
py36-pyfda-0.1_5.txz 0.1 i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
py36-pyfda-0.1_5.txz 0.1 i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
py36-pyfda-0.1_5.txz 0.1 amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
py36-pyfda - - -


Name Value
py36-docutils = 0.14_4
py36-matplotlib = 2.2.4_1
py36-numpy = 1.16.4_1,1
py36-qt5-core = 5.12.2
py36-qt5-gui = 5.12.2
py36-qt5-widgets = 5.12.2
py36-scipy = 1.2.2_1
py36-setuptools = 41.0.1
python36 = 3.6.9


Type URL
Binary Package py36-pyfda-0.1_5.txz
Source Package cad/py-pyfda

Install Howto

Install py36-pyfda txz package:

# pkg install py36-pyfda

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