hyperrogue - Roguelike in a non-euclidean world

Property Value
Distribution FreeBSD 11
Repository FreeBSD Ports Latest amd64
Package filename hyperrogue-10.5e_1.txz
Package name hyperrogue
Package version 10.5e
Package release 1
Package architecture amd64
Package type txz
Category games
Homepage http://roguetemple.com/z/hyper/
License GPLv2+
Maintainer amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
Download size 46.35 MB
Installed size 54.23 MB
You are a lone adventurer in a strange world, where geometry does
not work in the expected way. Gather as much treasure as you can
before the nasty monsters get you. Explore several different worlds,
each with its own unique treasures, enemies, and terrain obstacles.
Your quest is to find the legendary treasure, the Orbs of Yendor.
Collect one of them to win! Or just ignore your quest and collect
smaller treasures.
The twist is the unique, unusual geometry of the world: it is one
of just few games which takes place on the hyperbolic plane. Witness
a grid composed of hexagons and heptagons, straight lines which
seem to be parallel, but then they diverge and never cross, triangles
whose angles add up to less than 180 degrees, how extremely unlikely
is it to reach the same place twice, and how the world seems to be
rotated when you do return. All this matters for the gameplay. The
game is inspired by the roguelike genre (although in a very minimalist
way), works of M. C. Escher, and by puzzle games such as Deadly
Rooms of Death.
WWW: http://roguetemple.com/z/hyper/
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Package Version Architecture Repository
hyperrogue-10.5e_1.txz 10.5e i386 FreeBSD Ports Latest
hyperrogue-10.5e.txz 10.5e i386 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
hyperrogue-10.5e.txz 10.5e amd64 FreeBSD Ports Quarterly
hyperrogue - - -


Name Value
glew = 2.1.0
libGL.so.1 -
libGLEW.so.2 -
libSDL-1.2.so.0 -
libSDL_gfx.so.16 -
libSDL_mixer-1.2.so.0 -
libSDL_ttf-2.0.so.0 -
libpng16.so.16 -
mesa-libs = 18.3.2_1
png = 1.6.37
sdl = 1.2.15_14,2
sdl_gfx = 2.0.26
sdl_mixer = 1.2.12_12
sdl_ttf = 2.0.11_7


Type URL
Mirror pkg.freebsd.org
Binary Package hyperrogue-10.5e_1.txz
Source Package games/hyperrogue

Install Howto

Install hyperrogue txz package:

# pkg install hyperrogue

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